Tooting Common parkrun 29/02/2020 Event Number 210

Why parkrun in the rain?!

Around this time of year, new year’s resolutions have waned and the weather is not kind. Even still, nearly 250 participants turned out for Tooting Common parkrun for the first-ever leap year park run.


I must admit, at 8.30 this morning, looking out at the relentless rain & wind, I  checked my email to see if the pre-course checks done by the first group of volunteers on site would result in cancellation. No such thing; I had signed up as a volunteer to take pictures, write up this report and help close down the event. 1,700 parkruns around the world couldn’t happen without volunteers. So out I went, and I’m glad I did.

The weather lightened up and a bit of muddy course and the idea of splashing through puddles made for quite a lighthearted crowd. Here are a few of the special moments from today:

Marcus, celebrating his parkrun leap year birthday. The next time he can do parkrun on his birthday will be 2048!


Clare, after achieving her 50th parkrun completion. She moved away from the area and has most recently participated in Oak Hill parkrun in north London. She made the trip south today because she was one of Tooting Common parkrun’s core founding team and wanted to mark this milestone back at home base with a few friends.


Kate, from Hamwic Harriers, usually does Southampton parkrun. She came up to visit her son in Clapham and head to the WHam v Southampton. We’re glad she was able to squeeze in Tooting Common parkrun.

Andrew, kept our tailwalker company around the course today. Look at that finish line smile.

And volunteer Rob, showing off his favourite parkrun foot gear. He says he gets his fastest times in these shoes that are meant to feel like barefoot running but with some protection. It just so happens they are his stalwart Brooks, the first-ever sports sponsor of parkrun, promoting their ‘Run Happy’ inclusive approach to being active and focus on community.


Judging from my candid snaps of our other volunteers today, the happy tag makes a lot of sense!



Photos and Run Report by Cindy Godwin


Tooting parkrun – Run Report 25-01-20 Event Number 205

I used to hate running... And then I started travelling for work and getting out of shape and I started running to get back into my clothes again. And then I started doing 10ks, half marathons and even marathons. During this period of time, parkrun started springing up around the world and I got involved in the closest ones which were about three miles from my house.

Now my nearest one is down the road. Tooting Common. In just a few years, it has become one of the biggest in the country. So far, more than 100,000 have joined in and crossed the finish line. Today we had 883.

I’m now an injured runner who gains inspiration to keep active from this diverse community of people trodding around our local park at 9am on a Saturday morning. Today I was able to participate in walk/run mode and also to volunteer - as photographer/run report writer. So, I got down to the start area a bit early, and lingered around the finish funnel at the end, to chat with people to find out what they were doing at parkrun today:


Dan & George - father & son doing their first ever parkrun; they didn’t realise to get a time you need to register in advance and bring your barcode. So today was a pilot parkrun for them and they’ll be back next week with their barcodes.

Dogs are welcomed. As runners or volunteers. Like this week’s marshall’s mascot.

Jacob & his mum - Jacob was excited to finish his 10th; he’ll get a special parkrun t-shirt for that. Pictures of him during & after.

Chris - he’s fast. There’s definitely a competitive spirit up at the front.


Mavis & Nandor - this husband & wife team take turns running and marshalling. They both have achieved their 100.

Ashali - another volunteer. Doing the tail walker role. She likes to see everyone finish and how exciting it can be, no matter if you are first or last or somewhere in between.

By Cindy Godwin

Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #185 – 7th Sept 2019

parkrun from a personal point of view...

The best bit about parkrun volunteering is the smiles on the runners faces. I like to marshal at it; encouraging at muster points as we say in the events circuit. Track corner is a great spot to be vocal; the spiel varies and the response during and after the run is rewardingly favourable.


I did exactly the same thing at the London Duathlon in Richmond Park the day after.



The other best bit of volunteering is that your colleagues get to run; it's a nice rotation where no one misses out.


I myself am training for a half marathon and a 10 miler; The Athletics Track opposite ideal for sprint work. Not far off 50 parkruns; one can use them as part of a training plan or a stand alone entry to getting fit.

Dogs, kids in pushchairs like it; everyone likes it. A chap who was watching ardently said he would do it for the first time this weekend.

