Tolson junior parkrun is cancelled on 27 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event 189 – Bring Me Sunshine

As 32 juniors assembled at the start line, a cheer was raised for the fact that it wasn't raining. It wasn't quite going to be a dry run, because there was still plenty of mud around the course, not to mention Richard's Puddle. However, the sun was definitely trying to show itself.

Among those assembled we were delighted to welcome a first-timer, Connie Dyson. Well done on your first junior parkrun, Connie.

First finisher was Alexander Whitehead. Second finisher and first girl home was Sophia Foulger. Third finisher was Emily Adams, who was running her 150th junior parkrun; a fine effort, Emily! Meanwhile, Joshua Asquith ran his 11th junior parkrun, so there will be a half marathon wristband waiting for him next time. Well done everyone!


Despite running the temporary course which avoids the museum roofing works and which, as an alternative course parkrun insist must be slower than the usual one, four of you still managed to achieve a new PB: Elissa Morton, Darcy Tinker, Lois Tinker and Aliona Whittle. Fantastic work!

Tolson's junior athletes are a dedicated bunch, as was proved today by Hugo Murphy, who ran whilst sporting a pot on a broken arm!


Our volunteers are also very dedicated and we do need more marshals for the temporary route. The commitment of our volunteers was exemplified today by the Pawson family, who turned out to marshal despite Amy not running due to an injury. In fact, they made all the difference today, filling the last two marshal positions and enabling the run to go ahead. So, a huge thank you is due to them and to all of today's twenty-two hi-vis heroes; parkrun simply wouldn't happen without you all.

Thank you as ever to Ann, Keith and the team in the bowling hut for providing very welcome post-run refreshments.

See you all next week - don't forget your barcode!

Andrew Haigh,
Run Director.


Event 186 – Fantastic Fives

Today's twenty-six runners included a fantastic five first-timers: Lily Brown, Kian Sunda, Sienna Sunda, Aliona Whittle and Pippa Whittle. You are all most welcome to the Tolson junior parkrun community and we hope to see you often in the future.


There were no wristbands to award this week, although we did have a round of applause for Phoebe Ellis for completing her one hundredth junior parkrun last week. Wristbands are awarded after eleven, twenty-one and fifty junior parkruns and it does seem a little odd that the magnificent milestone of one hundred junior parkruns doesn't also result in an award, but wristbands are no more after fifty. To be fair, you can print out a certificate from your parkrun profile, but the achievement is certainly worth at least a round of applause on parkrun day. Well done Phoebe!


After another round of applause to thank our twenty-one wonderful volunteers, we were off. First finisher was Sophia Foulger, followed by Ellie Adams. Third to finish, and first boy home, was Jacob Brand. Jacob also set a new PB, along with Isabelle Hodgson, Joseph Hodgson, William Knight and Martha Whittaker, so another fantastic five in total. Martha Whittaker also completed her twenty-first junior parkrun, so there will be a half-marathon wristband waiting for her next week.

See you all then - don't forget your barcode!

Andrew Haigh,
Run Director.


Event 185 – Last Parkrun Standing

At first glance this morning there didn't appear to be a particularly hard frost, but there was ice about and all our neighbouring junior parkruns succumbed to it: Beaumont Park, Brighouse, Dewsbury, Huddersfield and Shelley were all cancelled.

For Tolson juniors, this meant a bumper turnout of thirty-eight runners, which included eight first-timers: Dylan Asquith, Isabelle Gregson, Isabelle Hodgson, Joseph Hodgson, William Knight, Emily Peacock, William Peacock and Oliver Sumner. They were all first-timers to Tolson, although none were first-timers to parkrun. Nevertheless, we were pleased to welcome them. We were also delighted to welcome some volunteers from Huddersfield juniors and we were, as ever, very grateful to all our volunteers.

Before we started, there were wristbands to be awarded. There were half-marathon wristbands for completing eleven junior parkruns for Toby Asquith and Maya Winter.


