You’re Never Too Old For parkrun

Hundreds of our runners today sported their Great North Run 40 t-shirts, and none more proudly than June Richardson.  At the age of 89 June completed the half-marathon last weekend, and graced us with her presence at our parkrun this morning. She's become something of a regular since lockdown, attending 6 of our 8 events, and she always has a cheery smile for the volunteers. We chatted to her after today's run, when she informed us that she ran the GNR back in 1983 in a time of sub-2 hours - good for any age, but she was already 50 years old. What a legend. It's great to have June with us every week, and proof that no matter your age or time, as long as you can physically propel yourself for 5km you can take part in our event.

June with Run Director Russell after today's event

June with Run Director Russell after today's event

We also had members of local running club Jesmond Joggers with us today. It is England Athletics #runandtalk week, where runners are encouraged to open up about mental health and talk to or support others on their run. You can read more about this mental health initiative here.

Jesmond Joggers volunteers with their Run&Talk sign

Jesmond Joggers volunteers with their Run&Talk sign

Today was our 511th event on the Moor. Overall we had 446 people running, jogging or walking the course today, our founder and long-term Event Director Ian Kirtley amongst them - welcome back Ian.  There were 59 were first timers while 74 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 41 different clubs took part, and the full results can be seen here.

The event was made possible by 42 wonderful volunteers, to whom we give special thanks:

Kevin Charles LISTER • Penny WILMOTT • Paul Neil HUGHES • Nigel HOOPER • Nick ALLAWAY • Oliver WILLIAMS • Annette HAMES • Dave KEAR • Philip MOORES • Lynne MOORES • Elizabeth HODGSON • Jocasta WILLIAMS • Larry TAYLOR • Russell DICKINSON-DEANE • Allen DICKINSON-DEANE • Andy LIE • Heather ALLAWAY • David DAVIES • Simon BARRETT • Andrew Stephen RICHARDS • Andrew STODDART • Rosie ENGLAND • Sara JAMES • Andrew E SLATTERY • Jane PUGH • Peter CHAMLEY • David ROBINSON • Kate BLACK • Matthew DOWN • Sophie REYNOLDS • Steven MACDONALD • Gemma MACMILLAN • Andrew WANLEY • Judith HODGES • Peter MICKLER • Titayapa MEENAPINUNT • Emily PASS • Ben MCMAIN • Phill CARR • Paul PATTERSON • Bethany DEADMAN • Dawn DIMOPOULOS • Vanessa NAIR

See you all again next week for number 512.

Russell, today's Run Director.


A Different Point of View: parkrun for a VI Runner (Event #510)

Hi, my name is Karen Mallett. I am a Visually Impaired runner and member of local club Newcastle Frontrunners.  Today was the 510th event for the newly named Town Moor parkrun and was a Newcastle Frontrunners' takeover. Lots of our members volunteered, so many thanks to everyone who helped!

IMG_5307 copy
Volunteer roles fulfilled by club members included Run Director, Lead Bike,  Marshals, Barcode Scanners, Timekeepers, Finish Tokens, Tail Walker, Funnel Manager, Pre-event Set-up, Photographer, Number Checker, Run Report Writer, VI Guide, AED - and being a member gave me the privilege of writing today's run report.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-04 at 15.37.23

This week 437 people ran, jogged or walked the course. 50 of those were first timers, I hope you had fun and will come back! 66 recorded a personal best - well done to them.  Representatives  of 45 different clubs took part.

One lady - Becky from Tyne Bridge Harriers - was celebrating her hen weekend: she is getting married in 3 weeks, so good luck to her :-)


As a VI runner I love this course - it's busy but not so busy that it makes it difficult to run.  The terrain is mainly tarmac, gravelly in parts, but I like the differences in surface. Some people will say there is a hill, my Guides tell me it's an undulation, you decide.  We come off the Moor and run alongside Grandstand Road which is tree-lined and my favourite part of the route. VI runners should slow down slightly as there are some tree roots; as a regular runner at this parkrun I know where they are, and, of course, the people who guide me are amazing at making me feel safe.

Once you go back onto the Moor, it's mainly downhill.

The Town Moo-er (sorry) is famous for having cows on it during the summer - this offers its own challenges avoiding the animals and their dung, but they largely ignore parkrunners.

The best thing about parkrun as we all know is the cafe.  Drinking tea or coffee and eating cake afterwards and catching up with other runners. Today was no exception and we escaped the rain shower to regroup at Urban Green Cafe and discuss our fantastic morning.


Event #509: Blue Sky Running

Today's report has been written by volunteer Dee Cooke-Rees :-) Read to the end to see why ED Paul was having a lie down...

A lovely morning today with beautiful cloudless conditions.  The sunny skies were no doubt a little more persuasive than last week’s washout, and 448 people were welcomed to the Moor today for our sixth parkrun back.


