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Tilgate parkrun started 9th June 2012. We are a free, weekly, timed run for people of all abilities and are part of the wider parkrun movement. Our run is held every Saturday, 9am start near Tilgate lake in Crawley, West Sussex RH10 5PQ To join in register at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/register and select Tilgate parkrun as your home run.

Run Report #418 – Stalwarts lead the way!

Another Saturday and it was another parkrun at Tilgate. Conditions were good and there seemed to be a very good atmosphere around at the start. The Run Directors announcing job has certainly got a lot easier these days, with the pre-recorded text doing most of the work. It is just basically a case of saying line up and go!

First finisher was Tilgate parkrun stalwart Ian Blackham, in an excellent time of 17.17.  That’s only a few seconds outside his PB, set back in 2018, so Ian is running really well at the moment. First lady finisher was Claire Page, who is also well known to all regulars at Tilgate parkrun, in 21.50. Great running Claire. There was a total of 359 finishers.

It was the 100th parkrun runs for Peter Phillips, Matt Palmer and Carol Brown, with Stuart Forgie completing his 50th. Although not official parkrun milestones, it is worth mentioning that it was the 400th parkrun for Gary Viles and the 200th for Emma Daley.

The Viles family are amazing supporters of parkrun. Listing the results from Saturday in terms of total parkruns completed we have Brian Purnell with the most runs (420), followed by Fiona Viles (407), Gary Viles (400) and Alan Viles (378). Amazing! This means that Fiona and Gary and Alan have run a total of 5,925 kilometres on Saturday mornings at parkrun between them!

A huge thank you, as always, to all our amazing volunteers. I would like to give a special mention to Mike Brice who seems to be first there in the morning every week to set up the course and the finishing area.

And just a final request to everyone to be nice to each other. We had a couple of totally avoidable incidents of less than ‘parkrun-like’ behaviour on Saturday. We just don’t need the hassle!

See you all next week.

Chris Cheeseman


#417 Better late than never

Well, I missed the return of parkrun by a few weeks and then managed to miss writing the run report for the event last week too. But I’m back, better late than never I guess – apologies for the delay.

Having not attended Tilgate parkrun since the beginning of March 2020 I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event in a post-Covid world; some things have had to change such as the way we time athletes and scan their barcodes but the nice thing coming back after such a long absence was that many things have stayed the same. Our event is still very popular, our park is still stunning and most of all, our participants (athletes and volunteers) are still amazing. I want to thank all the marvellous volunteers who make my job as RD a lot less stressful. As I arrived at the park the pre-event set-up team had been hard at work to construct the funnel, distribute signs and rope the start line and it was as if we hadn’t been away.

After the briefest of run briefs (it certainly now does what it says on the tin!) 416 participants set off around our stunning park. Ben Short was our first finisher in 16:20 and Kerrie Edmonds brought it home first for the ladies in 21.33. To keep the run brief short, we now no longer announce milestones before kick-off but I can still celebrate you all here. It was a good week for those celebrating ‘big’ runs as we had three athletes celebrating their 250th parkrun. Congrats to Natalie Boxall (who has completed every one of her 250 parkruns at Tilgate), Jason Harrold and Paul Windust. Congratulations also go to Dan Lewington, Joe Welch and Catherine Sharpe on their 100th parkrun; Richard Hallett, Tim Barnes and junior Alfie Gledhill on their 50th parkrun and finally, junior parkrunner Morgan Deakin completed his 10th parkrun. I really enjoy celebrating milestones as it’s probably my favourite part of being Run Director and this week I’m super proud not only to get to celebrate Paul Windust’s 250th run, but also his 50th-week volunteering. Well done, husband!

The alarm clock on a Saturday morning again has been a shock to the system but it is fantastic to be back at Tilgate and our amazing community. The only thing slightly annoying is that the bugs are also back out in force around the park so, for future events not only don’t forget your barcode, but don’t forget your insect repellent either!

Until next time #dfyb



Milestones Event #416 – 21 August 2021

As we no longer mention people achieving their personal milestones in the run brief we will try to mention them here on the news page. So here goes for this weeks run:

  • 50th run Laura Harris, 33 at Tilgate
  • 50th run June Harrison, 44 at Tilgate
  • 100th run for Jonathan Teasdale, 72 at Tilgate

Although these are not official parkrun milestones they are still worthy of a mention...

  • 150th Cat Sawyers, 111 at Tilgate
  • 150th Adrian Bailey, 104 at Tilgate
Congratulations to you all!

Crawley Run Crew Zero-5k Crew Graduation

Saturday 21st August saw Crawley Run Crew turn out at Tilgate parkrun in numbers to support the Zero-5k Crew who were doing their first 5k run following a 12-week programme.

