Tring parkrun Event number 190

What another fabulous Tring parkrun and frankly a great weekend for running all round. I sit here writing this having just got back for a Sunday evening double freedom run around Tring park (37:45 and 42:20 if you must know) and a personal record as it’s my first 10km in over a year and thus automatically my fastest of the year.

Tring Park looking Spring like in the sun
Tring Park was looking glorious in the Spring sunshine

Just as Mo Farah didn’t win the marathon but took a British record most of our parkrunners were not first but took personal records and indeed course records all the way through the pack and this is what is great about parkrun. Without further ado lets get onto some of those records:

  • Well done to Lisa Barton on running her 100th parkrun
  • Well done to brothers Jake & Charlie Summerson on both running their 50th parkrun – the 1st time we have had 2 brothers achieve their 50th on the same day
  • Well done to Eddie Bojarski and Huxley Bowles on both running their junior 10th parkrun
  • Adrienne G ran the 2nd fastest ever VW70-74 time with a time of 35:00 and Katie Ferguson ran the 5th fastest time for the SW25-29 group with a time of 21:43
  • Zoe Chappell leads the table of most PBs in our Year 4 achieving her 7th today
  • Kath Pither just missed out on the lottery size prize winnings by being the 66th person to run 65 times at Tring. Luckily for her, husband Jon was also running and claimed the award of the 65th person to run 65 times. Get it on the CV Jon – fame and fortune are bound to follow.
  • 27 runs into the year and both Lorraine Hurford and James Foskett continue their membership of the Year 4 100% club 100th time we have seen the surname Edwards (the 56th surname to achieve this feat) and the 50th time for the surname Wilson


volunteers on the sunny finish line
It's been a while since even volunteers were in shorts - and very welcome the unseasonable warmth was too.

  • With a royal wedding coming up, we had a slight historical recreation as it was the 1st time we had seen 3 Charlies and 2 Dianes.
  • 21 finishers under 23 minutes – the highest this total has been since Christmas
  • We saw these clubs for the 1st time - Bexhill Runners & Triathletes and Beeston AC
  • Chris Nicholls has recorded 4 PBs in the last 4 parkruns and Nathan Cook and Sarah Cook have
    3 in 3
  • In addition, Yogi Powell has recorded 4 PBs in the last 4 appearances and Ben Woodhams and Kayleigh Gray 3 in 3
  • 57 PBs today is the 15th highest total. The highest since early May last year. The top 15 weeks for PBs are unsurprisingly nearly all around this time of year - in March (2), April (8), May (4) and September (1)
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest PB improvements were Ayla India Bowles (4:48), Diane Le Pargneux (2:50), David Taylor (2:43), Lauren Dover (1:58) and Yogi Powell (1:57) Whilst on PBs a couple of mentions for regulars getting a PB after a gap. Well done to Gavin Wild who has run 89 times at Tring since his last PB and to Jenny Gribbin who has waited 64 runs at Tring and over 3 years to get a PB - well done to you both and indeed all today’s PBs.

  • This week the sun shone brightly again and 253 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 34 were first timers and there were representatives of 20 different clubs.


Our volunteers brighten lives
Volunteering at Tring parkrun is always rewarding, fun and appreciated.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers so thanks to: Evan Billings, Heather Billings, Catherine Bishop, Colin Chapman, Cathy Court, Elizabeth Daniel, Ken Douglas, Andy Evans, Graham Hollands, Edward Hopper, Nick Johns, Frances Leff, Greg Leff, Dan Lilley, Sian Lilley, James Maple, Chris Millar, Chris Nicholls, Chris Parker, Heather Painter, Helen Porter, Christina Stevens, Katie Van De Linde & Len Van De Linde.

parkrun is only possible due to volunteers and we would ask all of our runners to consider volunteering from time to time. There are always spaces on our roster here and if anything catches your eye please just email us at

Listen up!
Listen up!

Just 3 final notes as I prepare to take a little bit of a Tring run directors record (second longest stint as RD after our ED Andy) but sadly I can’t promise the sun and heat for my third week running:

  1. Thanks to everyone who has parked nicely or chosen to walk, cycle or run to the park of recent weeks, your efforts are appreciated by us and the local residents. For anyone planning on visiting us we would really appreciate if you’d park in one of the car parks in town while the museum car park is being repaired.

