Tring parkrun 208: parkrun love from Bradford to Tring.


You may have noticed...

You may have noticed that we now have an opportunity on our volunteer roster for "run report writer".

We were delighted that Helen Brant, visiting us from Bradford, offered to help this week. Read her great write-up below....


Guest Run Report

First let me introduce myself:

My name is Helen Brant and I am addicted to parkrun.

My home run is in Bradford and I RD there sometimes.

Despite having two photographers we managed to miss Helen in action at Tring. Here she is as an RD at her local Bradford parkrun.
(By the way - is that shades of autumn I see on the Lime Tree avenue, already?)

I’m staying in the area this week and having googled parkrun in the area I was intrigued by ‘heartbreak’ hill. In Bradford we have a ‘teeny, tiny hill’ which we do 3 times so I thought pah; I run in Yorkshire these southern hills will just be a small slope. This is where I hold up my hands and agree that this parkrun is not for the faint hearted.

The sun was shining as I drove 1.5 miles past the car park failing to notice the neon Marshall’s by the entrance, (I was clearly blinded by the sunshine). Once parked I followed other people who looked like they knew where they were going to be brought out to a spectacular park. Then I looked up, and then my heart broke (before even running). I made my way to the tourist/first timers sign where I was greeted by a lady who looked at my Saltaire Striders vest and told me she worked in Saltaire; small world I thought. Another man approached, he saw my vest and told me he grew up in Saltaire and his mum still lived there. I felt at home.

Tring parkrun Aug 25
The Start Line, with Andy Collings as this week's RD, many of this week's great volunteers (see below) and the Finish in the background.

I also met a 69 years young chap who had been out with Tring running club in the week and this was his first parkrun. He was excited and enthused and this is what I love about parkrun, every week someone new becomes part of the family (though in hindsight Tring is not a gentle way to loose your parkrun virginity).

After the briefing we went to the start.

I chose some up-beat classical music as I felt the scenery deserved some class. Once we were off and were descending I thought this is lovely; then I looked up (I need to stop doing that!). The hill just kept going, up and up and through the trees, I looked to my left...breathtaking views made the hill worth it plus the rather nice downhill after. There was some lovely bits of undulation after the descent and I have to admit, the final hill pretty much killed me before I got a fab high 5 at the finish.

What a lovely, challenging course with fabulous Marshall’s and apparently a lot of people from Saltaire!

The first hill
Off and heading down the first hill - with Kirsty and Kevin Dance as this weeks Tail Walkers.

I loved it and will return (once I’ve recovered) in the future.

Thanks all.

Mrs Helen Brant


Thank you

Helen - many thanks for the super write-up. We're glad that you enjoyed your visit, please do come and see us again. Likewise we'll say hello if near Bradford.

If you'd like to pen your own write-up, or even draw a picture (we've had a quite a few good ones in the past), get in touch with us as you would for any other volunteer role by emailing

And on the topics of "thank you" and volunteers.....I'd like to thank everyone who responded so quickly and positively to our request for help this week: Andy EVANS • Alison Caroline HARDING • Kevin HARDING • Helen BRANT • Toby GRIBBIN • Edward HOPPER • Kevin DANCE • Andy COLLINGS • Amanda RUSSELL • Ken DOUGLAS • Dick HIGHTON • Ann-Marie EVANS • Christina STEVENS • Kirsty DANCE • Allison WILLIMENT • Victoria WILSON • Graham HOLLANDS • Katie WILLIAMS • Luke ATKINS • George FLETCHER • Angela HOLLANDS • Chris NICHOLLS • Violet ATKINS • Claire SHEPHERD • William CRANE • Neil COBURN • Andrew BOOTH • Gillian HANSON


A few more things to finish off with

This week 228 people participated in Tring parkrun, of whom 13 were taking part in their very first parkrun and 28 were visitors from other parkruns.

The cooler weather helped 39 record new Personal Best times. Well done.

(And a special mention to our very own Event Director Andy Evans. Not only was he the most experienced parkrunner, with 225 runs under his belt, but he too posted a new PB, his first for 15 months. Great stuff).

Full results can be found here: Tring parkrun Results Page.

Tring parkrun puppies Tring parkrun puppies
Tring parkrun puppies Tring parkrun puppies
Tring parkrun puppies
The recent heatwave made it too hot for most of our usual canine participants - so it was great to see so many back this week. (There were more, but they were too nippy for the cameras!)


