parkrunner of the Month – May

Our May 2019

Tilgate parkrunner of the month is

Antony Weller



Congratulations to Antony on his recent running and on becoming our parkruner of the month for May. Pictured above with Karin who we believe is responsible for getting Antony into this "crazy thing called parkrun in the first place".  We asked Antony a few question to find out a little more about his parkrun likes and habits.


1) What are your parkrun numbers Runs completed / PB's earned / PB Time / Number of times volunteered?

84 completed, 16 volunteer, 14 PB's with a quickest of 25:44. I've also done tourism at 6 other park runs.

2) You started your parkrun journey in Nov 2017, can you recall how you heard about Tilgate parkrun and what did you used to do at 9am on a Saturday morning?

I started in November 2017 but did my first two park runs elsewhere, in Tonbridge. It was a friend of mine who got me into it and I thought I really wanted a friendly face on my first run. She was more than that. She was simply fantastic in helping me get over my fears about being the slowest person ever at park run. I then took the step of doing my first at Tilgate and it feels like home. That friend has also come to visit Tilgate and she describes it as the nicest ever - given she's done over 200 in about 30 places I'd say she's a great judge and has good taste.

I often do park run straight off a night shift so I used to go to sleep at 9am on a Saturday morning. Now I just delay bedtime to take in park run.

3) Do you have any particular routines that you follow during the week or on the morning of parkrun?

Nothing special. I always try not to run on a Friday though - doing shift work it's usually easy to plan when to run and when not to. And this might sound odd but after a night shift and before parkrun I have to clean my teeth.  I have this complete fear that after a 10 hour night shift someone will smell my breath and be horrified - so they have to have a good scrub before I face anyone!

4) You've made some significant progress recently, have you got a secret to explain your recent performances?

I've certainly become more aware of when I can push myself and when I should just enjoy the run. I think the more relaxed about ties you are the better you can achieve.

5) What do you most enjoy about your Tilgate parkrun experience?

After my run I try and head down to the finish to encourage others across the line. I was that person once and I appreciate those that do it for me now and to be able to pass it on to others I hope helps.

6) Your Barcode, how do you remember yours and is it paper, laminated, permanent or other?

I've got the key fobs and the credit card one sealed onto the back of my phone. It's my way of never forgetting it. Although I've tried to pass the key fob one off as a supermarket loyalty card on more than one occasion.

7) Which volunteering role do you like best and why?

I've only done close down, set up and tail walking and they are all great - but there is something special about being in the park for set up. It's so peaceful and a real moment to reflect on how lucky we are to have this park in our town. I'm incredibly proud to come from Crawley and I've been lucky enough to work all over the world.

8) Do you have any particular parkrun goals or ambitions?

Simply to keep on enjoying it. And I'd love to do more tourism. I'm also determined to do a marathon in 2020.

9) Do you have a favourite parkrun moment?

Every week at Tilgate as I come down the hill at the Walled garden I call out to my Dad. He passed away in February 2018 and has a memorial plaque in the peace garden there. I always have to run on that side of the path so I don't shout in someone's ear - if I ever do I'd like to publicly apologise now.
But one individual moment stands out - it was the park run I never finished. I stopped to help a dog walker who's pet had suffered a stroke. I carried him back to her car from the lake. It showed me what the park run community was all about.

10) Has parkrun changed your attitude to running, fitness and general wellbeing?

Totally. I work in a pretty stressful job at times. I'm a journalist for the BBC and as I turned 50 in June 2017 I'd worked on some real horror stories in the run up to that milestone - the Manchester Area attacks, the London Bridge attacks, the borough market attacks and then Grenfell. I came home from that shift almost broken and I knew I couldn't carry on ignoring the feelings I had. Bear in mind I've also worked in war zones and in the aftermath of earthquakes and typhoons there was something very different for me about covering in particular Manchester and Grenfell. I know now I was suffering from PTSD. Running gave me that release from it. It's helped massively with my physical fitness but more important has been the mental health benefits I've received from doing it. I lost my brother in law suddenly and then my dad and running has not only helped me deal with that grief but it's turned into a massive positive as I ran the Stroke Association 10k and a half marathon in their memories. Every time I run I think of them.

