Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #148 29 December 2018

By Jasmine Sandalli
Photos by John Linington

What a year it’s been!

2018 has seen 51 parkrun events at Tooting Common, with 27,007 finishers racking up over 135,000 km. That many spins around the Trioundabout would take you three times around the world! Oo er, I’m a bit dizzy just thinking about that…


Unsurprisingly, the highest turnouts came in January when 817 people upheld their New Year’s resolutions at event number 100, beating the previous record (set only a week before) by 5 people! Let’s see if we can do better in 2019 ;)

Nick Bester from Herne Hill Harriers took the highest number of first finishers for the men – an impressive 9 altogether – while Clapham Chaser Lucie Custance edged it for the ladies with a total of 6 in 2018, including the fastest ladies’ run of the year in 17:40 at event 115. The fastest men’s time of the year however goes to Jack Hallas of Wakefield and District, when his only appearance at Tooting three weeks ago finished in a blistering 15:50!

2018 also saw a number of age category records tumble: notable among those are Mavis Orban taking the fastest time for the VW75-79 category in 33:43 (AG 71.92%) and Joseph Aspinall the fastest VM80-84 in 28:50 (AG 72.89%). The juniors have also put on an amazing show this year, as Johanna Nicholson ran the fastest time for the JW11-14 category in – wait for it – 19:54 (!) bagging an 83.58% age grading score in the process. And speaking of age-grading – if my maths is on the ball – Austin Soane achieved the highest score of 2018 with 86.25%.

So once we’d reflected on all those amazing achievements, we had just one more thing to do – the final parkrun of the year! :) And looking at some of the stats, it seems as though perseverance was the key to many of our successes - a very appropriate sentiment for the New Year!


Event number 148 saw 319 finishers, of whom 17 were tackling Tooting for the first time and a further 6 brave souls were completing their first ever parkrun. Watford Joggers’ Nana Agyei, who has never finished outside the top ten, turned his consistently fast performances into a first place finish today, finishing 1 second ahead of Aaron Wilson in 18:20. It would be a full minute before Liverpool University’s Ryan Willmott took the third place finish, 7 seconds clear of the rest of the pack. Nana’s efforts also earned him the top AG score for the day with 75.07% - what a brilliant effort for the end of the year.


Meanwhile Kathryn Evans was the first lady home for what looks like her first time at Tooting, in a time of 22:30 – after 66 runs here what a fantastic payoff for the Roadhogg from Leicester! Linda Wain came in second in 23:04 and Gateshead Harriers’ Caroline Hudson took third place just 17 seconds later on her first time at Tooting. And representing the JM11-14 category another visitor, Alfie Reynolds, took the fastest time for the under-20s with an incredible time of 19:53 and eighth place overall – a result that also nabbed him the second highest age graded score of the day.


The juniors led the charge for personal bests today, with Ruby Abbasian, Marla Babiker and Matilda Cockburn from the JW10 category and Jacob Dilley from JM11-14 all recording their fastest times at Tooting. Also among Team PB was Trioundabout regular and visually impaired runner Velma Williams, who took a whole minute off her previous best time – go Velma! And finally, a special shout out goes to April Marretta Lord, who coolly clocked a PB of 27:39 and still had time to turn in a volunteering stint. Not all heroes wear capes, people.


First lady and multitasker supreme Kathryn Evans also took the accolade of most parkruns today on her 227th outing overall – getting pretty close to that 250 shirt – while picking up a volunteering credit as well! David Brown meanwhile celebrated his 50th parkrun today, while Abigail Hermon is just one away from a 100 – a target she’ll hit on New Year’s Day. For those of you that are struggling to run that elusive fastest time, it’s worth remembering that it’s not all about speed – the important thing is getting out there week after week, rain or shine.