So come and be part of it; sets you up for the Saturday. See you at Track corner.

To volunteer please email in at t


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #184 – 31st August 2019

By Jessica Robson
Photos by Emma Hood

That was a sunny and bright Saturday parkrun to welcome an equally sunny Run Talk Run crew. The Run Talk Runners from the weekly Tooting meets came out in full force to provide volunteers and pacers for the 751 runners who turned up for their 5km start to the weekend.


Run Talk Run Tooting meet on Monday nights from 7pm at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Tooting Bec before going on a 5k run in the local area at around 7:30. The group ranges from people that have just finished couch to 5km to those that are running sub 3 hour marathons. The group also offers a safe space in which people can feel comfortable to talk about their mental health. It’s about being able to create that outlet if you need it, whether it's work issues, family life or the fact that sometimes London can be a very isolating place. It’s also about lending an ear and offering avenues of support if things are getting too tough.

The Run Talk Run crew, who focus on providing support & connection to their runners, were well placed to support the incredible runners who came away with some outstanding achievements this week, with a whopping 113 people achieving a PB!


Other notable achievements made this week

• Our junior stars this week are Joshua Aynsley, Yousof Daryabi, Caleb Monk and Freddie Raistrick-Scott, all of whom recorded new best times
• Regular Tooting volunteer April Marretta Lord shaved 5 seconds off her previous course record to set a new PB of 25:26.
• Jamie Morrison, Jodie Bellamy and Michael Farrance smashed the 20, 25 and 30 minute barriers today by recording times of 19:49, 24:56 and 29:30 respectively
• Today's most experienced parkrunner Ian Shorthouse of Crystal Palace Fun Runners (with 405 parkruns to his name) took almost a minute off the time he set with us in April to finish in 24:19
• parkrun tourist Jessica Buttigieg paid us a return visit today and chopped a highly impressive 6 minutes and 16 seconds off her time from March, crossing the line in 25:53. Welcome back, Jessica!


Milestone shout-outs are due to Devon Buchanan, Simon Ottner and Matty Tong, all of whom ran their 50th parkrun today, and to Harry Lamb, who ran his 10th parkrun as a junior runner today.

There were a whopping 109 Tooting first timers this weekend, 42 of whom were brand new to parkrun. If the welcoming disposition of Run Talk Runners wasn't enough to make sure the runners make a return next week, then their baked goods definitely might be enough to swing it!

Male placings...


Morgan Mitchell (SM20-24) of Fife AC was first over the line in 16:34 in his first appearance at Tooting Common parkrun.
Luke Pikett (VM35-39) of Clapham Chasers RC was second over the line in 16:40.
An unknown runner was third over the line.

And as for the Women...


Alice Sinclair (SW30-34) was first over the line in a new PB of 19:31.
Helen Oldfield (VW50-54) of Herne Hill Harriers was second over the line in a new PB of 20:50.
Naomi Boyer (SW25-29) was third over the line in 21:02 in her first appearance at Tooting Common parkrun

Serious kudos and thank yous to the brilliant Run Talk Run volunteers who made it possible:


Bob HARRISON • Henry BROWN • Joshua PEWTER • Kathryn EVANS • Mark SHOTTON • Sapphire ROSTRON • Pippa WHITE • Harriet WHITE • Emma HAINSWORTH • Richard BOGLE • Imogen THOMAS • Nicola YOUNG • Sarah DUCKWORTH • Andrew COE • Cecilia BOGLE • Tahir SHAMS • David WHITE • Kate NICOLSON • Melissa SHEPHERD • Annabel HOWARD • Lisa PHAN • Foyez SYED • Nick EFSTATHIOU • Charlotte SUTHERLAND • Jessica ROBSON • Nicholas PILKINGTON • Dana ELFRING • Simon GALLACHER • Emma MURLEY • Isabel TORRES PÉREZ • Talat SHAMS • Marcus HUGHES • Genevieve FARRELL • Bayley CHAINEY • Aida ALVAREZ SUAREZ • Jessica GRAU • Tiago ALMEIDA • Francesca WOOD • Lisa BIRD • Emma HOOD • Emma KETTERINGHAM • Janis H CHAN • Cassie HILL


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #182 – 17th August 2019

The Clapham PiONEERs turned Tooting parkrun from apricot to orange this week, taking over most of the volunteer roles.

