Tring parkrun #181 – Words of wisdom from Elodee (Age 8)


We start this week’s report with words from young Elodee Walker who recently achieved her milestone 10th parkrun – Thanks Elodee for helping me with this week’s run report….


We always used to go walking around Tring Park and I liked the idea of running around it, so Mummy and Daddy thought I might like to try to the parkrun. Some of my friends have done it too and it sounded like fun.

I love running with Daddy and I like running in the mud because it's slippy! I love that there is a lot of support at the parkrun and lots of people cheering me on. I like the views when we're running and I enjoy running past the pillars because they tell me that I'm nearly there! I feel happy and proud of myself for having run 10 parkruns and now I'm looking forward to trying to do 20. I'm looking forward to running in the summer and to when my younger sister does it more with us! I like that it makes me feel fit and healthy and I would say to anyone thinking of trying the parkrun to give it a go!

Elodee (Age 8)

Our star writer Elodee (pictured in the middle) with sister Paige and Dad, Paul (who was also celebrating his birthday)

Since helping with the run report Elodee has achieved PB’s in 2 successive weeks so it has been scientifically proven that writing the run report will help you get a PB! (although in my case the effect seems slightly delayed!). It would be a great help if we could have a few more guest appearance run reports - let us know if you could help with this , Thanks

It was a good week for number sequences - No we didn’t have a 12:34 finisher but we did have 234 parkrunners at Tring this week and several runners let me carry on the theme - thanks to Catherine Jackson making her 1st appearance at Tring with a 23:45 and Andrew Wood achieving a PB just so he could get a 34:56 for us. Playing the same game in a descending manner Ffion Webster ran backwards for a 43:21, Patrick Ashton managed a 21:00 and Jamie Lea was just 2 seconds off completing the set with his 32:08

We applauded our latest batch of milestones - so well done to Dean Sartin, our runniest runner this week celebrating his 250th, Lorraine Hurford celebrated the shirt-less milestone of 150, well done to Janet Reeve and Keith Stonestreet for their 100th runs and Helen Margetts for her 50th and Lowri Webster celebrating her Junior 10th.

Well done to our milestone achievers

Meanwhile starting their own personal parkrun journies well done to Emma Leach, Daniel Murphy, Francesca Thorpe, Dan Weir, Amaia Dauncey, Robbie Thorpe, Kevin Thorpe, Ian Jenkins and Robert Rushton who all ran their 1st ever parkrun.

Well done Amaia - one of our runners running their 1st parkrun and now the 1st and fastest Amaia to have run at Tring

2PBs in 2 weeks for Christopher Parker was great though he should have stuck to his running as he then ruined the record by getting injured playing football

Rather surprisingly for the 4th week in a row our fastest 3 all finished in the 20th minute again

It was the 1st time we have seen the names Dani, Amaia, Aurelia, Brid and Dilan

1st time we have seen 3 Guys and it’s not even the 5th November!

1st time ever we have had no Evans running for 2 parkruns in a row though I personally managed to get rid of that unwanted record at #182

50th time we have seen the surnames Kingston and Morgan

James Foskett, Lorraine Hurford and Kevin Lynch continued their 100% attendance in year 4 – they’ll be cancelling their holidays soon!

Shelley Deverall-Roberts became the 200th person to run 25 times at Tring

Regulars who knocked the most off their PBs included Elodee Walker (1:06), Andrew Wood (0:49) and Kevin Lynch (0:31)

No wonder Chris and Anna are looking happy - they both recorded PBs

Zoe Chappell has seen PBs on each of her last 3 visits

We saw the following clubs for the 1st time; “Sunshine” and “parkrun for people living with asthma”

Mickey definitely had the best leap for the camera

With 3 runners, Olney Runners AC set a new attendance record for their club

Patrick Ashton ran the 500th Tring parkrun by a member of Dacorum & Tring

Normally I sign off with a “see you all soon” but we already have at #182 but that’s another story.