Starting in June, the group have spent the last 12 weeks in Tilgate Park being supported by Crawley Run Crew coaches and leaders. The volunteer leaders ran sessions on two weeknight evenings, starting with walk/run intervals and progressing to steady run sessions that included hills and running based games and activities. A third session was prescribed for runners to do in their own time, leading to a life changing habit of running 3 times a week.

Whilst nerves were rife on graduation day, matched with a Crawley Run Crew member as their run buddy, all members of the group completed the 5k route.

The group will now join the main club sessions, most of which are for all-abilities. We look forward to seeing them at sessions as well as future parkrun events.

IMG_9657R (2)

Sign up to the Zero-5k programme includes club membership for the membership year in which the programme runs as well as club kit.

Crawley Run Crew would like to thank Tilgate parkrun for always welcoming our runners, old and new and for supporting our graduation events.

Shelley (Crawley Run Crew)





The Sun Has Got His Hat On – Tilgate parkrun Event #415 Run Report

I was fortunate this morning to have considerably better weather facing me for my first stint back as RD since the return of parkrun, than that experienced at event 414.

When I got to the park at 8am the sun was shining, and Antony, Mike and Simon had most of the finish area set up. Over the next 30 minutes more volunteers appeared, we were blessed to have 29 volunteers this morning allowing the event to go ahead safely.

It was a bit last minute filling the barcode scanner roles I must say, as on the morning of Friday 13th there were no barcode scanners listed on the volunteer roster. I appreciate that needing to download the volunteer app to barcode scan or be timekeeper might be daunting to some, but I can reassure those worried that it is not as difficult as you might think to use the app, and you will never be left without help and guidance at an event in these roles.

Thanks to the need to follow parkrun Covid safety guidance, the prerun brief was very brief and we started promptly at 9am (and 10 seconds, but who is counting exactly).

The weather made for a much nicer experience than last week, and I hope for everyone today with lots of sun and more importantly, no rain.

The following milestones both official and unofficial were reached today, congratulations to all of you.

Official Milestones

Junior 10 - Luc Best, 9 at Tilgate

50 - Matthew Armstrong, 47 at Tilgate

50 - Craig Carter, 40 at Tilgate

50 - Daniel Ndungu, 46 at Tilgate

100 - Leigh Packer, 99 at Tilgate


Not official milestones

150 - Debbie Sarson-Lowe, 80 at Tilgate

150 - Sam Maxim, junior and all at Tilgate


We had 40 visiting Tilgate for the first time, of which 19 were at their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun family.



Event 414 – 7th August 2021 – MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

For all of the years I’ve been either running or volunteering at Tilgate parkun we’ve generally been extremely fortunate with the weather and have rarely found ourselves running in the rain.  Indeed – even in the depths of Winter or the peak April shower season, the rain generally stops by 08:15 or starts after 10:30!


I looked at the forecast last night knowing I’d needed to be there early and was disappointed to see that rain was forecast for most of the morning and at one point, we were potentially due to receive some storms, thunder and lightning from around 10am.


I was awake before my alarm at 06:30 this morning and sure enough – true to the forecast – it was chucking it down.  As I sat eating breakfast shortly after 07:15, there appeared to be the beginnings of a dry spell and then 15 minutes later, the heavens opened once more.


I put on my wet coat and walked up to the park and arrived shortly before 8am.  By this time, the rain had stopped and things were starting to look promising after all.  Mike Brice and Simon Mead had all but setup the finish funnel and – for the third week running – we had yet another new design / layout.  Ground conditions underfoot were pretty appalling and so options were limited.  Believe it or not – we did actually try to ensure your path from the finish line to the finish token collection would be as clean and dry as possible …. However, as the last of the 384 runners crossed the line, it was very obvious that the ground was really not up to the conditions of the day.


I was pleased to see a large group of new parkrunners in today’s first time briefing – ably led by Julie Kalsi.  Welcome to Tilgate and I hope today’s weather has not put you off from returning.


I delivered the short run brief in record time (for me!!) and everybody was on their way just a few seconds after 09:00.  We are currently operating under the COVID-19 Framework and – with Tilgate at the size it now is, we do need to ensure that we don’t encourage people to gather in large static crowds for any longer than is necessary and for this reason, our milestone achievers and special shout outs are now immortalised in printed word in the post-run report rather than at the start.  This ensures we can get you on your way as quickly as possible … especially when the weather is threatening.


As the front of the pack reached the back of the lake on the first lap, the heavens once again opened and this meant that everybody got a true soaking today.  Even the fastest runners at the front were unable to finish before the rain started.  As I said at the start, this was actually a very rare occurrence for us on a Saturday morning at Tilgate.  As precipitous as it was, I was thankful that it was at least “warm rain” and considered myself lucky that we didn’t have a biting wind and sub-zero temperatures to accompany it!


