Two for the price of one!!


Double the report - double the fun!

The observant noticed that there was (shock!) no run report last week! There is a reason for this - we forgot.

So this week you are treated to two rollicking, run-reports rolled up into one lovely package.

Tring parkrun #211 is recounted by Anna (one half of "team Lambert" who were joint RDs that week) and Vicki Williams stepped boldly up as this week's guest report writer and gives us her thoughts on #212 below.
Thank you to both.



Sep 15th - Tring parkrun #211

Tring parkrun number 211 consisted of everything that makes Tring parkrun so great... celebratory cake and lots of happy runners and volunteers. We suspect the two are not a coincidence!!

Huge congratulations to Finn Anderson who earned his “10” shirt. Another huge congratulations to Sue Frewin, Joshua Frewin, Edward Foxwell-Moss and Raphael Briand who earned their “50” shirts. And an extra special congratulations to Louisa Hopper for her “100” shirt. Thank you for all you star baking.

Huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers. We really appreciate your efforts and it was great to see so many U18s out there.

The start of tring parkrun 211
A spirited start to the 211th Tring parkrun

Of course it could not be a Tring parkrun report without a stats low down:

  • 3 PBs in 3 weeks for Luciana Walker
  • Katrina Beckwith recorded her 2nd PB in 2 weeks
  • Dylan Barlow has set 6 PBs in his last 6 appearances
  • Steve Turner, Claire Butcher and Joe Mortlock have set 4 PBs in 4 appearances
  • James Bell, Peter Ambrose and Graham Barlow have set 3 PBs in 3 appearances
  • Of those who have run the most parkruns, by chance 5 of the highest 6 had the surname Evans. This included 2 * Richard Evans, the 1st time we have seen 2 runners with the same name in the fastest 10. And to top it off one of the Richard Evans’ recorded the 3rd fastest ever time in the VM55-59 age group
  • We saw the surname Bunn for the 200th time and Lipscombe and Wright for the 50th.
  • For Christian names we saw Jonathan for the 200th time, we welcomed the name Nancie for the 1st time and we saw 2 Maries at the same time also for the 1st time
  • Richard was the most seen name (with 7) and Sarah the most seen female name (with 4)
  • For the 2nd week in a row, minute 30 was the most popular, with 22 finishers
  • Clubs we saw for the 1st time included Altrincham and District AC and Bedford Run Club
  • Of those who have run 5+ times at Tring, the biggest PB improvements belonged to Steve Turner (2:16), Adam Beatty (1:23), Clare Butcher (1:03), Joe Mortlock (0:59) and Alison Ashall (0:56).
  • A special mention to Holly Bunn who recorded a PB this week, 66 Tring parkruns since her last and also Alison Ashall who has ended a wait of 42 Tring parkruns.



Sep 22nd - Tring parkrun #212

Event number 212 held at Tring Park was a cold, windy day… A day full of spirit, community love, cake, the number 100 and baby cows.

Saturday 22nd September marked 100 days until we reach 2019; that’s 14 amazing Saturday park runs and volunteer opportunities left of 2018 for those of you counting.

Tring 212
216 parrkunners, minus a few late arrivals, ready for the off.
Unfortunately this is the only pic we managed for Anna Fryer that wasn't speed blurred - then again she did get a PB!

100 was a special number for Lynda Hembury who completed her 100th run. Lynda is part of a local well known running club and if you are lucky enough to have a chance to run with her – do. Her laugh is lyrical and pace / routes of the local area a real pleasure. Lynda holds the age graded score of 88.07% completing Tring Park run in just 22:21 on 4th August 2018.

Hannahs wonderful cakes
Lynda's daughter, Hannah, baked the most wonderful cakes for everyone to celebrate

50 was also a special number for Jim Maple who completed his 50th park run. Jim is best known for his musical delights at gate number 1 on the course and his sociability in the Akeman after. His milestone was all the more impressive when you know that he had heart surgery earlier in the year too.

Congratulations to Anna Fryer on her 50th too. Anna started her parkrunning at nearby Aylesbury but has now run 30 or her 50 runs with us at Tring, she also marked the occasion with a PB!

Junior visitor Josh Perrottet earned his “10” shirt, we're really pleased he chose Tring to do that.

More stats for the reader include: 216 runners taking part, 19 clubs represented, 28 outstanding volunteers, 18 first timers and 45 new personal bests.

