New Year’s Day 2017 – Extra Tooting Common parkrun

New Year's Day is a very special day for parkrunners.  It is the only weekend when you can indulge in two parkruns in two days on the lovely Tooting Common!

Tooting Common will be hosting its first parkrun of 2017 on the 1st January at 9.45 a.m.

Come along and start the new year with a trot around the triangle that is Tooting Common parkrun.

Our fellow teams at Peckham (9 a.m.)  and Dulwich (10 a.m.) will also be hosting parkruns on this day, for those extra keen amongst you (you know who you are!) who may wish to attempt the coveted 'parkrun double', that is two parkruns in the same day.

We look forward to celebrating the start of the New Year with you all

The Tooting Common parkrun team


cafe social

After the tail runner and last runner has appeared it's time to shut down and adjourn to the cafe. What's pretty nice about this part of the parkrun is there are still jobs to do but they're social in nature. One is definitely geeky (processing and uploading the results) - and people gather around the laptop stroking their chins for a bit, but there is also another activity we do every single week that is genuinely an opportunity for a sit down, chin waggy social.

It centres on the need to sort all the numbered tokens back into sequence for the next parkrun, so there are often piles to organise - hundreds at TC, but over a coffee, a parkrun debrief, a catch up, it does eventually come together.

The more hands the merrier, so do come along and pick a pile of tokens to sort out :)



Marshalling around the course

So, the thing parkrunners remember from a Saturday 5k at TC isn't the stirring oration from atop the 5th bench at the beginning, nor the sleek and surprisingly interesting processing at the end - it turns out what people take away with them is ... the marshaling: in fact, very quickly it seems course marshaling has become much of the personality of the Tooting Triangle.

There might not he hills, or oodles of mud or pretty park surrounding but there is - 10 times and about every 450m on average - encouragement, empathy and even sometimes shouty people in hi vis!

This seems to particularly benefit the real triers, the improvers, finishing after maybe 30 minutes or longer, and who have put everything into their parkrun. I’ve also been there; if there’s a volunteer, you might look to them to share even the briefest moment - sometimes it's important that someone appreciates just how hard this really, really is.

So I just wanted you to mention the personality volunteers before have created at TC and the genuine difference it makes to pretty random people, who are also real triers. So marshals, please do feed off each other, and then feed off the huge virtuous circle of TC parkrunners as they come around and around and around … hopefully, you can have a lot of fun with it :)


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