Tremorfa parkrun is cancelled on 26 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

All parkrun events in the United Kingdom have been suspended with immediate effect due to the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. At this stage events have been cancelled up to the end of March. Please follow parkrun's communications channels for ongoing updates. parkrun’s global position is published and will be updated here.

parkrun cancelled


The one with the girls, together

Despite the apocalypse being almost upon us, we went ahead this morning. Local running club Girls Together Splott provided most of the volunteers today, and this week's report has been provided by Cindy Corliss of their group.

On a chilly, slightly overcast day, Girls Together Splott, some with their partners, were in place to cheer the runners as they kicked off their weekend. They are a local run club for women in the area, running every Thursday at 6:15pm from the Hub in Splott.
Girls together

It was great not to have to battle against the elements today! There were no horses to contend with, but there was a fairly substantial foot spa available for runners to splash their way through.

While there is much uncertainty over whether or not parkrun will be running in the coming weeks, this did not stop the 129 participants today, who didn’t let the news (or the foot spa) slow them down!

The weather remained favourable for runners and volunteers alike; 34 runners achieved PBs and junior Mari Fowler ran her 10th parkrun. Although there were no brand new to parkrun participants today, we had 46 people whose first time it was to run at Tremorfa! Welcome!

Special mention to the gang from Roberttown Road Runners of Pontypridd who came en masse as their parkrun is currently not operating because of storm damage in the park. Lovely to see them, but hope their parkrun is back in action soon.

We were wondering what was different about Jenny Hall this morning, then we realised she was running without her buggy today! As a consequence she managed a very healthy 32 second PB - Tim managed to capture her in this photo really going for it in the finish straight!

Photos from Patrick are available for viewing (with more to follow). There are also photos taken by Tim; please credit the photographer and mention that they were taken at Tremorfa parkrun if you do want to reuse any of the photos.

The infographic below breaks down today’s run and all the results are live!


The one celebrating women

Like a lot of parkruns, we celebrated International Women’s Day a day early with local female only running group She Runs: Cardiff taking on most of the volunteer roles. There was a sea of purple since this is their group colour, it’s also the colour that represents International Women’s Day so it was all very fitting. My word, there's a lot of them, and they were very keen to help out. I think they'd looked at the future roster page and decided to fill all the slots themselves, including run report writer giving your regular correspondent a welcome week off. This run report is largely written by Angela Foster-Swailes
She Runs - event 18

There were lots of first timers to the course today, all briefings were done and everyone set off bang on 9am. Luckily no-one got to experience any horses on the course and the infamous footspa was disappointingly small, I was looking forward to wading through it and even had my mermaid leggings on in preparation. There were 35 volunteers today which is a high proportion in comparison to the 152 runners. This meant there were 2-3 marshals at each spot, including some very cute mini marshals (also dressed in purple). There was an amazing atmosphere around the course, the energy radiated from both the marshals and runners. There was music, cowbells, pompoms, a volunteer dressed as a superhero and salsa dancing going on! parkrun volunteers are always incredibly supportive but today felt electric, one male runner even asked if She Runs: Cardiff could take over each week, which speaks volumes.

Patrick So channelled this enthusiasm, documenting the whole of parkrun. Photos from Patrick are available for viewing - if you'd like to reuse them, please credit the photographer and mention that they were taken at Tremorfa parkrun.
Event 18

One of our stalwart marshals, Mike Spencer not only wore purple but actually managed to run the course for the first time today - good to see him in action.

The rain held off for the whole event, no mean feat considering the endless storms the UK has experienced recently. An incredible 43 runners got PBs, this could be down to people not having to battle the wind and rain for once. As well as there being an almost all female volunteer team, females outnumbered males today with 79 females out of a field of 152 participants – now that’s girl power. Milestones today were also both women: Mal Rowson and Lorraine Wilson each completed 100 parkruns this morning.

A handy infographic is below, but today's full results are available as usual on the website


The leap one

Being the first leap day on which parkrun was happening meant we were geared up for many leap-type activities (dressing up as frogs, eating frog-shaped biscuits, leaping around the course and offering many leap related puns during the course briefing). All thoughts of this were pushed aside when we saw how full the river Taff was as we drove past at 7.10am on our way to Tremorfa. Cardiff declared their cancellation early, and we nervously decided to go ahead on the basis that we'd warned people about the additional footspas - there were 5 in total today, and that we'd hope some of the Cardiff volunteers would come over and lend a hand.

