parkrun 149 – It’s a dog’s life!

This is me!

Hello it’s Oscar here, I’ve cracked the password for my humans computer at last! My humans, yes MY humans, they think they are my masters but I only leave them think that. Actually I’ve got them right where I want them, under my paw!

Oscars paw
This is my paw!

So my human dad was Parkrun RD last weekend but the meany left me at home. I do like to come to parkrun sometimes as I love to run. Tring Park is one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. I love running soooo much that if I can slip my harness, which I have done, I’ll run and run and run and won’t come back for a very long time!!

I do run with my human but he’s not really fast enough for me, he makes me run very slow. On Sunday when we went out for a run and my human fell over. My other human was away so I went to stay with his human friends, Ken & Moira. I had great fun chewing up Moiras’ slippers and I burst Kens’ exercise ball!

An ex-exercise ball. Arf arf!

Anyway I heard my human saying he didn’t know what to write in this week parkrun report so I thought I’d do it for the silly old fool (Don’t tell I said that mind).

Apparently 204 people ran, jogged and walked the course this week, of whom 33 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. One lady came all the way from Australia!
Young Ben Lindars (JM15-17) from Vale of Aylesbury AC was first over the line for the 9th time in his 12 appearances at Tring, with a time of in 18:45.

Jamie Marlow (VM35-39) from Dacorum & Tring AC was second over the line in 18:48.

And we don’t know who was third over the line as they forgot their barcode (My human is forgetful too)!

My friend Lynda Hembury was first female over the line for the 15th time in 60 appearances. I know Lynda because she has got two dogs, but I’ve only met them a couple of times.

Scarlett Wager-Leigh (JW15-17) from Chiltern Harriers AC was second female over the line and 24th overall in 23:33. Scarlett has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.

Another nice lady that I know called Helen Tullie (who also has a dog) and is from Tring RC, was third (32nd overall) over the line in 24:01. Helen has finished first before as well. My human has never finished first!

The start

There were lots of volunteers who helped this week (I would volunteer too if I was allowed) so a huge thank you to:

Hilary Needleman • Katie Haines • Ken Douglas • Steve Bladen • Janet Reeve • Thomas Gray • Michael Reeve • Dan Storr • Philippa Storr • Louise Bladen • Isobel Bladen • Chris Nicholls • Dennis Reffety • Ron Yaxley • Matt Beatty • Daniel Beatty • Alison Bill • Chris Bill • Claire Houlding • Charlotte Adams • Jenny Gilbey • Poojanie Ekanayake and Wavija Ekanayake

As usual we have some amazing statistics for you

  • The average male age was 36.4 – the youngest since beginning of December 2016
  • 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Eloise Clark, Sam Bojarski and Zoe Bright
  • 18 finishers in the 31st minute for the 3rd parkrun in a row
  • 1st time we have seen 3 Stephens, 3 Rebeccas and 2 Paulas
  • 1st time ever we have seen the names Davydd, Ned and Alannah
  • 200th appearance by the name Tom
  • 50th appearance by the surnames Porter and Stewart
  • Jamie Marlow recorded the 3rd fastest ever VM35-39 time
  • Of the runners who've run 5+ times at Tring, best improvements were seen from daughter and mum, Alyssa Clark (1:23) and Eloise Clark(0:26) and also Sam Burnell on his "50th" (0:30)
  • Andrzej Bojarski finished 11th on his 11th parkrun

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 19.53.19
This has nothing to do with this week's parkrun (it's from run 116) but I like it! We need more dog pictures I say!!!

That’s it for now I need to go and order a bone from Amazon now.
Hopefully my human will bring me to parkrun again soon!

Oscar Beagle
Aged 4 and a bit.