Thurrock parkrun not the Run Report #7 (aka what day is it?)

Hello All,

When Liz/Pete mentioned about other people writing the “No Run” parkrun report – I thought “I can do that – seeing as I haven’t been running!” I confess – I’ve only been out twice in the last 6 weeks.

I think my problem is a lack of motivation. Oh don’t get me wrong – I’m motivated enough when it comes to going to the fridge for food and/or wine. But when it comes to going out for a run – that’s where I am struggling.

The trouble with going out by yourself is that there’s no Run Director to tell you the rules. There are no friendly fellow runners to keep you company. There are no smiling volunteers on the corners cheering you on when you are flagging. And when you finish, there are no time keepers or a finish token in sight!!

At least if there was a parkrun, I’d know it was Saturday!! Perhaps I’ve taken parkrun for granted.

But any exercise is good for our mental health – so even if we’re just going for a walk that’s a start. A friend of mine in Spain hasn’t been able to go outside for 50 days – so we should be grateful that we are still able to go out for exercise if we want to (safely and at a social distance of course!).

I hope everyone is staying safe and well and I look forward to when we can all be together again.

“We will meet again”.