Unofficial parkruns


Morning Everyone,

Well what do you know, we are cancelled this weekend!  ;)

The course has dried up, the daffodils are out and the weather feels as though it has now turned, dare I say it it feels like spring??

But of course we are faced with another challenge, another obstacle, with this one is far more serious than we have faced to date. Whilst this challenge is clearly a danger and should be respected we must try, if we can, not to be scared or overwhelmed by it. As any sports psychologists will say 'don't worry about the things you cannot control, instead focus your efforts on the things that you can'

parkrun HQ took the decision on Tuesday evening to suspend globally all parkrun events for the foreseeable future, not an easy decision, but the right one for everyone's health, not just the parkrun community.

We as a local parkrun community can do our bit to, something that we can control. It might be tempting to think to go down to the park on Saturday morning and run an 'unofficial' parkrun or arrange to meet-up with a few friends and run the course together, but please please don't. It is not the right thing to do, you are putting yourself at risk but more importantly you are putting others at risk.

We are not saying don't run, far from it but just don't do it at 9am on Saturday on the parkrun course and try not to do within a group. Run a different route or at a different time.

The parkrun community both nationally and locally is large and it's influence within the wider community is far reaching and so we have a responsibility to look after it and do the right thing, it is something we can control so please help us to do so.


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