Event #509: Blue Sky Running

Today's report has been written by volunteer Dee Cooke-Rees :-) Read to the end to see why ED Paul was having a lie down...

A lovely morning today with beautiful cloudless conditions.  The sunny skies were no doubt a little more persuasive than last week’s washout, and 448 people were welcomed to the Moor today for our sixth parkrun back.


Beautiful weather today on the Moor

The first finisher with a time of 16:34 was Nathan Doy, visiting Town Moor parkrun for the first time today.  Nathan was one of 60 first-timers on the Moor, including 26 people doing their very first parkrun ever and one junior parkrunner (Samuel Whittaker) doing his first 5k event.  A warm welcome to all and we hope to see you back soon.  There were 67 PBs today, perhaps helped along by the good running conditions!  Well done to all 448 finishers.

See you all next week for another Town Moor parkrun.  Hope the weather holds!

42 much-appreciated volunteers, led by first-time Run Director Larry Taylor, made the event possible:

Kevin Charles LISTER • Paul Neil HUGHES • Howard GOLD • Ian PICKETT • Ellen TULLO • Tracey AMBROSE • Brian EDWARDS • Simon LONG • Jeremy David Fraser SMITH • David HAMBLER • Pete HAWTHORN • Dave KEAR • Larry TAYLOR • Andy LIE • David ROBINSON • David DAVIES • Karen NIELSEN • Claire WYNARCZYK • Andrew E SLATTERY • Peter CHAMLEY • Karen RICHARDSON • Henry WYNNE-JONES • Michael WISELY • Anita HAWKINS • Lynn RATCLIFFE • Mona STEEL • Matthew DOWN • Dee COOKE-REES • David HERON • Judith HODGES • Paul PATTERSON • Peter MICKLER • Michelle DUGGAN • Emily PASS • Ben MCMAIN • Christopher PARKIN • Katie HO • Jacqueline SMITH • Donna MCEWAN • Laurie JOHNSON • Dawn DIMOPOULOS • Grace PATTERSON

So why exactly was Paul lying down? Well, we're going to say he was sunbathing, though there is a rumour he had a heavy night on Friday...