##272 – Happy 5th Birthday Tring parkrun

The Tring birthday is always one of my favourite days of the year. Our birthday is always the 1st Saturday in November unless England are playing World Cup Rugby finals which was just as well as we avoided the awful weather from the previous week and were rewarded with a cold but bright morning.

Blazej set the course record for a birthday cake - even the right number of candles!

Thanks to Olympic Marathon runner Claire Hallissey (plus son Brandon), for presenting this year’s awards. Claire has been our fastest female on more occasions than any other female in each of our 5 years – impressive in that, this last year included Brandon’s arrival!

Over the years we have had some great cakes and this year was no exception with lots of thought having gone into the decorating - so a big thanks to the Roberts and Bunn families for their baking and decorating

Thanks to the cake baking/decorating team

So, let’s see who won this year’s certificates/trophies…. Unfortunately our speaker was misbehaving - so you have this year’s script….

First we have the male juniors

-          In Joint 4th with 32 runs in the year. He has run with us for a couple of years, but we have seen him a lot more this year and that has earned Aidan Roberts Joint 4th

-          Also in Joint 4th - He is the youngest male to have achieved a 100 shirt here at Tring, taking that title from his brother. So Joint 4th this year for Tom Patterson

-          Moving on to 3rd, and you get a trophy for 3rd, - with 34 runs. He has been with us since almost the beginning and won this competition for the last 2 years, Well done to Jim Patterson

-          It was close between 1st and 2nd, but in 2nd on 38 runs - He started running with us a couple of years ago doing the exercise part of his Bronze DofE. And he hasn't stopped since. Well done to Jamie Lea

-          In 1st place with 39 runs, He has been in the top 3 every year since we began, but never 1st, so a round of applause for this year Junior Male Winner Noah Roger
New folder1
Claire may not have recognised Noah from last time she presented him an award!

175 parkruns for our winning junior males

Next up we have the female juniors

Last few years this has become very competitive, Indeed Noah's 39 runs would only get him 5th in the girls competition

-          Starting with 5th and 39 runs. Last year she recorded the most PBs out of the Junior Girls, she has become quite a regular this year, so 5th goes to Darcey Hudghton

-          Onto 4th place with 43 runs, this girl this year became the youngest person to earn their 50 shirt here at Tring, taking the title from her sister. Well done to Amelie Bunn

-          Next up on 46 runs we have 2 girls in Joint 2nd. Not only are they on the same number of runs but they even share the same Christian name!

-          1st up, she was the 80th runner to have run 80 times at Tring and recently earned her 100 shirt, She missed the awards last year, so well done this time to Isobel Roberts

-          Also, joint 2nd, this girl has run at Tring more than any other junior, being the only junior to have run over 200 Tring parkruns - well done to Isobel Bladen

-          Our winning male has run the same number but with 49 runs, nobody ran more often, she is the youngest person to have reached 100 shirts at Tring. It's well done to Holly Bunn

223 runs in the year for our winning junior females

Before we move onto the adults we’ve introduced the next 2 awards for those who weren't even running with us a year ago, the most seen Newcomer Awards

-          The junior trophy winner is Luke Cobby who has run with us 28 times

-          The adult trophy prize goes to Rob Haddock, who has knocked 7 mins off his PB during the year

Our most seen Newcomers - well done both

Next up - the adult females

-          She only started running with us in Summer 2018, but has been a regular ever since, recently earning her 50 shirt. In 5th place we have Luciana Walker with 41 runs

-          Just a few weeks ago, this lady became the 83rd person to run at Tring 83 times, 44 of those in this year Sarah Wade with 44 joint 3rd

-          For 4 years, the most seen surname was Evans but this year we have been overtaken by the Bunns with Elaine bringing along her family being the reason. She has recently also offered to be one of our RDs - so joint 3rd to Elaine Bunn

-          In 2nd place - with 45 runs - She has run at Tring more than any other female and is the only female to have finish times that include all 60 seconds at Tring , Well done to Louise Bladen

-          In 1st place with 48 runs, after her 3rd place last year, this year’s female adult winner is Helen Page

