Newcastle parkrun poetry

The Park Run Family

Dads and daughters,

Mums and sons,

cousins, dogs, uncles,

the DNA of family runs.

Pain on the dirt track.

I can hear my brother’s breathing,

the drone of cars on the road,

but you turn the corner,

it goes quiet,

there’s just


Then-a cow’s moo,

the pong at Gate Two,

bad thoughts go round in your head,

I might wee, I might poo,

I might just


Thoughts spiral like genes.

Pushing a pram,

axels rattling on pebbles,

tunnel vision,

time slips in the gravel,

you claw it back

in the tarmac.

Baby squealing at the start,

wanting to go faster.

Knees crack,

hip burning as hot as the sun is,

look back at the line of runners

all along Grandstand Road.

Poo that smells like grass

in the heat,

avoid it on the track,

do a shimmy with your feet,

dog pulls you back.

The feeling of running past people,

the feeling of being overtaken.

One week the cows stampeded.

Every limb aching.

Today, I didn’t hear the skylarks.

Cheering, endorphins, cooling down, elated,

for these five k, we’re all related.


Newcastle parkrun 2nd Anniversary – more details

We will be starting the 2nd anniversary prizegiving event at the RGS this coming Saturday as soon as everyone has made it across from the Town Moor after the parkrun.

So I expect this to be around 10:00AM. Please make your way over to the RGS at your leisure (but not too slowly) after you have finished with the parkrun. The RGS will be open from 8:30AM if you want to drop off cakes before the parkrun start.

You will see a sign outside the building asking you to remove muddy shoes before going inside. So you might want to bring a change of shoes along. If we leave muddy floors behind I will have to wash them or else pay for RGS to do it and I won't be very happy, especially because I'm running the Brass Monkey half marathon the next day and need to rest on Saturday!

There is a map of how to get to the Lambton Road entrance to RGS at the following link.
On leaving Exhibition Park we will approach the school from Brandling Park. Ian.

100th Newcastle parkrun – 10th December 2011

 Relay runners can still record  a completed individual parkrun if they run the entire course. To achieve this all the relay runners, except those running the first km leg will set off in advance of the parkrun start with Dave Daniels.

Dave will drop off the runners at each km marker around the course ready to run their leg. Once a relay runner has completed their leg they must continue around the course, cross the parkrun finish line and pick up a token in the usual way if they want to record a parkrun. In the results of the parkrun for that week, all the relay runners except those running the first leg, will have the amount of time they set off before the race proper started added to their time.

Teams entering the relay must register their full team before the start and will need to nominate and supply their own baton (which will become the name of the team). The baton will be authenticated before the start and must be transported around the full course by passing it between each runner at each km changeover. When deciding upon the form that their baton will take, teams should remember that parkrun is a family event and teams nominating batons in dubious taste will be disqualified! The race director's ruling on this, if needed, will be final.

More details of the 100th parkrun and Christmas celebration will be given on these newspages in due course.


Great North Run – Sunday 18 Sept 2011 – Volunteer for Oxfam

Join Oxfam on a cheering bus at mile 5 for the best view of the race and cheer on over 150 Oxfam runners at the Great North Run.

The bus can accomodate 45 people and is located on Felling Bypass (A184) near Wardley close to the Black Bull pub. The closest metro is Heworth and we'd need you to be there from 9:30 till 1:30 - Megaphones and giant foam hands provided and you get a free T-Shirt !

Race map

To Sign up



Sweatshop Metrocentre Gateshead

Sweatshop Metro Centre sale starts Saturday, you are all invited to a preview evening on Friday 24th between 5pm - 9pm, be first to get your bargains

This weekend is pacing weekend!!

This Saturday is our monthly paced run, with times of 20, 25, 30 and 35 minutes being paced for you!

If you are looking to achieve a certain time then please do look out for our pacing team in their distinctive green tee shirts who will be there to assist you in achieving your goals.

Are there any other times you would like to see paced? Let us know by leaving a comment below....

Newcastle parkrun will offer a paced run on the second Saturday of every month.

Finally, good luck to all the Newcastle parkrunners who'll be gannin alang Scotswood Road on Thursday neet during the Blaydon races. We look forward to seeing you aall decked oot in your snazzy new tee shirts on Saturday.


This weekend is pacing weekend!!

If you are looking to achieve a certain time then please do look out for our pacing team who will be there to assist you in achieving your goals.

Are there any other times you would like to see paced? Let us know by leaving a comment below..........

Newcastle parkrun will offer a paced run on the second Saturday of every month.


Free laminating service!

Say goodbye to soggy barcodes that dont scan, and make the parkrun results processing team's life that little bit easier; bring along your printed out barcode on Saturday 15th and we will laminate it completely free of charge!

If you have trouble printing your barcode then simply email and let me know.

Thanks, and see you all on Saturday! Read more about the celebrations below.........


Sharon Gayter to attend 1st anniversary


“The Clock Keeps Ticking”
Autobiography by Sharon Gayter (RRP £14.99)
Sharon Gayter is one of the world’s top ultra runners. She has run the 837 miles from Lands End to John O’ Groats in a blistering 12 days and 16 hours and holds the Commonwealth Gold medal for running 140 miles in 24 hours. 
She has run incredible distances all over the world.
When a friend gave her a first pair of running shoes, she could barely stagger half a mile before collapsing breathless and exhausted. But Sharon Gayter was driven to run. Running gave her freedom, her escape from her difficult childhood, to discover who she was and to make her own life on her own terms with spectacular success. En route to international acclaim, the former bus driver, successfully complete a degree and found the perfect husband. 
An amazing, inspirational story for runners and non-runners alike.
“I got so absorbed in it, that I swear I've got blisters on my toes!”
“If I could run as well as you can write, then I'd be breaking records too.”
Quotes from Sharon Griffiths, The Northern Echo.
“Sharon is a good friend and an amazing athlete, with an incredible dedication and strength of spirit. Her story is a truly inspiring read.” Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE, Paralympian
PARKRUN SPECIAL – Sharon will be signing her book at the Newcastle parkrun 1st anniversary in Exhibition Park at 9am on 15th January 2011 for just £10.

Newcastle parkrun 1st Anniversary!

We will be having a brunch in the cafe in the park, so bring along some food or drink to add to the refreshments table. The awards ceremony will also take place in the cafe so do hang around after you have ran/helped out at/watched the run and enjoy the social side of Newcastle parkrun!

Paul Sinton-Hewitt will be joining us for the occassion, and top UK ultra runner Sharon Gayter will be on hand to sign copies of her book, 'The clock keeps ticking' available to parkrunners for £10 on the day (RRP £14.99).

See you on the moor or in the cafe in the park! Lets go for a record turn out!


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