Ken Douglas, often found in Moose attire, was our fabulous Park Run Director this week and took charge of the 28 volunteers in their duties.

parkrun depends on volunteers and vacancies to be filled in the weeks ahead can be found at

Our fantastic Finish Line team

As usual there were a few other notable facts and figures this week, including:

  • With a JM15-17 male fastest finisher and a JW11-14 for our fastest female finisher, it was one of our youngest fastest finisher pairings since May 2017
  • 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Ian Shenton, Clare Butcher, Steve Turner, Peter Lilley and Katie Young
  • In addition, Steve Turner, Claire Butcher, and Sara Jones have set 5 PBs in their last 5 appearances, Mark Tikaram and Allan Maccormack 4 in 4, and Catherine Turner 3 in 3
  • Alex Bousfield set the 4th fastest ever time for the JW15-17 age category with her time of 23:21
  • Adam Swann becomes the 71st runner to have run 71 times at Tring
  • We saw the surname Brown for the 200th time
  • For Christian names we saw William for the 200th time, we welcomed the names Maya, Glyn, Zach, Luna and Cristie for the 1st time and we saw 2 Claudias at the same event also for the 1st time
  • Paul was the most seen name (with 5) and Louise the most seen female name (with 4)
  • Minute 29 was the most popular, with 18 finishers
  • Helen Page picks up the baton for longest current attendance streak with 9 Tring parkruns in a row
  • We saw Getfit Athletics Club for the 1st time and it was the 1st time that we have seen 3 from local Team Jules
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Sara Jones (3:46), Katie Young (1:56), Emily Scott (1:46), Hortense Seed (1:39) and Peter Lilley (1:37)

Lynda Jim
Lynda and Jim - two of this week's wonderful milestone runners



##210 – Birthday and milestone cake and a little quiz

“Welcome to parkrun ------- 10” - sorry for the confusion on Saturday when the microphone cutout briefly – clearly we are on parkrun 210 not 10!

Those minutes just before parkrun have to be among my favourite time of the week. Although it can be a bit hectic if you are the RD, for most people it’s a time to catch up with what your friends have been doing since you saw them last, or perhaps meeting a tourist and making new friends. Or maybe you’re a first timer and listening to the First Timers Briefing. Just looking at the picture picture below makes you hear all the chatting that is going on.

Having her 1st go at being photographer, Charlotte ran up on the bridge and took a great photo capturing this period of time from Saturday - so let’s have a look at this picture in more detail and see what we can find with a little quiz – perhaps have a competition with your family or work colleagues and see who gets closest to the answers. So that we don’t spoil it for you the answers are further down the report (no peeping!)


OK – Have you found someone to compete against…

Each person scores a point if they get the exact answer or if they are the closest

Have you got pen and paper ready?

Off we go…….

  1. On the front right Vicky and Jamie were presenting their 1st timers brief - Looking at that group, estimate how many people were running at Tring for the 1st time?
  2. For a bonus point – of these – how many do you think were running their 1st ever parkrun?
  3. Looking at this group of runners – what minute do you think was the busiest?
  4. It wasn’t the busiest minute, but it did break it’s own attendance record – which minute was this?
  5. On the far left you can see some volunteers getting ready. Remembering to count those who help before and after and that the cow and gate marshals would already be on their way to their positions – how many volunteers do you think there were on Saturday?
  6. In the background Amy is doing her stretching – The name Amy beat it’s previous attendance record of 2 – how many Amys ran this week?
  7. In the middle of the picture, in one of our red “50” bibs – you can see birthday girl Sophie, one of 5 milestoners this week. If running your 50 and having your birthday wasn’t enough, of those who have run at least 5 parkruns she had the most impressive PB improvement. Question is, to the nearest minute, by how minutes did Sophie improve her PB by?
  8. In the picture near to Sophie, are a number in purple Dacorum & Tring tops. The club broke it’s record attendance (previously 15) - but how many were at Tring this week?
  9. How many of the famous Tring cows can you see in this picture?
  10. Near the front left Izzy Bladen, in purple, (who has run more at Tring than any other Junior) is chatting to James (Jim) Maple (who has played more music whilst marshalling at Gate 1 than anyone else). It’s great to see Jim back running again – but as he runs as James, he helped the name James beat it’s previous attendance record. So how many Jameses did we see?

It was a cake fest at Tring Park today with probably the most cake we've had since our birthday - and impressively I think it all got eaten! Well done to milestoners - Naomi Wager-Leigh (100th), Neil Paterson (50th) and with Gadebridge closed today, a large group from Dacorum & Tring plus friends to celebrate Sophie Turner's birthday plus her 50th run, her brother Michael's 100th as well as Penny Wallduck's 50th - Cheers for all the cake.

