No sign of Mike – parkrun run report 423

An alarm call on a Saturday earlier than the one I usually have from Monday through Friday can mean only one thing; parkrun volunteer duty day!

Another stint in the role of Run Director had me at our beautiful Tilgate Park just before 8am. Thanks to Ant Weller, Simon Mead and Max Doherty who were already well into the set-up of the finish funnel and Darren Hunt and Claire Page for running the course in advance to check for hazards.

Today we were without stalwart Mike Brice, everybody was suitably pleased with themselves when - by 08:20 - everything was set up and there was an air of calmness.
A quick weather check indicated heavy rain from 09:00 - 12:00 but thankfully,, my weather app was about as accurate as Michael Fish back in October 1987!

334 runners set off and when we saw a pair of legs sprinting past the start line seemingly on the last lap just 12 minutes later, there was a buzz of excitement amongst the timekeepers as we wondered if today would see the course record being broken. Conditions were certainly perfect for running.

Congratulations to Maxwell  Dumbrell who crossed the line first today in a time of 15:50. James Westlake followed in second place and his record still stands.

Well done to everybody today, whether it was your first time, another PB, or indeed another run or walk for fun.

Finally - a reminder of the message I gave during today’s run brief; our course does cross a live road and whilst it is usually reasonably quiet from traffic at the time we use it, the roadworks near the stadium roundabout does mean that some people use the park as a cut through in order to avoid the delays. Whilst those road works continue, please do be mindful of the additional traffic and be aware that the marshals may need to pause you briefly to balance the flow of runners and cars. Our top priority is the safety of everybody.


As we no longer mention people achieving their personal milestones in the run brief we will try to mention them here in the weekly run report. So here goes for this weeks run:

250th run for  Emine Ayhan, 249 at Tilgate
250th run for Sundeep Kalsi, 220 at Tilgate
100th run for Ellie Dunn, 72 at Tilgate
50th run for April Hanslow, all at Tilgate
50th run for Theresa Wright, 45 at Tilgate
10th run for  George Wylie (JNR), 2 at Tilgate

Although not an official parkrun milestone a fantastic achievement worthy of a mention...

150 Ronald Penfold, 149 at Tilgate

Today was thankfully incident-free (the rain has still held off at the time of writing). Have a great weekend and see you next time!