Thankfully a few of the Cardiff volunteers did turn up, we're very grateful that they came to us and of course our own crew of volunteers, some of whom had to wade through those footspas to get to their marshalling positions. Our valiant volunteer co-ordinator Kirsty managed to rearrange everything at lightning speed, so all the essential spots were covered and everyone had the necessary training. All of this happened while I was trying to erect a table which just goes to show how efficient she is.
Marshals - event 17

We were quite anxious about being inundated with refugees from Cardiff and also Newport (who'd cancelled earlier in the week) - we only have 599 tokens, and given that Cardiff regularly has over 700 participants, it wasn't a dead-cert that we'd have enough! The plan was to just write everything down if we exceeded 599 participants! In the end, we had 217 brave souls who seemed not to mind getting extremely wet feet - perhaps splashing through puddles brings back fond childhood memories of carefree times? This number set a new course record for us, and we even managed some quite enthusiastic cheering and clapping as the sun came out during the event - blue skies above, but very wet underfoot.



Of this morning's participants, Karen Davis completed her 50th parkrun, David Davies ran his 100th, and a new female course record was set by Chloe Dooley completing the course in a very speedy 18:35. Massive well done to them, hopefully many more to come! A handy infographic is below, but all the results are now live. Congratulations to everyone completing the course today in pretty awful conditions. You can now claim that you've done a parkun on a leap day!

At the end, we celebrated by eating a few frog biscuits (some more than others!), and a few of our refugees remarked on how nice the course is. We agree, and hope you'll come back soon to see it in slightly better weather. Current predictions are that we'll have a nice parkrun day at Tremorfa in about 2024.

Mike Spencer, our hardy marshal at the footspa has posted a couple of short videos: 1 and 2, Mike Evans captured the action just off the central circle in his video and Patrick So videoed the first lap from his position at the far end of the playing fields.

Photos from Patrick and Tim are also available for viewing - if you'd like to reuse them, please credit the photographer and mention that they were taken at Tremorfa parkrun.

Next week will be a celebration of International Women's Day (a day in advance of the actual event on Sunday 8th March), so all the volunteers will be female (mostly courtesy of She Runs: Cardiff, many of whom were scoping out the course today), but of course everyone is most welcome to come along and take part no matter their gender.


The one that didn’t happen because of horses

As some of you who have been with us from the beginning will know, we've had some previous problems with loose horses on the course.

Our original strategy was to assess their demeanour (not that parkrun provide specific training for this, you understand), and to go ahead if the horses seemed calm and out of the way of the course. Although this worked at one of our test events, during events four and five it proved not to be a viable option. Runners, volunteers and horses were all extremely scared, and at one point during event 5, the horses were galloping around in front of runners. This situation could not continue, and we liaised with Cardiff Council (who own the park), the Welsh Government (who own the land and boundary fence where the horses were getting in) and parkrun.

There has been some success with the boundary fence being repaired and we've had useful discussions with all parties about the situation. Weekly checks of the boundaries (and park) have been ongoing on a Friday in addition to the usual parkrun-mandated course check early on a Saturday morning, and since event 5 we haven't had horses in the park during the event.

Yesterday's boundary and park check showed the fencing still to be intact, and no horses in the park. There was, however strong evidence of recent horse activity in the park - deposited all around the paths and on the pitches too.

This morning's course check found the fencing still in place, but 8 horses grazing on the path at the far end of the playing fields. The decision was taken to immediately cancel the event on safety grounds, and this we did via the parkrun website and social media.

All that remained to do was to turn away disappointed runners from the car park and do our best to make them understand that we feel as sad (if not more so) than they do - a lot of effort behind the scenes goes into organising a parkrun each week. It's extremely frustrating to have to turn people away from an event we feel passionately about putting on.

We will now try to reach a resolution with all the parties involved to make sure that parkrun can go ahead as planned every Saturday, with safety being our paramount consideration. Hopefully see you all next week for our special leap-year themed event. This will not involve horses.

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