  3. Dogs need to be on a short lead, running through the funnel in front of several volunteers and a load of other runners is hardly being subtle about breaking the rules either.

  5. No Barcode, No Time, NO EXCEPTIONS – After the results processing taking twice as long as it should have wading through over a page of additions can I please remind people that only printed barcodes will be accepted (either wristbands, cards, paper or similar) but not mobile phones. If your paper one is looking a bit tatty can I please suggest printing a new one if possible.
    On the subject of barcodes, massive props to Lucy Clutton who after running our course ran all the way home to pick up her forgotten barcode and then back again in time to get it scanned.

Thank you

Chris Millar


#189 – the return of Chris and the nice weather

Well it’s 6 months since I was run director and it feels like just as long since we had weather this nice at Tring parkrun. Coincidence? I think not. Another non coincidence is that it’s also 30 parkruns since I caused the results to be later than usual. I promise to try harder this week.

This week 248 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 16 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

My Runner of the week has to be Dan DARLINGTON who appears to have forgotten his barcode as he’s not listed on the results. Anyway Dan, doing his own duathlon (cycle to parkrun and back), turned up about 10 minutes after all the other runners had set off and still managed to start catching the pack on the obelisk decent and finished in 30 something minutes. It looks hugely impressive on the Strava flyby.

Several milestones were celebrated this week with Ken Douglas, Dennis Rafferty & Alison Bill running their 100th and Rosie Highton, Issy Brookes & Patrick McGloughlin running their 50th. Not only that Patrick impressively managed to exactly equal his PB from the same week 3 years ago

Well done on the 100th Alison!

Well done on the 100th Ken & Dennis!

Well done on the 50th Rosie!

Well done on the 50th Issy (surrounded by her fan club)!

Well done on the 50th Patrick and for equalling that PB!

The male fastest 3 were Jonathan RAWLINSON in 20:30 on his first time at Tring, James YEOMANS in 20:54 setting himself a PB and regular top ten finisher Paul MAYATT in 21:54
For the ladies the fastest 3 was Scarlett WAGER-LEIGH in 22:34, Lynda HEMBURY, who scored the highest age grade % of any runner in 23:07 and Mary WARD in 24:22

Top stats from the Tring Stat-O-Matic this week are

100th time we have seen the surname Taylor and 50th for McLoughlin

100th time we have seen the name Lisa and 50th for Sian and the 1st time we have seen 2 Owens at the same event

51 juniors – highest since 1st Jan – by chance both that date and this week had the same split of 24 boys and 27 girls

1st time we have seen Tri London club

Serial PB-ers Chris Nicholls and Sam Bojarski both recorded PBs, Did you know Chris has recorded 3 PBs in 3 weeks, he has the 3rd highest all-time number of PBs at Tring and indeed in the last 30 months has recorded more PBs than anyone else. Meanwhile not to be outdone, Sam is 4th on the all-time PB list and has the highest ever junior total – well done both.

Chris (wearing Tring RC colours) on his way to yet another PB

18 PBs in 3 years have seen a 9 min improvement for Sam

Well done also to William Brookman for finishing 19th on his 19th parkrun however we round off with our stats with Isobel Bladen. She has set many records at Tring and this week was no exception, when she finished 140th on her 140th parkrun – this being the highest number we have seen for this type of record. However it could have been one of the shortest lived records as 7 minutes later our very own Andy Evans came running in on his 210th run in …………… 211th – unlucky Andy - 2 seconds too slow!

Tring parkrun doesn’t happen without volunteers, this week we had 23 of them so a huge thanks to; Andy EVANS • Sally NASH • Agnes LEMAIGRE • Catherine BISHOP • Edward HOPPER • Chris MILLAR • Richard MURPHY • Angus EVANS • James MAPLE • Matthew FOSKETT • Paul MCCORMACK • Colin CHAPMAN • Victoria WILSON • Victoria WILLIAMS • Paul HEMBURY • Douglas GIBSON • Chris NICHOLLS • Sam EVANS • James FOSKETT • Greg LEFF • William BROOKMAN • Sarah WADE • Frances LEFF

The roster is looking very bare for next week so please have a look at the roster here and let us know if you think you could help us. All the roles are dead easy and training is given on the day.


