Tring parkrun #195 – Who knew cattle found blue tarpaulin interesting?!

A damp drizzly morning at the park on Saturday but our cattle were certainly pleased to see us. They have settled into the park and although no longer wanting to run with us they are still very inquisitive and appeared as soon as we started setting up.

Apparently if you want to attract a herd of cattle, simply lay a blue tarpaulin on grass - seems to work everytime!

Thanks to Keith & Ed, this week's cow marshals

The 2nd tarpaulin made a good cover for the bags and spectators in the rain!

Our new course is working out well, with some of the extra markings that we added this week, particularly for the final straight. After your run, remember not to walk on this part of the course but instead stop and do some cheering for those who are finishing. If you (or your children) would like a turn with the Hi-5 hands, either as spectators or after your run, then just ask the volunteers at the finish funnel.

Keith about to get the energy boost that each Hi-5 guarantees!

A thumbs up for our cow bell ringing and Hi-5 zone

Next up, we have the stats from week 195:
- Paul Beadle ran his 50th parkrun
- Rob Billings and Joanna Penn recorded their 3rd PBs in 3 weeks. It was 2 in 2 weeks also for Ellen Wood, Dean Gibson and Natalie Kell
- Tilley Green set the 3rd fastest ever JW15-17 with her 22:27
- Up at the front it was a Tring 1-2 with Matt Wade (19:09) being our fastest finisher followed by Dom Evans (20:03) and then Steven Boyd (20:14). For the females Sophie Green (22:11) held off Tilley Green (22:27) followed by Sheila Turner (25:04)
- After missing a PB last week by 2 seconds, Chris Nicholls achieved his 24th Tring PB (Paul Myatt holds the record with 26)
- The surnames Scott, Sartin, Gibson and Stonestreet all were seen for the 100th time and Wooton, Severs and Drath were seen for the 50th time
- Paul (7) was the most seen male name and Rachel, Lucy and Helen (3 each) the most for the females
- For the 1st time ever we saw 2 Jasmines and 2 Lynnes also achieving the same feat. We also saw our 1st Denis, Reuben and Ursula.
- Minute 26 was the most popular
- We’ve waited 195 parkruns for an appearance from Torbay AAC and then we see 3 within a minute. If you want to know more about the club – just click here -
- Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the largest improvements were Rob Billings (7:27), Emily Knight (1:21), Isobel Bladen (0:48), Stephen Brookman (0:37) and Diane Le Pargneux (0:35)

Rob achieved the biggest PB improvement this week - but given that the dogpoo bag suggests a stop en-route, we think another PB should be possible

When you have run at a parkrun course 110 times, PBs don't happen as often - well done Blazej on your 21 second improvement

When you have run at a parkrun course 141 times, PBs don't happen as often - well done Izzy on your 48 second improvement - a fast finish with Mia from Torbay

So, we are 32 weeks through our 54 week Tring parkrun Year 4 – who are the likely contenders for our end of year attendance awards? Let's take a look at the top 10 of each of the 4 groups to see who have the best chance of a top-3 position at the end of the year.

We start with our adult females, where at the top of the table Elaine is against some tough competiton. Lorraine won this in Year 1 and has 100% attendance for year 4, whilst Louise won Year 2 and Alison Year 3. However with 22 parkruns to go, there is still plenty of time for anyone to climb the table.


Next up, it's the junior females. Like Mum Elaine, daughter Holly is up against stiff opposition, with Izzy having finished 1st in Years 2 & 3 and also 3rd in Year 1. However further down the table there is still plenty to play for


Moving on to the adult males. James is just staying ahead of last year's joint winners Paul and Chris. Paul also won Year 2 and was 2nd in Year 1.