11) What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Tilgate parkrun?

Do it - it's really true that anyone can and it's not all super thin athletes who will be miles quicker than you. The support and camaraderie is the best way to start your weekend.

12) Chevron or Middle path which hill do you prefer and why?

Chevron - I've only ever managed to run all the way up it twice, so I like to think of it as my short rest point. And I'm spurred on by the target to run up it regularly.

Well done Antony, and welcome into the Tilgate parkrun Hall of Fame


Swans, Early morning test-runs, and triple figures for the volunteer count!!! RR#371

Feeling doubly honoured after this weekend’s event.

Firstly, I was asked to write the run report. When I first dipped my toe into the parkrun waters in early 2015 I wasn’t sure I’d even complete the 5k, let alone come back and do it again and again! And never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be sitting here writing a run report!!
And secondly, my club the Worth Way Runners were extremely honoured and excited to be given the immense privilege of hosting a takeover of our beloved event.

We absolutely love Tilgate parkrun and so we were never going to be short of volunteers – but even I was lost for words (rare) to see that 102 volunteers gave their time for this event, and hopefully give something positive back to our local running community. An absolutely amazing volunteer count!

Included in that number were 15 volunteer pacers, covering a range times between 20 and 36 minutes. Now this role comes with a degree of “pressure” and an expectation that you will complete the course at least close to the expected finishing time, and therefore this group of pacers did a couple of evening “pace test runs” in the preceding weeks to hone their rhythm and get their pacing eye in.

But this extra diligence didn’t come without its problems – the Thursday evening final practice session saw a few pacer’s (no names!!) run impacted by having to pause and wait for a rather agitated mother swan and babies to cross the path on the final lap of the lake. We always say in the parkrun run briefing to be respectful and considerate to other park users, and the local wildlife is no exception!

But we laughed it off and thought nothing of it – apart from one of our members (again, no names!!) who was still concerned about his pacing, woke up at 4:30 am on the Friday, and promptly headed up to the park at 5:00am for “one last” pacing practice. Followed by another “final practice” that evening just to be sure – his second parkrun of the day!

The big day itself arrived, and thankfully no repeat of the recent monsoon weather we’ve been experiencing recently. We did have a small technical hitch before the start with the microphone and speaker – I thought that maybe our Run Leader had organised some sort of multimedia run briefing with jingles, music and everything, but I suspect in fact it was just somebody’s radio playing through the speaker over Bluetooth!

Never mind, the show must go on, and our Run Director Susie did an AMAZING job of remaining totally professional and unflustered, delivering the run briefing “unplugged” to over 500 eager runners with fantastic clarity. Well done Susie! I must also mention the impeccable behaviour of the huge group of runners gathered at the start ready for the off, which allowed Susie to deliver the very important briefing and announcements, before sending everyone away on their merry way! Your consideration at this time was very much appreciated!!

The run passed off with no issues – no wildlife incidents to report, and with all pacers back in one piece.

The volunteers did a fantastic job, with motivational signs and placards, high fives and turbo boosts on the way round, and even a “you’ve made it to the top” balloon display at the summit of Chevron which I thought was fantastic! There was also great support at the end, with music and much cheering and congratulating as people approached the finish line at the road to nowhere.

I know the volunteers had as much fun as the runners, and some great feedback both face-to-face and via social media seems to reflect this view. Many thanks to all who took the time to say thanks – it is massively appreciated by ALL volunteers each week, without who this amazing phenomenon that is parkrun just wouldn’t exist.

I mentioned our pacers earlier, and I think all their hard work and diligence paid off as they recorded some pretty decent and accurate finishing times and again received some lovely praise from other runners. Special mention must go to our 36:00 minute pacer Sara Liaqat, who is in the JW11-14 category. Sara completed the course in 35:59 and maintained a steady pace throughout, which is just phenomenal for someone so young!

