Preparing for the return

You'll have noticed the subtle change in our name from Newcastle parkrun to Town Moor parkrun. When we started at this location we were the only parkrun in the city. Now that there are 3 of us (with more planned), it made sense to take this opportunity to better reflect where we actually run.
We’re all disappointed that the restart has been pushed back but when life gives us lemons the Town Moor parkrun team makes lemonade and we decided to take the opportunity to get together on the Moor tonight and have a practice of the new finish funnel set up (I know…. we’re a wild bunch, I can’t wait for the Christmas do!).
Anyway we learned 3 important things; Peter has really perfected his Event Director pointing technique in just a couple of weeks, the cows approve of the new funnel design and most importantly, the last 2 km of the new route is pretty much downhill so we’re anticipating some tasty times in the first week back!