#188 Our favourite trees

We are lucky to run around a beautiful park full of great trees with plenty of character. In this week’s run report we include some of your favourites and we even have a tourist tree!

1 - Copy
Thanks to this week’s pacers and all our volunteers

I always enjoy pacer week - it’s great that so many of you offer to help with this across a variety of times. With the better conditions, one or two were a bit keen although this seems to have resulted in some surprise PBs! Well done to Dennis Raffety who hit his time exactly and special mention to Holly Bunn who was only 1 second late – not bad given that she’d had her photo taken inside a tree and also managed a finishline double cartwheel

Did you manage to copy Holly’s finishline double cartwheel?

And so onto this week’s tree collection (thanks for all your contributions):

½ way up the hill we enter the main woods…
3 - Copy
Ken Douglas: The old Spooky Tree would have been my fave - but it is now no more!!

Approaching the 2km point on the right of King Charles Ride is the classic photographer’s tree

5 - Copy
Holly takes a break from pacing to climb into this tree

Now point your camera upwards inside the tree
6 - Copy
It is surprisingly easy to get a great arty shot in this tree

Down the hill to the gate at the edge of the woods and say thanks to the 2nd set of marshals
Allison Williment: What a difference a week makes. Tree at gate 2 providing shelter in the wet and cold last week and becoming a nice place to hang out waiting for the runners in warm and dry conditions this week. George last week with friend Kayden this week

On now to the 3k point
12 - Copy
Ken Douglas: These are my faves during summer when their red leaves are in bloom. The stand of six Copper Beech Trees that we run past twice on our way to the Run Round Me corner and then as we run back along the A41 straight

Another kilometer and we reach km4
Chris Nicholls: Four seasons of the same tree. This tree marks the last 1km of the run so I am always glad to see it. It’s usually about this point your legs start to go and you feel the first winds from the valley of death so it is like a reminder that you are only a few minutes from the finish

14 - Copy
Ken Douglas: These trees are awesome

15 - Copy
Amanda Russell: One of the many fallen but still beautiful trees in the park. This one reminds me of a dinosaur

Clare Murphy: This tree is at the top of Heartbreak Hill. I look up at it every time I climb the hill and think "thank god, I've made it this far and I'm almost done"

17 - Copy
Amanda Russell: When you see this row of trees, you know the pain of heartbreak hill is almost over and it’s now downhill to the finish

I always associate this log with the start of the run as I like to stand on it as Run Director however for Martin and Cathy they associate it with the end of the run

18a - Copy
Martin/Cathy Bishop: This is our favourite tree (well alright it's a log, but hope that still counts!). This is where we can be found at the end of each parkrun: Coffee, Clapping and Cheering!

18 - Copy
Chris Parker:One of our pacers and pictured with his boys - all over here from Boston USA – “happy as always to be a part of the Tring Parkrun community” This is a popular climbing tree Jim & Tom Patterson can often be found in this one as well

We now have some great artwork

Nick Johns:I don’t bring my phone with me to parkrun so my favourite tree is the one my little boy drew to celebrate my PB this morning. A massive thank you to the 30’ pacer who I was utterly determined to overtake somewhere before the finish line.I love the Park Run and I’m always hugely grateful to everyone who volunteers to make it happen, especially the pacers this morning

And now for our tourist tree:

Lucy Clutton: & Oscar Atkins: Over 100 miles away in Norfolk but still taking part with our tree pics - Standing with a tree by the lake at Holkham parkrun combined with a visit to Lucy’s mum

And finally: - how would you survive without this week’s latest crop of stats:

- Well done to Lauren Dover and Matthew Gee who both achieved their junior 10th runs
- James becomes the 4th name to be seen at Tring 500 times and we saw the name Dennis for the 100th time and the name Rona for the 50th time and the 1st time we have seen 2 Naomis
- There were 8 new names this week - so welcome for the 1st time to the names Kyle, Pedr, June, Marion, Kerenza, Eddy, Kristle and Bailey
- It was also the 1st appearance of the Elswick Harriers – who if you didn’t know are the oldest established club in the North East of England, founded in 1889
- The combination of pacers and firmer conditions meant it was a good time to get a PB with 31 managing this feat. Of those who have run 5 or more times, biggest improvements were Eve Garner (2:59), Sarah Dewhurst (0:50), Peter Nagy (0:46), Mark Thompson (0:38), Angelo Lucatello and Mollie Rees (0:34). Angelo has waited almost a year for his PB, as has Catherine Bishop who saw a (0:34) improvement which is impressive when it’s your 73rd Tring parkrun, Chris Nicholls achieved his 18th Tring PB , the 4th highest ever total of PBs.
- Precision running by Juliet Mitchell finishing 68th on her 68th parkrun
- Current in-form runners with 2 PBs in 2 weeks include Chris Nicholls, Oliver and Ben Painter, Kayleigh Gray and Suzanne Margetts.

Our 2-member year 4 100% club continues with both Lorraine and James climbing up through the top-10 all-time longest continuous sequences of Tring parkruns. Here are the top 10 sequences….

Dennis Raffety 54
Isobel Bladen 44
Dominic Veal 33
Lorraine Hurford31
Richard Lambert 29
Alison Bill 28
Steve Bladen 27
James Foskett 27
Peter Leigh 26
Kevin Lynch 24

We always love a bit of positive parkrun feedback. So a big thanks to Adrienne Garner for a lovely mail on Sunday morning. As thanks here is a pic of Adrienne approaching the finish line

Adrienne:”I love doing parkrun and it is right near the top of my list of things I want to do when I'm in England as we are only here for about 12 weeks of the year” Along with Adrienne were son-in-law Dom, granddaughter Eva and her father Gareth and daughter-in-law Charlotte “That's one of the things I love about parkrun....seeing families out together and getting the kids motivated to be active”

Looking forward to seeing you all again on Saturday
Andy Evans


Tring parkrun 187 – Bumper, Spring colouring-in edition!


The colours of Spring

This week's run report aims to bring a little more colour to the exploits of 200 runners and 20 volunteers who gathered together at 9am in Tring Park on March the 31st 2018...and more!!

This years Spring colours
This year's "on trend" Spring colours!!

Easter weekend was a dull, soggy affair; the vibrant bursts of natural Spring colours we've come to expect were sadly absent. There were glimmers of hope though. The grass in Tring Park is growing (just) the buds are budding (if you look very close) and we even found a little clump of (slightly mud splattered) daffodils not far from our Finish Line.

Apparently there are people who predict "the colours of Spring" (or any other season for that matter). In the chart above you can see where the smart money has been bet and it's fascinating stuff. Apparently all of that mud, so intent on coating itself over running shoes and kit alike, isn't brown but "Emperador"!

Who knew??

Spring has sprung in Tring Park
Brave little daffodils, resplendent in a fine livery of "meadowlark"!!
Our brightly coloured parkrunners need to pay more attention - that "red" top isn't quite "cherry tomato" if I'm not mistaken.


Hillingdon AC are on trend!

We had lots of lovely visitors this week, more on that below, but first a special mention to Angela, Lucy, Christina, Zoe, John, Lyndsey, Heather, Melanie, Edward, Paul and William visiting us again from Hillingdon AC.

great visitors
Welcome back to Hillingdon AC.
We were impressed by the deft combination of "little boy blue" and "cherry tomato", as modelled by Lucy in the centre!

In Lyndsey's words:

"11 members of Hillingdon AC made their way around the M25 and up the A41 for a bit of parkrun tourism. One of the group, Heather Davidson (the one with the stars on her headband), is leaving Hillingdon AC very soon for a new life in Somerset.

Heather made a visit to Tring parkrun in September 2017, when a little sunnier, and loved it so much she wanted to visit again before she leaves for her new adventure. Maybe she wanted to start getting used to some bigger hills!

Thank you for having us and making us feel welcome. Hillingdon AC always love the mud, some more than others as you can see!"

That last line refers to William who still managed a PB (as did Melanie - who we presume is his big sister) despite covering much of the finish straight in a horizontal orientation!