The friendly local running club welcomed 642 runners to the Tooting Triangle, 89 tackling the course for the time, and almost the same number of runners earned PBs (88), no doubt encouraged around the course by the orange-vested pacers and marshals.


Several of Tooting’s quicker runners seem to have successfully chased the 19-minute pacer, Michael Wiggins, to clinch impressive PBs; special shout outs go to Steven John Underwood, Fayosi Oluokoya, and Reynald Pouchin. The 35-minute pacer, Vicky Spooner, also helped see in worthy new PBs from runners including Louise Blair, who knocked 1.5 minutes off her previous best. Well done, Louise!


As for milestones, kudos are due to Keith Sudbury, who ran his 100th parkrun this week, as well as Nicola Yeates and Matt Price who both joined the 50 club.


And of course, in true PiONEER style, the run was rounded off with an enticing array of sweet treats, including Anna’s iconic gingerbread army.

A quick rundown of the podium positions:

First timer Harry Mayne was the first man home in a very respectable 17:34. Not far behind was Jonathan Pim (17:39) and, in third, Edward Rees (17:58).

The first woman to enter the finish funnel was Clapham Chasers’ Lucy Butt in 21:18, which was also a PB, followed by Alexandra Ridout (21:23) and PiONEERs’ own Rosie Clarke in 21:36.


As always, no parkrun could ever happen without our wonderful volunteers, so huge thanks to:

Sophie ASTLES, Sylvie BESSE, Amanda BROWNE, Kris CHADWICK, Elena CHAPMAN, Rosie CLARKE, Anneka DEW, Jaspal DHALLEY, Elise DOWELL, Kathryn EVANS, Catherine FULLER, Simon GALLACHER, Ryan GOLD, Sophie HAMBLIN, Roanne HATHAWAY, Bessie JIBUNOH, Bethany KNOWLES, Gay LEE, Graham LEWIS, Sarah MCGINNITY, Mike MORFEY, Lindsay MURRAY, Laureen OKANE, Claire PARKINSON, Pascal PATTERSON, Nicky PAVITT, Emma POOLE, Reynald POUCHIN, Paul PRENTICE, Neil PRICE, Anna PRINGLE, Cat PROWSE, Carmel SALVIDGE, Laura SINGLETON, Katie SNOWDEN, Rebecca SPENCER, Victoria SPOONER, Oliver TAYLOR, Andrew THOMPSON, Sophie WADE, David WHITE, Brian WIGGINS, Michael WIGGINS, Henry WILSON, Lucy WRIGHT


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #181 – 10th August 2019

“Blowin’ in the Wind”

“How many roads must a man walk down?” Bob KEOGH may have asked as one of 92 First Timers (and four Roberts) at an extremely windy Tooting Common parkrun on Saturday 10th August.

To which the answer, from one of the 41 volunteers, would surely have been along the lines of, “It’s three laps of the Tooting Triangle, anyone can take part, and you can walk, jog or run, whatever pace you want to go. Oh, and before you ask, it’s always been free.”

Music to the ears of the 624 people, several dogs, and a couple of small children in buggies, who had come from as far as Adelaide and Balham, Cardiff and Clapham, Streatham and Sydney, Tonbridge and Tooting, Wandsworth, Wimbledon and Yeovil, all to line up next to a bench on Tooting Common at 9am on Saturday morning.

Among the 92 Tooting First Timers, 44 were doing their first ever parkrun, and 27 their second. Hope to see you all back again soon. Before you know it you’ll be able to claim a 50th parkrun shirt like Francesco MARRETTA LORD, and then in no time be on the verge of your 100th like Hannah Davidson and Keith Sudbury. Don’t forget your barcodes next time Hannah and Keith!

Among the First Timers was a big turn out from Streatham-Croydon Rugby Football Club Ladies, who’re used to dealing with all weathers after a successful season where they won 10 of their 14 league games and finished 4th in their league. The club are based on Frant Road in Thornton Heath.

