Trelissick Parkrun 07/12/2019 # event 156

                                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today marked our third birthday, I hope everyone celebrated with a slice of cake in the café expertly dispensed by Lorraine and Andy, kindly they saved a piece for me and it went down very well with my coffee which Trevor kindly purchased me while I puzzled the technology involved in producing our first set of results using the Parkrun virtual volunteer mobile app.

You may have noticed we had a few teething problems with the mobile app, one assumes all new technology is going to be better but the phones took ages to read barcodes and mostly wouldn't read wristbands at all, so special thanks to Jane and Trevor for persevering with it and to all the runners who had to wait to be scanned.

Next week you will be happy to know we will be returning to the standard equipment, we were requested by Parkrun to trial the app as were all the other Parkruns in Cornwall to prove we could do it if needs be as Parkrun will no longer be issuing equipment if ours goes wrong, so I suppose the experiment was successful but we will need to work on sorting out the barcode reading.

The volunteer who won the guess the number of runners game was Nick Jeans who got it spot on at 135, (I owe you a coffee), the first man home was Charles Buscombe in 18:55, and first lady was Debbie Harrison-Webb in 23:27, we had eight first timers and twenty one runners achieved new PB's.

Thank you to all our volunteers and don't forget if you want to work up an appetite for your Christmas dinner there will be a Parkrun on Christmas morning.



Run number #155

‘Thank you Marshall’

This week’s run report is all about the volunteers of which today there were no less than 26 including barcode scanners, tail walkers, timekeepers, the run director, funnel manager, on-course marshalls, the 10 strong pacing team and others who helped 160 participants, 17 of whom achieved a new PB with 20 being first time runners, enjoy a run in blustery conditions.

Since December 3rd 2016 our volunteers have guided 6478 different runners to complete 26,491 Trelissick Park Runs covering over 132,000 kms!

When I first started ParkRun I didn’t really know that many people who were taking part and I rarely if ever stayed behind for a post-run coffee (or in my case green tea).

That all changed when I volunteered for the first time. I think I got to know more ParkRun people in that one morning than I had at all the previous Parkruns I’d taken part in as a runner only.

If you’ve never volunteered at ParkRun then give it a go, and likewise if you know people who would benefit from being out in the open air, but whatever reason might not want take part in the run, then encourage them to become a volunteer.

There are a lot of roles to choose from - click here to see them. The run directors will make you feel most welcome and provide any guidance you need to fulfil your volunteer role. And its an opportunity to hone your skills - fancy being a public speaker then get on the first time briefer list or maybe you are an undiscovered writer if so sign up to pen this report (with both roles you can also take part in the run)

So if you enjoyed your run today but have yet to break your volunteering duck then pledge to do so before the end of the year.

There are five Trelissick ParkRuns remaining in 2019, including one on Christmas Day. Have a look at the rota, identify the volunteering gap you would like to fill and then drop an email to

If you did run today you may found yourself uttering running’s most common on the run phrase ‘Thank you Marshall’.

So on behalf of all today’s runners and the 6318 who have gone before them at Trelissick:

‘Thank you Marshall and all of the volunteering team’

Here are this week's volunteers:  Suay BUCKLEY • Ben FLINT • Ben PROCTOR • Claire MENSING • John HORTON • Thomas MOORE • Nick JEANS • Nik BATHE • Colin BATHE • Kyra MARKS • Trevor LEE • Mark MAIDWELL-SMITH • Jakki FOOTE • Andrew BROWN • Lorraine BROWN • Douglas REID • Fiona RUSSELL • Leah PENALUNA • David WILCOX • Lia GUILIETTI-SIMNER • Mark TAYLOR • Katie SPENCER • Richard MOORE • Evie MCCLELLAND • Sally AMOS • Victoria HARTNELL