Emperador to Gold

The great thing about a first run at Tring (or any other parkrun) when it is slippy and damp is that you're virtually assured a Personal Best on your next visit! Clearly this is what the following very welcome first time parkrunners had in mind.
Well done to all of the following on what we hope will be the first of many parkruns.

  • Nathan COOK
  • Philippa DOUGHTY
  • Michael HART
  • Tom BEAL
  • Andrew PENNELL
  • Rachael MACRAE
  • Sarah COOK
  • Paul DOUGHTY
  • Maria KERR
  • Victoria HOBBS

We also said hello to a large group of tourists/visitors:

  • Melanie FERRIER
  • Charlie WATSON
  • Shaun NEWBERY - visiting from Colby in South Wales, and was our First Finisher this week
  • Natalie KELL
  • Stephanie GIBBONS
  • Simon REYNOLDS - visiting from Derbyshire and running his 303rd parkrun (our highest tally on the day)
  • Graeme PAYNE
  • Sandi LATIMER
  • Kate WEBB
  • Lindsay OREJAS
  • Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE
  • Phil PERRY
  • Marie SHONE
  • Matthew RIGGS
  • Kate BROOKS


Hi-viz heros

It's that time of the year when we struggle a bit with volunteers and so we especially welcomed the heroic efforts by everyone who spared a little of their time to make this week happen.

You can see the roster for future volunteer opportunities here:
Send an email to or message us on Facebook if you'd like to help out.

Anyway - a special mention to Jim Maple. He had heart surgery on the Monday and still came to help as our "musical marshal" with an appropriate playlist at Gate 1. Thank you Jim and great to see you looking so well.

Jim - playing music with his running shoes on. Got to love it!

IMG_3850 IMG_3849 IMG_3848 IMG_3847
Many thank to ALL of our volunteers - just a a few of whom are pictured here

Our volunteer hall of fame this week was:

  • Alison BILL
  • Allison WILLIMENT
  • Chris BILL
  • Claire SHEPHERD
  • Edward HOPPER
  • George FLETCHER
  • James MAPLE
  • Joanna PENN
  • Katie HAINES
  • Matt ALLEN
  • Olivia BURNEY
  • Richard LONG
  • Richard MURPHY
  • Rob ALLEN
  • Victoria WILSON
  • Wes BALL


A colourful "Easter Egg"

Hidden "secrets" buried in books, films, computer games and web-sites have become known as "Easter Eggs". It's perhaps not quite a secret but a new add-on to the Chrome Browser provides all manner of extra stats for the odd, unofficial challenges and volunteering heroics that parkrunners get up to.

(if you use Chrome you can find out more here.)

New results page volunteer logos
The official parkrun results site now also shows who has volunteered 25 times...

New athlete details page Unofficial parkrun challenges summary
...the Chrome "Easter Egg" goes much further and shows progress against all sorts of unofficial parkrun challenges!

Examples of challenges include:

  • Alphabeteers - have run a parkrun starting with every letter of the alphabet.
  • Groundhog day - have run exactly the same time twice or more in a row!!
  • Pirates - have ran parkruns starting with 7 Cs and an R!!!
  • Overseas - running parkruns outside of the UK.
  • Volunteering - all sorts of bronze, silver and gold awards!!!

I'll leave you to guess "Stopwatch Bingo" and "Stayin' Alive" etc.

You get the idea.


A kaleidoscope of amazing facts, stats and other astonishing stuff

As usual a whole world of colourful facts and figures emerge in the wake of each Tring parkrun, including quite a few surprises. For example I would have bet money that we wouldn't see a PB. Good job I'm not a betting man!

tree assist windmill hands
We considered a special award for those who made best efforts to stay upright. Here you can see several of the main techniques employed e.g. "the tree assist" and the "windmill arms". The winner is the good old "give each other a helping hand".

