Tilgate Run Report 412 – New beginnings. Familiar but different.

It has been a long long time in the planning but today we were finally ready for event number 412 and it was so good to see parkrunners back out in the park. Known faces mixed in with the new, to be welcomed to Tilgate, boy was there some catching up to be done.  9am charged toward us at an alarming rate.  A real nice buzz in the air, felt like the mood was high, excited, with happy and smiling faces, yes we were at it again.  Although I did notice that there weren't quite so many smiling in the finish funnel!

parkrun came back to Tilgate, not quite sure what to expect, so familiar, yet different, how many would turn up seemed to be the big question on a lot of lips. Would anybody turn up? How would the adjustments go?  What would go wrong?  What had we overlooked?  A new way of things, malfunctioning PA's (something simply had to go wrong), brief run briefs, no stopwatches or scanners, missing tables, no golf club or results processing and barcode sorting. In came long funnels, QR Codes, hand gels and buckets on sticks.  Lots of buckets and lots of sticks, so many barcode scanners.  I'm sure there will be a few more changes and tweaks in the coming weeks, one down, next please!

So long in the making, Tilgate Event 412 gets underway. (curtesy Chris Laker)

So long in the making, Event 412 gets underway.
(photograph curtesy of Chris Laker)

Milestones: As we no longer mention people achieving their personal milestones in the run brief we will try to mention them here in the weekly run report. So here goes for this weeks run:

50th Run for Tom Hayward His first at Tilgate.
100th Run for Melissa Cheeseman, 63rd at Tilgate.
100th Run for Hannah Cartledge, 83rd at Tilgate.
100th Run for Nina Ware, 95th at Tilgate.
200th Run for Paul Codd, 179th at Tilgate, no T-Shirt, but well done.

(Means we can slip in a few extra mentions Paul)

Highlights of the day:

Percy Jordan and Len Golding back on the steps by Smith and Western, how great that was that to see. The former and the current master of the steps, together, is this a Tilgate first?

313 runners on our first day back, with barely a hitch in the results despite the new (to us) phone app regime, thankfully nobody wandered off without scanning the QR code.

20 runners started their parkrun journey at Tilgate today.

23 parkrunners clearly worked hard through the break to set new PB's today.

33 parkrun Volunteers conspicuous about Tilgate park in their new bright pink vests.

Simply seeing so many people happy to be back running, walking, jogging and volunteering, being sensible and working together in the strange new normal we find ourselves in, familiar but different.  This bodes well for the coming weeks. A big thank you to everybody, form us, onwards and upwards.

Lets hope the next event is not quite so long a wait.
Happy Running