There was also a big group from The Running Charity, who use running to help young people, particularly those who are homeless or living in shelters, rebuild their lives. And it was Running Charity graduate Seyfu JAMAAL, who flew round the course in 15:29, the joint third fastest time ever run at Tooting, to be the first man home. Seyfu’s Age Grade of 86.11% was also the highest of the morning. He’s clearly in good form and wasn’t far off claiming another course record, to add to the 1:08:14 he set for the London Landmarks Half Marathon back in March. For anyone who wants to run that race next year The Running Charity has fundraising places available via their website.

The second and third men to finish were barcode-less, followed by another first timer at Tooting, Jethro HEALY, making his debut on the Triangle in 17:40. Then just one second separated JM15-17 Yousuf DARYABI, with 17:46, and JM15-17 Ingmar GUNN, with 17:47.

If that sounds close, then there was less than a second, and only a few centimetres, between the first two women to finish, with Clodagh O’CONNOR completing her second outing at Tooting in 21:31, the same time as Herne Hill Harrier, the amazingly consistent Helen OLDFIELD, who was completing her 62nd Tooting parkrun. Third woman, Isla CAMERON, who ran 21:49, might have enjoyed an extra lie-in before parkrun this Saturday. She usually runs Sydney’s Centennial parkrun, which starts at 7am. And fourth woman, in 21:53, was another Herne Hill Harrier, Shanon SINCLAIR, with 21:53.

It was another Australian woman, Maureen MOYLE from Adelaide Harriers, who set the best women’s age grade, with 80.53%, putting her well into the Top 100 age graded times for Tooting. Helen OLDFIELD’s 78.85% was the second highest women’s age graded time on Saturday, and Jane DELVES’ Tooting debut, saw her set the third highest women’s age grade with 72.45%.

Amongst the Juniors, Sebastian TAYLOR knocked another 19 seconds off his PB with 29:34, Jack TAYLOR took 31 seconds off his PB with 27:42, and Wren LAWSON-FOLEY was a whole 1:34 faster than last week, with 26:44. Sophie COLLINS improved her Tooting PB by almost a minute with 34:43, and Isabella BYE knocked a whole 1:06 off her previous PB set back in January with 35:03.

There were also 84 new Tooting PBs on Saturday, including a first sub 20 at Tooting for Ainsley PALMER, with 19:50, Andy SAXTON, on his 93rd parkrun, knocking 8 seconds off his previous Tooting PB, with 20:04, surely a sub-20 time if it hadn’t been so windy, and George BIRLEY, closing in on 20 minutes with 20:28 for his 30th parkrun. Samuel PIZEY went sub 25 for the first time on his 8th parkrun, with 24:53, Sean QUIGLEY got his first sub 30 at Tooting with 29:59, and Ben DE SMIT went sub 40 for the first time with 38:32. Katherine COWLING, back at Tooting for her 30th parkrun, set a new PB of 28:35, Georgina ROEBUCK knocked 39 seconds off her Tooting PB with a 27:05, Bradley BOSMAN improved his Tooting PB by 44 seconds, with 26:15, and Jane BUTLER showed the importance of marginal gains, shaving a second off her PB, set only last week, with 24:04.

Finally a big thank you to all of the 41 volunteers who made this event possible:

Stephanie BACKHOUSE, Tom BAKER, Richard BALLAM, Richard BOGLE, Steve BOSLEY, Sophie COLE, Catherine DA GRACA, Helen DAVIES, Sandhya DREW, Guy EAGLESFIELD, Simon GALLACHER, M H, Mike HAYDEN, Kieran HOUSER, Bessie JIBUNOH, Declan KEANE, Ece KURTARANER, Catherine LAW, Graham LEWIS, Carol MCCALL, Anna Kathryn MCKAY, Louisa MCLELLAN, Michael John MORFEY, Lula MUIR, Andrew MUIR, Kirsten OLSON, Simon OTTNER, Thomas PHILLIPPE, Lavinia PICKLES, Sean QUIGLEY, Emma ROGERS, Alexander SHARMA, Richard STANSFIELD, Niamh SYKES, Evie TROLOVE, Sara VALI, Michael WALLACE, Marie-Anne WONG, David WOODBRIDGE, Rob WOODWARD, Nicola WORTON


