Tilgate parkrunner of the Month

Our January

Tilgate parkrunner of the month is

David Eaton



Congratulations to David on becoming our parkrunner of the month for January.  David has been running at Tilgate since event number 8!  We were interested to know the reason behind his longevity, so we asked him a few questions:-


1) What are your parkrun statistics - Runs completed / PB's earned / PB Time / Number of times volunteered?

Runs completed  273 / PB's earned   9 / PB Time  26:34 /Number of times volunteered  45

2) You started your parkrun journey in July 2012, can you recall how you heard about Tilgate parkrun and what did you used to do at 9am on a Saturday morning?

Prior to moving to Crawley in 2012, I used to run on my own a couple of times a week (weather permitting). I didn’t really enjoy it, just ran to keep fit. I can’t remember how I heard of parkrun but once I did my first run I really enjoyed it, it was so much better than running on my own.

3) Do you have any particular routines that you follow during the week or on the morning of parkrun?

Just have a bowl of apple cinnamon porridge at 7am. before the run. I go to both the gym and pilates once a week. (No other runs since my knee op).

4) You've have run consistently well for at parkrun for almost eight years, have you got a secret to explain your longevity?

No secret. I’ve always tried to keep fit and parkrun gives me the incentive to keep going, no matter what my time, although it’s a bonus if I can come 1st in my age group.

5) What do you most enjoy about your Tilgate parkrun experience?

I really enjoy the friendly people and encouragement I’ve received.

6) Your Barcode, how do you remember yours and is it paper, laminated, permanent or other?

I wear the wrist band, but I keep a laminated barcode in my car and also in my backpack.

7) Which volunteering role do you like best and why?

I like the number checker because I can then put faces to names I see on the result and also for the exercise – the last time I ran 1.35km!

8) Do you have any particular parkrun goals or ambitions?

Not now. 3 years ago I had a knee arthroscopy and was advised not to run again. I continued to volunteer and after 3 months I walked it for a few weeks and for the past 2 ½  years I am able to run it and each week I’m so grateful I can still do it!

9) Do you have a favourite parkrun moment?

I really enjoyed my 250th parkrun as I was joined by my wife and my son and daughter-in-law, both of whom pushed buggies carrying my 2 grandchildren.

10) Has parkrun changed your attitude to running, fitness and general wellbeing?

Yes, I used to run only to keep fit, not for pleasure, but now I really enjoy the whole experience.

11) What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Tilgate parkrun?

Just do it once, even if you walk most of the way and you’ll be surprised at the encouragement you’ll receive.

12) Chevron or Middle path which hill do you prefer and why?

Middle path – I can run that without stopping. I walk the middle third of Chevron.

13) What is your favourite part of the course and why? 

After taking it easy on the Chevron, I love the long downhill and the last lap of the lake. I do the second half at least 2 minutes faster than the first!

Welcome into the Tilgate parkrun Hall of Fame