And finally

That's just about it for another week. - Just time to give you the latest batch of Tring parkrun stats....

4 juniors earned their “10” shirt this week – well done to Rex Evans, Kyle Kerr-Miller, Kieran Cripps and Robert Williams

Our fastest finisher, Ben Livesey with his time of 17:27 was the 3rd fastest ever time at Tring. Not only that it was the fastest ever by someone aged 30+.

Meanwhile our fastest female Asha Niven, with her time of 20:07 became the 5th fastest ever female and in her case the fastest ever under-30 female

Gavin Wild and Helen Tullie became the 32nd and 33rd runners to complete 100 Tring parkruns

James Fisher, Jess Wakelam, Julia Norman and Iain Middleton all recorded their 2nd PB in 2 weeks

Dylan Barlow and Andrew Pennell both recorded their 4th PB in their last 4 appearances, 3 in 3 for Joanne Lynch, Ian Harris, Jess Wakelam and Rachael Evans That’s 8 in this Tring parkrun year for Andrew – the joint 2nd highest total.

We saw the surname Page for the 300th time and Clark for the 100th and Wray and Farquharson both for their 50th.

We saw the Christian name Naomi for the 100th time and Jane for the 50th

James (with 7) was the most common name and Helen (with 4) was the most seen female name

For the 1st time ever we saw 3 Hazels and we had a bumper group of new names not previously seen at Tring including Asha, Stefan, Zdenka, Geraldine, Luciana and Tamira - welcome all!
For the 4th time in the last 6 weeks Minute 27 was the most seen minute, this time with 25 runners (a new attendance record for this minute!)

3 clubs that we haven’t seen before this week – Saltaire Striders, Eton Manor AC and Lakeland Orienteering Club

Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Christopher Potts (1:08), Caroline Legg (1:06), Dylan Barlow (0:55), Ann-Marie Evans (0:52), Alexander Caps (0:52) and Ryan Cripps (0:51)

Our next parkrun in Tring Park is on Saturday September 1st.

Fingers crossed for another sunny (though cooler) morning

Tring parkrun

George doing a fantastic hi-five job on the finish line on Saturday.
Kudos to everyone who took part.
See you next week



Tring parkrun 207: YPOA’s visit

I blinked and that was another week gone! It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve not yet done the run report. So what can we say about parkrun number 207?

Our brilliant volunteer team
Our great volunteer team - making parkrun 207 happen at Tring

For starters we had a rather large furry bear with us in the form of YOPA. The bear promoting Herts Year Of Physical Activity (You see what they did there?) or HERTSYOPA18. [Ed: It's a stag - not unless the bear has figured out how to grow antlers. :-)].

So what is it? Well seeing as you asked HERTSYOPA18 aims to make Hertfordshire the most active county by increasing physical activity, shifting stubborn inactivity levels (like playing on your phone!), celebrating what’s already happening (like parkrun) and encouraging new programs and events. Full details can be found on their website

There a lot’s of great events to get involved in.

IMG_2445 IMG_2455
IMG_2510 IMG_2470
VOPA visiting Tring parkrun as part of Hertfordshire's Year of Physical Activity


Click for a video clip of young Will showing YOPA how to floss! :-)

Parkrun 207 was also my first as an RD since the change of route, actually my first in a while having not being able to make any dates in the last rota. Some of you may have noticed that my stress levels were fairly high! If I appeared rude to anybody and know a few people tried to speak to me, please accept my sincere apologies. I know a one or two of you ended up doing something you weren’t expecting to be doing, so thank you.

The cows were back with a vengeance! After setting up the valley poles (in the wrong place!) the cows thought it would fun to remove them. As I looked on from the finish area I could see the poles literally flying through the air. Maybe the cows are cleverer than we think and knew that I’d put them in the wrong place??

Distant cows
Our new cows were in hiding after their vandalism - under the watchful eye of Cow Marshal David Severs (you need to look close!!)

We also had lots of new volunteers this week who were learning the ropes before Wendover Parkrun gets under way.

As if all the above wasn’t enough I had been informed by my future wife the evening before the Wedding we were going to at Stoke Park, an hour drive from Tring, started at 12 O’clock. You don’t have to Albert Einstein to work out time was going to be tight!

Many thanks to all our volunteers this week and especially Ken who took over the responsibility of results processing and allowing me get away.