Last but not least we have a close battle for the junior males. Jamie is the newcomer in the table with Jim and Tom currently repeating last year's 1-2. Noah is also near the top and he has had a podium position in all 3 years. Jim was our youngest ever "50-shirt" until brother Tom took the record but rumour has it that young William could claim this very soon


So it could all change with 22 weeks to go. There is still time to cancel your summer holiday plans :)

Thanks to this week's volunteers:
Claire HALLISSEY • Andy EVANS • Wes BALL • Richard BAZELEY • Edward HOPPER • Richard MURPHY • Ken DOUGLAS • Blazej ZIEMBACZEWSKI • Steve BLADEN • Victoria WILSON • Louise BLADEN • Chris NICHOLLS • Martin BISHOP • Sam EVANS • Julian CRANE • Alison BILL • Chris BILL • William CRANE • Keith HENDERSON • Richard LONG • Frances LEFF • Rosa DRATH • Charlotte SEVERS • Grace FENSOME

Remember on 9th June it is our NHS 70th birthday run - so feel free to come along dressed as a nurse, doctor patient etc or perhaps dressed in the NHS colours of blue and white - The choice is yours!

See you all again on Saturday for lots more fun in Tring Park

Andy Evans


Tring parkrun – Week 194 – The Second Running

I tried hard to think of a witty way of opening this run report that related to the Royal Wedding but since I didn’t actually watch it that’s proven quite difficult. Instead I shall start by saying thank you once again to all the volunteers that helped everything run so smoothly this weekend. Our heroes in hi-vis jackets this week were:

Andrew Hill • Andy Evans • Anna Lambert • Catherine Bishop • Charlotte Severs • Chris Nicholls • Clare Bryant • David Severs • Dominic Evans • Edward Hopper • Frances Leff • George Bryant • Heather Painter • Helen Tullie • James Foskett • Jon Reynolds • Ken Douglas • Martin Bishop • Richard Long • Ross Lambert • Sam Evans • Sarah Foskett • Victoria Wilson

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers, so if you think you could help with any of our roles on a Saturday morning, just drop us an e-mail at

With one or two exceptions everything seemed to go well this weekend (phew again); thank you for your patience once again with the barcode scanning queue – we’re still working out why it seems to be taking a little longer at the moment! We also had a few gremlins creep into our results so thanks to those of you who e-mailed in with corrections.

Our new downhill start

It was a beautiful day to be out in Tring park and our numbers remained very high, in fact it’s the first time we’ve had at least 234 runners in 3 successive weeks. Since then we’ve been able to crunch some serious numbers to bring you these one of a kind statistics:
• Chris Blackwell and Danny Wizard ran their 50th parkruns. We have seen 167 “50” runs at Tring that range in age from under-10 to over-70. 5 “50s” is the most that we have seen on one day, which has happened twice, but not, I should point out, this day.

Danny, pictured here passing 4km, was one of our "50 parkrun" runners. Well done Danny and Chris for earning your red shirts

• Iain Middleton, Colin Hamnett, Callum Hunter-Whitehouse recorded their 3rd PBs in 3 weeks. It was also 2 in 2 weeks for Andrew Clark, Matthew Skelding, Emma Young, Evan Billings, Matthew Riggs, Michael Hart, Karina Wells and Darcey Hudghton.
• Spare a thought for Chris Nicholls - it would have been his 8th PB in 8 weeks – if only he had been 2 seconds faster!
• In addition, Michael Hart has recorded 4 PBs in his last 4 appearances, and Christian Thomas, Richard Pugh, Matthew Riggs all recorded their 3rd PB in their last 3 appearances
• Richard Long (28:56) set the 5th fastest time ever for VM70-74 and Michael Creasor (42:09) set the 2nd fastest time ever for VM80-84
• Fellow Run Director Ross Lambert became the 66th person to run 66 times at Tring
• Lorraine Hurford managed the tricky feat of finishing 163rd on her 163rd parkrun
• Minute 44 set a new attendance record with 6 runners finishing in that minute
• Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, those who improved by over a minute included Gus Evans (1:22), Eddie Sartin (1:14), Noah Roger (1:03). Maria Kerr (1:02)

