Tring Park parkrun #186 – And now rain!!!!

We’ve had some pretty tricky weather thrown at us over the last weeks with the ‘Beast’ and ‘Mini Beast’ from the East bringing freezing and snowy conditions to our lovely Tring Park. This week it was rain! Not a nice noisy, bouncy rain but the gloomy drizzly type that seems to get everywhere and soak everything. This made the conditions interesting however with a very slippery course to contend with.

The weather didn’t stop 188 of you donning your trail shoes and hitting the park! We welcomed 24 first timers who braved the weather to run the infamous Tring hills. We hope you enjoyed the course and come back again when it’s a little drier for a PB.

186-1 gloomy start
A very wet and blurry start.

Despite the conditions there were 9 personal bests this week, well done to Billy Jackson, Charlie Crafts, Simon Nicholson, Yogi Powell, Richard Beadle, Nick Amos, Ross Meikle and Helen Moore.

186-2 slippery corner of false hope
A very slippery ‘corner of false hope’, careful now!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who braved the elements to set up the course, man the marshalling points and manage the finish line. Many thanks to Chris Nicholls, Claire Hallisey, Claudia Selina, Dave Cary, Edward Hopper, Izzy Brookes, Judi Hopcroft, Katie Stapleton, Ken Douglas, Louise Brookes, Matt Beatty, Richard Murphy, Steve Bladen, Thomas Grey and William Brookman.

186-3 finish line volunteers
The finish line crew, great job in tricky conditions.

And now onto this weeks’ run and we have a wealth of achievements, data and stats to keep you entertained right up to next Saturday!

Well done to Rona Gibson and Jasmine Margetts who both ran their 50th parkruns and earnt the coveted Red T-Shirt. Also, Charlotte Severs became the 1st junior to achieve their 10 shirt in the space of 10 straight Tring parkruns.

186-4 charlotte severs 10th
Well done Charlotte!

So we’ve been searching through the record books to see what Charlotte could aim for next:
• Longest number of Tring parkruns in a sequence from running 1st parkrun at Tring, by a female = 11 (Liz Cundale)
• Longest number of any parkruns in a sequence from running 1st parkrun at Tring, by a female = 12 (Alison Bill)
• Longest number of Tring parkruns in a sequence from running 1st parkrun at Tring, by anyone = 24 (Kevin Lynch)
• Fastest to 50 shirt - 52 weeks (Alison Bill)
• Fastest to 100 shirt - 114 Male – Paul Myatt, 115 Female – Isobel Bladen (although in 3 weeks’ time Alison Bill could smash these with an impressive 105!)

Talking of long sequences – our 2 remaining members of our Year 4 100% club were both present. With 25 in a row James Foskett is now 9th on the all-time longest sequence table and with 29 Lorraine Hurford has equaled her own best sequence, the joint 4th longest (and 2nd longest by a female)

Impressively 2 PBs in 2 weeks by Yogi Powell

We saw a sub-19 time – it’s been 12 parkruns since our last

With a 1 second improvement Claire Hallissey improved the 4th best ever time in the VW35-39 category

We saw our 100th appearance by the name Ross and 50th by the name Angelo

We saw the name Kayleigh for the 1st time and the 1st time we have seen 2 Iains on the same day

We saw the surnames Ward and Lucatello for the 50th time

With the slippy conditions, only 2 PBs from those who have run at Tring 5 times – Nick Amos (2:31) and Yogi Powell (0:02)

And last but not least Colin Chapman managed to finish 49th on his 49th parkrun, a very aesthetically pleasing stat! 50th on your 50th next week Colin?

First across the line this week for the Ladies this week Claire Hallissey in 21:26 followed by Mary Ward in 24:19 and Rachel Wray in 25:34.

For the men first timer Sam Upton was fastest in 18:37 followed by Billy Jackson with a PB time of 19:41 and Paul Myatt in 21:37.

186-5 post run chats

The now traditional Tring parkrun post run chat! The best bit?

Well done to all those that ran this week, for a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to
For news , photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at and you can now follow us on Twitter at .

If you would like to volunteer please email with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.
Thank you and see you on Saturday.

Richard Murphy

Run Director


parkrun #185 – The mini beast from the East

On a morning that dawned more bleakly than a Danish crime drama, the volunteers of Tring parkrun would have held high hopes that common sense would have prevailed amongst the runner and that everyone could remain safely tuck up in bed.

Parkrunner however, have been accused of many things having any common sense is not one of them, so it was at 9am in the amidst of the mini beast of the east 156 runners appeared over the spiral bridge to tackle our own beast.


Of those parkrunners we welcomed 15 first timers, who didn’t let the weather stop them from completing their first run and clearly the weather condition “was a PB kind of day” for 11 lucky runners.

