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Our anniversary is fast approaching, after our very first run on 9th June 2012 when we had 171 runners, we will soon be celebrating our 8th anniversary. In that time we have had another 410 events and in total 15,881 different barcodes have been scanned recording a total of 165,312 runs and 26,944 PB's.

Despite the lockdown we have decided to continue with tradition and have our annual awards ceremony; and we can now reveal all our finalists and their categories.

Finalists 2020

* Colin Hibbet on Male performance of the year should read Colin Hibbit

Good luck to all our finalists and we hope many of you will tune in next week (Saturday 13th June at 1030) on facebook when we will announce our well deserved winners.

Thank you to everyone who has attended #Tilgreatparkrun over the last 12 months, we have been missing you all very much over the #lockdown as well as our regular parkrun fix. We hope you are all keeping well and we look forward to the day we meet again for some #LakeParkLake fun.

Tilgate parkrun management team

Alnur, Darren Julie & Martin


Chevron Assistance

The Tilgate parkrun management team are always keen on supporting new ways of individuals getting involved that will also provide benefits to our wonderful parkrun community. So when a local rugby team contacted us to identify ways that they could improve their fitness once we have overcome the restrictions of COVID-19, we got our thinking caps on and have come up with what we believe is an innovative solution that will help the rugby team whilst also adding a little bit of fun and enjoyment for our participants.

We have created a new volunteer position of chevron puller, in essence the rugby players will congregate on the path between Pete’s crossing and the bottom of Chevron where those lucky enough to have been selected for some 'Chevron assistance' will make themselves known by wearing a specially designed bib.


The rugby players will be wearing a harness, with a bungee cord attached, the lucky runner grabs hold of the bungee cord with the rugby player then sprinting up Chevron pulling our parkrunner along, trying to hold on for as long as they can.

The rugby player gets some much-needed resistance training whilst our parkrunner gets some assistance up the mighty Chevron #WinWin.

So how could you benefit from this innovation? All you need to do is submit evidence to our email address ( demonstrating that you are showing no improvement in your times going up Chevron – Garmin/Strava segment analysis would be best.

The management team will then randomly choose 10 lucky winners each week and their names will be read out during the pre-run brief; so if you're noisy or not listening you may miss your name being read out!

All being well, we hope to be able to offer this innovation as soon as we are back parkrunning, it will certainly be great to see you all again and what an occasion that is for us all to look forward to.

Until then #StaySafe and have a very Happy April fools day.

Tilgate parkrun management team :lol:


Tilgate parkrunner of the month – Hall of fame

Our full Hall of fame

2018 2019  2020
January Alison Sturge Laelia Marris  David Eaton
February Charlotte Dodd (J) Julie Kalsi
March Richard Gurd Trevor Johnson
April James Woodman  Melissa Jenkins
May Barbara Dunning Antony Weller
June Nigel Field  John Haynes
July Ian Black  Gillian Field
August Chris Lobodzinski  Chris Hastings
September Peter Meloy  Max Doherty
October Jackie Hastings  Sarah Clapp
November  Pamela Field  Peter Airey
December  Colin Winfield  Tony Sanders
2015 2016  2017
January Wayne Kingsnorth - Sophie Hunt (J)
February Joanne Nicholson - Miyuki Stephenson (J)
March Gary Viles - Nicholas Hollan-Ellidge (J)
April Amy Mills (J) - Alison Tulley
May Alnur Hassam Chris Tyson Justin Mitchell
June Louise Bevan Claire Page Henrietta Newell
July Mike Brice Jason Harrold James Westlake
August Susan Swetman Rob Copper Freddie Matthews (J)
September Tony Airey Richard Daniells Katie Johnson
October Brian Purnell Ryan Williams (J) Chris Johnston 
November - Katherine Martin Ingrid Hollan-Ellidge
December - Janice Phelan Nura Karpowitsch
2012 2013 2014
January - Nicole Airey Nina Williams
February - Brian Pemberton Kirk Bradley
March - Somangouda Malipatil Danielle McComb
April - Douglas McComb Loraine Mosley
May - Rod Harrison James Tombs
June Harry Armstrong (J) Sophie Airey (J) Lorraine Hunter
July Anthony Milborrow Len Golding Sundeep Kalsi
August Karen Chenery Anne Thomas Vanessa Windust
September Mary Freestone Lynn Laverty Andrew Middleton
October Linda Robson Marc Sydes Gabrielle Presland
November Stuart Adesilu Darren Hunt Martin Presland
December Hugh Etherton Raff Vitale Ben Stock