Freya, Holly and Julia with a fast finish as they help minute 44 to it's new attendance record

Gus ringing the PB bell after a great run

But wait, there’s more! You thought we’d forgotten “Name News”, but no, just teasing:
• We saw the surnames Lilley and Hill for the 50th time
• Williams, Evans and Parker were the most numerous with 4 of each
• We saw the name Angela for the 100th time
• We saw our 1st Laith (welcome!)
• Chris (6) was the most seen male name and Holly (4) the most for the females

After last week’s drought I was positively spoilt for choice when it came to aesthetically pleasing times this week. Matthew Robins set a time of 22:22 that will clearly take some beating whilst Blazej Ziembaczewski set a time of 25:25 which also has a nice ring to it. Maura Patterson was just a second off another outstanding time, completing her run in 33:32 but actually I didn’t have to scroll far to this week’s winner; second place runner Michael Hart not only set a new PB but also completed the run in 20:18 which was very nice indeed.

Well done on a great run everyone – see you soon!



Tring parkrun – Week 193 – Phew!

Well that all seemed to go pretty well! Aside from one or two teething problems we hope to have ironed out over the next few weeks it seems like the move to our new route has worked out alright!

Before we get on to the rest of the report I want to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped out on the day. Essentially if everything goes well I don’t really have to do anything as Run Director, and on a day when we had a new herd of cows, a new route plus our fifth highest attendance ever it’s a testament to how great our volunteers are that I was able to wander around and chat to runners whilst everything seemed to tick over nicely. So, THANK YOU!

I also want to single out our fantastic team of Run Directors who helped set out the new course (or designed it in the case of Andy Evans), marshalled and stepped in to record those pesky barcodes that didn’t scan. On that note we have a new scanner on order which should hopefully cut down the queue – at least it wasn’t raining!

Stepping up to volunteer this week were: Andy Evans • Angela Hollands • Anna Lambert • Ben Patterson • Charlotte Severs • Clive Cohen • Frances Leff • Gary Evans • Graham Hollands • Helen Tullie • James Maple • Jim Patterson • Jonathan Sartin • Karen Hennel • Katie Haines • Keith Stonestreet • Ken Douglas • Maura Patterson • Patrick McLoughlin • Richard Murphy • Ross Lambert • Thomas Patterson • Victoria Wilson

Finishline crew in action

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers, so if you think you could help with any of our roles on a Saturday morning, just drop us an e-mail at

As expected we’ll be making a few tweaks and adjustments ahead of the run this Saturday, but nothing major. One thing we would ask is that you are mindful of how you leave the park after finishing the run, trying not to walk across the ‘racing’ line as other runners are finishing. We’ll do our best to keep the scanning queue to a minimum but if it does build up please keep to one side and cheer the other runners in whilst you’re waiting.

Thank you to everyone for sticking to the guidance on under-11s – just like the ‘no barcode, no result’ rule this is one that we have to enforce. We don’t mind a sprint finish where your little one can leave you for dust but during the rest of the run they should be within arm’s reach. Likewise all dogs need to be kept on a short lead and with the narrower start you may want to start to one side or at the back, making your way through as the field thins out.

Emerging from the valley

A slightly different shape in the far distance as runners exit the valley and climb the hill

As for the new course the general consensus seems to be that it was either:
a) A bit harder
b) Much harder
c) A bit easier

It certainly looked a bit harder and I know from buggy running through the valley that it’s not flat! We’re glad you seemed to enjoy it though and welcome any other feedback you have.

Competitive finishline action

And some more

Whilst we’ve publicly explained that the course change is due to a request from the ‘Ancient Tree Forum’ to avoid root damage around the old start/finish, I can actually reveal that it was due to possible damage to the Tring supercomputer which is stored directly beneath the original start line – as we grow ever popular the added footfall was simply causing havoc with our algorithms.