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #178 20 July 2019

Tell me, have you ever met a parkrunner who didn't have a ridiculously complicated spreadsheet and a list of arbitrary goals? Having joined the 50 milestone club over a year ago and lost a bit of enthusiasm for getting up on Saturday mornings, I set myself the entirely unofficial goal of both running and volunteering at 20 different events. Sometimes having a target is all you need to rekindle your interest. It is a challenge that has taken me around London, as well as further afield and I am pleased to say I finally completed it on Saturday, with event #178 at Tooting Common my 20th different event. #achievementunlocked

It may be a made up goal rather than an official parkrun club, but for me, this challenge has given me a real awareness of how every parkrun event is just that little bit different. Recognising and celebrating those differences is important. For example, not all courses clearly encourage you to self-seed where you start in the field, with Tooting Common's predicted pace signs helping to reduce overtaking and allowing for a more comfortable start for all. A three-lap course allows you to see the wonderful marshals three times and also lends itself well to faster runners going all out, finishing their 5K then joining a slower friend on their final lap (and not going through the funnel a second time). Of course, the one constant across every parkrun event is the fabulously warm welcome - thanks for having me, Tooting Common!


First timers and tourists

There were 39 genuine first timers joining the parkrun family - a massive welcome to all of you. As Run Director Tom BAKER pointed out in his first timers briefing, your Saturdays will never be the same again. You're welcome to run each Saturday at Tooting Common, but that barcode is your passport to any parkrun in the world. You never know where it might take you!

Speaking of travel, there were 44 first-time tourists. Some (like me) joined from elsewhere in London (I know, we really made an effort) but others came from outside the M25 (shock, horror). To name a few, there were visitors from far-flung Aberdeen (Naomi MILNE), Ganavan Sands (Beatrix Siemering) and Ginninderra (Tony WALLACE).


There were two official milestones to celebrate this week with Marian KELLY and Joanna JONES both joining the 50 club. Home bird Marian has completed all of her 50 events at Tooting Common and even managed to slot in 14 different days volunteering, which is absolutely fantastic. Joanna has already ventured into a spot of parkrun tourism, having completed her 50 parkruns at 3 different events.

Well done to Marian and Joanna - here's to the next 50, wherever they might be!


Congratulations to Ashton Court repeat tourist Jack MILLAR who not only set a PB, but bagged the first finisher token. His time of 15:29 knocked four seconds off his previous best time, resulting in a PB for him not just at Tooting Common but an all-time PB across all seven different events he has completed. Not quite fast enough to take Tooting Common's all-time male record of 14:57, as set by Paul MARTELLETTI two and half years ago, but pretty impressive nonetheless! I'm sure I saw Jack heading towards the funnel just as I was finishing my first lap...

Bushy Park tourist Nick ROWE also did a terrific job with his time of 20:13, which is an all-time PB for him at Tooting Common, smashing his best time for 2018, 2017 and 2016. The longer the wait for the PB, the sweeter it is. Very well done, Nick!

Ben ARROWSUCH took an impressive 7 minutes 34 seconds off his Tooting Common PB, taking his best time down to 19:30. Welcome to the exclusive ranks of the Tooting Common 19-minute somethings!

Sarah LOCH managed her fifth ever PB with 33:30. That's an an average hit rate of one in every two parkruns being a PB - well done, Sarah! Just goes to show how all the hard work pays off.

There were 71 PBs in total and we hope lots of celebrations when everyone got their results. Some fab accomplishments - well done all!


With an event as big as Tooting Common, it takes a lot of volunteers to make it all happen. Around 40 people are needed for the event to go ahead smoothly each week. Run Director Tom BAKER struggled to get enough support for event #178 and made do with only 33 helpers, which isn't ideal. Not everyone can volunteer and that's perfectly fine, but with a field of over 500 each week, there are quite a lot of people who could probably volunteer and perhaps have not yet considered how they can get more involved.

Some roles mean you do need to be available throughout (like timekeeper!) and thus preclude you from running, but there are a surprisingly large number of roles you can combine with running, walking or jogging, no matter your pace. At Tooting Common, these include first timers briefing, pre-event setup, event day course check, volunteer co-ordinator, post-event close down, token sorting, run report writer and results processor. Groups of pacers also welcome!