Tilgate parkrun - Every Saturday - 9am start by the lake - Run, Jog, Walk, Volunteer -  Enjoy!



Tilgate parkrun Attendance records


Date Runners Theme Route
1 18 Jan-20 722   Boathouse
2 19 Jan-19 721 350th Run Boathouse
3 11 Jan-20 704   Boathouse
4 12 Jan-19 686 Boathouse
5 30 Mar-19 671 Lawn Start
6 04 Jan-20 667   Boathouse
7 03 Feb-18 665 300th Run Boathouse
8 13 Jan-18 653 Boathouse
9 05 Jan-19 642 Boathouse
10 06 Jan-18 630 Boathouse
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Tilgate parkrun - Every Saturday - 9am start by the lake - Run, Jog, Walk, Volunteer - Enjoy!


Tilgate parkrun milestone finishers

150,000 runs done!

750,000km have now been run around Tilgate park at #Tilgreatparkrun.

We haven't updated this news item for a little while, so well done also to Leonie Kilborn on being 130,000th, Josephine Lynch on being 140,000 and to our recent milestone hero Alli Hawes on being our 150,000th finisher.

Milestone Name Date Event #
150,000th Alli HAWES 07 Sep-19 382
140,000th Josephine LYNCH 20 Apr-19 363
130,000th Leonie KILBORN 29 Dec-18 346
120,000th James MOOR 11 Aug-18 325
110,000th Richard Gurd 24-Mar-18 306
100,000th Vicky Revis 04-Nov-17 285
90,001st * Warwick Bilham 10-Jun-17 265
80,000th Stephen Deasley 04-Feb-17 247
Moon landing Claire Sander 22-Oct-16 231
70,000th Paul Talmey 17-Sep-16 226
60,000th Joanne Hartland 07-May-16 207
50,000th Susan McDonald 05-Dec-15 183
40,000th Corin Lyon 13-Jun-15 158
30,000th Jonathan Pink 29-Nov-14 129
25,000th Peter Longworth 16-Aug-14 114
20,000th Tony Parkes 03-May-14 99
15,000th Jodie Williams 28-Dec-13 80
12,000th Trevor Holmes 05-Oct-13 68
10,000th Laura Taylor 03-Aug-13 59
9,001st * Bill Freestone 06-Jul-13 55
8,000th Danielle McComb 25-May-13 50
7,000th Ray Ko 20-Apr-13 46
6,000th Hugh Harris 09-Mar-13 40
5,000th Peter Airey 12-Jan-13 33
4,000th Douglas McComb 01-Dec-12 26
3,000th Brian Purnell 20-Oct-12 20
2,000th Ben Griffin 08-Sep-12 14
1,000th Peter Wagstaff 28-Jul-12 8
500th Joanna Boxall 30-Jun-12 4
100th Phillip Bridge 09-Jun-12 1
1st finisher Ben Golding 09-Jun-12 1

* recorded next finisher as milestone finisher was a runner without a barcode


Tilgate parkrun 2019 Awards Nominees

Our 7th birthday is on 8th June and as is tradition we celebrate the past year of parkrunning at #Tilgreatparkrun with our annual awards presentation starting at 0845 on the main lawn.

