Running with children under 11 and dogs at Tring parkrun

We love to see parkrunners bring their children and dogs to Tring Park. They’re always very welcome.

However parkrun has strict policies relating to running with under-11s and dogs.

We’ve summarised these below and provided links to more information on the parkrun website.

If you run with under-11s or a dog please take a moment to become familiar with these.
Children under 11:

We are happy for children under the age of 11 years to take part in Tring parkrun but they must be accompanied at all times by a parent, guardian or other designated adult over the age of 18. “Accompanied" means running with the child/children (keeping within arm's reach at all times) during the parkrun, and not letting them run by themselves.

Not doing so invalidates our insurance. We will consider removing the results of those who persistently flout this non-negotiable u-11 rule.

We recommend that you run at a pace your child (or the slowest if you have more than one) is comfortable with. Also please ensure your children are aware of runners around them and of the hazards of stopping or changing direction abruptly.

Note that Aylesbury hold shorter “junior parkrun events” on Sunday mornings. These are only 2k in length and ideal for younger runners.

You can read more about parkrun and children under 11 at


For dog owners:

Tring Park allows runners with dogs. Please keep your dog under firm control at all times, either on a short lead or a harness with a short lead, and take extreme care to avoid tripping other runners. But only one dog per runner please.

Failing to comply with this invalidates our parkrun insurance.

When there are cows in the park, follow any extra instructions given by the Run Director or designated “Cow Marshals”.

You can read more about about running with your dog at parkrun at