We didn’t have long to wait for the first finishers to come over the line.  Congratulations to Hugo Hewitt for completing the course in a very impressive 16:30.


As the rest crossed the line to my dulcet tones of “please keep moving through the funnel … please stay in the order that you crossed the line …. Be careful of the muddy area at the end of the path”, we were continuously met with constant short downpours of rain.


My condolences but heartfelt thanks to Claire Page who found herself in the nigh-on-impossible task of having volunteered herself for the number checker role.  Sadly as it transpired, neither pen and paper, nor pencil and paper were any match for rain and despite her brave efforts of writing more than a page of names, numbers, positions and timings throughout, the result at the end was all but a blank sheet of paper.  We’ve tried to do the best we can with today’s results; one of the stopwatches appeared to have discovered a DeLorean during the run and must have been moving at 88mph because it ended up being more than 2 minutes out compared to the other watch by the end.


For those of you who have not volunteered before, why not give it a go and see how things happen “behind the scenes”?  We have a large number of volunteer roles on a weekly basis and no role is complicated … but all are much needed to ensure that we can host this weekly event for you!



As we no longer mention people achieving their personal milestones in the run brief we will try to mention them here in the weekly run report. So here goes for this weeks run:


  • 10th run for Deren Bedir, all at Tilgate and a PB!
  • 50th run for Chris Reeves, 34 at Tilgate

Although not an official parkrun milestone a fantastic achievement worthy of a mention...

  • 300th run for Carole Mills, 224  at Tilgate



Tilgate parkrun 413 – 5k for those not in Tokyo

As we arrived this morning on the front lawn, we were welcomed with aspects of blue sky and a glimmer of summer sunshine but as we are writing this report and looking out the window, the rain is pouring down!  Think we made the best of the morning!  Mike and his crew had already made a great start with the set up and a few last-minute touches were being made to the finish area – notably the new finish funnel and there was lots of discussion and movement of posts and ropes!  However, we think it worked – could we remind people to move away from the finish funnel and barcode area once they have completed their run to clear the area a bit more.


Slowly but surely, the volunteers began to make their way and we cannot thank them enough for coming forward as it was a very close call this week whether we had sufficient volunteers to stage the event.  Our volunteers along with you the runners are what make the event happen but without them the event cannot take place so a HUGE thanks goes out to every single one of you who volunteered this week.  With the new COVID regulations we do need more volunteers so if you would like to give something back to Tilgate parkrun why not think about volunteering one week  - just email in to tilgatehelpers@parkrun.com - we would love to hear from you!


Unfortunately, due to the new COVID regulations, our run brief is brief which does not give me a chance to welcome our new runners or tourists.  Overall, there were 43 first-timers, 19 of which was their first-ever parkrun.   However, no one came as far as a few joggers that travelled over to Tokyo to run their 5k, and that is on a 12.5 lap course!  I’m sure you’ll agree our course is much more picturesque, albeit not as flat.


Out of the 413 total runners today, there were a few runners at the back happily chatting (or running late!) who made their way through the pack and began their run!  It must be noted that one runner in particular, David Bull ended up finishing in a close second behind Ian Black, our leader for two consecutive weeks.  Well done to you both!  Our first female finisher was Katie Foss who got an amazing 27-second course PB finishing in 20:15. This was just one of our 35 runners who also got a PB this morning.


Milestones: As we no longer mention people achieving their personal milestones in the run brief we will try to mention them here in the weekly run report. So here goes for this weeks run:

  • 50th run for Helen Howard, all at Tilgate
  • 50th run for Phillip Tidd, 49 at Tilgate
  • 100th run for Julie Sanders, 95 at Tilgate, who was dressed up for the occasion (thanks to Annabel Kolter)
  • 100th run for Chris Hastings, 88 at Tilgate (Take note Chris, fancy dress next milestone!)

Although these are not official parkrun milestones they are still worthy of a mention...

  • 200th run for Clare Clarke-Jones, 172 at Tilgate
  • 200th run for Nick Dean-Webb, all at Tilgate
  • 200th run for Frances Johnston, 195 at Tilgate
  • 200th run for Martin Owens, 191 at Tilgate


See you all again next week.

Claire and Darren 


Tilgate Run Report 412 – New beginnings. Familiar but different.