And finally, my favourite bit – the geeky stats…

There were runners from 25 different clubs, with the highest representation coming from Clapham Chasers. Even with a relatively small field (30% fewer runners than the weekly average) the first and last finishers were still separated by 30 minutes and 12 seconds, which goes to show the range of parkrunners that come to Tooting every week! 181 parkrunners (or 56.7% of the total) snuck inside the average finish time of 27:09, while Anna Hunscott came in exactly halfway through the field, clocking 26:30 in the median position (160th). The average time for the day however was 33:25, which would have landed you in 285th place.

Of course, you know the most important stat of all – the volunteers. 31 people gave their time up today – as you can see some of them were able to run as well! – and as parkrun simply doesn’t happen without them I’d like to give a MASSIVE shoutout to our parkrun angels. We wouldn’t be 148 events in if not for the support we get every week, so if you’d like to get involved please contact or speak to one of the marshals at the next event.

Happy parkrunning everyone and Happy New Year!

Love and cake

Jaz x


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #97 30 December 2017

By Ninette Fernandes
Photos by Holly Hamilton

Saturday was the final parkrun of 2017 so there was no way I was missing it. A chance to get in some much needed miles before the end of the year, a year which for me has been up and down with a hip injury, pulling out of events and general running disappointment. Thankfully I’m getting back to regular running and parkrun has been a great motivator over the past six months. It’s now a firm fixture in my week, and finally all 4 of the “Glasford Massive” have taken part - hurrah to Ben!


The course today was wet and windy and the run was as “enjoyable” as ever but I gave it one final push and was pleased with my time. Nowhere near my PB but I’ll be working on that next year! I also volunteered this week which is a great way to support the event and meet people. I’d really recommend it, even just hanging back afterwards with a coffee while sorting the tokens is a great help and gives you chance to mull over your performance with your fellow participants.

Now for the stats…. In a field of 269 participants we had 34 new runners – 16 of whom ran their first parkrun. There were also representatives from 27 different clubs taking part. A fantastic 23 of you achieved PBs. And only one missing finishing token!


Nick Bester of Boksburg AC was our first male finisher in 17.03, an unknown runner took second place and Matthew Cartwright of Herne Hill Harriers finished third in 18.39. Lucie Custance of Clapham Chasers was our first female finisher in 18.02, which is her current course PB. A first appearance for Lois Bond of Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC brought her second place in 20.10 and Ann Brennan, another Chaser, came third in 20.38.

Many congratulations go to Roman Makarov and Michael Tay who both ran their 50th Parkrun today. Great stuff also from Ken Willis who marked completing 1000kms of running over the course of 2017 with a 23 sec improvement on his course PB to 24:22. Junior runner Samuel Eastoe continued his good run of form today by bettering the time he set a fortnight ago by a massive 2 mins 2 secs and has a new PB of 23:40. Scott Patterson went sub 25 for the first time, improving by 30 secs to 24:56, and Vee Bebe recorded his third successive PB, which at 26:13 is an incredible 4 mins 46 secs better than his time at the start of December. But the honour for biggest improvement of the week went to Dan Booth, who got round in an amazing 4:51 seconds quicker than at the end of last month and has a new PB of 22:08.


Well done to Paul Cook who did a great job in his first stint as Run Director, and a huge thank you to the 24 other volunteers who made the event possible:

Sai-Yee Lam • Liam O'Hare • Ruth Slater • Michael John Morfey • Damien Wilson • Ninette Fernandes • Duncan Alastair Richmond Turnbull • Belma Kapetanovic • Ross Brown • Mark Shotton • Abigail Hermon • Ruth Jean Chalmers • Brigid Walters • Michael Wiggins • Tom Baker • Andrew Craven • Robert Street • Cecilia Bogle • Stuart Hamilton • Holly Hamilton • Helen Stephenson • Catherine Da Graca • Stiainin Jackson • Kirsten Olson.

Marvellous work everyone! I look forward to seeing more fabulous running from us all next year! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and best wishes for a 2018 full of running, happiness and volunteering fun!!



Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #48 31 December 2016

By Jas Dhalley

As the dawn of the day came upon us for the final day of 2016, runners and volunteers appeared out of the mist, ready to rumble with a laugh, smile and festive cheer!