Beautiful weather today on the Moor

The first finisher with a time of 16:34 was Nathan Doy, visiting Town Moor parkrun for the first time today.  Nathan was one of 60 first-timers on the Moor, including 26 people doing their very first parkrun ever and one junior parkrunner (Samuel Whittaker) doing his first 5k event.  A warm welcome to all and we hope to see you back soon.  There were 67 PBs today, perhaps helped along by the good running conditions!  Well done to all 448 finishers.

See you all next week for another Town Moor parkrun.  Hope the weather holds!

42 much-appreciated volunteers, led by first-time Run Director Larry Taylor, made the event possible:

Kevin Charles LISTER • Paul Neil HUGHES • Howard GOLD • Ian PICKETT • Ellen TULLO • Tracey AMBROSE • Brian EDWARDS • Simon LONG • Jeremy David Fraser SMITH • David HAMBLER • Pete HAWTHORN • Dave KEAR • Larry TAYLOR • Andy LIE • David ROBINSON • David DAVIES • Karen NIELSEN • Claire WYNARCZYK • Andrew E SLATTERY • Peter CHAMLEY • Karen RICHARDSON • Henry WYNNE-JONES • Michael WISELY • Anita HAWKINS • Lynn RATCLIFFE • Mona STEEL • Matthew DOWN • Dee COOKE-REES • David HERON • Judith HODGES • Paul PATTERSON • Peter MICKLER • Michelle DUGGAN • Emily PASS • Ben MCMAIN • Christopher PARKIN • Katie HO • Jacqueline SMITH • Donna MCEWAN • Laurie JOHNSON • Dawn DIMOPOULOS • Grace PATTERSON

So why exactly was Paul lying down? Well, we're going to say he was sunbathing, though there is a rumour he had a heavy night on Friday...



Town Moor parkrun Event 508 – The Swamp-Monster Run

Town Moor parkrun Event 508 - The Swamp-Monster Run

Well done to everyone who came out today for a rainy Town Moor parkrun. There must have been a few people who looked out the window and questioned the decision to run today.

Our fastest runner today, Adrian Bailes, achieved his parkrun PB today with a time of 15:55. 18 people did their FIRST EVER parkrun today. Not only is this a great sign of parkrun increasing in numbers every week, but they did came to run the course on a rainy day for their first event. A particular welcome to Amelia Lind in the JW10 age category who has previously completed 16 junior parkruns and this was her first full 5km parkrun.

This week 388 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 59 were first timers and 46 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 46 different clubs took part.

We use the best waterproofing hardware for protecting phones so we can scan barcodes – sandwich bags. Thank you to Christine Powell for taking the time to wash and dry the “equipment”.


The event was made possible by 35 volunteers, so thank you so much to everyone!

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-21 at 10.58.40 AM


Kevin Charles LISTER • Penny WILMOTT • Craig Alan SMITH • Howard GOLD • Brian EDWARDS • Morag Jean KERRY • Philip MOORES • Lynne MOORES • David DAVIES • Killian MCCARTNEY • Nick HOWELL • Iona HOWELL • Andrew E SLATTERY • Helen GUY • David SHIPMAN • Rob KEVAN • Richard DICKENSON • Geoffrey Robert CARTER • Peter CHAMLEY • Henry WYNNE-JONES • Robert TURNER • Mona STEEL • Tony WATERSTON • Matthew DOWN • Nick CLUNIES-ROSS • Georgie JOHANSEN • Sarah K HUCK • John WATTS • Peter MICKLER • Christine POWELL • Ben MCMAIN • Paul PATTERSON • Jozsef SZAVUJ • Dawn DIMOPOULOS • Ben HOWELL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Town Moor parkrun Results Page.


A Goldilocks Day

Not too hot, not too windy, not too cold - that sums up the conditions for the fourth run since our return to the Moor.

With many of our core team away, it was down to long-time Run Director Nigel to guide our team of 38 wonderful volunteers. We were delighted to welcome our founding Event Director Ian Kirtley (shown below in his ED days) back for the first time since Covid so we were able to give him a well—deserved shout-out.



We had 434 participants, of which there were 24 parkrun first timers, and 70 who did their first Town Moor event. We saw 60 PBs of which 8 achieved this on their 2nd ever event. It’s always impressive to see people continue to get faster year after year: 8 years after first running with us Sam Hansen achieved a Town Moor PB on his 180th parkrun.

Congratulations are due to to several milestone eventers this week: Carol Davidson completed her 200th run, Steven Taylor and Guy Letts each completed their 150th,  Moj Feshki did his 100th and Chris Parkin finished his 50th.

We were going to be cancelled for the Hoppings next week, but as they are sadly not happening we will be back to do it all again. See you then!


Rain Didn’t Stop Play – July 31st Report

Well that event was certainly eventful! When we arrived on the Moor to set up just before 8am our main concern was that we’d have a couple of bovine participants…. 


We certainly didn’t expect that two hours later we’d have rain hitting the timers so hard that the drops were registering as finishers and our backup timer and one barcode scanner would fail all together.