Tail Walkers
Brilliant family volunteering by "team Patterson" who, collectively, were our Tail Walkers this week

Ben PATTERSON • Charlotte SEVERS • Danny WIZARD • David SEVERS • Edward HOPPER • Graham HOLLANDS • Heather PAINTER • Jim PATTERSON • Justin WETTERS • Katie WILLIAMS • Ken DOUGLAS • Lesley CARD • Malcolm CARD • Maura PATTERSON • Moira DOUGLAS • Patrick MCLOUGHLIN • Richard MURPHY • Stuart EKINS • Thomas PATTERSON • Victoria WILSON

There were 240 this week, 28 were first timers of those 7 were first time Parkrunners and 23 recorded new PB’s.

There appeared to be a little bit of skulduggery, reminiscent of the battle between Frome and Wiggo on Mt Ventoux, on the finish line this week with Chris BOOTH apparently looking beaten at the bridge before leaving it until the last few yards to sprint past Oliver POULAIN, there was just 2 seconds in it. Maybe it was experience that made the difference as Chris being a regular at Tring and it was Olivers’ first. Great show boys!

Well done to Mary WARD who was the leading lady!

It's not a race
Skulduggery?? You decide!! :-)

50 milestones this week for Craig HIGGINS, Matt CARTER and Andrew C D BOOTH.

The person with the most Parkruns this week was Carl HEAPS with 458. Carl is =29th on the global list of most Parkruns. The current record is held by a Darren WOOD with a whopping great 681 runs worldwide! Incidentally Darren has never run at Tring, he doesn’t know what he’s missing!

Well in the words of Looney Tunes “That’s All Folks”!



Tring Park parkrun #206 – A beautiful morning!

The weather this Saturday was beautiful and sunny with just a slight chill in the air, which was very refreshing after the recent heatwave. We’d also had a little rain during the previous week which had softened Tring Park up, just a bit!

Its days like this that makes you appreciate just how lucky we are to be able to host Tring parkrun in Tring Park. We also had the added bonus of no cows as they have gone to pastures new. Shame the Wallabies weren’t around though, would have been fun trying to marshal them!

The new Tring Park signage by the new gates.

We had 206 runners attend this week with 39 first time parkrunners or tourists. We hope you enjoyed the course, and hills, and come back again for a PB soon.

With such good running conditions we also had 36 PB’s. Congratulations to Chris MOLLOY, Seb BRUMMELL, Tom MORETON, Sean MCKENNA, William BROOKMAN, Stuart CLARKE, Amy FARNFIELD, Angelo LUCATELLO, Anthony FOSTER, Terry ROONEY, Ben THORN, Michael LAMB, Tim MILLER, Phil MARRIOTT, Philip PUGH, Gary STROUD, Ian DOUGHTY, Tam QUINN, Michael DONOVAN, Robert BLYTHE, Richard BADDON, Allan MACCORMACK, Robin FISHER, Victoria WILLIAMS, Chris PARKER, Poppy WAGER-LEIGH, Samantha HOLLIER, Kirsty GRUBER, Luca WEBSTER, Jeremy WEBSTER, David BLISS, Phillip RANCE, Freya KENT, Jack FISHER, Melanie BROOKMAN and Holly KENT on your PB’s this week. Very well done!

A great view of the first corner, without runners.

….. and with!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up the course, man the marshalling points and manage the finish line. Many thanks to Jane Martin, Claire Hallissey, Tom North, Edward Hopper, Richard Murphy, Ken Douglas, James Maple, Chris Nicholls, Sam Evans, Dawn Figg, Alison Bill, Chris Bill, Steve F Cliffe, Heather Painter, Lucy Brittain, Richard Long, Frances Leff, Eleanor Mckeown, Finlay McKeown, Grace Fensome and Gillian Hanson.

Thanks to Frances and Jeff the dog for marshalling Gate 2.

We had three Milestones this week with Chris Molloy and Ian Cooper achieving the coveted Red Shirt for their 50th parkruns and John Howard picking up the Black shirt for his 100th. Very well done to all of you.

Well done to Chris Molloy, 1st finisher, a new PB and his 50th parkrun. A busy morning!

The run up to the ‘run around me’ sign looking amazing!

The Lime Avenue straight, just before the new last turn, beautiful!

First across the line this week for the ladies was Kate Rennie in 19:40, just 5 seconds outside the course record followed by Amy Farmfield in a new PB time of 22:36 and Claire Hallissey in 23:03.

