December & NYD events

Tonbridge parkrun #266 - 22/12/18

As the Christmas lights on Tonbridge High Street are now lit, its time to announce our event line-up for December '19 and of course New Years Day 2020!

Tonbridge parkrun will be taking place as normal every Saturday of December at 9am:

7th, 14th, 21st and 28th

The event on the 21st will be our traditional Christmas fancy dress run where we expect to see everyone in their Santa hats and/or best Christmas jumpers!

We will also be doing a special New Years Day run starting at 10:30am this will allow for the really keen parkrunners to do a double with another local run that will be starting early and for the rest of us to have a bit of a later start ;)

Please Note: We will not be doing a run on Christmas Day.

A full list of all the parkruns doing Christmas Day and NYD runs, and their starting times can be found here:


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Christmas and NYD runs 2018

Throughout December and the Christmas period we will be holding runs on the following days:

22/12/18 - Christmas Fancy dress run
01/01/19 - This run will start at 10:30am

Please note we will not be doing an extra run on Christmas Day.


Alternate Course Dates 2018

Please be advised that we shall be using our alternative course on the dates listed below, meaning that start and finish area will be on the fields adjacent to the TJ's Rugby club house. Normal 9am start.

These dates are confirmed but we may need to add to the list. Reminders will be made at the preceding weeks run briefs and also on social media channels (Facebook and Twitter)

12 May 2018
19 May 2018
9 June 2018



Snow update for March 3rd 2018

At lunchtime today I ran the course with a couple of other people, there is a lot of snow and a lot of ice and the tarmac paths are slippery, however, we have decided that we will not be cancelling today and that we will do another inspection tomorrow morning before the run and make a final decision then. We will try to post to our Facebook page and Twitter by 8am, but it is at the Run Director’s discretion to cancel at any point up to 9am. It is assumed that the conditions will not get any better over the next 17hours but we don’t know how much worse they could get.

The decision making process is based solely upon the safety of the runners and volunteers, their getting to and from the event, the weather conditions and the conditions under foot. Some things we cannot influence, if the access roads to the park are impassable there is little we can do we would need to cancel, at the moment they have been treated and are clear. The weather forecast for tomorrow morning is to be 2 degrees and cloudy, again this is out of our control but we have run many times in temperatures colder than that, it is not pleasant but if we all dress appropriately there shouldn’t be a problem. Finally the conditions under foot; the ground is frozen and there is a layer of snow (compacted) and in places ice. The icy patches a mainly in areas of heavy footfall or where puddles normally accumulate. In order to avoid these higher risk areas we will be adjusting the course to run on the grassed fields and hardcore paths, and away from the tarmacked paths. This does not remove the risk but reduces it considerably.

We rely on you as runners to also be sensible, that is to say tomorrow is not the day to be turning up in your racing flats and shorts and trying to smash your PB! Consider how fast you should be running given the conditions, if your foot were to slip could you react, if someone in front were to slide on some ice could you avoid them and the ice. You should be going no faster than a jog, you should be aware of the surface that you are just about to put your feet on. Consider your clothing and especially your footwear. As you are going to be running slower than usual put some more thin layers on, you can always take them off if you get too hot. Your footwear is really important, if you have trail shoes wear them, if not find the shoes with the most amount grip that you own and wear them, normal road trainers will not offer you enough grip on parts of the course – if you are worried about falling do not run.

Listen to the marshals and the importantly the run brief, the course will not be the same as normal and there are some small diversions to help avoid obvious hazards. The marshals will be calling out directions and any hazards in the immediate vicinity, likewise look out for course signage including cones that will also be highlighting hazards, they might not be where you expect them.

I will re-iterate, if we do not cancel the run tomorrow morning, the risk of falling due to ice and snow is higher than normal, if you are worried about falling do not run. The risk of you turning your ankle on uneven ground is higher than normal, if you are worried about turning your ankle do not run.

It would be very easy for us to just cancel but and whilst there is a heightened risk of falling we currently feel that it is still possible to have a safe run if everyone is sensible. Just promise me if we do go ahead please make sure you bring you barcode along!!!



A gentle reminder….

It has been great to see so many new faces over the last few weeks; Christmas holidays and New Years resolutions always bring new runners, joggers and walkers to parkrun and we welcome you all – what took you so long to find us?
This Saturday just gone we had over 30 people doing their first ever parkrun whilst at the other end of the scale we had 72 people running who have run more than 100 runs each!

Every so often we remind everybody of what they can expect from parkrun and what we expect from you, we cherish our community and want to keep it the safe, social and fun entity that it has developed into; allowing adults and children, elite athletes and first time walkers to all take part comfortably in the same event and to finish with a smile!

The first thing to remember is that it is a RUN not a RACE – this is important, we are all friends we are not trying to beat anyone else, there are no prizes. If you get held up for 10 seconds at a narrow point don’t worry about it, you have another 4900m to make it up or there is always next week, please don’t start trying to barge past people. Yes we want you to push for that PB but not at the expense of someone else’s enjoyment of their run.

Please remember your barcodes – your barcode need to be in a printed format, if you don’t have a barcode you will not get a time assigned to your profile. There are no excuses and we will not bend the rules for anyone, even children and even if you are on your 49th run! Please don’t ask the volunteers, it makes them feel awkward and they have been briefed to say no.

Children under the age of 11 must run within arms length of a responsible adult (over the age of 18). If somebody looks under 11 and any of the team sees them unaccompanied they will be asked how old they are and their athlete number possibly checked, if they are under 11 their time will be removed as well as the absent guardian if we can identify them. – This is part of terms of our insurance – again there are no excuses!