There was a marathon wristband for completing twenty-one junior parkruns for Naomi Cox.


There was also an Ultra Marathon wristband for completing fifty junior parkruns for Dexter Murphy.


And finally, a special mention was also due to Phoebe Ellis, who was running her one hundredth junior parkrun in style. Well done all of you!


First finisher was Alexander Whitehead with a time of 08:26. Second finisher and first girl was Sophia Foulger in a time of 08:48. Five new PB's were set, by: Joshua Asquith, Toby Asquith, Jacob Elliott, Georgia Horn and Franklin Taylor. Well done to them and to everyone who ran today.

On a cold morning, we were particularly grateful to the Friends of Tolson and  Ravensknowle for providing refreshments in the Bowling Hut afterwards.

See you all next week - don't forget your barcode!

Andrew Haigh.


Event 181 – Festive Fun


Firstly, a tribute to our wonderful volunteers who turn out in all weathers throughout the year. Today, you excelled yourselves and a fantastic twenty-three volunteers meant that we had every possible position covered, so thank you very much to you all. Indeed, the number of volunteers almost matched the number of runners, twenty-five, amongst whom we were delighted to welcome three first-timers: Elissa Morton, Daniel Wilde and Lucas Wilde.
First finisher today was Sophia Foulger, closely followed by Dexter Murphy, who was the first boy to finish. Two new PB's were set, by Alfie Bealham and Joel Morton.
There were festive outfits in abundance, although the prize should probably go to Amy Pawson, who really lit up today's run!


There was a festive chocolate bear at the finish for every participant.20191222_091149

This brings us onto our second tribute: to the Friends of Tolson and Ravensknowle. Every week, Ann, Jeanette and Keith open up the Bowling Green Hut to serve post-run refreshments, for which we are truly grateful. They also excelled themselves today, since Keith had baked gingerbread men and they were also serving festive hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows; perfect after a run on a midwinter morning.



There will be no Tolson junior parkrun on Christmas Day or New Year's Day. However, we will be here as usual next Sunday, 29th December, and on Sunday, 5th January, so we'll look forward to seeing you then. Don't forget your barcode.

Enjoy your Christmas everyone!



Event 179 – Going Down a Storm

When I was sitting in my study on Saturday evening, getting ready for junior parkrun the following morning, I could hear the rain lashing against the window so I decided to check the weather forecast. 'Strong winds and heavy rain', it said, until 4 a.m. By 9 a.m., it advised that there was a 0% chance of rain. All sounded good.


Whilst I was doing the run briefing at 9:00 on Sunday morning, there was something of a stiff breeze blowing and there was most certainly 100% rainfall. Because of this, the run briefing proceeded at record pace, aided by the fact that no-one who had earned a milestone wristband was there to collect it. received_548108372636790

A further record was broken, because only twelve juniors turned out to run (our previous low attendance was thirteen), so huge credit is due to those twelve dedicated parkrunners.


First finisher today was Jacob Collings, in only his second junior parkrun and his first at Tolson. Second finisher and first girl was Charlotte Haigh. It was not a day for PB's and, indeed, no-one set a new one! 20191208_091121

Our volunteers at Tolson are wonderful and today was no exception as, despite the conditions, they outnumbered our runners almost two to one! Thank you all, your efforts are much appreciated and are what makes parkrun happen. Special mention must go to our tail walker, Hilary Booth, who volunteered to tail walk on her birthday - and there wasn't much walking involved as she had trouble keeping up with all you speedy juniors!


Finally, thank you to the Friends of Tolson and Ravensknowle for putting on some very welcome post-run refreshments and to Imogen Gill for baking a most acceptable chocolate cake.

It is now Sunday evening and I am sitting in my study typing this run report and listening to the rain lash against the window....

We'll hope for better weather and a bigger attendance next week. Don't forget your barcode!

Andrew Haigh.

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