In fact we saw 20 PBs (!!) as follows:

  • Francesca Elliot
  • Simon COWIE
  • Gareth ROBERTS - smashed his last PB by an amazing 4:31
  • Freddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS - by a very symmetrical 1:11
  • Dan BUTLER
  • Oliver PAINTER
  • Jamie MATTHEWS
  • Kayleigh GRAY
  • Melanie SPENCER
  • Lawrence BURTON
  • William SPENCER - 7m 23s!!!!!
  • Kenneth IVORY
  • Robyn NEILL - by an economical 4 seconds
  • Christina BENJAMIN
  • Chris NICHOLLS
  • Angela M DUNCAN
  • Charlie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS - by an impressive 43 seconds
  • Suzanne MARGETTS

We have quite a spectrum of other stuff to celebrate too

  • First of all many CONGRATULATIONS to Julian CRANE and Colin CHAPMAN who both ran their 50th parkruns and earn a red milestone T-shirt. Colin has ran all of his at Tring. Julian reached his total by running 47 times at Tring and once each at Aylesbury Duck, Bournemouth and Southwick Country.
  • Adam TANNIAN ran the 200h Tring parkrun for Bearbrook RC and Helen PAGE ran the 4,000th for Tring RC
  • We saw City of Salisbury A & RC, Windrush Triathlon Club and Northern Fells Running Clubs for the first time at Tring. Welcome!
  • The lovely Lorraine HURFORD ran her 30th Tring parkrun in a row – only the 4th person to have achieved this feat
  • Ignoring minute 28 (which must have missed the briefing) quite remarkably ALL the minutes from, and including 24 to 30, had 10 barcode finishers each!
  • We saw the name Melanie for the 50th and the names Sandi and Iwan for the first time
  • On surnames it was the 100th time we have seen the surname Raffety, and the 50th time we have seen the surname Coburn
  • Adam PAVEY finished 10th on his 10th parkrun
  • Despite the conditions, Angela DUNCAN broke her own course record for the VW75-79 age group with her time of 36:39. And Freddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS set the 2nd fastest time for the JM11-14 age group with a time of 19:52.


This week's award for the most aesthetically pleasing finishing times is a three way tie between the following worthy contenders:

  • Paul MCCORMACK with a nicely mirrored 25:52
  • David PARDOE for a precise 30:00 dead
  • Chris WAGSTAFF for a nicely balanced 34:34


Muddy Muddy
In the "who got muddiest?" award category there were too many too choose from and so it was a draw across roughly 200 people. Honorary mentions to these two heroic efforts though!


Red Shift (or should that be Cherry Tomato Shift?)

Professor Stephen Hawkins (RIP) taught us about the "red shift" observed by objects travelling very, very fast. It's not a race, but is always quite impressive to see just how rapidly some can convey themselves round our challenging 5k route.

Our "first finishers" this week were

  • 1 Shaun NEWBERY in a time of 19:43, on his first visit to Tring
  • 2 Freddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS was only 9 seconds behind with a new PB time of 19:52
  • 3 Paul CHAMBERLAIN crossed the line only 19:55 after Wes said "go"!


  • Scarlett WAGER-LEIGH recorded a time of 22:56 and is making a habit now of being first finisher
  • Rose SINGLETON running Tring for the first time crossed the finish line after 25:45
  • Zoe DOBBS from our lovely Hillingdon visitors crossed with a time of 26:24

Now here is the bit I like. If you take into account age and sex you get a different picture. In which case the order was:

  • Paul CHAMBERLAIN 19:55 VM45-49, 71.72 %
  • Freddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS 19:52 JM11-14, 71.39 %
  • Angela M DUNCAN 36:39 VW75-79, 68.62 %
  • Edward MARGETTS 23:18 VM55-59, 65.95 %
  • Scarlett WAGER-LEIGH 22:56 JW15-17, 65.92 %


End of the Rainbow

You get rainbows when you get rain. We don't want more rain.
But Spring really has sprung. Watch out for the first seasonal article soon covering "A year in the life of Tring Park".

Thanks again to everyone for making Tring parkrun a happy place on Saturday mornings whatever the weather and however prominent the colour Emperador is.

And we leave you with a weather and stress busting competition.......


(This week was a team RD effort...with Wes leading the pack, Katie doing the results and me doing this thing!)



Colour in (or otherwise modify) the attached and send to or post on our FB page. In fact, feel free to send us anything colourful to do with Tring parkrun or Zebras. The winner will receive a ludicrously valuable prize!!!

colour this in

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