222 runs for our winning adult females

For the men

-          2 men tied in joint 4th place. we start with 47 runs. Last year his OBE had to be taken off the mantlepiece to be replaced by a 5th place certificate. Now that can be replaced with this year's joint 4th Dan Storr

-          Also on 47 runs. And with almost 200 Tring parkruns completed - it's well done to Peter Leigh

-          On 48 runs. We’ve already seen his children, dad Gareth Roberts completes the set with 3rd place

-          Our remaining 2 runners have both won before, but this year they are joint 1st with 49 runs each. First up we have last year’s winner Andrew Booth

-          And finally - also joint 1st - he has run at Tring more often than anyone else and possibly by chance today is also his 250th run, The 1st person who started their running at Tring to achieve this milestone, Paul Myatt

240 parkruns in the year for our winning adult males

Next we have some trophies for those who managed the most PBs this year

Most of us would like one now and again but this next group collect them for fun

-          First for the junior females. We've seen her already where she just missed out on a trophy. With 9 PBs she has improved her PB from 33 mins to 28mins - Well done to Amelie Bunn

-          For the junior males he joined us to do DofE Silver exercise improvement In this last year he recorded 10 PBs and reduced his time from just over 25minutes to just over 22. Well done Eddie Sartin.

-          Next the adult females. This lady has only run 20 times with us but 12 of those have been PBs, Well done Christine Dennis

-          Finally, with the most PBs of all of us. He only started running with us in 2019 but in his 1st 18 appearances saw a stunning 17 PBs – Well done Mike Holdroyd

76611012_3025284551030285_6463898077940940800_o (1)
48 PBs across our 4 PB winners

Stopwatch Bingo

An extra award this year – As you complete your runs, you can play Bingo by seeing how many of the seconds that you hit with your results. Back in August we had our first runner who could shout Bingo having seen all 60 seconds at Tring so well done to one of our new RDs - Steve Bladen

Next we have our Volunteer Star award

As you know, parkrun wouldn’t happen without it's volunteers. This year our award goes to a lady who when injured, offered to help, and soon becoming a regular as our funnel manager. She has recently also agreed to become an RD and indeed is doing her 25th volunteer today and baked our birthday cake. Well done and thanks to Shelley Deverall-Roberts

And finally, a lot of work goes into each week’s run and we have a great team of Run Directors who do this

Thanks to the Tring parkrun RD team!

So I would like to call them out and if they could come to the front for a group pic, I would appreciate if you could give them a big round of applause as they come forward. So step forward Anna and Ross Lambert, Wes Ball, Ken Douglas, Andy Collings, Harry Bryant, Richard Murphy, Katie Haines, Stuart Page, Steve and Louise Bladen, Shelley Deverall-Roberts & Elaine Bunn

As ever - "thanks to our volunteers"

And finally, here are some quick stats about this week’s run - Tring parkrun #273…..

-          Paul Myatt celebrated his 250th parkrun – and just to celebrate we made sure that we had exactly 250 runners (more than double last week’s 109)! Paul is the first runner to have started his parkrunning at Tring and reach his 250 shirt. Impressive commitment given that we are only on #273 and he didn’t start till #12!

-          No shirts but Phil Roger ran his 200th and Naomi-Wager-Leigh her 150th. Ian Shenton earned his 50th parkrun shirt. Eilidh Mackenzie earned her 10th junior parkrun shirt and another PB!

-          Ben Rivers ran 28:45 and in doing so, set an impressive new VM75-79 record for our course

-          After 2 weeks, our Year 6 100% club is already down to 59 members including 12 juniors – who will be this year’s sole survivor?

-          We welcomed for the 1st time, the names - Swagata, Anastasiya, Harley and Casey

-          Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, the biggest improvements were Luca Greene (2:42), Daniel Rush (2:18), Elidh MacKenzie (1:11), Ollie Campbell (1:06) and William Drath (0:53)


Andy Evans


Yuck, Yuck, Yuck – Tring parkrun 272

Yuck , Yuck , Yuck ,

Parkrun was too wet for a duck!



The rain was flowing ,

We were almost rowing!!!

The wind was howling ,

The dogs were yowling .


We were all dressed up for Halloween,

But there were so few people for us to be seen !