We celebrated two milestones, Joshua Whitton achieved his 10th parkrun and Katrina Bond reached her 100th parkrun. Congratulations to both of you.

Katrina & Joshua

Katrina & Joshua

Three brave runners travelled from Sheffield through the mini beast from the east to support a family member taking on a slightly longer challenge in Ashridge on Saturday.


The mini beast from the east did not stop out stats computer this week ….

Katrina Bond ran her 100th parkrun

Joshua Whitton ran his 10th parkrun

2 PBs in 2 weeks for Sean Robinson
34.2% were aged 50+, the highest % this group has seen since early October 2017

Our 2 most popular minutes – minutes 28 and 29 have seen identical numbers - both have now seen 1,868 runners

1st week without an Alison running since August 2016!

1st time we have seen the names Marie, Tommy and Connie

Ella Highton becomes the 64th person to run 64 times at Tring (Way back in December 2014 she was also the 8th person to run 8 times and the 10th person to run 10 times at Tring)

Claire Hallissey set the 4th fastest time ever for the VW35-39 age group, watch this space for a few more records to tumble in her new age category

Of those who've run at least 5 times at Tring, Adam Woodhams (2:07) was the only person with a PB

Michelle Knott set a new record gap of 184 parkruns between 2 Tring parkruns, having last run at #1

2 PBs in last 2 appearances for Jonathan Hoar, Richard Pennant-Jones, Sean Robinson, Yogi Powell and Tigi Herbert

We saw the following clubs for the 1st time; Windle Valley Runners and Sheffield University Cross Country & AC

Trevor De Souza managed to finish 25th on his 25th parkrun and he almost managed the ideal time finishing in 25 minutes and ….. ……… 27 seconds – so close!!

Finally a big thanks to the volunteers who turned out in very chilly conditions to ensure that the event takes place



See you all on Saturday
Run Director


#parkrun 184 – Plenty of mud to keep them smiling

On a cool and grey morning on Saturday, we welcomed 199 participants to the 184th running of parkrun here in Tring.

Apart from a handful of slightly late arrivals and a sneaky dog who had managed to slip his collar and evaded his owner for some distance (he was finally collared again heading for the exit), the whole crowd managed to successfully negotiate the course, even with enough mud in the usual places to steal the shoes of any unsuspecting runner.

Jumping Mud

Cathy Bishop

Marcus and Cathy showing us how to avoid the mud

As has already been shown in the weeks' pictures, most managed the course in a pretty positive mood which is always great to see, though the chill in the air ensured that only a few lingered long enough to see Dennis Raffety complete the course as tail runner.

Congratulations to Dave Cary on reaching his 50th parkrun this week.

Dave Carey

Dave Carey completing his 50th

As usual, our esteemed event director proves that even on a middling, grey parkrun, in the middle of March there are enough statistical oddities in the numbers to last at least the length of a cup of tea - so here we go:

Nobody finished in the 21st minute – last time that happened was in February 2016

We saw the name Alison for the 200th time

For the 1st time we saw the names Tiana and Karina

200th time we have seen the surname Lambert

50th time we have seen the surnames Lee and Knox

19 PBs with most of these being for new runners. Philip Pugh (0:19) and Joshua Whitton (0:42) were the only 2 runners who have run at least 5 time at Tring and also recorded a PB this week

Well done to Tony Peacock who ran his 1st parkrun in March 2016 and set a PB this week at his 2nd parkrun. And similarly, Alarik and Emma Knox who ran their 1st in October 2016 and knocked off over 7 minutes from their PB at this week’s parkrun which was also their 2nd parkrun.

Chris Felden recorded his 3rd PB in his last 3 Tring parkruns and 2 PBs in 2 for Thomas Felden, Anna Dalgas, Jane Gaherty, Dilan Baraus, Joshua Whitton and Molly Light

We saw the following clubs for the 1st time; Enfield & Haringey AC and Portishead Running Club

See you all next week
Run Director


Tring Park parkrun #183 –The Beast Bites!!!!

There had been a lot of warnings about ‘The Beast from the East’ causing major issues through the entire week but Tring had remained pretty unscathed…… until Thursday when suddenly the Beast Bit! We had snow all day Thursday and then more on Friday afternoon when it started to come down heavier than ever.


A lot of parkruns cancelled pretty quickly but at Tring we wanted to maintain our ‘182 not out’ record so myself, Ken Douglas, Andy Collings and John Manning arrived in the park at 16:30 Friday evening to recce the course and assess the risks. As soon as we got there things didn’t seem that bad and after a full lap and post run discussion, in the Pub!, we all agreed to go ahead and the Tring parkrun PR machine went into overdrive.