If you can run in about 23 minutes or less, you can also combine running with barcode scanning or funnel management, allowing you to get your run in and still get the warm fuzzy glow that comes from being a hi-viz hero. There are lots of options!

Please do think about whether you can help out Tooting Common in the coming weeks and email the core team at if there are any dates you can do. They will only be too pleased to support you in volunteering for the first time and/or understanding how you can run and volunteer at the same time.

Friends, family, flatmates, random people on the street - bring them all with you. Whilst volunteers are often parkrunners giving something back, they don't actually have to ever run, walk or jog if they don't want to. If volunteering isn't for you, encouraging others to give volunteering a go is appreciated in itself!

The heroes of event #178

A very heartfelt thank you to the 32 other volunteers who made event #178 possible:


From the marshals who kept us all going, to the funnel managers who made sure we all behaved, thank you. Of course, an extra big thank you goes to Tom BAKER for overseeing the whole shebang!

Until the next time, happy parkrunning.



Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #177 13 July 2019

I have been thinking hard about a new angle to take on the most recent episode of the Tooting Triangle parkrun, so today I’ll indulge myself in a view from the corner. Track Corner to be precise. That may mean very little to some of you reading this, but for the race officials, the three crunchy turning points on this tight little course all have their names.

As you charge away on the tarmac, past the tennis courts (keeping left, of course…you really do listen to those lovely placard-wielding marshals), buoyed up by the euphoria of actually making it to the start (again), you head towards Tooting Bec Road and execute a perfect left turn at what we call Track Corner. Why Track Corner? Well, behind the yelling loon entreating you all to keep left, is Tooting Bec Athletics Track: we’re a creative bunch, no?
You made it. You weren’t jostled (it really is a tight turn) and managed to avoid clipping someone else’s heels (and were utterly brilliant about making space for other park users…)
Now you are hurtling parallel to the main road and approach the next little tricksy turn. Another left turn and squeezing through the narrowest of gaps and cheered and cajoled by another clutch of chirpy marshals. You have just encountered Lido Corner. ‘Why? Why call it that?’ I hear you asking. Well, tucked behind the apex is Tooting Bec Lido…are you getting the hang of this?

It all gets rather hectic now as the path is very narrow and all entreaties to keep left (yes, we’re still shouting!) can seem impossible to respond to - such a thin path almost has no left or right – but sticking to the route has much to commend it: there are lots of exposed tree roots on either side and a runner had a close encounter with one recently that left her with a broken leg (she’s doing really well and had reserves of pain tolerance that defy description). As you approach the end of this path, the trafficky-roar of Bedford Hill Road comes into earshot (just above the sound of cheery marshals, obviously). You have now come to the third corner: would you like to guess what we call it?

For a triangular route, we do manage to defy the laws of geometry and squeeze in a fourth corner. It’s near the café. I can only imagine what it might be known as, but that’s where confusion potentially reigns as second and third lap runners part company, the former heading once more to gleefully encounter another three corners whilst the latter storm towards the finish area and a well-earned slump and a token reward (ahem). Luckily there are always some fab marshals on hand to bring order to the possible chaos and make sure you head off in the right direction.

Ok, that’s enough wittering from me. This is what you really came for – the stats. Here we go…

There were an AMAZING 628 runners who braved the full-on sunshine to canter round the course. Of these, 87 were having the first encounter with the triangle – 41 absolute new starters (welcome, come again!) and 46 visitors from afar (well, other parkruns – welcome too!).

There were 111 (that’s almost 20%) of the field who were unknown (no barcode). You won’t be reading this, and we have no idea who you are, but there were some tremendous times achieved and somewhere out there, Unknown Pleasures are well-deserved.

I had a suspicion that the warm conditions might put paid to many assaults on Mount PB, but 97 of you defied my expectations: what an amazing effort – congratulations to you all.
There was a healthy clutch of club runners in the mix this week (49), representing 28 different organisations. And, in spite of the lure of Junior parkrun, 25 younger runners galloped through the 5km and came out smiling. Particularly large hat-tips to Yousof Daryabi who clocked 18:48 whilst Martha Brennan, Imogen Shaw, and Robyn Eastlake all brushed the sub-30 barrier aside with ease, and all with PBs. Wow.