IMG_1401 IMG_1404 IMG_1413


Trelissick parkrun -23/11/19 – # 154

So, today’s parkrun was my first as a Run Director proper (rather than shadowing another RD), so I thought it would be a good idea to share “a day in the life” as a new Run Director. Here goes :-)

Friday evening 9pm: Nervously check and double check I have everything ready to take in the morning... Open the All-Important “Directors Box” which was passed to me from the previous weeks RD – Liz T – who had assured me everything was charged and ready to go. [Note: This formal ceremony of passing the All-Important box from RD to RD has taken place every week since the very start of parkrun at Trelissick!]. OK … Check the laptop, the scanners, the timers, the finish tokens…everything! Note to self: Don’t forget All-Important Directors Box in the morning!!! Check that the Defibrillator is still there where I left it….2nd Note to self: Don’t forget the Defib. in the morning!!!! Make sure Son (James WILLIAMS) who is volunteering time keeping in the morning goes to bed early! 3rd note to self… Don’t forget Son in the morning!!! Watch TV… fall asleep watching TV… go to bed… set alarm for 6:00am.

06:00am: Wake up, get up, get dressed…remember to wake up Son!! Look outside … hammering it down! Yayyy!

06:45: Leave House…remembering to take All-Important Directors Box, Defibrillator, oh and Son. … oh and rain proof gear…oh and head torch… oh and a hat!

06:46: Forgotten gloves… doh!

07:00: Arrive at Trelissick Park. Trevor LEE patiently waiting to get going with Setup. Lovely Trevor already has everything ready to take around including all the direction boards, cones, tape, etc. Still hammering it down….(and it’s still dark). Head out to sort out set-up with head torches beaming.

07:10: Lovely Trevor goes back to put out little pink flags through the gardens to the start, as new RD completely forgets about this. Head out onto course…

07:11: Lovely Trevor goes back again to put Start signs up at the start as he’d forgotten…. Head onto course again…

07:20: Stops raining…and starts to get light! Yay!! Continue around course putting out the signs and cones. Its rather muddy … especially on the hill! Trevor reminds new RD to mention this in the runners brief!

08:15: Finish setup and get back to the start. Thanks Trevor. Great Job! Meet the lovely Jane WALL who is helping the new RD today as a Deputy. Get All-Important Directors Box and Defib out of car….

08:20: Marshals and other volunteers start to turn up. Start handing out volunteer vests … get into a fuddle attempting to give a tail walker vest (orange) to a marshal. Luckily all volunteers show up that said they were going to….The lovely Val ODWYER, Rita CUTTS and Kyra MARKS head out towards field. Defib nearly gets left behind… luckily the lovely Peter SOWERBY takes it and runs to entrance to field before going back to his marshal location by bridge. Next: Give instructions to bar code scanner volunteers…the lovely Rebecca DAWES and Anna GARMAN… so its finish token first then runners token….is that right? Hmmm… Ask Deputy Jane…. No! Runner token first!!!! Doh! Give instructions to time keepers, the lovely Suay BUCKLEY and of course, number 1 Son James WILLIAMS … right button first to start, then left button for each runner… is that right? Hmmm… Ask Deputy Jane… Yes! #Phew. Give instructions to Tail walkers lovely Kathryn THOMAS and James COFER …basically stay at back! Tail Walker Kathryn asks “Shouldn’t we also collect the boards and cones as we go around”… Oh Yes…sorry yes do that as well! Doh!

08:45: Time for first timers briefing. Over to the wonderful Richard MOORE to use his wonderful theatrical tones to deliver the speech!

08:50: Time for Runners Briefing… my turn… #Gulp… remember to include thanks to Volunteers and National Trust, remember to say hello to first timers and parkrun tourists! Remember to mention parkrun anniversaries and birthdays! Remember to tell everyone how muddy and wet it is! Remember 11 year olds and remember dogs not to through gardens…anything else??? Oh yes… Have FUN!

09:00: Tailwalkers ready… timekeepers ready…3…2…1… gooooooo!!!!!!!