Thankfully, with catastrophic stats failure avoided I can reveal that last Saturday:
• Nobody reached any of the main parkrun milestones – the last time this happened was in early October last year.
• Chris Nicholls has recorded 7 PBs in the last 7 parkruns, Tia Kerr-Miller has recorded 4 in 4 and Kelly Lane, Iain Middleton, Alice Fisher, Adrienne Garner, Anna Taylor, Simon Cowie, Rob Billings, Colin Hamnett, David Taylor, Gavin Morden and Callum Hunter-Whitehouse have all had 2 PBs in the last 2.
• In addition, Nathan Cook has recorded 5 PBs in his last 5 appearances, Chris Fielden and Simon Cowie 4 in 4 and Tim Shepherd-Smith, Michael Hart, Fergus Green and Luke Parker all 3 in 3.
• Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest PB improvements were Rob Billings (3:53), David Taylor (2:43), Ella Kingston (2:00), Chris Fielden (1:59), Robyn Neill (1:46), Thomas Fielden (1:44), Evan Billings (1:39), Holly Williams (1:36), Sara Jones (1:36) and Mark Ashley (1:35)
• Simon Beedell recorded the 2nd fastest ever time in the VM35-39 with his 18:11, Jenny Morgan ran the 3rd fastest ever VW60-64 in 26:11. Simon’s time was also the fastest we have seen in 2018.
• Adrienne Garner chipped off some more time off her own 2nd best at VW70-74 and Betty Stracey recorded our 2nd best ever VW75-79.
• We welcomed back Maria Russell - 182 Tring parkruns since her last Tring parkrun – the 2nd highest ever gap.
• Of the surnames that we have seen before, the following set their own personal attendance records with 5 Greens, 5 Parkers, 4 Kents and 3 Hudghtons. In fact with 5, Green & Parker were the most numerous surnames.

60% of our 5 Greens of the day

• We saw the surname Foskett for the 200th time and Brookmann reached 50. Good to see Weller reach 50 too after a bit of a gap.
• With 8, Chris was this week’s most numerous name. We saw David for the 500th time and Luke for the 100th. Surprisingly we saw the name Siobhan for the 1st time.
• Matthew Riggs finished 6th on his 6th parkrun

If that doesn’t get your heart racing then nothing will!

Colin Hamnett’s new PB of 22:21 was just a second too fast to claim this week’s “Aesthetically pleasing time of the week” award and likewise Peter Young’s second run in a time of 44:42 showed a complete disregard for symmetry. Gregg Leff you must try harder next time as 33:34 just doesn’t cut it! I’ll be honest, this week’s set of times weren’t really that aesthetically pleasing but after a quick look through I think Lee Robinson’s time of 31:31 will do! “Well done” everyone!

Now apparently there’s some big event happening next Saturday and all the media have been going on about it, the streets will be thronged with people, the bunting will be out and there will be cucumber sandwiches for all*. Ah yes, it’s Tring parkrun #194! See you there!


* Cucumber sandwiches and bunting not guaranteed.

For news and photos don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at and you can now follow us on Twitter at


Small change….

Following a survey by the Ancient Tree Forum, they have requested, to avoid root damage, that for both the Woodland Trust events and our parkruns, people don’t gather near the trees of the Lime Avenue. We have therefore agreed to move both our start and finish with a couple of small changes to our route.

Don’t worry, we have kept closely to the previous route as we know you’d hate to lose running up those hills.

revised route

So, we’ll be gathering near the old 4km post. Starting just after that we will run down and along the valley. Don’t worry we’re not turning right up Heartbreak yet. Nor are we heading straight uphill, but instead we swing right and follow the valley to where it joins with the dip that we used to run through. Then it’s up the hill and for the next 3 km the usual route. Halfway along the A41, by the hidden pond, rather than heading up the climb towards the curly bridge, we will turn left and take a shortcut along the valley. Then it’s the usual right up Heartbreak (well we just couldn’t leave it out!) – then all the way through the avenue, with a right turn at the end, for a short sprint to the finish.

