Christmas and New Year arrangements at Newcastle parkrun

Saturday 19th December – usual parkrun starting at 9:00AM but with Christmas themed fancy dress encouraged and prizes for the the best costumes (runners and volunteers eligible). Santa Claus has agreed to provide the lead sleigh bike again this year. Coffee and mince pies afterwards at the Café in the park, usual menu also available; café staff will be attired in their best Christmas jumpers to welcome you all.

Christmas Day - extra parkrun starting at 10:00AM, the latest time allowed by HQ. We had to cancel the event on Christmas Day last year so hope that if an icy morning the later start will allow time for the ice to melt. We will need enough volunteers to come forward for the event to go ahead.

Boxing Day – usual parkrun starting at 9:00AM. Full set of volunteers needed, please volunteer if you can.

New Years Day – no parkrun at Newcastle but there may be extra parkruns arranged at other venues in the North East or there is the New Years Day resolution run on the Town moor – 10km, two X-country laps of the Town moor. Just the job to clear a hangover!

Saturday 2nd January – usual parkrun starting at 9:00AM


Christmas and New Year at Newcastle parkrun

It's becoming traditional for Newcastle parkrun to stage an additional parkrun on Christmas Day and I'm pleased to let you know that this year will be no different. We already have enough volunteers pledged (David Daniels, the Tyler Family 5 and me) to be able to cover the fundamental volunteer positions. So parkrun will be going ahead at Newcastle on Christmas Day at 9:00AM.

The event will go much better with more volunteers so do please e-mail if you would like to volunteer on Christmas Day.

The Resolution Run 10k organised by Heaton Harriers takes place on the Town moor on New Years Day so we will not be holding a parkrun at Newcastle on that day.

Nearly added Christmas greetings to the bottom of this message, but it's too early for that!



Newcastle parkrun 3rd Anniversary celebration – Saturday 19th January 213

It's our third anniversary celebration next week. Who can remember the 43 hardly souls who ran in the first event on 16th January 2010 and the handful of volunteers who struggled with unfamiliar equipment to record the results (including me with the timer)? Well the weather was similar for yesterdays event (but not  nearly as windy as for the first one) although we've moved on quite a bit with 449 runners yesterday and over 30 volunteers.

I don't think we can get another record attendance next week, but I hope you can all prove me wrong!

Whatever the attendance next week, I hope you will all join me immediately after the run at the Royal Grammar School to celebrate all of our collective achievements in another great year of Newcastle parkrunning and for our our annual prize presentation which will run until about 11AM. Please bring some snacks and especially cakes along to share. Self service tea and coffee, kindly provided by the RGS, will be available for all.

The prizes will be presented by Tony (the Fridge) Phoenix-Morrison. Tony made his parkrun debut, complete with fridge, at last weeks parkrun and is returning to the course  next week. After his run he will be talking to us at the RGS about his running and fundraising exploits and experiences and also presenting the prizes. We'll also make a collection for Tony's charities.

Also attending the celebration will be a physiotherapist and a sports masseuse from Newcastle Sports injury Clinic who are based at City pool in Newcastle. They will be providing free massage at the celebration to ease your tired limbs and NSIC have very generously donated some prizes for the annual awards.

I hope you can all come along to parkrun and the celebration at RGS afterwards.

See you next week



Club t-shirts

The full list of t-shirts received is:

Junior 10 t-shirts: Sophie Pringle, Abigail Francis, Callum Ward, Finlay Ward, Ivan Lymar, Greg Lymar, James Dark, Ben Mayne.

50 t-shirts: Joseph Rankin, Peter Maylia, Rachel Daniels, Ian Parker, Robert Brand, Phil Baston, Charlotte Baston, Michael Coppen, Rich Dixon, Darren McBain, Penny Wilmott, Melissa Schueler, Andrew Keogan, Paul Inskip, Patrick Keown, Ruth Walter.

100 t-shirt & rain jacket: Joe Prudham

I that you can all make it in person to collect your t-shirt this Saturday.

See you then!



2012 Great North Run – parkrunner results

Junior Great North Run 2012
Amy Smith 20:46
Charlotte Baston 19:23
Evan Smith 18:06
Finlay Dorman 20:29
Hannah Turney 21:32
Ivan Lymar 19:49
Jacob Williams 21:23
Jake Dorman 16:35

Sophie Daniels


Great North Run 2012
Abbey Foreman 02:03:12
Andrew Keogan 02:03:26
Andy Burden 01:38:06
Anthony Erskine 02:08:22
Catriona McGinty 02:36:40
Chris Hogarth 01:50:58
Craig Smith 01:28:58
Darren McBain 01:30:10
David Chalton 02:20:49
David Daniels 01:21:59
Diane Pringle 03:08:43
Doug Michael 01:39:31
Dudley Roberts 01:27:43
Faye Slade 02:13:08 (over 15 min PB)
Graham Purvis 02:03:01
Greg Lymar 01:28:16
Helen Ripley 02:35:59
Ian Kirtley 01:47:18
Ivan Newton 01:24:01