Dogs are welcome but should be kept on a short lead at all times, you are allowed to run with one dog only. If you are running with a dog please start from the back and slowly make your way forward – the only exception to this is if you are a fast canicross runner in which case please see the Run Director on the day and they will get you to start from a safer position.

Please be polite and courteous to all other park users through out the whole morning, this includes the car park before and after, whilst out on the run and also in and around the start/finish area. We are very lucky to have a park like the Racecourse/Haysden right in the middle of Tonbridge that we have been granted permission to use, but we share the park with each other and other users who have nothing to do with parkrun. We do not have a monopoly on the park on a Saturday morning so anybody you meet along the way have just as much right to be there as you do. Having 500+ people running towards you can be quite intimidating, waiting for that number of people to cross a bridge can be tiresome – a simple thank-you or good morning will go along way to appease them. If another park user gets in the way slow down and politely say ‘excuse me’ – if you are fit enough to get a PB this week you will be fit enough to get a PB next week. Don’t try to barge past them or tell them to get out of the way, it’s not necessary and is only going to cause the event problems.

Look after each other, it is a run not a race, it’s a family event. There is no need for swearing, yes we all do it from time to time but please be careful of you language. Spitting is disgusting in any walk of life, we understand that whilst running it is occasionally necessary it is still disgusting – if you have to spit then please move to the side (downwind) of any group that you are running in and spit down and out.

Please thank, smile, acknowledge and listen to the marshals, they are there to support and direct you but most importantly they are there for your safety, if they suggest a corner is slippery or to keep left - there is probably a reason. The marshals are all volunteers, all parkrunners like you contributing back to the event and community. Without them parkrun would not be able to operate, a smile and or a thumbs up will make it that much more rewarding. If you have never volunteered before give it a go - once every 10 runs would be ideal but 2-3 time a year might be easier?

Thank you for your continued support and for making Tonbridge parkrun a community that we can rightly be proud of.



Alternate course for 10th June

Please be advised that we shall be using our alternative course on the 10th June meaning that start and finish area will be on the fields adjacent to the TJ's Rugby club house. Normal 9am start.



Alternate course for 22nd & 29th April

Please be advised that we shall be using our alternative course on the 22nd and 29th April meaning that start and finish area will be on the fields adjacent to the TJ's Rugby club house. Normal 9am start.



New Runners and parkrun processes

It was great to see so many new runners on the weekend with 41 people running the course for the first time. With New Years resolutions and the obligatory January health drives kicking in over the next couple of weeks it is a trend that we are looking forward to continuing. It is with this in mind that I think back to my first parkrun two and a half years ago and try to remember what it was like. I remember it being very friendly and having run in races before I recall the process of barcode, finish funnel and position tokens being relatively straight forward but wonder had I not had prior experience would the process have been quit so simple. For those experiencing parkrun or even their first mass participation event for the first time it can all seem a little daunting; we try to put people at ease with a new runners brief at 8:45 but understandably the message that we put across in these briefs does not always register as new runners tend to have other things on their mind :)

This is where you (our regular runners) can help us, by passing on your experiences to newer runners; about how parkrun works and the processes involved especially around the finish funnel. Having spoken to several runners over the last month it is apparent that even some of our more regular runners are also not completely aware of the process so to that end I have put together a list of 'finish funnel processes' for reference.

  1. #DFYB - you are likely to have seen this in previous posts, on Facebook or Twitter, it stands for Don't Forget Your Barcode. - if you don't have a barcode we cannot give you a result.
  2. Your barcode must be a printed barcode, on paper, wristband or plastic card. We will not accept barcodes in digital format (on a phone or ipad)
  3. There is a barcode box for you to place a 'spare' barcode in case you forget, However, please don't rely on this, whilst we will try to bring it each week, we will not be responsible for the barcode and will not add you manually if you cannot find your barcode.
  4. At the end of your run please run between the two timers, into the funnel. if you run either side of the timers your time will not be recorded.
  5. Only run between the timers once, if you have finished and go back to encourage another runner please peel off before you get too close to the finish funnel. Don't be a 'Double crosser'
  6. When you have passed between the timers and entered the funnel, keep moving down the funnel and you must take you position token from the volunteer on your right at the end of the funnel. (even if you don't have your own barcode or don't want your time recorded)
  7. When in the funnel, stay in order, please don't overtake anyone in the funnel.
  8. Stay in the funnel until you have received your position token. Don't be a 'Funnel Ducker'
  9. If you have have pushed yourself hard and are not feeling well the funnel manager may well take you out of the funnel and retrieve your position token for you. Please listen to the funnel manager they are there to make things run smoothly but need your help.
  10. Once you have received your position token, take it and your personal barcode to a scanner who will scan your barcode then the position token, returning your barcode and keeping the position token. Please wait until both have been scanned before leaving.
  11. If your barcode will not scan or you don't have a barcode you will be asked to speak to the Tokens Support volunteer who will take your details. If your barcode would not scan the volunteer will keep the position token and the unscannable barcode but you will be given a time. If you have no barcode your details will be taken but you will not be given a time.
  12. The position tokens are an essential re-usable part of the results process, they are also expensive to replace, so please return them. If you find that you have gone home with one please email us and bring it back the following week. Equally if you see someone else walking off with one please remind them to return it.

Your help and support is appreciated as ever. Have a wonderful New Year


December Schedule

Even though it is still 15 degrees outside we are now in advent which means it'e time to let everyone know our December schedule. We will be running every Saturday of December as normal including Boxing Day. We will also be having doing an extra run on New Years day at 10.30am and then a normal run on the 2nd January (Saturday).

Our Christmas Fancy Dress run will be on the 19th December.

We will still need volunteers for these dates so if your going out the night before or think you might still be getting over the Turkey and mince pies from the day before it would be most appreciated if you could help out.
Enjoy the rest of your week and we will see you Saturday.

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