Tring Park parkrun #206 – A beautiful morning!

The weather this Saturday was beautiful and sunny with just a slight chill in the air, which was very refreshing after the recent heatwave. We’d also had a little rain during the previous week which had softened Tring Park up, just a bit!

Its days like this that makes you appreciate just how lucky we are to be able to host Tring parkrun in Tring Park. We also had the added bonus of no cows as they have gone to pastures new. Shame the Wallabies weren’t around though, would have been fun trying to marshal them!

The new Tring Park signage by the new gates.

We had 206 runners attend this week with 39 first time parkrunners or tourists. We hope you enjoyed the course, and hills, and come back again for a PB soon.

With such good running conditions we also had 36 PB’s. Congratulations to Chris MOLLOY, Seb BRUMMELL, Tom MORETON, Sean MCKENNA, William BROOKMAN, Stuart CLARKE, Amy FARNFIELD, Angelo LUCATELLO, Anthony FOSTER, Terry ROONEY, Ben THORN, Michael LAMB, Tim MILLER, Phil MARRIOTT, Philip PUGH, Gary STROUD, Ian DOUGHTY, Tam QUINN, Michael DONOVAN, Robert BLYTHE, Richard BADDON, Allan MACCORMACK, Robin FISHER, Victoria WILLIAMS, Chris PARKER, Poppy WAGER-LEIGH, Samantha HOLLIER, Kirsty GRUBER, Luca WEBSTER, Jeremy WEBSTER, David BLISS, Phillip RANCE, Freya KENT, Jack FISHER, Melanie BROOKMAN and Holly KENT on your PB’s this week. Very well done!

A great view of the first corner, without runners.

….. and with!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up the course, man the marshalling points and manage the finish line. Many thanks to Jane Martin, Claire Hallissey, Tom North, Edward Hopper, Richard Murphy, Ken Douglas, James Maple, Chris Nicholls, Sam Evans, Dawn Figg, Alison Bill, Chris Bill, Steve F Cliffe, Heather Painter, Lucy Brittain, Richard Long, Frances Leff, Eleanor Mckeown, Finlay McKeown, Grace Fensome and Gillian Hanson.

Thanks to Frances and Jeff the dog for marshalling Gate 2.

We had three Milestones this week with Chris Molloy and Ian Cooper achieving the coveted Red Shirt for their 50th parkruns and John Howard picking up the Black shirt for his 100th. Very well done to all of you.

Well done to Chris Molloy, 1st finisher, a new PB and his 50th parkrun. A busy morning!

The run up to the ‘run around me’ sign looking amazing!

The Lime Avenue straight, just before the new last turn, beautiful!

First across the line this week for the ladies was Kate Rennie in 19:40, just 5 seconds outside the course record followed by Amy Farmfield in a new PB time of 22:36 and Claire Hallissey in 23:03.

For the men Chris Molloy was fastest with a new PB of 18:45 followed by Chris Booth in 19:09 and Jhon Cosgrove in 19:13.

Lovely view of the finish line from the trees, lovely spot for a post run chat!

Looking forward to parkrun #207 we are expecting a very special guest from Hertfordshire YOPA (Year of Physical Activity), look for someone special in the start/finish area.

Well done to all those that ran this week, for a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to

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If you would like to volunteer please email with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

Thank you and see you on Saturday.

Richard Murphy
Run Director