We'd like to thank all those that have participated at Tilgate parkrun over the last 12 months, whether you ran, jogged, walked or volunteered you have all contributed to another wonderful year of parkrun at Tilgate.

Congratulations and good luck to all our awards nominees and finalists and a special thanks to those that made the extra effort of nominating your fellow parkrunners for the Outstanding Achievement Award.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, fancy dress if you like (theme of 7) and any cake baking/shopping would be welcome.

Tilgate parkrunner of the Year Volunteer of the Year Junior parkrunner of the Year Outstanding Achievement
Colin Scott Alison Tulley Charlotte Dodd Andrew Middleton
Frances Johnston Gillian Field Corey Langridge Chris Lobodzinski
Ian Black Len Golding Jack Sanders Claire Clarke-Jones
James Dunn Nigel Field Koji Stephenson Clare Jones
Pam & Nigel Field Rob Copper Sophie Hunt Ed Harris
Sarah Clapp     Joanne Nicholson
      Mike Brice
Male performance of the Year Female performance of the Year   Nigel Field
Chris Lobodzinski Jackie Hastings   Steve Brock
Stuart Adesilu Pam Field   Steve Butler
Trevor Johnson Susan McDonald   Victoria Butler
Top 3 Most PB’s Top 3 Junior most runs    
Adrian Box Madeleine Brown    
Lucy Catt Sam Maxim    
Stephanie Hill Zoe Hammond    

Outstanding Achievement Award

8th June 2019 will mark our 7th birthday, each year we celebrate our birthday with our annual awards event, we have a fancy dress theme and we encourage our community to bring along cake/goodies for sharing on the day.

One of our awards is nominated by the Community of Tilgate parkrun

'Tilgate parkrun's Outstanding Achievement of the year award'

The award now in its fourth year is open to all parkrunners attending Tilgate parkrun whether they be runners or volunteers and with our attendances cresting 600 a week we are sure that there are some individuals amongst us, with an inspirational story or achievement that should be acknowledged.

We have created a survey for you to submit your nominations to us, you may submit more than 1 nomination and it is not necessary to nominate the same person multiple times. The survey comprises just 5 questions and shouldn't take too long to complete, but do try and make sure you capture the reason for your nomination clearly.

The closing date for nominations is Sunday 19th May, so have a think about those around you that have inspired / continue to inspire or have just been fantastic over the last 12 months and get nominating.

The Survey can be accessed with the link below

Once the deadline has been reached, the survey will be closed and the Tilgate parkrun management team will review the nominations received and will decide the overall winner.

A full list of nominees will be announced with the other award finalists at Tilgate parkrun on 1st June during the pre-run brief.  The other awards this year are

Tilgate parkrun parkrunner of the year

Tilgate parkrun Junior parkrunner of the year

Tilgate parkrun Volunteer of the year

Tilgate parkrun performance of the year - Male

Tilgate parkrun performance of the year - Female

Tilgate parkrun - Most PB's

Tilgate parkrun - Most runs by a Junior

Our awards ceremony will be on 8th June before our run starting at 0845 am. So be sure to arrive earlier than normal on our Birthday - details of theme, fancy dress, cake baking, etc will follow shortly.

Good luck to all our nominators and nominees and we very much look forward to receiving and reading your submissions and then the tough challenge of the selection process.

Tilgate parkrun is free, however there are costs incurred to keep our event going, if you'd like to contribute financially towards Tilgate parkrun, you can find a link to our donation page at  You can also view all donations and spending to date on the same page.

Many thanks

Tilgate parkrun management team

Alnur, Darren, Julie, Katherine & Martin



Our January 2019

Tilgate parkrunner of the month is

Laelia Marris




Congratulations to Laelia, (pictured with Jo Fiveash). on becoming the first Tilgate parkruner of the month for 2019. To try and find out a little more about Laelia's parkrunning we asked her a few questions:


1) What are your parkrun numbers Runs completed / PB's earned / PB Time / Number of times volunteered.