The first three female runners this week were Hannah Bowe, Isis McLachlan, and Helen Oldfield. They were joined (chased hard…) in the sub-22 club by Ruth Draisey, Nicola Kaye, Sarah Cakebread, and Ellen Kearns.

The first three male runners to frighten the scanners were Piers Aarnold, Nicholas Sharp, and Fred Davies. The sub-20 bunch included: Sam Batey, Daniel Wyness, Alexander Majewski, George Scott, Michael Tay, Tom Thornhill, Yousof Daryabi, Ciro Nicoletti, Thomas Willers, James Wass, Andrew Theedom, Gabriele Mora Ubertino, Paul Doyle, Mark Hudson, Hareth Bader, Adam Latham, Thomas James Gatenby, Alex Geach, Adam Williams, John Coles, Tom Grantham, Andrew Gormley, Sam Simmons, and Richard Salter.

Some other milestones to report are that Richard Salter, Tom Armstrong, Chris Pilcher, Luke Sarjant, Declan Keane, Bambi Thompson, David Collins, Louise Wiggins, Howard Coan clocked-up 25 runs today whilst Andrew Bright reached the heady-heights of 50. A casual glace thro’ the stats tells me that eight amazing people have completed 200+ runs. That is rather incredible.

Last but not least, a big, BIG, thank you to all of the volunteers who made the whole gig swing along so smoothly, all 38 of you and we always want/need more! Do come and join us. Do.

This week’s parkrun was brought to you by:
Alexander Sharma, Amanda Jones, Ammran Mamat, Archie Bull, Avone Keene, Carol Mccall, Catherine Law, Craig Barney, Dillon O'hare, Ece Kurtaraner, Edward Richardson, Fred Davies, Howard Coan, James Stocker, Jay Simmonds, Kris Chadwick, Laura De Rooy, Laura Swan, Liam O'hare, Liz A Smith, Lucy Moore, Mavis Orban, Michael Bukur, Michael John Morfey, Michael Turnham, Mike Hayden, Nicola Worton, O'hare Ciar, Richard Bogle, Rob Woodward, Simon Gallacher, Simon Hemsley, Sophie Cole, Stephanie Backhouse, Stephen Darlington, Therese Droog, Thomas Williamson, and Tom Baker.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #175 29 June 2019

Well, that was a hot one! I'm sure that was the first day this year that many of us hit our Factor 10, Factor 50 and Factor 100 sunscreen milestones!


Talking of milestones, we had a few this week:

We all say sehr gut to JERMAN as junior Freddie completed his 10th run, with a new PB

Congratulations to Emma, as JACKSON moonwalked her way to her 50th run

And SMITH will also be rEdwarded with a fine t-shirt as he also notched his 50th


We had 70 Tooting first timers this weekend, 31 of who were brand new to parkrun, the colours of 35 different running clubs were on show, and a massive 41 of you nabbed yourself a cheeky PB.

Male placings:

Procul Harum predicted this performance back in 1967, singing: 'And so it was that later, as the MILLAR told his tale, that her face at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale'. Well, I'm not surprised that Jack's mum was so shocked - any mother would be upon learning that her son had run the 11th fastest parkrun time in the country that weekend!

As you all know, PEWTER is an alloy comprised of tin, antimony, copper and bismuth. Which goes some way to explaining why Joshua's running technique is so rock solid. As his is willpower - he really showed his metal in the tiring closing stages


The FOXALL Corsa showed he has a fine racing chassis, and he handled the turns of the Tooting Triangle with aplomb to finish in an excellent 3rd place

Jack MILLAR (SM20-24) of Bristol and West AC was first across the line in 15:33

Joshua PEWTER (SM25-29) of Herne Hill Harriers was second to finish in 17:10

John FOXALL (SM30-34) of Ealing Eagles was the third quickest in 17:34

Female placings:

As most of you will also be aware, the REYNOLDS number is an important dimensionless quality in fluid mechanics. That may be, but on this occasion Martha got her pacing dimensions spot on during all 3 sections of the course. Her fluid running style reaped excellent rewards.

