Tooting Common parkrun restarting…hopefully 31 July

The good news we've all been waiting for... we have permission to restart. I'd like to thank Wandsworth, Enable and parkrun HQ for all the brilliant work they have done behind the scenes to get us here.

If we get enough volunteers we will be aiming to have our first Tooting Common parkrun of the year on 31 July. So if you can volunteer that morning please have a look at the roster page and get in touch.

Also a good time to familiarise yourself with parkrun's Covid-19 Code.

We can't wait to see you all again!

Ken Willis (Co-Event Director)


Tooting will NOT be restarting on 24 July

Sadly, we will NOT be restarting Tooting Common parkrun on 24 July. We continue to work closely with our landowner and parkrun HQ to agree a restart date - we are hopeful for a restart date soon.

When we do restart, we’ll need LOTS of lovely volunteers, so please opt in to receive the latest updates by email - here's details

There are lots of other parkrun events that are restarting - both local and further afield. If you are heading somewhere else, I am sure they would appreciate extra volunteers (details of how will be on their event websites). If you are staying local, I'm sure our neighbours will appreciate if our regulars spread themselves around (north, south, east west), rather than all heading in the same direction.

I hope to see you at another event this Saturday, and look forward to welcoming you back at Tooting soon.

Ken Willis (Co-Event Director)


Unlikely Tooting restarting on 24 July

We are working closely with our landowner but are still waiting on landowner permission before the Tooting Common event can restart, so it's unlikely we'll be able to return on 24 July. We are preparing so we can be ready to go if and when we hear. Fingers crossed for a start date soon...

When we do restart, we’ll need LOTS of lovely volunteers, so please opt in to receive the latest updates by email - here's details

While we wait, you could helpfully download/update the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app - the old stopwatches and scanners have gone and results processing is going to be so much easier. We're very likely to need more volunteers to help scanning when we restart, so having the app ready on your phone is always useful.

Disappointing news for now, but we are hopeful for a restart date soon. Watch this space, or check us out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Ken Willis (Co-Event Director)


Tooting Common parkrun 29/02/2020 Event Number 210

Why parkrun in the rain?!

Around this time of year, new year’s resolutions have waned and the weather is not kind. Even still, nearly 250 participants turned out for Tooting Common parkrun for the first-ever leap year park run.


I must admit, at 8.30 this morning, looking out at the relentless rain & wind, I  checked my email to see if the pre-course checks done by the first group of volunteers on site would result in cancellation. No such thing; I had signed up as a volunteer to take pictures, write up this report and help close down the event. 1,700 parkruns around the world couldn’t happen without volunteers. So out I went, and I’m glad I did.

The weather lightened up and a bit of muddy course and the idea of splashing through puddles made for quite a lighthearted crowd. Here are a few of the special moments from today:

Marcus, celebrating his parkrun leap year birthday. The next time he can do parkrun on his birthday will be 2048!


Clare, after achieving her 50th parkrun completion. She moved away from the area and has most recently participated in Oak Hill parkrun in north London. She made the trip south today because she was one of Tooting Common parkrun’s core founding team and wanted to mark this milestone back at home base with a few friends.


Kate, from Hamwic Harriers, usually does Southampton parkrun. She came up to visit her son in Clapham and head to the WHam v Southampton. We’re glad she was able to squeeze in Tooting Common parkrun.

Andrew, kept our tailwalker company around the course today. Look at that finish line smile.

And volunteer Rob, showing off his favourite parkrun foot gear. He says he gets his fastest times in these shoes that are meant to feel like barefoot running but with some protection. It just so happens they are his stalwart Brooks, the first-ever sports sponsor of parkrun, promoting their ‘Run Happy’ inclusive approach to being active and focus on community.


Judging from my candid snaps of our other volunteers today, the happy tag makes a lot of sense!



Photos and Run Report by Cindy Godwin


Tooting parkrun – Run Report 25-01-20 Event Number 205

I used to hate running... And then I started travelling for work and getting out of shape and I started running to get back into my clothes again. And then I started doing 10ks, half marathons and even marathons. During this period of time, parkrun started springing up around the world and I got involved in the closest ones which were about three miles from my house.

Now my nearest one is down the road. Tooting Common. In just a few years, it has become one of the biggest in the country. So far, more than 100,000 have joined in and crossed the finish line. Today we had 883.

I’m now an injured runner who gains inspiration to keep active from this diverse community of people trodding around our local park at 9am on a Saturday morning. Today I was able to participate in walk/run mode and also to volunteer - as photographer/run report writer. So, I got down to the start area a bit early, and lingered around the finish funnel at the end, to chat with people to find out what they were doing at parkrun today:


Dan & George - father & son doing their first ever parkrun; they didn’t realise to get a time you need to register in advance and bring your barcode. So today was a pilot parkrun for them and they’ll be back next week with their barcodes.

Dogs are welcomed. As runners or volunteers. Like this week’s marshall’s mascot.

Jacob & his mum - Jacob was excited to finish his 10th; he’ll get a special parkrun t-shirt for that. Pictures of him during & after.

Chris - he’s fast. There’s definitely a competitive spirit up at the front.


Mavis & Nandor - this husband & wife team take turns running and marshalling. They both have achieved their 100.

Ashali - another volunteer. Doing the tail walker role. She likes to see everyone finish and how exciting it can be, no matter if you are first or last or somewhere in between.

By Cindy Godwin
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