Tring parkrun 207: YPOA’s visit

I blinked and that was another week gone! It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve not yet done the run report. So what can we say about parkrun number 207?

Our brilliant volunteer team
Our great volunteer team - making parkrun 207 happen at Tring

For starters we had a rather large furry bear with us in the form of YOPA. The bear promoting Herts Year Of Physical Activity (You see what they did there?) or HERTSYOPA18. [Ed: It's a stag - not unless the bear has figured out how to grow antlers. :-)].

So what is it? Well seeing as you asked HERTSYOPA18 aims to make Hertfordshire the most active county by increasing physical activity, shifting stubborn inactivity levels (like playing on your phone!), celebrating what’s already happening (like parkrun) and encouraging new programs and events. Full details can be found on their website

There a lot’s of great events to get involved in.

IMG_2445 IMG_2455
IMG_2510 IMG_2470
VOPA visiting Tring parkrun as part of Hertfordshire's Year of Physical Activity


Click for a video clip of young Will showing YOPA how to floss! :-)

Parkrun 207 was also my first as an RD since the change of route, actually my first in a while having not being able to make any dates in the last rota. Some of you may have noticed that my stress levels were fairly high! If I appeared rude to anybody and know a few people tried to speak to me, please accept my sincere apologies. I know a one or two of you ended up doing something you weren’t expecting to be doing, so thank you.

The cows were back with a vengeance! After setting up the valley poles (in the wrong place!) the cows thought it would fun to remove them. As I looked on from the finish area I could see the poles literally flying through the air. Maybe the cows are cleverer than we think and knew that I’d put them in the wrong place??

Distant cows
Our new cows were in hiding after their vandalism - under the watchful eye of Cow Marshal David Severs (you need to look close!!)

We also had lots of new volunteers this week who were learning the ropes before Wendover Parkrun gets under way.

As if all the above wasn’t enough I had been informed by my future wife the evening before the Wedding we were going to at Stoke Park, an hour drive from Tring, started at 12 O’clock. You don’t have to Albert Einstein to work out time was going to be tight!

Many thanks to all our volunteers this week and especially Ken who took over the responsibility of results processing and allowing me get away.

Tail Walkers
Brilliant family volunteering by "team Patterson" who, collectively, were our Tail Walkers this week

Ben PATTERSON • Charlotte SEVERS • Danny WIZARD • David SEVERS • Edward HOPPER • Graham HOLLANDS • Heather PAINTER • Jim PATTERSON • Justin WETTERS • Katie WILLIAMS • Ken DOUGLAS • Lesley CARD • Malcolm CARD • Maura PATTERSON • Moira DOUGLAS • Patrick MCLOUGHLIN • Richard MURPHY • Stuart EKINS • Thomas PATTERSON • Victoria WILSON

There were 240 this week, 28 were first timers of those 7 were first time Parkrunners and 23 recorded new PB’s.

There appeared to be a little bit of skulduggery, reminiscent of the battle between Frome and Wiggo on Mt Ventoux, on the finish line this week with Chris BOOTH apparently looking beaten at the bridge before leaving it until the last few yards to sprint past Oliver POULAIN, there was just 2 seconds in it. Maybe it was experience that made the difference as Chris being a regular at Tring and it was Olivers’ first. Great show boys!

Well done to Mary WARD who was the leading lady!

It's not a race
Skulduggery?? You decide!! :-)

50 milestones this week for Craig HIGGINS, Matt CARTER and Andrew C D BOOTH.

The person with the most Parkruns this week was Carl HEAPS with 458. Carl is =29th on the global list of most Parkruns. The current record is held by a Darren WOOD with a whopping great 681 runs worldwide! Incidentally Darren has never run at Tring, he doesn’t know what he’s missing!

Well in the words of Looney Tunes “That’s All Folks”!