If you take a stroll down the high street of the Turkish tourist trap of Bodrum, you will find a hotel named the ISIS Hotel Goddess (true!). Well, McLachlan certainly put in a performance which deserves to be worshipped by us all.


Helen finished in a cracking 3rd place. However, she actually almost missed the start. She was on the other side of the common, wondering where all the parkrun masses were, when some helpful passing dog walker shouted "You're in the wrong place! That's the OLDFIELD! You'll be wanting the newer one near the café". Phew!

Martha REYNOLDS (SW25-29) (unattached) was first over the line in 20:38

Isis MCLACHLAN (SW30-34) (unattached) was second to finish in 21:02

Helen OLDFIELD (VW50-54) of Herne Hill Harriers was the third quickest in 21:21

The top age gradings came from Jack Millar (82.96%), Helen Oldfield (78.53%) and Felix Allen (76.33%)

Andrew Lambert (468) and Jonathan Mark Pegg (412) were easily the most prolific parkrunners amongst us on Saturday

We had 7 runners aged 70+ and 14 kids amongst us. This range is what i love about parkrun!

Please take time to volunteer on occasion. This week’s event was made possible by the following volunteers:



Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #174 22 June 2019

Unfortunately, we start this week with a negative comment. We spent £160 on replacement tokens two weeks ago. We lost 8 the first week and it would have been more than that this week but we found some in a bin and others discarded on the grass.

This week saw a perfectly warm Saturday for parkrun, unless you were recently diagnosed with a bad cough and asked to avoid running, like me! It's still a good opportunity to take part as a volunteer, have you tried it yet? It's my second year with parkrun and so far I've done a varied number of roles and events. It's always great to see people enjoying themselves in their runs or how some of you can get so quick with your dogs and buggies!

Congratulations to everyone who takes part and don't forget to volunteer.

The Tooting Common parkrun team have always been very supportive and inclusive, I fell in love with the variety of people you see at parkrun every week and most of these people live close by! As such an inclusive event, and as we reach the end of Pride Month next week (did you know it's Pride Month!?), have you heard of Pride Run 10K?
This is a run led by volunteers from the running team London Frontrunners in Victoria Park on 10 August. It's an event for the family and it includes a kids run, so bring your young ones too! The race entry price (£21 Adults / £5 Children) goes towards the running of the event and a charity we chose to support for the running year. This year we're working with Micro Rainbow International, a charity helping LGBT+ refugees in the UK. So get some colour on and come run with us for a good cause!
For more information

And now for some stats! The sunny Saturday brought 273 men, 256 women (That's a good split!) and 98 Unknowns. We also had 18 little ones! On milestones, Paul Boddey completed his +250 parkrun with a new PB of 18 minutes. 20 people completed 100 or more parkruns and 57 had done 50 or more. We had two anniversary runs Rosie Halahan and Ciar O'Hare both ran their 50th parkrun (congratulations).

91 people were Tooting parkrun first timers, we hope you enjoyed it and do come back.

A well deserved thank you to this week's volunteers:
Andrew WARDEN • Andy DE SANTIS • April MARRETTA LORD • Carol MCCALL • Cathryn NASSE • Ciro NICOLETTI • Claire POWELL • Ece KURTARANER • Emily BARR • Emily COOPER • Francesco MARRETTA LORD • Gavin NAZARETH • Graham LEWIS • Graham PETERSEN • Guy EAGLESFIELD • Helen JAQUES • Holly HAMILTON • Howard COAN • Inga BELLAHN • Iona MARNEY • Jay SIMMONDS • Jemima THOMAS • Keith SUDBURY • Laura DE ROOY • Laura SWAN • Lavinia PICKLES • Liam O'HARE • Liz A SMITH • Mark PICKLES • Mavis ORBAN • Michael RYAN • Nicola WORTON • O'Hare CIAR • Richard BOGLE • Richard ROSENBERG • Robert WEBB • Roy NASSE • Sarah HILTON • Simon GALLACHER • Simone RAGAVOOLOO • Stuart HAMILTON • Sumita MENON • Thomas WILLIAMSON • Victoria ROCKLIFFE

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