Tring parkrun 196 – It’s a mystery


It's a mystery

I've been a Run Director (RD) at Tring parkrun a fair a few times now and it's a mystery to me quite how I get away with it! So it was especially rewarding to see so many smiling faces yesterday, so many personal achievements, so many family memories being created (and so many celebratory cakes being consumed!) despite a storyline worthy of a kids cartoon developing rapidly behind the scenes.

Not got a scooby
Sometimes being an RD is a bewildering experience! :-)


The first mystery was "where are the cows?". They were nowhere to be found. With the benefit of hindsight, sending the Cow Marshals off with the vague instruction of "I'm sure you'll find them" wasn't very helpful. Not surprisingly they returned later reporting that "we couldn't find them either". At this point I had slightly less vague visions of them hiding behind the trees, cartoon style, and ambushing the Tail Walkers at a critical moment. More on the cows later.

The next mystery is why I failed miserably to post a marshal at Gate 1. Seriously! I did think it was strange to be left with one too many marshals at the start line. My solution was to ignore this obvious anomaly and send the spare marshal off to look for the cow marshals. The Gate being closed must have come as something of a surprise to the fastest runners and I appreciate Tom North coming to the rescue and opening it before most others arrived. Where is Jim Maple when you need him?

Don't even get me started on the "parking" on Hastoe Lane!!! This will be the topic of a stern, "go and stand in the naughty corner" message later in the week.


So, how many took part this week?

On the face of it this is a reasonable question that should be easy to answer.

The first hill
And they're off - charging down the first hill (still novel!) and into the valley

I should start by saying that with such a busy finish line, with lots going on, our timer/token numbers seldom match exactly at the first go. Our heroic Timekeeprs and Finish Token volunteers have to contend with "double crossers” (people who cross the line more than once), "funnel duckers” (who duck out of the funnel without collecting a token), ”token magpies”, and various random non-participants who get in the mix somehow. These we can normally sort easily.

Yesterday, however, we had a few ludicrous discrepancies that defied all known human logic and common sense. I was absolutely baffled and after much head-scratching in the Akeman had to admit defeat. Another mystery. It took the combined brain power of Andy Evans (who can calculate Pi to 5 million decimal places in his head) and Ross Lambert (who thinks of differential calculus as a recreational sport) to solve the mystery. Thanks guys.

Officially we had 301 participants cross the line.

The comedy continued when I confidently asserted this was our 2nd highest turnout. It wasn't. It was the fourth highest (still very impressive) and the highest on the new course. Whoop!
Of the 301 finishers 43 were very welcome "first timers" at Tring, of which 15 completed their first ever parkrun. Well done.


parkrunning stars

At the other end of the scale our very own Andy Evans was the most experienced parkrunner, completing his 214th. And visitor KC Lloyd was our most experienced first timer on 180 parkruns.

Congratulations Will
Congratulations to Will on becoming the youngest parkrunner to join that 50-club at Tring.
In the pictures above you can see his 1st parkrun and his 50th.

We also had several special milestones to celebrate. First of all we had an amazing five people join the junior 10 club - congratulations to Nicole Giraldo, Thomas Lipscombe, Matthew Kuht, Ruby Dack and Connor Farquarson. Matthew marked the occasion with a new PB, and Ruby was running her first parkrun at Tring. Great to see.

And very well-done to David Severs, Samantha Lindars and Will Drath who all joined the 50-club, with Will being the youngest to achieve this at Tring (he's only 7, bless his little running shoes).

46 runners achieved a Personal Best - really great on such a humid morning. Of these we saw 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Amy Billington, Karen Morton-Smit, Ian Shenton, Chris Nicholls, Charlotte Owttrim and Stephen Brookman. We also saw 6 PBs in last 6 appearances for Nathan Cook, 4 in 4 for Jo Glass and Callum Hunter-Whitehouse, 3 in 3 for Dan Butler and Emily Ford. Epic stuff!

We also witnessed other notable times: Betty Huggan set the 3rd fastest ever VW70-74 time and Tilly Green improved her own 3rd fastest ever JW15-17 time by 1 second.

