Foggy parkrun report 422

The morning was just a little bit foggy. So much so that as I entered the park I could even see the start funnel or signs that the wonderful Mike had already set up.  As I made my way across the field in front of the lake they emerged from the mist and I knew I was at the right place.  It's been a while since I had been Run Director the last time was before lockdown.

We started as normal, and within seconds all the runners had disappeared into the mist but whilst clearing down the start funnel I heard voices from the opposite side of the lake.   shouting, what? omg, there are hundreds of them.  I think the fishermen were startled by all the runners.

Our first man home was James Westlake with a finish time of 16:58 and our first woman home was Katie Foss with 19:59.   We had a great run with the sun burning off the mist by the time our tail walker made it back.

We did have a near-miss with a walker who was looking at her phone, but thankfully it was avoided.  Please remember to be aware of other park users whilst running.

Our recent Milestones are

100th Max Doherty, 95 at Tilgate
50th Roby Woodcock, all at Tilgate
10th Oliver Haysom (JNR), 9 at Tilgate

200th Colin Scott, 196 at Tilgate.

Thanks for a great run and I'll see you next week.