Well done Naomi on your 100th

Well done Michael on your 100th

Well done Penny on your 50th

41286840_2649723501919727_3486095911870791680_o (1)
Well done Neil on your 50th

There were some impressive times at the front

Fastest finisher Ollie Grimette set the 3rd fastest time for his SM20-24 age group with his 17:41. It was also the 7th fastest time ever that we have seen at Tring and the fastest by someone with no club against their name – so if any clubs need to improve their cross country teams…..!

Following Ollie was James Bailey who set a PB, dipped under 20 mins with his 19:56, the 4th fastest ever in the JM11-14 age category

Scarlett Wager-Leigh celebrated moving to the SW18-19 age category, with her 21:28 being the fastest ever time for that category and just 2 secs off her PB meaning that she becomes the 3rd person to hold the fastest time records in 2 different age categories

Scarlett becomes fastest in her age category for the 2nd time - Well done!

Alice Fisher picks up the baton for the longest current streak with 9 Tring parkruns in a row

If you want to pick up a Tring PB look out for in form runners - These are the group you should try and keep up with at the moment…..

4 PBs in 4 weeks for Julia Norman whilst Adam Blackwell, Kayleigh Gray, Richard Lipscombe, Mark Tikaram and Jess Wakelam all recorded their 2nd PB in 2 weeks. In addition Dave Stevens has set 4 PBs in his last 4 appearances and Allan Maccormack 3 in 3

And so to our quiz answers….

  1. 34 runners were running at Tring for the 1st time
  2. 8 runners were running their 1st ever parkrun – welcome Amy, Angus, Emily, Michelle, Niall, Richard, Tim and Tom
  3. Minute 30 was the busiest with 28 runners
  4. Minute 25 set a new attendance record for itself of 24 runners
  5. The event was made possible by 26 volunteers: Thanks to
    Keith STONESTREET • Claire HALLISSEY • Andy EVANS • Chris MILLAR • Carol WOLSTENCROFT • Stuart PAGE • Dan STORR • Philippa STORR • Chris NICHOLLS • Peter LE BLOND • Jon REYNOLDS • Isobel MONKS • Vicky LEA • Ryan STONESTREET • William CRANE • Neil COBURN • Mike BURBIDGE • Carole PAGE • Jamie LEA • Andrew BOOTH • Richard LONG • Frances LEFF • Charlotte SEVERS • Grace FENSOME • Howie BECK • Julie SPRATLING
  6. For the 1st time we saw 3 Amys at Tring
  7. Sophie improved her PB by 2 minutes. Well done! From those who have run 5+ times at Tring, the best improvements were Sophie Turner (2:04), Katrina Beckwith (1:51), Emma Bisgrove (1:43), Neil Adcock (1:38), Steven Wood (1:31) and James Bailey (1:23)
  8. 41305877_2649724831919594_1377878534223036416_o
    Well done Sophie - birthday, PB and 50th parkrun!

  9. With Gadebridge closed this week, 24 runners from D&T visited Tring. Only Tring RC have had more runners on a specific week.
  10. 41294784_2649736178585126_287425344661618688_o
    Dacorum & Tring beat their best attendance record at Tring

  11. Zero – no it’s not a trick question! That’s how many we saw when we set up the course – but at 8:55am they magically appeared in the middle of our course - luckily they wandered off just in time.
  12. 41331404_2649723888586355_4985530670634762240_o
    Luckily the cows decided not to be a barrier but instead just munch grass

  13. James was the most seen male name with 9 runners. 1st time we have seen so many Jameses and indeed James Worrall ran the 600th James run at Tring. We saw the names Mairi, Philip and Jake for the 50th time and Vicky for the 100th. Helen was the most seen female name. We also saw the surnames Monks and Chamberlain – both for the 50th time

So how did you do?

10 out of 10 – Excellent performance – do you fancy writing next week’s run report?

6-9 out of 10 – Very good – reward yourself with a run at Tring parkrun this week

1-5 out of 10 – Room for improvement – to improve your observation skills come along to Tring parkrun this week

0 out of 10 – OK some of the questions were tricky but where did you see the cows?!