If you’re a very fast runner, please reread the above paragraph very carefully. Anyone else – simply follow the person in front of you!

We have also bought a couple of tarpaulins to put your jackets/bags on. These will be near the finish line – please use these rather than the traditional “under the trees” location.


Tring parkrun 192 – Scorchio!

It was a beautiful morning for what might well have been the last time we run our "classic" Tring parkrun route; starting and finishing at the foot of the Lime Tree Avenue.

We had beautiful sunny morning for our 192nd parkrun at Tring

But before I get onto that, you may be wondering where last week's run report is? There isn't one. Glad we cleared that up!!

However from that week we'd like to acknowledge Kim Escritt who ran her 50th parkrun as a visitor to Tring (she's normally at Peter Pan parkrun - what a great name!!); David Taylor also ran his 50th (he normally runs at Aylesbury and has visited Tring 6 times) and our very own Stuart Page who joined the 100-club (97 of those being at Tring).

Our brilliant Finish Line Team - just some of the 21 volunteers who helped make the day possible/


We had a great turnout of 237 runners, of whom 17 were running their first ever parkrun and 12 were visiting Tring for the first time from other parkruns.

10 people either did not have or forgot their barcodes and 2 people were tail walkers. A quick whizzz on my pocket calculator shows that 196 people therefore had the chance of a PB. 61 people managed this (the highest total since the same week - 1st week of May - last year and the 9th highest ever). That's almost 1 in 3! Well I did say at the start it felt like a "PB sort of a day"! :-)

31946793_2514505172108228_2986827073475051520_o 31913723_2514506008774811_3724348382118936576_o
31947422_2514504932108252_7845113887652315136_o 31958867_2514505572108188_816365097038381056_o
Over a quarter of Saturday's runners qualified to ring our famous PB Bell

Still on the theme of PBs:

  • That makes an amazing 6 in 6 weeks for Chris Nicholls.
  • 4 in 4 weeks for Eddy Guinness, 3 in 3 weeks for Isobel Roberts and Tia Kerr-Miller, 2 in 2 weeks for Samantha Hollier, Steven Boyd, Vicky Smith and Paul Beadle.
  • In addition, in his last 4 appearances, Ben Woodhams has recorded 4 PBs. Also 3 in 3 for Simon Cowie, Steven Boyd, Damien Fortune and Dave Stevens.
  • Chris Nicholls now heads the “most PBs in a Tring year” for the 2nd year in a row and moves into the 2nd highest ever total with his total of 22 PBs


Adrienne Garner was the week's most senior runner; in the 71-74 age category.
She ran a very impressive 34:40, placing her among the highest age adjusted times of the day.

Other notable stuff includes:

  • Well done to Ben Thorn on running his 100th parkrun
  • Adrienne Garner improves her own 2nd fastest ever for the VW70-74 category
  • 50th time we have seen the surnames Valentine and Burbidge
  • 200th time we have seen the name Mark
  • 1st time we have seen 4 Harrys
  • 18 runners in the 24th minute equals the record for that minute
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest PB improvements were Kevin Lynch (2:37), Samantha Hollier (2:00), Isobel Roberts (1:21), James Doyle-Tanner (1:14), Joanna Penn (1:12), Tom Brookes (1:11)
  • Jasmine Margetts managed to finish 55th on her 55th parkrun
  • A special mention goes to Lynda Hembury for running a very aesthetically pleasing time of 22:22!!
  • And let's hear it for the symmetrical Weeeeeeeees Baaaaaaall who crossed the line with a wonderfully balanced time of 43:34 (and had a close call the week before on 32:33!!)


31948734_2514831022075643_4602543317249425408_o (1)
Congrats to Ben Thorn who ran his 100th parkrun


So, that's it for another week.

Next week will be very different. First of all our cows will be back (always interesting to meet them for the first time!!) and secondly we're changing the route!!!

Watch this space!!!!



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