#198 – A look forward to “This Girl Can” and stats from 197/198

Welcome to run report #198

A few of us are parkrunning in Jersey this weekend so this is a quick writeup before heading off to the airport. Did you know that Jersey is the only UK parkrun starting with “J” so if you want to collect your alphabet of parkruns, then it’s a good reason for a weekend trip to the Channel Islands.

In today’s report we have…..
- In anticipation of this week’s themed “This Girl Can” parkrun , some lovely words from Tring parkrun regular Philippa
- A look back at the stats from #198
- A look back at the stats from #197

So we start off with some words from Philippa….

This girl didn’t think she could...
...even get to the finish line when I had to be dragged, crying, up Heartbreak Hill on my first ever parkrun.
...ever go sub-30 minutes.
…ever truly, hand on heart, say she enjoyed the first kilometre.
…ever get to 100 parkruns.
…ever be made to feel so welcomed and encouraged by such a great bunch of people.
But this girl, just an ordinary girl, can!

There is no denying that Tring parkrun is daunting, it is a challenge and, as many have commented, it doesn’t seem to get any easier, but because of that, it is also wonderful. Many a time, I have reflected on the fact that the run seems to mirror the ups and downs of my job as a teacher in a concentrated 30 minute (or so) window. Sometimes I find it difficult to get into my stride at the start. Then there is the relentless effort to get to the top of the hill, where you first get a chance to get your breath back and have a little window of opportunity to reflect on your achievements so far. If you take the time to notice, you also get the reward of a stunning view back over Tring and beyond, akin to the feeling of one of those ‘lightbulb moments’, when a child makes new connections in their learning, us teachers have the privilege to experience. Then comes the relative flat of King Charles Drive with its little ups and downs, just there to keep you focused and on your toes. The downhill yomp reminds me of the feeling of Christmas in a school, a small window where you can relax and be a bit more free from rigours of the curriculum. You should mindfully appreciate this treat, because you know there are tough times ahead. From thereon in the uphills get a little more challenging and the downhills not so obviously rewarding. You pray for no headwind along the valley, fingers crossed for no ‘school inspection’ when you are really starting to feel the tiredness in your legs. What can I say about Heartbreak Hill, that is simply about gritted teeth and sheer bloody-mindedness, but after the final effort comes the reward, when all your hard work pays off and you can bound downhill to the glory of the finish line, safe in the knowledge that you will make it, you will finish, you have survived! (well at least that was the case until the finish line was moved – now you have to have a little bit of faith that the funnel will come, even if you can’t quite see it, but I guess that is a bit like teaching too!)
Philippa Storr

Philippa after one of her recent PBs

Thanks Philippa and well done on your 6 min improvement since starting at Tring.

Now lets have a look back at this #197 stats - our NHS run

Some great costumes at #197

Emily Wooton, Cara Kerr-Miller and Tia Kerr-Miller all achieved their junior 10th parkruns – well done
Stephen Brookman recorded his 3rd PB in 3 weeks. It was 2 in 2 weeks for Darren Hogg, Tom Patterson, Lucie Repova, Robert Norris, Robert Williams, Karen Scott, Sally Dent, Denis Steventon and Samantha Hollier. That’s the 6th PB this year for Robert and Samantha – the joint 3rd highest total.
In addition, Michael Hart has recorded a PB at each of his last 5 appearances and Darcy Hudghton 3 from 3.
Steven Boyd ran under 20 mins for the 1st time and set the fastest ever VM50-54 with a time of 19:42
We saw the surnames O’Keefe and Davies for the 100th time and Golding for the 50th time
Page and Lindars were the most seen surname with 4 of each
We saw the names Andy for the 300th time and Graham and Isobel for the 200th, Emily for the 100th and Geoff for the 50th
Holly and Samantha were the most seen female names (3 of each) and Ben and James (7 of each) the most seen males. Indeed it was a record number of Bens this week.
We saw the names Ricky and Izzi for the 1st time
Minutes 26 and 27 were the most popular with 24 runners in each
We saw Gade Valley Harriers for the 250th time and Dunstable RRC for the 50th.
1st time we have seen both the Sittingbourne Striders and the Meads Runners
Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Olivia Hurford (2:19), Stephen Brookman (1:32), Barry Brett (0:52), Samantha Hollier (0:50), Ben Hallett (0:48) and Thomas Patterson (0:48)

A great PB run from Olivia

Some more great costumes

And more - Great costumes and Charlotte is also in the middle of a sequence of 3 PBs

And if you’ve manage to crunch your way through that lot – maybe you get a mention in the week #198 stats……

Peter Lilley ran his junior 10th parkrun – well done Peter
Charlotte Crane, Lucy Clutton and Tim Rial ran their 50th parkruns – well done all
Jennifer Gribben, Andy Spry and Karen Hennel ran their 100ths – and well done again
3 PBs in 3 weeks for Lucie Repova and 2 in 2 for Darcey Hughton, Tony Hart, Eleanor Beswick, Iain Middleton and Stephen Barnsdale – These are the in form runners you need to be following
In addition, 3 PBs in their last 3 appearances for Tom Moreton, Ian Shenton and Rachael Macrae, 2 in 2 for Euan Hudghton, Simon Nicholson and Kevin Lynch – well done all
Sheila Turner recorded the 3rd fastest VW55-59 and went under 25 mins with her 24:52 – well done Shiela
OK, so her husband may have picked up a well earned PB but it was Sarah Foskett who was claiming the family stats glory as she became the 68th person to run 68 times at Tring
1st time for 45 weeks that there were no Bens – last week we had a record 7 of them – where did they go?
1st time we have seen the names Neill, Zara, Annika, luliia, Meggie and Saengchan
Hanson and Turner were the most seen surname with 4 of each
Exactly as last week, Holly and Samantha were the most seen female names (3 of each) but this time with Paul (with 9) the most seen male name.
Minutes 29 was the most popular with 21 runners finishing in that minute
We saw Lalor Running Club for the 1st time. For those of you who didn’t know, they meet 4 times a week in Lalor and the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne!
Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Matthew Gorman (9:56), Rob Billings (4:44), Darcey Hudghton (3:03), Catherine Turner 2:43) and Adam Woodhams (2:03)

Have a great run wherever you are at parkrunning tomorrow and if you are at Tring enjoy #199

Andy E