09:01: In a new tradition started by the new RD, all volunteers have a guess at how many runners there are today… with the closest getting a free coffee from new RD! Guesses are 98 (new RD), 102 (Anna), 103 (Richard), 110 (James), 115 (Jane), 121 (Suay), 122 (Becky)!

09:05: Timekeeper#1 - “My timer has stopped….” Deputy Jane saves the day and gets it started again….we check the time difference…3 minutes… Note to self: Use Timekeeper#2 stopwatch at end. Keep a note of difference in time, in case I need to use #1…

09:20: First runner home! Well done to you!!!!

09:47: Last runner home! Well done to you as well!!! Every single runner is a superstar! Whether first or last! ….

10:05: Tail walkers arrive … hurrah… all boards and cones collected! All finished without any problems! Phew… no real problems during run other than the timer (good job we have 2!). Now onto the next job… processing the results! 126 runners all together. Becky DAWES wins the coffee with a sneaky guess of 122!

10:15: Get back to base – the lovely Nick JEANS is there to help out!! As the next RD Nick is happy to perform the formal ceremony of handing over the All-Important Run Directors Box straight after the results are processed and to help out even further he’ll put everything away whilst new RD gets going with processing…AND to take the tokens and get them sorted too. What a superstar!

10:20: Coffee shop. Buy Becky a Coffee for winning the “how many runners game”… and a nice hot Chocolate for superstar number 1 son James for a fantastic job. Get going with the processing of results. First get All-Important PC out of All-Important Directors bag (…this is the bag the All-Important Directors Box comes in!). OK... turn on PC, confirm roster, input scanners, input timer (just #2!!)... press the magic process results button…hey presto! All done! A few little niggles to sort out…but all in all … its worked! Needed 2 coffees but hey! A massive thank you to Deputy Jane and next RD Nick for helping out!!

11:15: All finished! Complete the formal RD handover ceremony with next RD Nick… finish coffee… head home! Well… all in all… a fun experience…. I think I will do it again sometime! :D

…and now here is the formal bit:

This week 126 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 17 were first timers and 6 recorded new Personal Bests including, Nick EDMEADES, Toby ANDERSON, Chris COWAN, Sophie LEIGHTLEY, Rebecca ANDERSON, Guy ATKINSON. Well done to you!

Representatives of 9 different clubs took part from across the country.

The event was made possible by the following volunteers:

Suay BUCKLEY • Kathryn THOMAS • Nick JEANS • Kyra MARKS • Trevor LEE • Peter SOWERBY • Rita CUTTS • Jane WALL • James WILLIAMS • Rebecca DAWES • Val ODWYER • Richard MOORE • Anna GARMAN • James COFER

Thanks to you all – you are all great…and lovely!!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Trelissick parkrun Results Page.



Trelissick parkrun -16/11/19 – # 153

Many thanks to Henry Cameron for his brilliant run report ;

We were set up for a great run this morning with a crisp, still,autumnal feel in the air and the prospect of some decent mud at the halfway point following the heavy rain. A healthy and enthusiastic looking crowd of off-season regulars and cheeryvisitors were welcomed by our expert Run Director LizTrebilcock.

Down at the start, I was pleased to see the front of the griddominated by youngsters including Samuel Anderson, DrewWootton, Stanley and Henry Strick - all aspiring to breach the under 11’s ‘within arm’s length of responsible adult’ rule. Stanley and Henry were relative newcomers on their 3rdTrelissick run supported by experienced senior runner Andrea who was not planning to let them get away too easily (she put in a 76% age graded run – very impressive!).

Then we were off, starting our Saturday morning downhill towards the mirror-still creek waters of our beautiful Carrick Roads, generously cheered on by marshals including RussellBolton at ‘defib corner’, (who along with Katie Spencer regularly represents the parkrun-linked Chacewater and Devoran Surgery), and the ‘maracas marshal’ Elizabeth Brunyee at the top of the field hill ushering us gently through the pain barrier. Then we turned right to be rewarded by the splendid view back home.