Overall we had 536 finishers, with 68 runners recording PBs, and 43 of you tackling Tilgate for the first time – welcome all, and we hope you enjoyed the experience and will come and visit us again soon.

Special mention to the following milestones - Rob Copper (50 runs) and Sarah Stanbridge and Adam Holloway (100 runs each). A brilliant achievement and here’s to many more parkruns in the future. Well done!

I must also mention Julie Briggs who achieved an incredible 18:34 setting a Tilgate best ever age grade of 90.31% - WOW!

Thanks once again for having us, we had an absolute blast, and we look forward to be invited to help out again some time.

Please remember there is no Tilgate parkrun on the 22nd June, but we look forward to seeing you back on the lawn on the 29th – just #DFYB!!!


(P.S. No swans were harmed in the making of this parkrun event!!)


Tilgate parkrunner of the month – Hall of fame

Our full Hall of fame

2018 2019  2020
January Alison Sturge Laelia Marris
February Charlotte Dodd (J) Julie Kalsi
March Richard Gurd Trevor Johnson
April James Woodman  Melissa Jenkins
May Barbara Dunning Antony Weller
June Nigel Field
July Ian Black
August Chris Lobodzinski
September Peter Meloy
October Jackie Hastings
November  Pamela Field
December  Colin Winfield
2015 2016  2017
January Wayne Kingsnorth - Sophie Hunt (J)
February Joanne Nicholson - Miyuki Stephenson (J)
March Gary Viles - Nicholas Hollan-Ellidge (J)
April Amy Mills (J) - Alison Tulley
May Alnur Hassam Chris Tyson Justin Mitchell
June Louise Bevan Claire Page Henrietta Newell
July Mike Brice Jason Harrold James Westlake
August Susan Swetman Rob Copper Freddie Matthews (J)
September Tony Airey Richard Daniells Katie Johnson
October Brian Purnell Ryan Williams (J) Chris Johnston 
November - Katherine Martin Ingrid Hollan-Ellidge
December - Janice Phelan Nura Karpowitsch
2012 2013 2014
January - Nicole Airey Nina Williams
February - Brian Pemberton Kirk Bradley
March - Somangouda Malipatil Danielle McComb
April - Douglas McComb Loraine Mosley
May - Rod Harrison James Tombs
June Harry Armstrong (J) Sophie Airey (J) Lorraine Hunter
July Anthony Milborrow Len Golding Sundeep Kalsi
August Karen Chenery Anne Thomas Vanessa Windust
September Mary Freestone Lynn Laverty Andrew Middleton
October Linda Robson Marc Sydes Gabrielle Presland
November Stuart Adesilu Darren Hunt Martin Presland
December Hugh Etherton Raff Vitale Ben Stock


Tilgate parkrun - Every Saturday - 9am start by the lake - Run, Jog, Walk, Volunteer -  Enjoy!



Super 7 RR#370

2019 awards collage 2

Today marked 7 years of parkrunning at Tilgate park and despite not putting in our normal order for weather we were treated to a wonderful rain free and as always fabulous parkrun.  598 runners supported by 45 volunteers and it was lovely to see James Westlake

We'd like to congratulate all our winners and nominees and thank all those that have been a part of our lives over the last 7 years, long may parkrun continue as we all know the benefits that parkrun brings and its all for free.
To summarise our winners (bold) from our nominees/finalists