Next week I’m off to be a “Laufer “at Frankfurt parkrun #parkruncanbeagoodexcuseforaweekendaway so see you in 2 weeks’ time

Andy Evans


#180 the perfect score

In darts 180 is the perfect score so this week we are going for our own set of perfect scores  - so no words of wisdom this week just a bunch of numbers

The perfect score

(OK  - so that might be something to do with there just being 8 hours before our next parkrun!) If you ever fancy giving us a hand with the run report writing, give me a shout as it's always good to get different contributors - maybe you have a hidden talent for it?

From this angle it almost looks flat


Anyway lets get back to the numbers.

Obviously we liked Angelo Lucatello's 26:26, Raphael Briand's 27:27, Nick Booth's 30:30 and Kath Pither's 31:31

Colin Hamnett finished 23rd on his 23rd parkrun - impressive!

It was the joint closest to getting the same number of runners as the parkrun number ie we had 182 at parkrun #180 - last time we were this close was at #116 when we saw 118 - Will we have 181 runners at #181?

In PB land we had 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Charlotte Severs, Ella Kingston and Darren Leinweber

Huw Jones, Kay Ison and Joshua Whitton have seen PBs on each of their last 3 visits

Of those who've run at least 5 times at Tring, PBs of over a minute for Matthew Whitton (1:48), Joshua Whitton (1:23) and Jamie Lea (1:08)

It’s been 24 Tring parkruns since Neil Coburn’s last PB so he’ll be pleased with his improvement of 1 second

So close! Scarlet Wager-Leigh, with her time of exactly 22 minutes was just 1 second away from the record for junior females which she herself had set 98 parkruns ago

At the front for the 3rd parkrun in a row our fastest-3 all finished in minute 20

Our 3 members of our “Year 4 100%” club, Lorraine Hurford, Kevin Lynch and James Foskett were all present

We saw the following clubs for the 1st time; Higham Harriers AC and Defence Sports & Recreation

For milestones we had visitor Dan Knowles achieving his 50th

Elodee Walker and Enid Fleetwood both achieved their Junior 10ths – look out for Elodee’s write-up in next week’s run report

Any stats about names? Well funny you should ask..

700th appearance by the name Paul , the most seen name at Tring

1st time we have seen the names Larisa, Chas and Sonny

1st time we have seen more than one Ros at Tring at same event

Talking of Ros, she'll be running her 300th tomorrow at her other parkrun of Finsbury Park so well done for that - but last week she ran her triple-century -eve run with us

Both Ros and Angelo get a mention in this week's report

With other almost milestones - Janet Reeve and Keith Stonestreet ran their Flake "99" parkruns

And we saw the 499th Tring parkrun by a member of Dacorum & Tring – who will run the 500th?


See you in the morning - lets do it all again!

Andy E


Tring parkrun #179

Tring Parkrun #179

It was the last January parkrun in 11 months and I am sure I speak for lots of us when I say thank goodness for the end of January. The days should be getting longer and warmer from now on!

Still 187 budding parkrunners arrived at Tring Park for our 179th parkrun. This week we welcomed 8 first time parkrunners and 14 tourists visiting Tring Park for the first time. Welcome to you all. It still amazes me how in the depth of winter PBs are set but 11 people successfully recorded PBs. Well done to each of you.


All our wonderful volunteers, including our 14 pacers (perhaps this explains all the PBs), did a great job assisting and supporting our runners. We really value our volunteers without whom there would be parkrun. It is therefore a sincere thank you to each and every one of;

Adam Swan, Alison Bill, Amelie Bunn, Andrew Powell, Andy Evans, Andy Neill, Anna Lambert, Anna Powell, Benjamin Bunn, Chris Bill, Chris Nicholls, Christopher Parker, Clare Murphy, Claudia Selina, David Severs, Dominic Veal, Elaine Bunn, Hettie Swan, Holly Bunn, James Foskett, James Maple, Jos Bartlett, Katrina Bond, Ken Douglas, Matt Beatty, Noah Roger, Paul Mccormack, Phil Roger, Philippa Storr, Rachel Wray, Richard Long, Richard Murphy, Ross Lambert & William Brookman.

We are always looking for more volunteers. All of the roles are easy, fun and come with simple instructions. If you are willing to help us please visit our volunteer roster to see what roles we have available. Please then email to let us know you can help.