The Rugby world cup was on in Japan,

There must have been more Parkrunners in Milan!


With only 109 people doing Tring Parkrun,

This did not make it very much fun.

I think we should all congratulate Helen Lane ,

Who arrived late for the run and took at least 4 trains !

She left at 6:16am heading for Clapham Common from Lichfeild ,


But with leaves on the track, she started at the back of the field.

Despite such bad luck and the rain in her face,

She still managed to finish her 427th Parkrun in 105th place!

This report was written by Holly Bunn ,

And the thing I’d like to say is: “come and do another run!!!!!!!!”



The parkrun bubble – Tring parkrun 271

1) We will all be cheering England on in the rugby. But Tring parkrun will still be on this Saturday. For those that want to come to parkrun, we promise no spoilers. If you set a PB you’ll be home well before half-time!
2) So you don’t have to choose between our fifth birthday celebrations and the rugby, we’ve moved this to next week – so come for fifth birthday awards and celebrations from 8.45 on Saturday 9 November.
3) We still need two marshals for this Saturday. Please volunteer – we can’t put on Tring parkrun without your help.
++++Housekeeping ends++++

I’ve found my new favourite thing about parkrun: touching the edge of the bubble.

What? I can hear everyone asking what on Earth I’m talking about. Let me explain.

I love the weekly excitement of walking into the park to a gathering crowd; people coming for different reasons but always to find friendship, a breath of fresh of air, exercise and a constantly changing, constantly beautiful park.

Run directing is an added thrill. First in the park, it is empty, peaceful, still. A low mist might hang in the valleys at this time of year; the smell of fresh, wild flowers on the dew in the summer. An hour later 200 people will be on the start line, a megaphone will be disturbing the cattle and volunteers in lurid high-vis vests will be dotted about the place. Another hour later and it will all be gone again. Empty. Peaceful. Still.

In those two hours that we’ve borrowed the park, a whirlwind creates something human and wonderful: emotions have been stirred and 200 weekends have been changed. Then it’s gone. All of us contained in our parkrun bubble.

But I said I’d found my new favourite thing on the edge of the bubble. It will take me a while to explain, so bear with me.

A few times in the last few weeks, I’ve marshalled at the turnaround point. I run from Berkhamsted over the top and down the old country lanes, skirting Champney’s and Wiggington. The ancient woodlands are always beautiful. At this time of year they challenge all the senses. In one last flurry, the trees prepare to sleep. The coppiced beeches take you on a full tour of Richard of Yorke’s half of the rainbow. The sensation underfoot is newly forgiving; the fresh fallen leaves and muddier ground a joyful respite from hard summer running. Without headphones, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, hibernating animals digging for stores speeds you to your destination. All of this runs through my mind as much as the thought that I’m running through lanes that have been the ancient byways of Chiltern folk for centuries. Long before the A41 or even the Grand Union Canal forced their ways through the Tring Gap people were walking these paths to get from farm to farm, village to market place.

After 45 mins or so of thrilling running, I arrive at the gate into the park at the top of Hastoe Lane. It’s quiet up here. You can’t hear the A41. Most likely, all you’ll hear is the farm on the other side of the lane. A donkey honking or cock crowing. Sometimes both – it can be quite a loud form of quietness.

A wonderful and kind set-up person will have put the turnaround point in place and hidden my high-vis jacket somewhere. The point is too far from the RD for a walkie talkie to work, so instead I will text to let them know I’ve arrived. Then a quick change into a non-sweaty t-shirt and warm hoodie and it’s time to perch on the gate to listen to that quiet (or donkey).

That means I don’t see the crowd appear. I don’t turn up to the blue tarpaulin and search for a friendly face to chat to; don’t have the conversation interrupted by a megaphone-wielding run director; don’t gently jostle to find my preferred starting position. It’s just me. Sitting quietly on the gate.

Then, at about 9.14, one runner will come through the woods. I’ll see the bright running t-shirt through the words first; hear the footsteps disturbing the hardcore path next; finally the breathing, pulling air deep into their lungs. Chances are that they will be reaching for their steps with ease, pushing up the last of the hill, eyes ahead and focussed. Then another. Then there’ll be a pair of runners who’ve clearly been running together – racing? – most of the way along the ancient Ridgeway. Within the first ten runners will be the first junior, impressively eating up the trail. These are the kind of people who make me think, “when I grow up I want to run like you”.

