The one with the rainbow

I won't say much about the weather this morning, although I do have to say that our beautiful course was looking at its absolute best.  Another glorious day for a parkrun, however the sun was in our eyes a bit too much, and I think I heard some of the participants say it was too hot!  Remind us of this in a few weeks when the rain is lashing down, and there's a howling gale.  Tim managed to capture a rainbow above the playing fields, so there must've been rain somewhere.  Unfortunately nobody brought us a pot of gold!


We welcomed lots of "first timers" (a total of 43 participated at Tremorfa this morning, with 7 of those starting their parkrun journey today).  Co-RD Anny had a healthy audience for the first timer's briefing - and this may explain why we're missing 4 tokens (numbers 3, 15, 16 and 32).  Unbelievably (I know!), these aren't souvenirs; they're part of the crew and we really need them back for next week's event.  Don't tell anyone else, but they also get really lonely if they're not all snuggled up next to their number-y mates.  Please email us ( if they hitched a ride home with you by mistake.


This week's infographic (by Tim) shows a high number of PBs (20 out of the 109 participants) - well done to everyone who achieved that this morning.


We spotted a few visitors this week, from Emerson's Green Running Club (in Bristol) and closer to home, a fair few of the She Runs: Cardiff gang, who are organising a volunteer week with us soon - presumably scoping us out in anticipation of that.  Everyone (near or far), is very welcome!

DSC07504   DSC09266

Nia's video of the start is on Facebook - see if you can spot yourself!

Tim took loads of photos (capturing every leap, wave and thumbs-up), and they're in this Facebook album.  As usual, he's happy for you to reuse these, but please do credit the photographer as a courtesy (something like: taken by Tim Dawe at Tremorfa parkrun).

DSC08430 DSC07762 DSC07661

Numbers are creeping up slowly; I predicted 96, but Ed won this week's numbers game with a guess of "over 100".  Not entirely convinced that's a valid guess, but we'll be generous and give it to him. It's still good to see that people are taking care to give each other space, and because we're still operating under the parkrun Covid-19 framework, we do ask everyone (volunteers and participants) to self-assess prior to parkrun and not attend if they have any symptoms of Covid.

Thanks to all of our wonderful 17 volunteers this morning who made the Tremorfa magic happen.  Do join us soon, even if you've never done it before.  Everything is incredibly easy and we provide full training!  Drop an email to to let us know when you're free to help out.


See you all next week!


Another sunny one

There were a few spots of rain at the start of the course check, and the grey skies didn't bode well for a dry parkrun (despite the weather forecast) but there was a hint of blue sky in there somewhere.241447793_1035929730556500_4597330863126986963_n

It was Anny's first time as Run Director and she was a bit nervous, but #TeamTremorfa are all such a friendly bunch that she soon settled in and appeared even to enjoy it (maybe!)241705852_3134756416758494_4133407442821644655_n

Of the 91 participants today, we welcomed 27 to Tremorfa for the first time, and of them 5 people completed their first parkrun ever - the start of a new journey!  Almost a fifth of people clocked PBs today.  Well done to everyone who took part whether it was your first, that difficult second one or your 282nd parkrun.  All the stats on today's events are in the handy infographic below by TimTremorfa#23

There's a video of the start (taken by one of our core team of volunteers, Mark Davies), and there's an album of photos by regular volunteer Darren Davies; please credit him as the photographer if you want to reuse any.

See you all next week - same time, same place!


The 3rd one back

We feel like we're getting back into the swing of things and that operating under the Covid framework doesn't seem as bad as it could be.  Our participant numbers have been increasing steadily since relaunch which is great - easing us in gently!

Our beautiful course was looking at its best in the late summer sun giving perfect parkrun weather today - not too hot, but dry and bright.


In terms of volunteers, we struggled earlier in the week to fill the roster but a late flurry of interest saw us filling most spots.  It was good to see some new faces as well as familiar ones; both are more than welcome.  To reserve your volunteer place for a future week, drop us an email ( with your barcode and any preferences.  Some of the roles are really popular and fill up fast.


