parkrun #126 – the very cold one in Winter wonderland

This week we had a brave 139 runners, who came down in the freezing cold weather to run parkrun and 17 of those gained new PB’s. A special well done to the 19 first timers and we saw tourists from Cambridge and Coleridge AC.

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Our snowy winter wonderland

We congratulated Matt Beatty on his 25th Volunteer, Holly Bunn on her 10th parkrun and Gus Evans on his 50th parkrun.  

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Holly ringing the PB bell after her 10th parkrun


In fact Gus has written his own parkrun report -

I started running parkrun in November 2014, as I was lucky to get a preview at the pre event run, followed by the 1st run.

They were both some of the worst moments of my life as my dad dragged me along at a sluggish pace which took about 50 mins, so I had some painful first experiences. I managed to keep that pace for about ten parkruns and I had got my 10 t-shirt.

So I had done parkruns on and off for about 6 - 7 months and continued at this pace and the in 2016 I had managed complete more runs and then came the grey area of the summer where I things slipped a bit on the running front. However I did manage some parkrun tourism at Brighton and Hove with mum and my sister made a cool film of it.

In the autumn, with my 50th in sight it gave a new life to running and it had got me back into the swing of things plus my sudden growth spurt helped increase my speed.

So on New Year's Eve, I ran my Tring PB at 38:38 breaking the end of year goal of under 40 minutes. And my 2107 is to keep under 40 minutes and even break 35 minutes.

Then the fateful day of reckoning as upon me and it was my 50th parkrun ever and it was one of the coldest ever and this weeks RD, Katie was calling out my name saying that it was my 50th. The run itself wasn’t too bad I got a time of 39:22.

Sometimes I have not wanted to run due to the weather but glad I have made the effort and reached my 50th milestone.
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Gus on completing his 50th parkrun

I would like to thank all the volunteers this week for braving the cold -

Adam LEARY  •  Andy EVANS  •  Claire HALLISSEY  •  Clare MURPHY  •  Gary EVANS  •  Hamish ROBERTSON  •  James MAPLE  •  Judi HOPCROFT  •  Karen LEARY  •  Katie HAINES  •  Ken DOUGLAS  •  Matt BEATTY  •  Oscar DALE  •  Rachel WRAY  •  Richard MURPHY  •  Sam EVANS  •  Steve BLADEN  •  Thomas GRAY  •  Tom SAWYER

See you all again on Saturday




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