For the men Chris Molloy was fastest with a new PB of 18:45 followed by Chris Booth in 19:09 and Jhon Cosgrove in 19:13.

Lovely view of the finish line from the trees, lovely spot for a post run chat!

Looking forward to parkrun #207 we are expecting a very special guest from Hertfordshire YOPA (Year of Physical Activity), look for someone special in the start/finish area.

Well done to all those that ran this week, for a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to

For news , photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at and you can now follow us on Twitter at .

If you would like to volunteer please email with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

Thank you and see you on Saturday.

Richard Murphy
Run Director


Tring parkrun #205: Join the Club


parkrun - it's a people thing

Four years ago when I completed my first parkrun (staggering across the line and muttering 'never again, this is mad') I wouldn't remotely have imagined joining a running club. Running clubs are for "runners" aren't they? And I'm most certainly not "a runner". In fact I look on with something approaching awe at the speed, fitness and endurance of some of the "runners".

After several parkruns, however, the odd solo practice jog/stagger/limp during the week just wasn't the same. There's something uplifting about being with so many other like minded people. So it was with some trepidation (and a lot of encouragement from other Tring parkrunners) that I joined Tring Running Club. There I discovered not just "runners" but "everybody"; people of all ages, abilities, motivations. It was great.

The Clubs aren't perhaps right for everyone, but we enjoy a happy symbiosis. Their "Couch to 5K" and "learn to run" sessions result in more parkrunners, and parkrunners that "get the bug" often go on to great things in the clubs (the wonderful Lynda HEMBURY being a great example).

In recent run reports we've not given much attention the clubs - this week will be different.


Join the club

This week 253 people ran, jogged and walked our Thing Park course, of whom 69 were first timers and 47 recorded new Personal Bests (more on these later). Over a third of the attendees were associated with 30 different Running Clubs (and a fair proportion of these joined clubs after parkrun and not the other way round).

It was terrific to welcome Tring Running Club. Our local club staged one leg of their "Off-road Championships" at Tring Parkrun this week

Tring Running Club brought 35 people (we usually have a dozen or so, at least) to use Tring parkrun as the seventh of twelve local, off-road events spanning the year and ranging in distance from 5k to 20k.

They completed our undulating course in times varying from a very speedy Chris BOOTH (19:33) to times twice as long. Any time is better than no time, of course.

We we're very happy to see the Harpenden Arrows.

A large contingent from Harpenden joined us, roughly half of whom have run at Tring before, with 6 clocking PB times. Notable amongst these was junior Sam CLARKE. He celebrated his 100th parkrun on his second appearance at Tring - his 50th was at Tring too! In addition Sam has completed 26 Junior parkruns, and visited 74 other parkrun venues. Impressive commitment.

It was great to see the Garden City Runners.
As far as I'm aware none had completed Tring parkrun before.

Fron Welwyn Garden City we welcomed a large group from the Garden City Runners. We've been joined by runners from this club before, although this week everyone was a Tring first-timer. We liked their website motto "Have fun, make friends and get fit". That's what it's all about.


First Timers

Our three significant club visits contributed to our 69 very welcome first timer visitors. A special mention to Mark WATERHOUSE, Emily WOOLHOUSE, Rob LAFERTON, Jamie WEST, Chloe TIMMS, Julian ARMSTRONG, Clare TIMMS, Marcus LITTLER, Paul TIMMS, Ed FARROW, Jack FISHER and Bethan STANWAY who all completed their very first ever parkruns, and we hope to see all of them again soon.


We've already mentioned Sam CLARKE (who joined the 100 club). In addition Daniel PUDNER visited Tring for the first time and recorded his 50th parkrun (at his 43rd parkrun venue!).

Junior runners Ben WOODHAMS and Darcey HUDGHTON both joined the 10-club and qualify for their free, white parkrun T-shirt. Ben marked the occasion with a PB too.

Well done to all.


Pacers, PBs and other good stuff

The famous Tring parkrun stat-o-matic is taking a well deserved summer break and so I'll keep the final points short.

Our great pacers team

We often get a lot of PBs during Pacer weeks (which are the first Saturday of each even numbered month, in case you were wondering). Our Pacer team got to wear our new sky blue pacer bibs - so much easier than messing around with safety pins (not sure why they call them "safety" as they still stab your fingertips!) and laminated pace sheets.