More and more people now give me a nod or wave as I cheer them through. Despite the climb from the valley floor, some are even chatting to each other. I look at my watch. It’s 9.16. In ninety seconds it’s gone from silence to applause, encouragement and conversation. More and more families start looping round the turning point. I’ll even get the odd high five.

There might be someone with a milestone vest on: a red 50, or a black 100, or a handmade one for a special milestone. All representing the repeated effort of getting up on a Saturday morning for the joy of parkrun. This week Austin Soane ran his 300th. Graham Hollands ran his 200th. Kay Ison and Melanie Brookman both ran their 50th By finishing in position 121, Melanie Brookman also completed the 50,000 run at Tring parkrun – 50,000 of those small efforts, from 7911 people who’ve made it round Tring park in the last five years.

Melanie celebrating her 50th parkrun and becoming completing the 50,000 Tring parkrun!

Melanie celebrating her 50th parkrun and becoming completing the 50,000 Tring parkrun!

Throughout the field I’ll notice people who are putting in that bit of extra effort. They seem to be just a little bit more focussed this week. Maybe chatting less than normal. Check the results later in the day and I’ll realise it’s because today was their PB day; the day they ran faster than they’ve ever run before. And that’s something we can all be proud of: today I did the best I’ve ever done. This week, with a time of 21:49 Austin Soane (on his 300th parkrun) set a new record for the VM65-69 age category. Of those who have run at least five times at Tring, seven recorded PBs: Isaac Skelding (2:35), Thomas Patterson (0:55), Lucy Cuthbert (0:54), Nicola Hueting (0:14), Ryan Hueting (0:13), Wes Ball (0:11), Jacob Lea (0:09). And here I have author’s privilege to point out that I haven’t got a PB at Tring since April 2015, so if I can do it, I’m sure it’s within reach of many others!

I was *quite* happy with my first PB in 4.5 years.

I was *quite* happy with my first PB in 4.5 years.

Alongside the PBers are the friends out for a jog and a chat with kids and dogs. This Saturday our great friend, Amanda Russell, ran with a gang, all with tennis balls in their hands. They were remembering Amanda’s wonderful, friendly and truly lovely dog, Louis. Louis had run Tring parkrun with Amanda 200 times before he died unexpectedly last week. He would always do the full 5k with a tennis ball in his mouth before dropping it just as he crossed the line, ready to be set off on a chase for it. He was friendly to everyone who wanted to say hello to him and a friend to us all. Much love from all the Tring parkrun family to Amanda.

Amanda and friends remember the wonderful Louis

Amanda and friends remember the wonderful Louis

Just as quickly, it’s over. Quite suddenly. After 15 minutes or so I’ll see the high vis tops of the tailwalkers and know the last of the gang has reached me. After a quick chat, the tailwalkers stuff my high-vis into their bag, collect the cones and carry on at the back of the pack while I pack my rucksack and head home. All of that huffing and puffing and energy and, most of all, joy has passed. The bubble of fun and friendship that is Tring parkrun has bounced past me. You lot are all finding you way back down to the inspiring chalk grassland of the park or maybe even already on your way to the Akeman for a cup of tea. Two hundred weekends will have the boost that only a good run can bring. For me, it is a privilege to see that bubble float past and just touch the edge of it. A bubble of swirling, luminous, chatty, joyful colours.

Here's to Amanda and Louis and friendship and the parkrun bubble!

Wes Ball


#270 Cake, Glorious Cake!

A massive thanks to Shelley, Gareth and (particularly) Isobel Roberts. They brought two enormously delicious cakes decorated with Smarties and Strawberry Laces (other sweets are available!!!) to celebrate the fact that my bestie (Isobel) ran her 100th Parkrun. Isobel was so close to getting a very hallowed statistic of her own this week when she was handed the 101 token having completed her 100th run. Shame on you, whoever came in front of Isobel. Why didn’t you let her beat you??

