16th February Event Cancellation

We are really sorry to have to cancel our event once again this week due to the severe weather warnings for both wind and rain.
Our team members have been checking the forecasts all week hoping there would be a chance to go ahead, however it would be wrong of us to ignore the warnings given and take risks with the children's, and your safety.
We trust that you will understand and also appreciate that we had a volunteer team at the ready, prepared to be there if needed. There will always be another day for a run and we certainly hope we can get back to normal very soon.


A happy run on a grey day! 26/01/2020

Today’s run was very successful despite the wet weather. Although it rained fairly consistently throughout, both the runners and the volunteers were enthusiastic and happy to be there. We had a couple of first time runners this week who completed the run in it’s entirety and managed to keep a smile on their faces as they did so.

This week we began the run with a few false starts due to the fact that a photographer had come to take photos of one of the regular runners who is doing Red January, running every day in the month of January to raise funds for Mind, and all of the children were cooperative and engaged with the mid action photo shoot.

I have been volunteering at parkrun for my silver D of E award and have tried a variety of roles during my time here. It has definitely been a good experience for me and it is so nice to see so many people who genuinely care about the work they are doing to host this fun run for the children.

The runners themselves are always fantastic. A lot of them complete the run a lot faster than I know that I could and even those who aren’t going for the top times still put a lot of effort into doing the best that they can.

Thank you and well done to Eve, who has now completed 26 weeks of volunteering at Torridge junior parkrun for her Duke of Edinburgh Silver award, and has written this weeks run report. It has been great having Eve work with us during that time and we wish her good luck in completing her award.


A busy morning of awards and celebration!

This week Ethan, one of our DofE candidates who has been volunteering with us for the last few months has kindly written a report for us and telling us about his experiences.

I have just completed my volunteering section of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award at the Torridge junior parkrun. It has been lovely coming down on Sunday mornings to see the park being used by the junior parkrun and to see the children aged 4-14 running 2k around the park. I have tried lots of different roles like marshaling, barcode scanning, and funnel manager. The hardest one I found was the funnel manager because you have to make sure they all stay in the same order they came over the line in and not all the children will listen to you.

It doesn’t matter what age they are or what the weather is like they still have the determination to wake up and come down on Sunday mornings. This week there were two brothers that have done the junior parkrun 200 times, and there are only a few children in the whole country that have done it more times than they have. Most of the times have been at Torridge junior parkrun but to show they are dedicated to the junior parkrun when they go on holiday, they have visited junior parkruns nearby where they have been staying. So, this was a very special week for them. There was a bit more to setup this week because they decided to buy cakes for every one after the run, so we had to put up the gazebo to make sure it if it did rain then the cakes wouldn’t get wet, and guess what it did rain.

What made it even more challenging this week was a bowls tournament also going on in the park, so there were also a number of parked cars on the course. Also, there had been a little music festival the day before which was still set up in the park and was on the path were the run takes place. However, Phil made use of the stage to do his briefing and hand out some awards, which included one to myself to say thank you for volunteering at the Torridge junior parkrun as part of my D of E award.

This week I was on the only role I hadn’t done yet and that was timekeeping. Leading up to the start of the run I was a bit worried because I didn't want to get it wrong especially that it was the boys 200th run. When it was all finished, I felt that it went fine and I didn’t make any mistakes. After cakes, I helped pack away all of the signs, tables and gazebo to the stores and then went over to the boat (which has been turned into a cafe) to process the results. I do the main parkrun in Barnstaple on a Saturday so I always wondered how they uploaded the results to the web site. It was a lot simpler than I imagined, the barcode scanners and stopwatch are plugged in to the laptop and uploaded to a special parkrun website. It creates all the information in to a table to then check over and add any details of barcodes that didn’t scan, then it publishes the results and sends emails out to all the runners.

I would just like to say thanks to Phil, and to all of the other run directors, and other volunteers that come week after week to marshal. Even though I have finished my D of E I will still come and volunteer at Torridge junior parkrun as I see how important it is to the children.

Thanks Ethan, it has been a pleasure working with you, and you will always be welcome to come and join us again.


A volunteer’s view

After a couple of weeks when it has been hard for us to get volunteers, we are pleased to say that today we had a few new people giving it a try and also some having a go at new job roles. THat is encouraging for us to see as we approach the summer holidays when we know that a lot of you will be taking a holiday.
Julia Foster has kindly written a short run report for us just to tell us how she got on.

I was a volunteer marshal at Torridge Junior Park Run this morning & I can reassure anyone thinking of stepping forward that it isn’t at all difficult & actually quite fun.
I had a great view of all the children as they run around the rugby field & I was still able to cheer on my own children as they ran past me as well as having the opportunity to encourage lots of other runners too.
This junior park run cannot function without well over 20 volunteer marshals every week, so why not take a turn & give it a go? This way we are all confident that our children are always within sight of a marshal along the entirety of the course & the more people who volunteer, the less frequently any individual will need to do it. If you’re there watching the children running anyway then it’s really not a great deal more effort to become a marshal as well!

Thank you Julia.
We feel it is important to get a full team out each week through the holiday period so there is an activity for the children to look forward to and we know a lot of summer visitors enjoy coming along to our event.
Please help us make sure that can happen by volunteering when you can to make sure our fantastic event remains strong for all to enjoy.


Report from one of our award winners!

Hi Iʼm Emily!
I’ve recently completed the volunteering section of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh with Torridge Junior parkrun. I’ve had a wonderful time helping out each week and watching the amazing kids who come week after week and give it their all running around the park! I’ve had opportunities to try all of the different volunteering roles including: barcode scanning, funnel manager, time keeping, tail walking. It’s been great to get out early on a Sunday and give something back to the community and to all the fab people who come each week rain or shine! The team at Torridge Juniors are really welcoming and friendly so I’ve decided to stay for another six months to complete the volunteering section of my Silver Duke of Edinburgh award. If you’re wondering what to do on a Sunday morning pop down to the park and join the fun! You won’t regret it!

Emily has done a great job working with us at Torridge juniors and its fantastic for us to hear how, although the run is for 4 to 14 year olds, our event can go on playing an important part in the lives of our young people. She missed out that she has also been warm up leader. We think we should get her to do that again for us soon!

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