Tring parkrun #195 – Who knew cattle found blue tarpaulin interesting?!

A damp drizzly morning at the park on Saturday but our cattle were certainly pleased to see us. They have settled into the park and although no longer wanting to run with us they are still very inquisitive and appeared as soon as we started setting up.

Apparently if you want to attract a herd of cattle, simply lay a blue tarpaulin on grass - seems to work everytime!

Thanks to Keith & Ed, this week's cow marshals

The 2nd tarpaulin made a good cover for the bags and spectators in the rain!

Our new course is working out well, with some of the extra markings that we added this week, particularly for the final straight. After your run, remember not to walk on this part of the course but instead stop and do some cheering for those who are finishing. If you (or your children) would like a turn with the Hi-5 hands, either as spectators or after your run, then just ask the volunteers at the finish funnel.

Keith about to get the energy boost that each Hi-5 guarantees!

A thumbs up for our cow bell ringing and Hi-5 zone

Next up, we have the stats from week 195:
- Paul Beadle ran his 50th parkrun
- Rob Billings and Joanna Penn recorded their 3rd PBs in 3 weeks. It was 2 in 2 weeks also for Ellen Wood, Dean Gibson and Natalie Kell
- Tilley Green set the 3rd fastest ever JW15-17 with her 22:27
- Up at the front it was a Tring 1-2 with Matt Wade (19:09) being our fastest finisher followed by Dom Evans (20:03) and then Steven Boyd (20:14). For the females Sophie Green (22:11) held off Tilley Green (22:27) followed by Sheila Turner (25:04)
- After missing a PB last week by 2 seconds, Chris Nicholls achieved his 24th Tring PB (Paul Myatt holds the record with 26)
- The surnames Scott, Sartin, Gibson and Stonestreet all were seen for the 100th time and Wooton, Severs and Drath were seen for the 50th time
- Paul (7) was the most seen male name and Rachel, Lucy and Helen (3 each) the most for the females
- For the 1st time ever we saw 2 Jasmines and 2 Lynnes also achieving the same feat. We also saw our 1st Denis, Reuben and Ursula.
- Minute 26 was the most popular
- We’ve waited 195 parkruns for an appearance from Torbay AAC and then we see 3 within a minute. If you want to know more about the club – just click here -
- Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the largest improvements were Rob Billings (7:27), Emily Knight (1:21), Isobel Bladen (0:48), Stephen Brookman (0:37) and Diane Le Pargneux (0:35)

Rob achieved the biggest PB improvement this week - but given that the dogpoo bag suggests a stop en-route, we think another PB should be possible

When you have run at a parkrun course 110 times, PBs don't happen as often - well done Blazej on your 21 second improvement

When you have run at a parkrun course 141 times, PBs don't happen as often - well done Izzy on your 48 second improvement - a fast finish with Mia from Torbay

So, we are 32 weeks through our 54 week Tring parkrun Year 4 – who are the likely contenders for our end of year attendance awards? Let's take a look at the top 10 of each of the 4 groups to see who have the best chance of a top-3 position at the end of the year.

We start with our adult females, where at the top of the table Elaine is against some tough competiton. Lorraine won this in Year 1 and has 100% attendance for year 4, whilst Louise won Year 2 and Alison Year 3. However with 22 parkruns to go, there is still plenty of time for anyone to climb the table.


Next up, it's the junior females. Like Mum Elaine, daughter Holly is up against stiff opposition, with Izzy having finished 1st in Years 2 & 3 and also 3rd in Year 1. However further down the table there is still plenty to play for


Moving on to the adult males. James is just staying ahead of last year's joint winners Paul and Chris. Paul also won Year 2 and was 2nd in Year 1.


Last but not least we have a close battle for the junior males. Jamie is the newcomer in the table with Jim and Tom currently repeating last year's 1-2. Noah is also near the top and he has had a podium position in all 3 years. Jim was our youngest ever "50-shirt" until brother Tom took the record but rumour has it that young William could claim this very soon


So it could all change with 22 weeks to go. There is still time to cancel your summer holiday plans :)

Thanks to this week's volunteers:
Claire HALLISSEY • Andy EVANS • Wes BALL • Richard BAZELEY • Edward HOPPER • Richard MURPHY • Ken DOUGLAS • Blazej ZIEMBACZEWSKI • Steve BLADEN • Victoria WILSON • Louise BLADEN • Chris NICHOLLS • Martin BISHOP • Sam EVANS • Julian CRANE • Alison BILL • Chris BILL • William CRANE • Keith HENDERSON • Richard LONG • Frances LEFF • Rosa DRATH • Charlotte SEVERS • Grace FENSOME

Remember on 9th June it is our NHS 70th birthday run - so feel free to come along dressed as a nurse, doctor patient etc or perhaps dressed in the NHS colours of blue and white - The choice is yours!

See you all again on Saturday for lots more fun in Tring Park

Andy Evans