Of the runners who have run at leat 5 times, 5 improved by over a minute - David Taylor (2:43), Callum Hunter-Whitehouse (1:33), Jo Glass (1:14), Nathan Cook (1:14), and Lucie Repova (1:07)



Volunteer stars

As usual we had a really great volunteer team. Without them there would be no Tring parkrun.

A big thank you to Chris Bill, Alison Bill, Melanie Brookman, Chris Dalton, Grace Fensome, James Foskett, Claire Hallissey, Keith Henderson, Sidney Hudson, Frances Leff, Richard Long, Sam McCormack, Paul McCormack, Richard Murphy, Chris Nicholls, Heather Painter, Andrew Powell, Dennis Raffety, Phil Roger, Charlotte Severs, Christina Stevens, Philippa Storr, Charlie Summerson, Adrian Summerson, Jake Summerson, Dominic Veal and Emma Weller.

A special mention goes to Alison Bill who volunteered for the 25th time and qualifies for a lovely, free, parkrun volunteer's T-shirt (on the subject of which...the new ones are really great!!!)

Alison Bill will get one of the new design volunteer T-shirts as a thank you

Several of our volunteers have never ran a parkrun nor intend to do so. It's a great way to get out and be part of a growing community. If you know anyone that might be interested, connect us by emailing

Crochet on a huge scale
Volunteering makes you more attractive to the opposite sex and increases your mental and physical dexterity. It's a bit like the Crystal Maze sometimes on the Finish Line. You are also much more likely to win the lottery after having volunteered, or to discover that the old vase your auntie Maud gave you is actually priceless. But, most importantly, it's easy and it's fun. Email us at to find out more.

One of the things I really like is the way so many of our spectators throw themselves into the fun. Cheering, applauding, hi-fiving, cow bell ringing all helps create the friendly, encouraging atmosphere parkrun is famous for. This week we had an exceptional team of informal volunteers and helpers making the morning just the bit more special for everyone. Thank you.

High Fives Ahead
Super effort by team Cooper on the finish line. Thank you.


Video stars

We didn't have an official photographer this week but we did have a couple of videos, one of the brilliant finish line support and the other of the entire new Tring parkrun course by international running vlogger Baze187 (Richard Bazeley)

Video of Mind the Cow Pat
"Mind the Cow Pat"
Enthusiastic (and very helpful) Finish Line support.
Click on the image above to go to the video on Facebook


New Course Video
"New Tring Course"
A video tour of the whole new course by Baze187
Click on the picture to go to the video on YouTube


Special facts bonus

We know you love this stuff.....

Not content with 2 weeks ago become the 66th person to run 66 times at Tring (and helping sort out our results processing!), Ross Lambert becomes the 67th to run 67!

28 people finished in minute 30 - the 2nd busiest minute we have ever seen. The busiest being when 29 finished in minute 31 at parkrun #144

1st time we have seen 4 Clares, 3 Victorias, 3 Darrens, 2 Caroles, 2 Waynes and 2 Lucies

1st time we have seen the names Magnus, Bryn, Loui, Leighton and Carissa

The 100th time we have seen On the Run, Aylesbury

1st time we have seen the London City Athletics club who, if you didn’t know, are based in the heart of London at Southwark Athletics Centre


So, what happened to the cows?

We're still not very sure!!!

They were reported up in the trees above the grass (see pic) and then they were reported across the road in the new land acquired by the Woodland Trust.
It remains a very real mystery. If there are any super-sleuths out there, let us know.

Our missing cows
These are supposed to be our missing cows.
I'm not yet convinced!


Something to look forward to

We have a lot going on at Tring parkrun over the next few weeks, starting with next Saturday the 9th of June. The NHS is celebrating its 70th anniversary and have teamed with parkrun to celebrate. Getting out and enjoying a healthier lifestyle is what parkrun is about.

nhs70 at tring
Help us mark NHS70.
Please wear blue and white (NHS colours) or appropriate fancy dress.

Later in the month, on the 23rd, we're helping support the "This Girl Can" campaign. We want to encourage females of all ages to join us - volunteering, supporting or running/walking. Watch out for more info on that soon.

That's it for another week.




Foiled again
The dastardly plans of the nefarious Mr I M Grumpy were foiled yet again...
...even he was smiling after Tring parkrun 196
(although he'd forgotten his barcode)