At Tilgate parkrun I have completed 149 runs, earned 15 PBs with my latest PB being 20:11 and I have volunteered 14 times.

 2) You started your parkrun journey in July 2013, can you recall how you heard about Tilgate parkrun and what you used to do at 9am on a Saturday morning?

I first heard about parkrun from my friend Jo Fiveash, I was a bit apprehensive at first-  I was new to running and did all of my runs on my own. I decided to give it a go and from my very first parkrun I was hooked. Now I can't imagine my Saturday mornings without it, and whatever I used to do before I discovered parkrun is long forgotten!

 3) Do you have any particular routines that you follow during the week or on the morning of parkrun?

I run quite a bit during the week including: a long run, a tempo run, a hill session, a track session and a parkrun. On the morning of parkrun I do a mile warm up and stretches to get myself ready for the run. And I should mention that recently whenever I have had some of my Mum's homemade fudge in the morning, I have PB'd, so this is now a pre-parkrun must!!

 4) You've made some significant progress recently, have you got a secret to explain your recent performances?

Over the last 4 or 5 months I have really stepped up my training, there's no secret to it, just consistent hard work which is paying off now, oh and the fudge of course. Also, one of my hill training sessions involves running up Chevron 10 times, so when it comes to doing it at parkrun, it doesn't feel so bad!

5) What do you most enjoy about your Tilgate parkrun experience?

I love seeing all the friendly faces each week and I love how motivated it keeps me with my running. Tilgate is a beautiful park to run in and I feel very lucky to have it on my doorstep; it's a great way to start the weekend. 

6) Your Barcode, how do you remember yours and is it paper, laminated, permanent or other?

Mine's laminated and I keep it in my car.

7) Which volunteering role do you like best and why?

Timekeeper is fun, quite a responsible role but it's easy! I also enjoyed marshalling at the top of Chevron hill the other day- it made a nice change from running up it!

8) Do you have any particular parkrun goals or ambitions remaining?

I am currently working on achieving a sub 20. I've had a few other races recently (half marathons and 10ks) so in March my focus will be back on my parkruns. 

9) Do you have a favourite parkrun moment?

My Dad and my husband completing their first parkrun! I had nagged them for ages to do it, I was really proud when they finally succumbed to the nagging and got out there, did it and enjoyed it. I'm still working on my Mum.

10) Has parkrun changed your attitude to running, fitness and general wellbeing?

parkrun has definitely changed my attitude to running. I first started running to lose a bit of weight, since starting parkrun it has given me the running bug and now I love entering running events and this in turn drives me to keep fit and train hard. parkrun has also introduced me to new running friends and running with company is way more fun than doing it alone. 

11) What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Tilgate parkrun?

Just do it, you won't look back. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and it doesn't matter if you are young or old, fast or slow, it really is for everyone. It's a beautiful park to go and walk, jog or run around and much more fun to do it in the good company of the parkrun family!  

12) Chevron or Middle path which hill do you prefer and why?

Definitely Chevron, I run up it looking forward to the nice long downhill afterwards!


Congratulations Laelia, and welcome into the Tilgate parkrun Hall of Fame


Tilgate parkrunner of the month for December 2018


Our December 2018

Tilgate parkrunner of the month is

Colin Winfield


Colin Winfield POM

Congratulations Colin on being awarded our final parkrunner of the month in 2018! Colin is a regular at Tilgate, so in time honoured fashion we decided to ask him a few questions:-


1) What are your parkrun numbers Runs completed / PB's earned / PB Time / Number of times volunteered?

In the 5 years since I started parkrun, I've completed 225 runs total (204 at Tilgate), earned 31 PB's and my time has gone from 41:46 down to 22:23

I've volunteered at Tilgate 12 times (13th one this week!)