It was good to see that two of the familiar faces now appear in the results for the first time: Ben and Bethan Priest have finally got their barcodes!  Don't forget your barcode (#DYFB) or you won't appear in the results.


Again, no milestones celebrated this week, but 3 other people did their first ever parkrun with us this morning, and 16 people were at Tremorfa for the first time.  Welcome, and hope to see you back again soon.  The handy infographic below (by Tim) shows all the stats from this morning's event.  All results are on the results pageTremorfa#22


Tim was out and about with his camera today, and you can find all of them in the Facebook album.  See if you can spot yourself - he's trimmed the number down from over 1000 to a more manageable over 450, and most of these should even be in focus!  If you want to reuse any images, that's fine but please be courteous in crediting Tim Dawe as the photographer.



The coming of age one (21st)

With better weather forecast than last week (how could it be worse?!), we were thrilled to be able to do the course check in the dry and without having to wear waterproof clothing - in August.  The footspa was closed, but the addition of bark to the finish area by our friends (and landowners) Cardiff Council was more than enough to make up for that.


Our 18 fabulous volunteers all arrived raring to go, so hands were sanitised, hi-vis vests donned, radios issued and lanyards carefully studied (I live in hope!).


Participant numbers weren't overwhelmingly high, just a bit up on last week, with 83 coming along to run, jog or walk.  Because our neighbouring event Grangemoor parkrun had to cancel during the week, we weren't sure if we'd be swamped.  Fortunately everyone was just so pleased to be back at parkrun, and were mindful of other people's space that the extra few didn't make a big difference.


We were fortunate to have talented photographer (and regular Tremorfa parkrunner/volunteer) Darren Davis marshalling out on the course.  He managed to capture all the participants in his video and see if you can spot yourself in his album of fabulous photos:


There are more photos by Tim (who favours quantity over quality!) in the Facebook album


We also had some photos showing our beautiful course from an enthusiastic first time ever parkrunner (Paulo Coelho Machado). Welcome to him as well as 4 other first-timers.  Hopefully we'll see you all again soon!  The handy infographic below (by Tim) give details of the event, lots of PBs this week but no milestones.


See you all next week!



The long-delayed one

Well, it's been a little while hasn't it?  Not quite sure what happened there; those last 17 months were some mighty strange times but we're finally back, albeit under the parkrun Covid framework.  Fortunately for us this only meant a few minor tweaks, but we did need a new member of the team:


This is for collecting tokens at the end so volunteers don't have to handle them.  All I can say is that they've had a good old wash in Tremorfa rainwater so are sparkling clean and ready for next week.

Anyway, back to this week!  Everyone was keeping their distance at the start which was good to see.  The briefings were.. well, brief (due to Covid) and we were off.


One of the other changes since all of this (waves arms around), is that we've been issued new pink hi-vis vests to replace our yellow ones, which I'm assured have gone to a good home (to live on a farm, eh parkrun?).  A couple of our staunch volunteers (Sian and Kerrie) are modelling them below


Surprisingly, the footspa was barely there this morning (I bet it's full now!) but we were able to provide a full-body drenching to the 62 hardy participants who attended this morning along with a team of 20 volunteers, although a good half of them probably wished they'd stayed in bed this morning - I know I did.


Not very many photos due to the weather, but a couple of action shots below when the rain eased slightly

DSC04896 DSC04906

Despite the weather (I'll stop going on about it soon), it was great to see a lot of familiar friendly faces along with a few new ones and overall just so wonderful to be back to some sort of normality in our beautiful park.  Everyone seemed hugely happy and it was such a pleasure to be part of it all.

The handy infographic (by Tim) below shows a summary of everyone who took part today, among them 3 who were doing their first parkrun ever, one (James Lee Manson) who ran their 100th parkrun and 16 who were at Tremorfa for the first time.



Well done to everyone, and assuming everything dries out, see you all next week (same time, same place!)



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