Tring parkrun #209 – The A to Z of Tring parkrun

##209 - The A to Z of Tring parkrun

A is for Anne Ramsden – who set the 2nd fastest ever time for VW65-69 with a time of 28:08

B is for Bovines – They were very well behaved this week and waited patiently for us to start before walking across to their water trough

Thanks to the cows for politely waiting for us to start

C is for Christian names that we hadn’t seen before – so welcome to Soraya, Nicolette and Carlton

D is for Dylan Barlow – who has recorded 5 PBs in his last 5 appearances at Tring. Also recording their 3rd PB from 3 appearances were Claire Butcher, Steve Turner, Sean Hampson and Julia Norman

E is for Excellent D of E volunteers – We are very lucky as at the moment we have a group of 6 doing their bronze and silver level volunteering. After watching you all set off on your 5k I was having a catch-up with Tom Sawyer who the previous week had won the Ridgeway 85 mile Ultra. It was just as well that D of E regulars Charlotte and Grace were concentrating as they spotted I had forgotten to set up the finish funnel!! Luckily we managed to get it set up about 30 secs before our 1st finisher

Grace & Charlotte remember the poles and tape

Luckily no one will ever know that I had forgotten!

F is for Facebook followers - did you know we have 2,946 followers. Who will be our 3,000th?

G is for Great Turnout – Our longest sequence of 200+ runner parkruns, with our 18th this week and with Gadebridge and Milton Keynes cancelled net week, we should soon move onto 19 in a row

H is for Huntington Woods, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) – whose population in the 2010 census was 6,238 – by complete chance, can you guess the number of different people who have run at Tring? If you have run at Tring this stat wouldn’t have been possible without you!

I is for Improving PBs –Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Millie Weller (3:31), Richard Martin (2:27), Matthew Pagani (1:04), Colin Chapple (0:59) and Dylan Barlow (0:47)

It's a great feeling when you get a PB! Over 3mins improvement for Millie just ahead of proud mum

J is for John Butcher - who became out oldest parkrunner at Tring and also became our first and fastest in the VM85-89 age category

Well done John - fastest in the VM85-89 category

J is also for Julia Norman - who recorded her 3rd PB in 3 weeks. 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Caroline Legg, Steve Turner and Graham & Dylan Barlow

K is for Kelly Dickson – The only person to get all numbers the same on her time with her 33:33

L is also for Longest streak – Dennis Raffety holds the longest unbroken attendance with an impressive 54 parkrun streak. Up till last week he was building another long streak with 23 in a row but unfortunately, he had to retire injured this week so our new longest current streakers are James Whitaker (15), Alice Fisher (8), Chris Simmons, Vicky Williams and Helen Page (all 6)

M is for Minute 28 – This week’s busiest minute

N is for Nicola Hume – whose gap of 192 Tring parkruns is the 4th longest gap between 2 Tring parkruns – welcome back!

O is for Obelisk – Half way round our course you pass the obelisk. Did you know that the 15m high tapering obelisk is made of red brick and limestone ashlar which rests on a square pedestal and towers up to a pierced ball finial. Legend has it that it was built to commemorate the visits to the mansion of Charles II and his mistress Nell Gwyn.

P is for Paul Cocklin - from Ware Joggers who ran his 200th this week

P is also for Paul Reddaway –who set the 2nd fastest ever time for VM55-59 with a time of 20:05

Q is for Quentin Harding – who back in June became the only person to have ever run at Tring with a name beginning with Q!

R is for RunFit Essex – the 1st time that we had seen this club – also the 1st time that we had seen Tuesday Tracks, Stainland Lions RC and K-Way VOB

S is for Steven Hall – one of 6 1st timers this week – welcome to you and to David Smith, Dylan Richards, David Gafford, Holly Smith and Mark Evans

Welcome to Steven - one of 6 running their 1st ever parkrun

T is for Talia Williams - who earned her “10” T-shirt this week

U is for Unknown – 8 no-barcode results this week – which conveniently, given the year brought our all-time total to 2018

V is for our super Volunteers – thanks to Andy EVANS • Hilary NEEDLEMAN • Emma WELLER • Ann-Marie EVANS • James MAPLE • Kevin LAWLEY • Katrina BOND • Stuart PAGE • Allison WILLIMENT • Graham HOLLANDS • Katie WILLIAMS • Dominic VEAL • Martin WELLER • Angela HOLLANDS • Beth WELLER • Millie WELLER • Chris NICHOLLS • Alison LYON • William CRANE • Andrew BOOTH • Richard LONG • Charlotte SEVERS • Grace FENSOME • Howie BECK

W is for Williams – which with 6 runners was the most seen surname this week

X is for Yan Xu – who back in August became the only person to have ever run at Tring with a surname beginning with X!

Y is for Yellow hi-viz – We are always grateful if you can help us fill our volunteer roster – take a look at and simply write to

Z is for Zoe Skells – because if she hadn’t run this week you’d have had to hear all about my trip to Poland to visit Zielona Gora parkrun to collect my "Z"!

Z is for Zoe


See you all again on Saturday to do it all again!


Andy Evans

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