It wouldn’t be a Tring parkrun report without our super statistics. Let’s see what the super computer kicked out this week.

  • Patricia Cue and Kaye Quinn were running their 467th and 442nd parkruns respectively. These are the 2nd and 3rd highest numbers that we have ever seen at Tring and indeed our highest 3 are now all female.
  • Visitor Carolyn Britton ran her 100th parkrun.
  • Junior James Herbert ran his 10th parkrun.
  • Kevin Lynch sets the 10th longest ever Tring sequence with his 22 Tring parkruns in a row.
  • Zoe Chappell achieved 2 PBs in 2 weeks.
  • 50th appearance of the name Darren.
  • 400th appearance of the Surname Bladen and 100th by Williams and 50th by Relph.
  • Of those who've run at least 5 times at Tring, Enid Fleetwood smashed her PB by 3:03 - Wow, PBs also for Paul Crudge (0:24) and Zoe Chappell (0:21).
  • 1st time we have seen 3 Handy Cross Runners at the same event.
  • Colin Baker finished 34th on his 34th parkrun
  • Jonathan Pegg removed himself from 12th place on the UK list that you don't want to be on - the “Visited most different parkruns without a visit to Tring” – having seen 175 others already!

We hope you enjoy this week’s parkrun.

Ross and Anna


Tring parkrun #178

Tring parkrun 178

On Saturday the 27th of January we had Tring parkrun number 178. As run directors we often have the privilege of watching the run unfold around us, we get to observe the little moments that truly make parkrun what it is, moments that otherwise we would miss when we run. Last Saturday I was reminded of just that. I watched a friend's beaming two year old run between our event director and another run director for a cuddle before clapping some runners over the line. He had just completed a buggy run with his Dad. I was reminded once again that Tring parkrun is so much more than a run in the park.


Such a parkrun could not happen without our wonderful volunteers. They are all heroes... especially at this time of the year! Huge thank you to the 23 volunteers who helped last week's run happen, namely John Appleby, Matt Beatty, Alison Bill, Chris Bill, William Brookman, Sam Evans, Gary Evans, Andy Evans, Anna Fryer, Rona Gibson, Thomas Gray, Katie Haines, Anna Lambert, Ross Lambert, James Maple, Richard Murphy, Stuart Page, Carole Page, Andrew Powell, David Alan Severs, Dan Storr, Philippa Storr and Victoria Wilson.


Well done to Mairi Anderson who achieved her 50th shirt, thank you for those delicious cakes. Congratulations to the 9 runners who completed their first ever parkrun, we hope you enjoyed it. 12 tourists made their first visit to Tring, welcome, we hope you come to visit again and 15 individuals achieved PB’s. Well done to all of you.


Of course it would not be a Tring parkrun run report without some stats:

  • An aesthetically pleasing top & tail to our results ranging from 20:02 to 1:00:01.
  • Our Year 4 100% club is down to 3 members with just Lorraine Hurford, James Foskett and Kevin Lynch left.
  • 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Huw Jones, Kay Ison and Adrian Kelly.
  • Successive minutes 39/40/41/42/43 all had exactly 3 finishers.
  • We saw our 300th Thomas and our 100th Karen and our 50th Victoria.
  • 1st time we saw 2 Henriettas and 1st time we have seen the names Cass and Miami. Cass was celebrating a 110 mile fell run and had brought some excellently decorated cakes all the way from Sheffield - our best tourist cakes that we’ve had so far – you’re welcome to visit again!
  • The 100th time we have seen the Haines surname courtesy of one of our RDs Katie as she becomes the 22nd person to run 100 times at Tring.
  • Juliet Mitchell became the 62nd person to run 62 times (She is good at this as also 54th to run 54 and 58th to run 58).
  • Of those who've run at least 5 times at Tring, just 2 PBs this week, Zoe Chappell (0:11) and Bethany Hanson (0:09).
  • We saw the following clubs for the 1st time; On the Run Pitstone and the Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC.

Hope to see you all in the morning for another great run.

Ross and Anna

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