Some speedy semi-controlled descent followed then the sociable bit where incoming and outgoing runners cheer each other on whilst trying not to crash during a poorly timed ‘high 5’, or trip over the hidden tree roots. At this point I was struggling to keep up with eventual 1st lady home Lorna Ni Cheallaigh who was going strong (who, along with RoNorman, had come along for their 2nd visit representing trainee doctors from the medical school based in Truro both beating their previous times).

Then, it was hanging in there from the bridge past regular marshal Richard Moore’s cheering, trying not to slow up the pace. By now, my fellow runners and I are feeling it in the legs and persuading the brain to keep making them work despite urgent protests from the lungs (and assorted other organs). There is a brief nod to the view, then it is back to pushing on. Round the bend back towards the KHF with home not far now. Then the real battle, up that long punishing incline with a few friendly faces cheering us on and that ‘only 120m to go’ sign - which never seems to match the actual distance remaining. Then relief at the finish. We clumsily try to find the bar code, wipe away any misplaced spittle and pretend to ourselves it actually wasn’t too bad. But mixed in with the pain now is an emerging sense of achievement, comradery and then once the lungs allow, some time to catch up. The prospect of a nice coffee & bun is also in reach.

Ahead of me today was Tom Nancarrow coming in 1st at 19:07 on his 3rd visit to Trelissick, ahead of regular Jamie Bland who managed exactly 20 minutes. Pete Sowerby cruised effortlessly into 3rd followed by Joseph Brown on his 1st visit to Trelissick and Neil Carter.  I suspect regular speedster Doug Reid politely let me run in ahead of him today for the novelty factor – thanks Doug! He was followed in 8th place by Lorna as 1st lady back, then regular Tom Bevir who is reclaiming form after adjusting to the sleep disruption of becoming a dad. Just ahead of Andrea Simmons on age-graded score was Nick Holliday with an impressive 76% and a time of 21:22. There were 21 PBs today including winner Tom Nancarrow and 10 year old Samuel Anderson in 22:48 (knocking off 30 seconds)and 25 first timers. Well done all of you.

We cheer on Jack Penaluna who brilliantly reaches 50 runs today impressively twinned with 37 volunteers – very well done Jack and look forward to the 100. Paul & partner are visiting from Surrey - down supporting their rugby team Sutton & Epsom RFC who play Redruth later and who enjoyed the course. We spot spirited finishing from manyrunners and we see what it means to them to push the body out of comfort, up to the finish line. We cheer on the more mature members of our parkrun family – including Rick who is back running well after a hamstring injury, ‘Grandpa’ Andy Cameron who is not far from his 100 now and local legend Tony Berry.

Best of all for me, we see the youngsters skipping up that hill barely in a sweat with a smile on the face. Special mention to Willow McCandless aged 6 who arrived back in a new record with not a hair out of place and plenty left in the tank. Well done Willow – 5K is a very long way for you. watch out Kirsty and Mike as her time gets quicker & good luck withadhering to the ‘arms length’ rule in the future!

My wife Jo Cameron disclosed an episode of ‘nudging’ one of the youngsters up the final hill (which apparently he may not have found helpful so she apologises Archie), her sister Rachel Webb put in another solid run and one runner (mentioning no names – Mark Wootton) was noticed to have broken with tradition and completed the field in reverse order - potentially due to a GPS malfunction. Actually it turns out the only way he gets to see his speedy son running during the race is to resort to this tactic!

Having completed 100 runs today it was a good opportunity to reflect on what park run means to me. Having run regularly for about 15 years on my own for some freedom, escape and pleasure, I never thought running with others would suit mebut I have been proved wrong. 2 years ago, when my son Stanley (aged 10 at the time) persuaded me to come one week with his rugby team mates, he left me for dust half way round.I was a bit shocked to be outrun, so came back again the following week a little faster to keep up with him, and have come most weeks ever since.