Tooting Common parkrun event #48 31/12/2016

A lot has happened in the past year at Tooting Common parkrun, an amazing experience bringing the community of Wandsworth together as well as neighbouring towns.

Sadiq KahnOne

We have had all sorts of people participating in all occasions. Whether the elements were wet, windy, foggy or sunny the volunteers and runners turned up in their 100s!


We’ve helped children achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Award through having them partake in volunteer roles. And as the event became more popular, blind or partially sighted runners began running the course with their guide runners too.

Tooting Common parkrun event #38 22/10/2016Tooting Common parkrun event #46 17/12/2016

We have even had participants in all sorts of costumes, from Dracula outfits to running reindeers! The main thing is that we have brought lots of fun and smiles to people becoming active in 2016.

Tooting Common parkrun event #39 29/10/2016

With nothing stopping Tooting Common parkrun, no obstacles too deep, no problems too big, from missing finish funnels to borrowing finish tokens from another parkrun. As the saying goes, the show must go on!

Tooting Common parkrun event #47 24/12/2016Tooting Common parkrun event #47 24/12/2016

We don’t have statistics on the amount of coffee, teas, hot chocolates and cake consumed at the local café afterwards but it sure was tasty and it was where the reminisce of each run took place whilst tokens were sorted and results were processed.


Thanks to you all for joining us. Congratulations on whether you ran, jogged, walked, volunteered or supported with a great smile beaming away for everyone to see!

TootingCommon ParkRun Event # 1203 20160416 03.jpgMake new friends at Parkrun

You superheroes helped ensure Tooting Common parkrun could take place every Saturday morning in 2016!!


And so on to the New Year’s Eve of 2016, our 48th event which brought us 285 runners lining up for a 5k slightly foggy run at Tooting Common… 58 first timers which is impressive over the festive period, and an amazing 45 people managed to record a personal best. Well done to you all!!

Tooting Common parkrun event #48 31/12/2016

A huge thank you to the fabulous team of 31 volunteers with smiley faces and words of wisdom, from the Run Director’s announcement to the encouragement of the marshals dotted around the course, the team based around the finish funnel right through to our chirpy barcode scanners!!

Tooting Common parkrun event #48 31/12/2016Tooting Common parkrun event #48 31/12/2016

Fantastic achievement from our junior runners Cameron Abbasian, Zachary Brown and Jessie Turner, who in the junior category completed their 10th run with us in times of 22:38, 31.22 and 38.45 respectively.

Tooting Common parkrun event #48 31/12/2016

Well done to Jatan Hunjan, running his 3rd ever senior parkrun and obtaining a Personal Best (25:06) on every occasion! Also, bravo Ken Willis, on achieving a max heart rate of 192 (bpm) which obviously paid off through achieving a Personal Best of 25:07! Clare Janew, who has been with Tooting Common parkrun since the very beginning, obtained a PB of 27:11 – great job!!

Male top three standings were as follows:
Dermot BRYERS (SM30-34) of Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC,
was first over the line in 17:20 - first appearance.
Jonathan BEATTY (VM35-39) of Kent AC, was second over the line in 17:53.
Mark RABBETTS (VM45-49) of Wimbledon Windmilers, was third over the line in 17:56

Female top three standings were as follows:
Heidi MARKS (SW30-34) (Unattached) was first (15th overall) over the
line in 19:41 - first time in 10 appearances.
Deborah MORGAN (SW25-29) (Unattached) was second (31st overall) over the
line in 21:07.
Jenna QUINN (SW25-29) (Unattached) was third (38th overall) over the
line in 21:55.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Andrew THEEDOM (Unattached) 2514 pts.
Jaspal DHALLEY (Unattached) 1795 pts.
Ross BROWN (Unattached) 1665 pts.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Sai-Yee LAM (Unattached) 2405 pts.
Marie-Anne WONG (Clapham Runners) 2282 pts.
Marie KIRTON (Unattached) 2113 pts

See you all next year!


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