Thanks to the Roberts family for the cake. {Ed:Note this was the only photo from last week - so you might spot a theme with the other pics this week!]

However, I feel the need to complain to Andy about, let’s think, the lack of cake, pretty much every other week. Or not so much lack of cake, but perhaps just not enough of it. I will strongly suggest a cake rosta be implemented akin to the volunteer rosta for each and EVERY Parkrun, whereby there are key cake bakers, and then back-up cake bakers, to keep us runners running faster and faster! I’m not averse to biscuits and cookies either!

This week my five year old sister did her 16th volunteering slot at Tring Parkrun, and I was just wondering how many of you adults out there can put your hand up and say that you have done this too? If you can’t, then I would suggest that you put your name on the rosta over the next few weeks to volunteer. Let’s see if you can keep up with Lucy!! But, for now, let’s thank all those who volunteered this week for their amazing efforts to keep our beloved Parkrun going. Did you know that there are also volunteering jobs that you can do and then still get your run point too?? You can help with set up, close down, token sorting, car-park marshalling and lots of others besides. You could even write a run report! Just saying! A huge thanks too goes to Ross and Anna (and their trainee Run Director Ross&Anna Jr) for being incredibly organised and brilliant RDs this week. Thanks for bringing the sunshine!

This week there were a lot of numbers.
1 = 1st appearance of Mohammed, Ismael and Yaton .
1 = first appearance of the Ely Runners.

Welcome to the 1st appearance for the names Mohammed, Ismael and Yato as well as the Ely Runners running club

2 = Edward Harrison ran his 2nd PB in 2 weeks.
3 = 3 PBs in 3 weeks for Bob Spinks and Frances Roberts.
4 = Lewie Gunter-Jones with his 4 PBs in 4 weeks.
4 = thanks to Claire Hallissey , it is now 4 times that a woman has won Tring Park run out of 270 times.
5 = for the five biggest PB improvements (Victoria Moore, Edward Harrison, Sammy Haddok, William Crane, Amelie Bunn!).
10 = Edward Harrison running his junior 10th.

Well done Edward on your 10th parkruns and 2 PBs in a row!

20 = Claire Hallissey’s 20:15! (I have to say that this is not only utterly incredible as within the last year Claire had a baby, but also really VERY frustrating for those of us desperately trying to get near that time without the excuse of just having had a baby!!). Claire – you are AMAZEBALLS!
27 = 27 is the minute that 13.9% of the runners were crowded into across the finish line.
32 = NOTHING (it is just my favourite number).
35 = is for Claire Hallissey setting a new record for the VW35-39 age category. Like I said…..WOW!
41 = for the 41% of the Parkrun population this week that were women.
50 = (as ‘Luc’ would have it) the 50th time to see the name Luca and Luciana at Tring.
83 = Sarah Wade becoming the 83rd person to run 83 times at Tring Parkrun.

Well done Sarah - 83rd to run 83 at Tring!

100 = Isobel Roberts and Jasmine Margarett running their 100th PR.

100th Birthday candles
Well done Isobe; and Jasmine on your 100ths!

121 = 121 runs to go until we see our 50,000th run at Tring. Look out for the person with the 121 token next week!
200 = Amanda Russell’s 200th run.
2017 = This week there were no runners called Richard!! This hasn’t happened since 2017! Come back Richard, all is forgiven!

That’s it for this week, and well done and congratulations to everyone who ran, volunteered, got a PB, didn’t get a PB, ate cake or didn’t! Enjoy your half term holidays, whatever you are doing, and I will see you all again on 2nd November for Tring Parkrun’s 5th Birthday celebrations and prize giving. Who knows? You might be in the running for a certificate or a trophy……(see what I did there?)

Bye for now
Holly Bunn


Car parkrun arrangements Oct 2019 – Jan 2020

avoid parking here

We've had a request from the Natural History Museum to please not use their car park on Akeman Street for the next few weeks while building work is occupying much of the space there.

The museum has been very helpful and supportive to Tring parkrun over the years and we ask that everyone respects their request.

Please use car parks in the town or their overflow carpark on Hastoe Lane.

Thank you

The Tring parkrun core team

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