A Goldilocks Day

Not too hot, not too windy, not too cold - that sums up the conditions for the fourth run since our return to the Moor.

With many of our core team away, it was down to long-time Run Director Nigel to guide our team of 38 wonderful volunteers. We were delighted to welcome our founding Event Director Ian Kirtley (shown below in his ED days) back for the first time since Covid so we were able to give him a well—deserved shout-out.



We had 434 participants, of which there were 24 parkrun first timers, and 70 who did their first Town Moor event. We saw 60 PBs of which 8 achieved this on their 2nd ever event. It’s always impressive to see people continue to get faster year after year: 8 years after first running with us Sam Hansen achieved a Town Moor PB on his 180th parkrun.

Congratulations are due to to several milestone eventers this week: Carol Davidson completed her 200th run, Steven Taylor and Guy Letts each completed their 150th,  Moj Feshki did his 100th and Chris Parkin finished his 50th.

We were going to be cancelled for the Hoppings next week, but as they are sadly not happening we will be back to do it all again. See you then!


Another Fine Morning On The Moor – 7th August Event Report

We’re happy to report that following last week’s rain induced technology issues, the biggest challenge we faced this week was setting up the finish funnel to avoid the cow pats on the Moor!


This week 474 people walked, jogged and ran round the Moor. 51 of these were 1st timers and 45 participants recorded new personal bests. Well done to all of you! We also want to thank all 46 of this weeks volunteers, without your help we wouldn’t be able to run the event! We had one item of lost property handed in this week, a clear water bottle with a pink lid.  We’ll bring it along next week so if it’s your just let one of the volunteers know.

We want to say one last thank you to all the participants whether you ran, jogged or walked the course or volunteered your support is always appreciated.


We’re in peak holiday season right now and there is a local 10km race next Saturday too which both combine to leave us really short on the volunteer rota for next week. We need around 40 people to volunteer each week in order to run the event safely and efficiently so please consider lending your support, particularly when our regular volunteers are having a well earned week off.  If you have any questions about volunteering please feel free to contact us at townmoor@parkrun.com.


The next event will take place on Saturday 14th August at 9am. We look forward to seeing you there!



Volunteers request for August 7th

Hello folks,

We have quite a few gaps in our roster this Saturday.  We'd love to hear from you if you could marshal, give out finish tokens or scan barcodes. You can run and then scan barcodes if you finish inside 25 minutes.

Drop us a line here


You can see our upcoming roster here. If you can't help this week, how about another week?


Rain Didn’t Stop Play – July 31st Report

Well that event was certainly eventful! When we arrived on the Moor to set up just before 8am our main concern was that we’d have a couple of bovine participants…. 


We certainly didn’t expect that two hours later we’d have rain hitting the timers so hard that the drops were registering as finishers and our backup timer and one barcode scanner would fail all together.

We’d like to say a huge thank you and well done to the 463 runners, joggers and walkers who joined us on the Moor this morning for your enthusiasm in taking part and for your patience and understanding while we do our best to allocate a time for everyone. 

Of the times we’ve been able to allocate we can see that we had 67 first-time Toon runners which is fantastic, and we also had 48 PBs so far.

The 35, soaked hi-viz bibs hanging on a makeshift washing line in Paul’s conservatory are testament to the hard work put in by the 35 volunteers who gave up their time today to make the event happen.  Your post-run brew was well earned today. Thank you!


Penny and parkrun pooch Albie will be working across the weekend to ensure that as many missing times as possible are allocated to the correct person so if you haven’t received your result yet and you know your approximate finish time then please send details by email to townmoor@parkrun.com.

As we always say, the best thing about parkrun is that if it doesn’t go exactly as you hoped then you only have to wait a week to have another go.  We go again on Saturday 7th August and we’d love you to come along to walk, jog, run, spectate and volunteer with us.


July 31st – Processing Issues!

Results processing update.

I have now processed the results. We have 2 main issues:

Due to raindrops adding spurious times I have had to make adjustments which will mean your times may not match your watch times. There is not a lot I can do about this but the key thing is you will have a result even if it’s not accurate.

We have one scanner which failed and reset due to the rain. All participants scanned by this scanner will not be in the results. If this is you, email your rough time to townmoor@parkrun.com and I will fit you in. You may not get your exact time but you will get a time. I will process these times in batches - this evening and tomorrow to reduce processing time.

If your barcode was written down - I’m waiting for the sheets of paper to dry out and will add those in this evening.

Many thanks for your help and patience.

Run Director