I'm sure that we had many epic PB achievements (the stat-o-matic picks those up normally) but one that got my attention was by Dave LLEWELLYN who also, with 367, had the highest number of parkruns of anyone at Tring. Dave earned a PB after 6 runs at Tring, his previous best time was set at our inaugural run back in November 2014. This week he finished in a time of 24:25 - more than four minutes faster than his last at Tring in December 2017. Great stuff.

James BUIS is also worth a mention; he was both a Tring First Timer and also our First Finisher with an impressive time of 18:18. James has completed 15 different parkruns and has been first finisher in all but 3 (when he was 2nd!).

Yet again our three top age/sex adjusted finish times went to the ladies. Lynda HEMBURY (88.07%), Alison Caroline HARDING (78.21%) and Sheila TURNER (76.69%) respectively.

Another lovely morning in Tring Park


This week's parkrun was brought to you by

Special thanks to all of our volunteers, including our Pacers. This week they were: John BEVAN, Louise BROOKES, Melanie BROOKMAN, William BROOKMAN, Scott CLARKE, Samuel CLARKE, Andy COLLINGS, Ken DOUGLAS, Grace FENSOME, Dawn FIGG, George FLETCHER, James FOSKETT, Jennifer GRIBBIN, Claire HALLISSEY, Graham HOLLANDS, Angela HOLLANDS, Edward HOPPER, Richard LONG, Jane MARTIN, Rhona MCKEE, Patrick MCLOUGHLIN, Clare MURPHY, Richard MURPHY, Chris NICHOLLS, Christopher QUELCH, Dennis RAFFETY, Charlotte SEVERS, Keith STONESTREET, Ella VAN DE LINDE, Gavin WILD, Victoria WILLIAMS, Katie WILLIAMS, Allison WILLIMENT and Ron YAXLEY



Tring parkrun #205: It’s a mystery

On Saturday a parkrun happened in Tring Park as it has every Saturday for almost 4 years, but nobody cares about that, the big question on everyone’s lips was ‘where are the cows?’

We've experienced sudden cow disappearances before and there have been many theories, but no answers....perhaps until now!

Was it really the Bunion Gang that did it?
(Last week's theory)

The truth is out there
Are 'they' really out there capturing our cows?
(The theory from the first disappearance three years ago)


Keen to finally crack this case we made the mistake of sending our specialist bovine reporter Chris MILLAR to find out once and for all...

Read to discover his shocking conclusions...

Cow on Lomand
A cow on Ben Lomond just because it’s a pretty picture

A nice view ruined
The same pretty picture ruined by Chris Millar

I’m Chris Millar, Tring’s specialist bovine investigative reporter and I’ve been out in parkrunland interviewing parkrunners to try and find our cows, below is a synopsis of my findings.

Sam WATHEN (A1030134) said “You’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle right? But have you heard of the Tring Park Cow Rhombus? It’s between the gun emplacement and the copper beeches, that’s why nobody runs on that path because of the risk of getting swallowed by the rhombus, the cows probably ran through the rhombus and are still in the park but in another dimension".

Mel YOUNG (A1784728) and Darren McMAHON (A914117) claimed to have stolen the cows with attached photographic evidence saying “we’ll give your cows back when you pay the ransom”.

ransom note
Not sure if this is a real ransom note or the Proclaimers new album.

Caroline VOWLES (A998752) suggested that the cows had simply popped to the beach to cool down.

James MOORE (A187159) suggested the cows had made a day trip to the North Downs Way to scare the runners racing through the night.

Andy EVANS (A157497) simply said “Mmmmm these burgers are tasty”

Ken DOUGLAS (A1252507) exclaimed “Hoots mon they’re off chasing the haggis!” (If any of our readers know what he’s on about please let us know)

Whatever happened I can guarantee that it definitely wasn’t aliens. I was driving through the park one night on the A41 on the way home from work and stopped to investigate something shiny on the hard shoulder. I tripped over a bloke who I think said his name was simply A1674 who told me that there was no such thing as cows and what I’d seen and thought was cows was simply an illusion caused by cloud of swamp gas refracting the light of the moon off a weather balloon.

So that settles it.

Tring never had any cows.


Either that or the Farmer and/or Woodland Trust have something to do with this.
In any case I'm sure normal service will be resumed soon enough!

[Ed: On reviewing last week's photos I'm not quite so sure!]


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