Event 169 – An Expected Downpour!

Last week, we got very wet when an unexpected downpour arrived half way through parkrun and much earlier than forecast. This week, there was no getting away from it; it was forecast to be wet and it was, indeed, very wet!

Three weeks ago, our run report praised our volunteers on the occasion of David Harpin's 350th volunteer role. This week saw another fine example of the dedication of our wonderful volunteers. Martin Gill may only have moved house on Friday, but it didn't stop him stepping forward to be our Run Director today, even if he couldn't find any white paper on which to print out the volunteer roster! Furthermore, eighteen other wonderful people had already volunteered, filling the roster in advance despite the weather forecast and thus removing any further stress from Martin's life! A huge thank you to you all.

Nineteen was the number of volunteers and also the number of runners. Included among those runners were two first timers: Archie and Freddie Crowther. A very warm welcome to you two.

It was not a day for PB's and there weren't any! First finisher was Bobby Morris, whilst second finisher, and first girl, was Sophia Foulger. Well done to those two and to everyone who braved the conditions to run today, you all did brilliantly.

On a day like today, we were even more grateful than usual for the post-run refreshments provided in the bowling green hut by the Friends of Tolson and Ravensknowle. The hut was unusually crowded as everyone sought shelter, although not everyone was deterred from taking up their usual position outside..


See you all next week - don't forget your barcode!

Andrew Haigh.