James Keasby Gray 02:23:46
John Laws 01:35:40
Jon Carr 01:48:00
Kerry Marshall 01:55:30
Kevin Elliott 02:55:43
Lee Coulson 01:38:52
Mark Reynolds 01:34:18
Mark Slade 01:54:11
Martin Wardle 02:39:00 (3 min PB)
Matt Charlton 01:40:10
Michael Thornton 01:34:41
Nathan Sankar 01:51:57 (Best GNR time)
Nichols Joyce 01:29:59 ( 1 second under target)
Paul Wilkinson 01:24:42
Phil Green 01:27:16
Philip Moores 02:17:15
Rachel Daniels 01:57:13 (Includes 2 min pitstop)
Rob Wishart 01:22:57 (2 min PB)
Robert Brand 01:27:07 (8 min PB)
Ruth Walter 02:20:49
Sarah Moon 02:51:29 (30 min PB)
Scott Wilkinson 02:40:52
Sheila Hodgson 02:22:36
Sue Holdsworth 02:49:33
Terry Scott 01:20:10 (Debut Run)
Tj Nadah 01:38:10
Tove Elander 01:58:38
Wil Earl 01:42:13

Latest Batch of Club t-shirts

Club t-shirts have been received for the following runners:

10 Club (19 years old and under only can qualify for these)

Alice Keown, Rachel Smith, Thomas Green, Holly Mattheson, Alex Vincent, Rebecca Pease, Megan Parkin, Jake Dorman, Zeb Kyffin

50 Club

Nathan Sankar, Peter Whewell, David Appleby, Kirstin Farquhar, Sheila Sprot

100 Club (t-shirt & rain jacket)

Isao Hara

These are for the runners who, after completing the qualifying number of runs, had responded to their e-mail from parkrun by Friday 15th June.

If there is a t-shirt for you I hope that you are able to make it to the parkrun tomorrow to collect it.

Any runners who qualified from Saturday 16th June onwards (eg Jeff Hendersons 100th) will be included in the next despatch.



parkrun 126 – 16th June 2012 – slight route change

The revised route is:

1. start at the normal place
2. run out as if starting the usual parkrun route
3. turn left onto lamp posted path
4. turn left to finish line (first time around)
5. turn left to pass start line again
6. run out as if starting the usual parkrun route
7. continue on lamp posted path running towards Grandstand Road as per the normal route
8. go through the first marshalled gate as normal and turn right onto Grandstand Road
9. run past the usual 2km point towards Blue House roundabout
10. turn right and follow the path up Great North Road
11. turn right at the traffic lights on Great North Road and run through the marshalled gate
12. carry on to the usual 4km point  through the marshalled gate in the middle of the moor
13. continue to the finish line as normal from this point

Maps will be shared amongst runners and the route explained fully on Saturday mornings. More marshals will be present to give directions.


Diamond Jubilee Saturday

It's the Diamond jubilee holiday this weekend in case you didn't know!

Wear something patriotic when you come along to parkrun this Saturday - prizes for the best outfits, as decided by the committee, DD the returning race director to have the deciding vote in the event of a tie!


club t-shirts

T-shirts have been received for the following runners:

10 Club (19years old and under only can qualify for these)

Poppy Goldsmith, Hannah Turney, Cameron Laidlaw

50 Club

Pamela Gold, Lucy Keating, David Anderson, Howard Gold, Chris Hogarth, Graham Tyler, Alan Wallace

These are for the runners who, after completing the qualifying number of runs, had responded to their e-mail from parkrun by Friday 27th April.

If there is a t-shirt for you I hope that you are able to make it to the parkrun tomorrow to collect it.

Any runners who qualified from Saturday 28th April onwards (including Isao and Nathan) will be included in the next despatch which is planned for the second week of June.



Newcastle parkrun equipment fund

I’m trying to raise funds to improve the parkrun experience for the runners, but  especially for the volunteers who hand out finish tokens to the runners at the end and for the time recorder.

 Now that the event regularly attracts 300+ runners it isn’t easy, because of the wide finish straight, to ensure that tokens are given out to the finishers in strict finish order. It’s also difficult to ensure that only valid runners times are recorded because of the exciting sprint finishes, often involving several runners, that happen every week now.

I’d like to purchase some plastic bases, plastic poles and chains to make a proper finish funnel that only parkrunners would run into and which will narrow to single file by the finish line. It will enable non parkrun runners on the course to bypass the funnel and so avoid times being recorded inadvertently for them.

Newcastle parkrun will always be an event that is free to participants at the “point of delivery” and so charging even a nominal entry fee at the event to raise money for the equipment, as some parkrunners I’ve spoken to have suggested, is not within the spirit of parkrun.

However a facility is available on the parkrun website for donations to be made by credit card to specific events. 15% of the donation is set aside for a new events fund by parkrun HQ but the remainder of all donations would be available to use for Newcastle parkrun. It would be really great if parkrunners could consider making a donation through the website to the Newcastle fund to enable me to purchase the new equipment.

Very best wishes



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