 ‘Testing’ the course on Friday evening

Now onto the run itself. Firstly a huge thank you to all the volunteers who braved the elements to set up the course, man the marshalling points and manage the finish line. Many thanks to  Andy Collings, Andy Evans, Barry Watson, Carol Page, Chris Millar, Chris Parker, Elizabeth Daniel, Ella Van De Linde, Len Van De Linde, Ken Douglas, Louise Bladen, Philippa Storr, Sarah Watson, Steve Bladen, Stuart Page, Vicky Lea, Vicky Wilson and William Brookman. A special thanks to Will who took some great pictures and braved the elements in his shorts!

183-5 volunteers

The volunteers gather

Not surprisingly we had our lowest attendance since December 2016 with 139 runners completing the run. However, despite the snowy conditions, we still had 9 PB’s. Congratulations to Oliver Moore, David Geary, Jim King, Ben Baker, Graham Cooper, Emma Bisgrove, Yogi Powell, James Geary and Tigi Herbert. Well done to everyone that got a PB, there were some amazing improvements which I think shows that snow is a lot faster than mud!


183-5 and their off

And their off!

183-6 near gate one

The view looking back from gate one.

183-6 looking back along the ride

The view looking back along the ‘Ride’.

We had two milestones this week with Ian Down and Michael Fryer both completing their 50th parkruns and earning the coveted red shirt, well done to both you.

This week we welcomed back Eye Community Runners who smashed their previous attendance record with 6 runners this week (If you didn’t know -  Eye Community Runners are based in the village of Eye, four miles east of Peterborough). It was great to see you at Tring and well done on making the journey from Eye in the conditions, we hope to see you again soon.

The snow didn’t stop Lorraine and James our 2 remaining members of the Year 4 100% club and well done to Janet Reeve who managed the equally challenging task of finishing 101st on her 101st parkrun.

First across the line this week for the Ladies this week Claire Hallissey in 22:57 followed by Tilly Green in 24:43 and Elaine Bunn in 26:49.

For the men Billy Jackson was fastest in 20:23 followed by Roger Seed in 20:37 and Michael Fryer completing his 50th in 20:37

Well done to all those that ran this week, for a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to

For news , photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at and you can now follow us on Twitter at .

If you would like to volunteer please email with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

Thank you and see you on Saturday.

Richard Murphy

Run Director


How I became a parkrunner – Tring park run #182

This week we've handed over the run report to Wes Ball who ran his 100th parkrun and so he tells us about his life as a park runner.


I ran my first parkrun on 8 September 2012. I remember it well. My friend, Hopi Sen, had been urging me to take up parkrunning for months but I'd never really got round to it. I didn't really understand how you could sign up for a race - I thought it was a race at the time - that was run every week for free. FOR FREE. Hopi had tried to persuade me it was more of a social club, but I didn't really get it. I was taking it ultra-seriously. The Friday night before had been my cricket club's end of season drinks. I had a simple pint and nothing more. "I'm racing tomorrow, lads".

My first parkrun was at Finsbury Park. At the time we lived five minutes' walk from the park. With a six month old baby, we had been daily visitors to the park over that hot, Olympic summer: to get some fresh air away from the flat; to push the baby round and help him sleep; to meet ante-natal friends and talk to people.

So turning up at the café was a very familiar experience. Putting on trainers equally so. I'd been an on-off runner for the last 10 years. More off than on in recent months but nothing out of the ordinary. As I recall it was a warm early Autumn morning. I did two laps of Finsbury Park in 23:51.

Next week I went back and did a PB in 23:50.

This parkrunning malarkey was easy.

Then I didn't go back until November. And then January; then February; then June. In my first year of being a parkrunner I turned up at my local park - just five minutes from my flat, remember - six times.

In my second year it became a bit more of a habit. Fifteen runs at Finsbury Park. And my first tourist experience at the confusingly named Parke parkrun. It was wonderful. It was off road, muddy in parts, quite hard. It was totally different to the pavements of Finsbury Park. What was the same were the friendly folk who welcomed me. Not literally the same folk; but the same outlook: chat to anyone, we're all runners, and we're also here to be friends.

It was also in my second year that I also had my one and only FYB moment when I ran at nearby Alexandra Palace parkrun. Remember folks: don't forget your barcode.

What got me going in that second year was encouraging a friend of mine to come along. Another former colleague and near neighbour, Adrian McMenamin, was finding his way into running. He was unconvinced he could run 5k. I told him it didn't matter - it was a run, not a race. We would run together and have a chat. He turned up that first time and it became a regular habit of ours; a way of keeping in touch. I remember Adrian saying to me at one point that he'd get his hundred in a two years or so. I was like: "Yeah. That should be possible. I'm already well on my way."

