Tring parkrun 192 – Scorchio!

It was a beautiful morning for what might well have been the last time we run our "classic" Tring parkrun route; starting and finishing at the foot of the Lime Tree Avenue.

We had beautiful sunny morning for our 192nd parkrun at Tring

But before I get onto that, you may be wondering where last week's run report is? There isn't one. Glad we cleared that up!!

However from that week we'd like to acknowledge Kim Escritt who ran her 50th parkrun as a visitor to Tring (she's normally at Peter Pan parkrun - what a great name!!); David Taylor also ran his 50th (he normally runs at Aylesbury and has visited Tring 6 times) and our very own Stuart Page who joined the 100-club (97 of those being at Tring).

Our brilliant Finish Line Team - just some of the 21 volunteers who helped make the day possible/


We had a great turnout of 237 runners, of whom 17 were running their first ever parkrun and 12 were visiting Tring for the first time from other parkruns.

10 people either did not have or forgot their barcodes and 2 people were tail walkers. A quick whizzz on my pocket calculator shows that 196 people therefore had the chance of a PB. 61 people managed this (the highest total since the same week - 1st week of May - last year and the 9th highest ever). That's almost 1 in 3! Well I did say at the start it felt like a "PB sort of a day"! :-)

31946793_2514505172108228_2986827073475051520_o 31913723_2514506008774811_3724348382118936576_o
31947422_2514504932108252_7845113887652315136_o 31958867_2514505572108188_816365097038381056_o
Over a quarter of Saturday's runners qualified to ring our famous PB Bell

Still on the theme of PBs:

  • That makes an amazing 6 in 6 weeks for Chris Nicholls.
  • 4 in 4 weeks for Eddy Guinness, 3 in 3 weeks for Isobel Roberts and Tia Kerr-Miller, 2 in 2 weeks for Samantha Hollier, Steven Boyd, Vicky Smith and Paul Beadle.
  • In addition, in his last 4 appearances, Ben Woodhams has recorded 4 PBs. Also 3 in 3 for Simon Cowie, Steven Boyd, Damien Fortune and Dave Stevens.
  • Chris Nicholls now heads the “most PBs in a Tring year” for the 2nd year in a row and moves into the 2nd highest ever total with his total of 22 PBs


Adrienne Garner was the week's most senior runner; in the 71-74 age category.
She ran a very impressive 34:40, placing her among the highest age adjusted times of the day.

Other notable stuff includes:

  • Well done to Ben Thorn on running his 100th parkrun
  • Adrienne Garner improves her own 2nd fastest ever for the VW70-74 category
  • 50th time we have seen the surnames Valentine and Burbidge
  • 200th time we have seen the name Mark
  • 1st time we have seen 4 Harrys
  • 18 runners in the 24th minute equals the record for that minute
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest PB improvements were Kevin Lynch (2:37), Samantha Hollier (2:00), Isobel Roberts (1:21), James Doyle-Tanner (1:14), Joanna Penn (1:12), Tom Brookes (1:11)
  • Jasmine Margetts managed to finish 55th on her 55th parkrun
  • A special mention goes to Lynda Hembury for running a very aesthetically pleasing time of 22:22!!
  • And let's hear it for the symmetrical Weeeeeeeees Baaaaaaall who crossed the line with a wonderfully balanced time of 43:34 (and had a close call the week before on 32:33!!)


31948734_2514831022075643_4602543317249425408_o (1)
Congrats to Ben Thorn who ran his 100th parkrun


So, that's it for another week.

Next week will be very different. First of all our cows will be back (always interesting to meet them for the first time!!) and secondly we're changing the route!!!

Watch this space!!!!