Tilgate parkrunner of the Year Volunteer of the Year Junior parkrunner of the Year Outstanding Achievement
Colin Scott Alison Tulley Charlotte Dodd Andrew Middleton
Frances Johnston Gillian Field Corey Langridge Chris Lobodzinski
Ian Black Len Golding Jack Sanders Claire Clarke-Jones
James Dunn Nigel Field Koji Stephenson Clare Jones
Pam & Nigel Field Rob Copper Sophie Hunt Ed Harris
Sarah Clapp Joanne Nicholson
Mike Brice
Male performance of the Year Female performance of the Year Nigel Field
Chris Lobodzinski Jackie Hastings Steve Brock
Stuart Adesilu Pam Field Steve Butler
Trevor Johnson Susan McDonald Victoria Butler
Top 3 Most PB’s Top 3 Junior most runs
Adrian Box (14) Madeleine Brown (33)
Lucy Catt   (15) Sam Maxim (48)
Stephanie Hill   (18) Zoe Hammond (33)

We thought we'd also share some of the nomination reasons this year for the Outstanding Achievement award.

Next week we have Worth Way Runners taking over the volunteering roles and the week after 22nd June we are cancelled due to Race 4 Life being in the park.

Have a fun weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Happy parkrunning.

Alnur, Darren, Julie, Katherine & Martin

Tilgate parkrun management team

Andrew Middleton Andrew has been through a lot during his time with parkrun. He always has a smile on his face and is always very positive, participating and volunteering as often as he can.
Chris Lobodzinski Last year Chris had a heart attack following the Brighton marathon, he took advice, took his time and improved his health never stopping supporting his peers at parkrun
Claire Jones Claire has really pushed herself to tackle different distances and has now completed her first half marathon, she and her family love volunteering too
Clare Clarke-Jones Clare attends almost every week, encouraging and supporting other runners and has recently got the sub 30 minutes PB she has been hoping for
Ed Harris Ed suffered a bad meniscus tear last year, After nearly a year of recovery, Ed is now back parkrunning at Tilgate
Joanne Nicholson Jo continues to smile no matter what she is dealing with, overcome breast cancer and now has a secondary cancer tumour
Mike Brice Mike is always there to set up and check the course early on a Saturday and help after he has run, great asset to parkrun
Nigel Field Nigel is there every week with his pom poms not even letting a broken arm (in the line of duty) get in the way of marshalling at his spot
Steve Brock Steve has been working really hard to improve his parkrun time and he has got a few PB's recently
Steve Butler Steve Inspired me and my partner to run now 156 runs in we can only thank Steve Butler for he is a true inspiration
Victoria Butler Even after her stroke Victoria continues to run and this year has amassed 12 marathons & 26 half marathons, she is also very supportive of all those that participate at Tilgate parkrun





Tilgate parkrun 2019 Awards Nominees

Our 7th birthday is on 8th June and as is tradition we celebrate the past year of parkrunning at #Tilgreatparkrun with our annual awards presentation starting at 0845 on the main lawn.

We'd like to thank all those that have participated at Tilgate parkrun over the last 12 months, whether you ran, jogged, walked or volunteered you have all contributed to another wonderful year of parkrun at Tilgate.

Congratulations and good luck to all our awards nominees and finalists and a special thanks to those that made the extra effort of nominating your fellow parkrunners for the Outstanding Achievement Award.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, fancy dress if you like (theme of 7) and any cake baking/shopping would be welcome.

Tilgate parkrunner of the Year Volunteer of the Year Junior parkrunner of the Year Outstanding Achievement
Colin Scott Alison Tulley Charlotte Dodd Andrew Middleton
Frances Johnston Gillian Field Corey Langridge Chris Lobodzinski
Ian Black Len Golding Jack Sanders Claire Clarke-Jones
James Dunn Nigel Field Koji Stephenson Clare Jones
Pam & Nigel Field Rob Copper Sophie Hunt Ed Harris
Sarah Clapp     Joanne Nicholson
      Mike Brice
Male performance of the Year Female performance of the Year   Nigel Field
Chris Lobodzinski Jackie Hastings   Steve Brock
Stuart Adesilu Pam Field   Steve Butler
Trevor Johnson Susan McDonald   Victoria Butler
Top 3 Most PB’s Top 3 Junior most runs    
Adrian Box Madeleine Brown    
Lucy Catt Sam Maxim    
Stephanie Hill Zoe Hammond    
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