Tooting parkrun – Run Report 25-01-20 Event Number 205

I used to hate running... And then I started travelling for work and getting out of shape and I started running to get back into my clothes again. And then I started doing 10ks, half marathons and even marathons. During this period of time, parkrun started springing up around the world and I got involved in the closest ones which were about three miles from my house.

Now my nearest one is down the road. Tooting Common. In just a few years, it has become one of the biggest in the country. So far, more than 100,000 have joined in and crossed the finish line. Today we had 883.

I’m now an injured runner who gains inspiration to keep active from this diverse community of people trodding around our local park at 9am on a Saturday morning. Today I was able to participate in walk/run mode and also to volunteer - as photographer/run report writer. So, I got down to the start area a bit early, and lingered around the finish funnel at the end, to chat with people to find out what they were doing at parkrun today:


Dan & George - father & son doing their first ever parkrun; they didn’t realise to get a time you need to register in advance and bring your barcode. So today was a pilot parkrun for them and they’ll be back next week with their barcodes.

Dogs are welcomed. As runners or volunteers. Like this week’s marshall’s mascot.

Jacob & his mum - Jacob was excited to finish his 10th; he’ll get a special parkrun t-shirt for that. Pictures of him during & after.

Chris - he’s fast. There’s definitely a competitive spirit up at the front.


Mavis & Nandor - this husband & wife team take turns running and marshalling. They both have achieved their 100.

Ashali - another volunteer. Doing the tail walker role. She likes to see everyone finish and how exciting it can be, no matter if you are first or last or somewhere in between.

By Cindy Godwin