New Years Day Event

Parkrun 2 11 19 (582)

We have GREAT NEWS....

We have been down to the course today and we are happy to announce that we will be able to run tomorrow. 10:30am from our normal Start/Finish area.

We must thank TMBC and KCC for getting Lucifer bridge mended and to a state where we can have 500+ participants cross it safely. There is still a bit of movement but it doesn't present the same trip hazard that it did yesterday morning.

With the bridge now fixed we will be running our normal course. Most of the course is now dry but there are are a couple of small sections that are very muddy and one section (close to the start/finish) that is still under water. The water is not deep but is unavoidable - you will get wet!

The area around the start/finish is still under water, we have therefore had to re-work the finish funnel into an airport style 'snake' that takes participants off to the left. We are hopeful that this will work and have enough capacity but ask everyone to move through the funnel quickly and not duck under any tape. Listen to the funnel managers and the run brief and things should run smoothly