It has been a long long time in the planning but today we were finally ready for event number 412 and it was so good to see parkrunners back out in the park. Known faces mixed in with the new, to be welcomed to Tilgate, boy was there some catching up to be done.  9am charged toward us at an alarming rate.  A real nice buzz in the air, felt like the mood was high, excited, with happy and smiling faces, yes we were at it again.  Although I did notice that there weren't quite so many smiling in the finish funnel!

parkrun came back to Tilgate, not quite sure what to expect, so familiar, yet different, how many would turn up seemed to be the big question on a lot of lips. Would anybody turn up? How would the adjustments go?  What would go wrong?  What had we overlooked?  A new way of things, malfunctioning PA's (something simply had to go wrong), brief run briefs, no stopwatches or scanners, missing tables, no golf club or results processing and barcode sorting. In came long funnels, QR Codes, hand gels and buckets on sticks.  Lots of buckets and lots of sticks, so many barcode scanners.  I'm sure there will be a few more changes and tweaks in the coming weeks, one down, next please!

So long in the making, Tilgate Event 412 gets underway. (curtesy Chris Laker)

So long in the making, Event 412 gets underway.
(photograph curtesy of Chris Laker)

Milestones: As we no longer mention people achieving their personal milestones in the run brief we will try to mention them here in the weekly run report. So here goes for this weeks run:

50th Run for Tom Hayward His first at Tilgate.
100th Run for Melissa Cheeseman, 63rd at Tilgate.
100th Run for Hannah Cartledge, 83rd at Tilgate.
100th Run for Nina Ware, 95th at Tilgate.
200th Run for Paul Codd, 179th at Tilgate, no T-Shirt, but well done.

(Means we can slip in a few extra mentions Paul)

Highlights of the day:

Percy Jordan and Len Golding back on the steps by Smith and Western, how great that was that to see. The former and the current master of the steps, together, is this a Tilgate first?

313 runners on our first day back, with barely a hitch in the results despite the new (to us) phone app regime, thankfully nobody wandered off without scanning the QR code.

20 runners started their parkrun journey at Tilgate today.

23 parkrunners clearly worked hard through the break to set new PB's today.

33 parkrun Volunteers conspicuous about Tilgate park in their new bright pink vests.

Simply seeing so many people happy to be back running, walking, jogging and volunteering, being sensible and working together in the strange new normal we find ourselves in, familiar but different.  This bodes well for the coming weeks. A big thank you to everybody, form us, onwards and upwards.

Lets hope the next event is not quite so long a wait.
Happy Running


Awards Finalists 2020

Awards picture

Our anniversary is fast approaching, after our very first run on 9th June 2012 when we had 171 runners, we will soon be celebrating our 8th anniversary. In that time we have had another 410 events and in total 15,881 different barcodes have been scanned recording a total of 165,312 runs and 26,944 PB's.

Despite the lockdown we have decided to continue with tradition and have our annual awards ceremony; and we can now reveal all our finalists and their categories.

Finalists 2020

* Colin Hibbet on Male performance of the year should read Colin Hibbit

Good luck to all our finalists and we hope many of you will tune in next week (Saturday 13th June at 1030) on facebook when we will announce our well deserved winners.

Thank you to everyone who has attended #Tilgreatparkrun over the last 12 months, we have been missing you all very much over the #lockdown as well as our regular parkrun fix. We hope you are all keeping well and we look forward to the day we meet again for some #LakeParkLake fun.

Tilgate parkrun management team

Alnur, Darren Julie & Martin


Chevron Assistance

The Tilgate parkrun management team are always keen on supporting new ways of individuals getting involved that will also provide benefits to our wonderful parkrun community. So when a local rugby team contacted us to identify ways that they could improve their fitness once we have overcome the restrictions of COVID-19, we got our thinking caps on and have come up with what we believe is an innovative solution that will help the rugby team whilst also adding a little bit of fun and enjoyment for our participants.

We have created a new volunteer position of chevron puller, in essence the rugby players will congregate on the path between Pete’s crossing and the bottom of Chevron where those lucky enough to have been selected for some 'Chevron assistance' will make themselves known by wearing a specially designed bib.


The rugby players will be wearing a harness, with a bungee cord attached, the lucky runner grabs hold of the bungee cord with the rugby player then sprinting up Chevron pulling our parkrunner along, trying to hold on for as long as they can.

The rugby player gets some much-needed resistance training whilst our parkrunner gets some assistance up the mighty Chevron #WinWin.

So how could you benefit from this innovation? All you need to do is submit evidence to our email address (ivebeenpulled@parkrun.com) demonstrating that you are showing no improvement in your times going up Chevron – Garmin/Strava segment analysis would be best.

The management team will then randomly choose 10 lucky winners each week and their names will be read out during the pre-run brief; so if you're noisy or not listening you may miss your name being read out!

All being well, we hope to be able to offer this innovation as soon as we are back parkrunning, it will certainly be great to see you all again and what an occasion that is for us all to look forward to.

Until then #StaySafe and have a very Happy April fools day.

Tilgate parkrun management team :lol:

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