The routine, dependability, inclusivity and welcome of this parkrun (as well as the fact it is outdoors in a beautiful place) is reassuring and uplifting. It has helped me on difficult weeks and along with my other physical activity, served as the best medicine for bouts of depression I have suffered. Enjoying running is something not to be taken for granted, we have towork at it to feel the benefits. It hurts at first! Seeing the younger generation catch on to the joy that running can bring,banking the potential for it to be there in life when needed, is a particular pleasure I get from the Saturdays.

Also, I work in NHS dementia care with little prospect of ‘cures’ to this group of diseases in the near future, butincreasing awareness that an estimated 30% of dementia can be prevented or at least delayed. Early and particularly midlife running via effects on blood pressure, weight, glucose metabolism, muscle strength, mood & social inclusion is probably top of my list of things we can all be doing to improve the quality of our later life. The recent research from Australia demonstrating that even short periods of regular running (under 50 minutes a week) do us demonstrable good,supports this. A parkrun per week could be doing you more good than you even realise – especially if you’re aged in your 30s upwards. You don’t need to run fast or for long to get some benefit. With our escalating national obesity, type II diabetes and dementia rates, this is a massive opportunity we can’t afford to ignore.

We are indebted to the dedication of the volunteers who support this parkrun and the fact it remains fee for all to access. I will continue to encourage others to give it a try even if they’re intimidated by the prospect or prefer to run ‘away from’ rather than ‘with’ others.

I gave my PB a whirl today at the 100 runs mark but couldn’t quite squeeze it out (1 second short) but that doesn’t matter. As you’ll all know, the benefits go far deeper than a PB and yes, so far, I can still beat my kids!

Thankyou parkrun and keep it up everyone.


Trelissick parkrun #152

Many thanks to parkrun tourist Kieran Hughes for writing this weeks run report;

It was with a sense of excitement that Tracey and I set off on our four hour round trip from Taunton to Trelissick parkrun. For the last few weeks Somerset has experienced torrential rain and blustering winds. Making planning parkruns logistically difficult. Will the event be on or off? Is it running shoes, trail shoes, wellies or flippers? Should I just stay at home and start building an Ark!

After enduring rain the whole journey thankfully Trelissick parkrun was a “go” and our journey was rewarded with a delightful course and the company of enthusiastic volunteersand runners. It was great to meet a first timer to parkrun who was from Sydney in Australia. Congratulations to Andrew Williams who was Run Director for the first time. Well done Sir!

Today was my 82nd parkrun at my 82nd different course in my Quest for 100 parkruns without a repeat. Known affectionately as “Going for a Bailey”, after Gregory Bailey the first to complete this and who continued to run 250 before repeating. Most of my runs have been within the South West Region and each has its own charms and memories. My 50th Hoffman run was at Mount Edgcumbe with a ferry journey to the start making for a most memorable day (Roderick Hoffman, first to complete fifty without a repeat).

Often we make a weekend trip to visit the local area, Queens in Belfast near to the TitanicExhibition comes to mind. Anyone who has experienced Woollacombe Dunes will not forget the finish, rumoured to be one of the most challenging parkruns. Running next to deer at Bushy Park, how they manage over sixteen hundred runners and multiple finish funnels is a testament to the team of volunteers.

I am a RD at my local junior parkrun and volunteer most Sunday’s. Wherever I visit I try to help out in some capacity, at the start or finish (set up, close down, token sorter) or even during the event (tail walker, pacer). It is always good to speak to other volunteers and share experiences.

All going well next week I will be off to Melksham with my 100 planned around the end of February. Not sure where yet, any suggestions?

Thank you Trelissick parkrun for making Tracey and I so welcome.

Kieran Hughes

Longrun Meadow parkrun

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