2) You started your parkrun journey in January 2014, can you recall how you heard about Tilgate parkrun and what did you used to do at 9am on a Saturday morning?

I remember very well, it was Clare Hall who encouraged me to come along to Tilgate and try it out 5 years ago, around a very muddy course - I was hooked on parkrun from that very first run - before that, I just slept in.

3) Do you have any particular routines that you follow during the week or on the morning of parkrun?

I walk to parkrun with my wife from home (3km away) as a warm up, and I do a longer run most Sundays.

4) Do you participate in any other sports to aid your running or recuperation?

I took up ultra-marathon running and have completed 3 runs of 100km+ in the last year and a half, each one taking between 16 and 18 hours, all thanks to parkrun!

5) What do you most enjoy about your Tilgate parkrun experience?

The beautiful surroundings, the amazing welcoming atmosphere, the friendliness of everyone there, and the ability to really push myself - and knowing I've done something I can be truly proud of each week.

6) Your Barcode, how do you remember yours and is it paper, laminated, permanent or other?

It's a wristband, and I have a mental checklist before I leave the house - "water bottle and wristband", and happy to say I've never forgotten my barcode.

7) Which volunteering role do you like best and why, are there any other roles you would like to try?

Marshalling is fun as you get to encourage all the runners as they pass, and you get to see some wonderful people - whether they are striding out at front or trying hard to manage to walk around with the tail walker, everyone is a star in their own right.

8) Do you have any particular parkrun goals or ambitions?

Not sure I'll ever do it, but to get my PB down to 20:53 (90 seconds faster than it is currently) so I will have run it in half my original time, and also to complete my 250 runs this year.

9) Do you have a favourite parkrun moment?

So many - first time I managed to run up Chevron, first time running round the whole course, first time finishing in under 30 minutes, then under 25 minutes, getting a PB after 33 months since my last PB, getting the highest number of lifetime PB's at Tilgate.

10) Has parkrun changed your attitude to running, fitness and general wellbeing?

Absolutely! Going from doing no exercise, losing well over 2 stones, seeing my course time come down and then all because of parkrun, trying out and finishing 3 ultra-marathons.

11) What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Tilgate parkrun?

Please try it just once, even if you walk the whole way round, it could change your life like it has changed mine.

12) Chevron or Middle path which hill do you prefer and why?

I think Chevron, it is a love-hate relationship, but when I managed to run all the way up there the first time I felt awesome!


Congratulations Colin, and welcome into the Tilgate parkrun Hall of Fame





2018 a parkrun year in numbers

Today is New Year's eve and what better time to reflect on another fabulous year of parkrunning


Events - 52 - 2x cancellations (1x weather & 1x Race4Life)

Runs completed - 26,120 - 8 shy of last year's 26,128

Runners attended - 4,477

Highest run attendance - 665 our 300th run on 3rd February

Lowest run attendance -298 in heavy rain on 1st December

PB's earned - 1,540

Newbies starting their parkrun journey - 897

Volunteers engaged - 449

There have been some stand out performances in the year

New course record - James Westlake 15:13 14 Apr-18

Most volunteered - Mike Brice 52, Len Golding 50, Nigel Field 49

Most Runs - Mike Brice 52, Colin Scott 51, Denise Franklin 50

Most PB's - James Woodman 15, Stephanie Hill 13, Carol Brown 13

Most 1st Finishes Male - Ian Black 5, James Westlake 4, David Bull 4

Most 1st Finished Female - Susan Mcdonald 14, Nicole Airey 11, Kat Owens, Julie Briggs, Katrina Cheeseman 3

I'll finish off with a few graphs that show that parkrunning is certainly for everyone, we've had runners from U10 to over 80, with 45-49 year olds being our most runningest group we have also had 64 people attend to just volunteer.
2018 stats
Whatever your plans are for 2019, we hope that Tilgate parkrun will be a part of it.  See you all again soon - we start the year all over again tomorrow.



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