Along the way a second baby had arrived and in the summer of 2014 we moved to Berkhamsted. The nearest parkruns were Aylesbury and St Albans. Not especially close. I emailed parkrun HQ and said I'd be keen to set one up closer to home. In the meantime I'd done a couple of runs at St Albans. Same, same, different. Different course - a lake no less - same friendly folk. I was well into this habit now.

Then the Wizard of Oz, Glen Turner called me. "Funny you should say you want to set one up in Berkhamsted because we're just about to launch one up the road in Tring. They need some volunteers to be Run Directors. Do you want to be a part of it?" A few email exchanges and phone calls later and me, Josie and the kids are standing in Tring Park in late October 2014 looking around, wondering who we were supposed to be meeting. It was the test event and the first time I'd actually met Andy Evans, Andy Collings, Jenni and Toby Gribbin, Jon Hull and Judi Hopcroft - the original gang of Run Directors. We had 50 odd runners, very few marshals, and we were all learning on the job. A week later it was the first Tring parkrun and we had 213 runners. We were still learning on the job and we still only had a few volunteers.

Not long after that I went from being an occasional barcode scanner to my first stint as Run Director. Live and unleashed with a megaphone. Putting the volunteer list together, setting the course out, dealing with the practicalities. Before the run we had a panic as the car park hadn't been unlocked - not for the last time! And during the run some people, entirely by accident, took a short cut. All of a sudden a Saturday morning jog had become a series of responsibilities and things that needed sorting. The power of the megaphone was not wholly without challenge!

But it was great. We were a fab gang. Andy and Glen had created something brilliant. Week by week we were putting on something that was bringing people together and that they really enjoyed. And we were putting this run on in the most beautiful of places. Somewhere that changed every week. Where the seasons changed the experience under foot and the sights you'd see along the way. Drop me in to a Tring parkrun at any point and I'd be able to tell you to within a couple of weeks of where we are in the year.

In April 2015 full of speed training from short jog that were breaking the relentless hours of a General Election campaign, I set my last PB at Tring park. And then running changed for me again. I'd started off calling it a race. Then I'd understood what it was all about and I'd understood it was a run. But still I wanted try harder and get a PB. And then in June 2015, my son, just four years and three months, was determined that he was going to run too. Three hilly miles. We made it around. There were breaks. And I'm sure there was a reasonable amount of carrying. But we had a great chat too. And I'd found a new running buddy.

And finally, last week, finally, finally, finally… I made it to 100 runs. With dozens of new friends and other great people met along the way. With new routes learned and new places visited. With some good times to be proud of. But most of all with a new attitude to running: it's not about how fast you run, it's about who you're running with. And just keep running!

So apologies for this personal story. It's not a run report. It's a life story of sorts. But parkrun and Tring parkrun have really changed my life for the better.

It doesn't matter who is writing a guest run report, the Tring parkrun supercomputer still has some stats for you:

  • Wes Ball and Gavin Wild completed their 100th parkruns
  • And then there were 2 - Our year 4 100% club drops to just 2 members Lorraine Hurford and James Foskett
  • There were 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Richard Long, Chris Fielden, Andrew Wood, Luke Parker, Zoe Chappell and Elodee Walker
  • We saw the name Michael for the 200th time and the names Janet, George and Sue for the 100th
  • But it was the first time we have seen the name Faith
  • It was the 100th time we have seen the surname Booth
  • Elaine Bunn becomes the 63rd person to run 63 times at Tring
  • Everything was happening in the JW15-19 category with Tilley Green setting the 3rd fastest ever time and Scarlett Wager-Leigh breaking her own record for the fastest ever time in this age group of 21:26
  • Of those who have run 5+ times, the biggest PB gains were Barbara Hamilton (2:20), Charlotte Severs (1:58), Andrew Wood (1:53), Liam Kirkham (1:05) and Zoe Cappell (0:58)
  • With 3 runners, Ricky Running Sisters set a new attendance record

Snow Patrol


As things stand we are good for tomorrow morning. The route is runnable, even allowing for the additional snowfall expected overnight.

HOWEVER - it is quite hard going in the snow. We recommend wearing trail shoes or something with good grip. Also it will take a lot more effort and so PLEASE take part only if you are confident of your fitness (we do not want our volunteers having to spend too much time exposed to the elements as they cannot walk/run to keep warm)

ALSO - access by road remains very tricky. The local car park is CLOSED and we request that you PLEASE DO NOT park on Hastoe Lane, which is already hard to drive up. Instead please find parking in town and allow extra time to walk to the park. PLEASE check road conditions and do not take risks if you are travelling from outside Tring.

If you can walk/jog to the park we strongly recommend that you do so.

And FINALLY - as always we will check the route again early tomorrow morning, just in case the forecast is wrong or anything else changes. If things take a turn for the worse we may yet cancel so please look out for a last update here at 8am-ish.

Thank you.




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