We’d like to say a huge thank you and well done to the 463 runners, joggers and walkers who joined us on the Moor this morning for your enthusiasm in taking part and for your patience and understanding while we do our best to allocate a time for everyone. 

Of the times we’ve been able to allocate we can see that we had 67 first-time Toon runners which is fantastic, and we also had 48 PBs so far.

The 35, soaked hi-viz bibs hanging on a makeshift washing line in Paul’s conservatory are testament to the hard work put in by the 35 volunteers who gave up their time today to make the event happen.  Your post-run brew was well earned today. Thank you!


Penny and parkrun pooch Albie will be working across the weekend to ensure that as many missing times as possible are allocated to the correct person so if you haven’t received your result yet and you know your approximate finish time then please send details by email to

As we always say, the best thing about parkrun is that if it doesn’t go exactly as you hoped then you only have to wait a week to have another go.  We go again on Saturday 7th August and we’d love you to come along to walk, jog, run, spectate and volunteer with us.


July 31st – Processing Issues!

Results processing update.

I have now processed the results. We have 2 main issues:

Due to raindrops adding spurious times I have had to make adjustments which will mean your times may not match your watch times. There is not a lot I can do about this but the key thing is you will have a result even if it’s not accurate.

We have one scanner which failed and reset due to the rain. All participants scanned by this scanner will not be in the results. If this is you, email your rough time to and I will fit you in. You may not get your exact time but you will get a time. I will process these times in batches - this evening and tomorrow to reduce processing time.

If your barcode was written down - I’m waiting for the sheets of paper to dry out and will add those in this evening.

Many thanks for your help and patience.

Run Director


Event Report July 24th – We Are Back!

There were literally tears of joy today as parkrun finally returned to England and the Town Moor. It's been months in preparation, and in the end it couldn't have gone better.


This week 471 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom a massive 63 were first timers at our event and 34 were total parkrun first-timers - welcome!  67 participants recorded new Personal Bests for this event, no mean feat for an event that's been going since 2010. Representatives of 49 different clubs took part, and we had our biggest ever turnout of volunteers - 50 in total, without whom none of this is possible.

Thank you to all runners for sensible spacing at the start and for seeding yourself in roughly the right order. These aspects worked even better than we hoped.


Our new pink hi-viz volunteer bibs certainly made for an arresting sight.  Our new route allowed for lots of social distancing at the start, and with no gates until 2km we had no bottlenecks.  The new route was well-received by runners, though we will struggle to remember that "Malcolm's Gate" is now Gate 2 and not Gate 1!

Lining up the barcode scanners near the fence seemed to work well and no queues built up. Russell the Run Director today was also over the moon with the new Virtual Volunteer app, as results were posted before he even finished his first coffee!


Urban Green Cafe were delighted to see so many runners come along after the race, and the core team retired there for a post-mortem of an event that couldn't have gone better.


We are always looking to improve, so if you have any ideas or feedback for us do get in touch here.


Newcastle parkrun poetry

The Park Run Family

Dads and daughters,

Mums and sons,

cousins, dogs, uncles,

the DNA of family runs.

Pain on the dirt track.

I can hear my brother’s breathing,

the drone of cars on the road,

but you turn the corner,

it goes quiet,

there’s just


Then-a cow’s moo,

the pong at Gate Two,

bad thoughts go round in your head,

I might wee, I might poo,

I might just


Thoughts spiral like genes.

Pushing a pram,

axels rattling on pebbles,

tunnel vision,

time slips in the gravel,

you claw it back

in the tarmac.

Baby squealing at the start,

wanting to go faster.

Knees crack,

hip burning as hot as the sun is,

look back at the line of runners

all along Grandstand Road.

Poo that smells like grass

in the heat,

avoid it on the track,

do a shimmy with your feet,

dog pulls you back.

The feeling of running past people,

the feeling of being overtaken.

One week the cows stampeded.

Every limb aching.

Today, I didn’t hear the skylarks.

Cheering, endorphins, cooling down, elated,

for these five k, we’re all related.


Newcastle 100th parkrun relay

1st      Trojan A (mens)                               15:34

2nd    Claremont RR (mens)                        17:43

3rd    Northumbria University (mixed)         17:52

4th    Trojan B (mens)                                 18:06

5th     Scott Logic (mixed)                           20:44

6th     Trojan Girls  (ladies)                         21:36

7th     Gateshead (mixed)                          21:52

8th     Hexham wooden spoons (mixed)   22:10

9th     Fetch Ed  (mixed)                            23:06

10th   Natalie's Team (mixed)                    23:15

11th   Angels of the North (ladies)           26:06

12th  "The kingdom" (mixed)                     28:10

Congratulations to the winning mens (Trojan A) and ladies (Trojan Girls) teams. Please get in touch to make arrangements to pick up your parkrun medals.

Well done to all the runners. Great parkrun spirit shown today.


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