What a week for breaking record # parkrun 213

So let’s see…When you look out the window on a Saturday morning and think about getting down to parkrun, do you think “I’m just happy to get round today”, or do you think “I’m going to try and get myself a new PB? Well for 48 excellent runners this is exactly what happened…and for one amazing runner he broke our course record!

Yes you did just read that right; Kristian Jones set a new course record with a fantastic time of 16:21.

New Record

And that’s not all, Nick Wake, Allan Maccormack, Stephen Barnsdale, Julie Wake, Noah Roger, Sara Jones, Kayleigh Gray and Matther Rizzo-Naudi all achieved 2 PB’s in two weeks.

Kristian was also amongst the 42 first timers and we welcome some new clubs including Havering Tri, Hungerford Hares, Swansea Harriers AC and Langport Runners.

We had some milestone achievements this week with Edward Foxwell-Moss and Bev Jones completing 50 parkruns. Our RD couple Anna and Ross Lambert achieved their 100th parkrun this week with a little help from Jonah.


Anna & Ross


Here are some other fun facts:

In addition Mika Sau Ortega and Annie Gilchrest have recorded 3 PBs in their last 3 appearances
Roxanne Pratt set their 3rd fastest ever time for VW50-54 and Phoebe Cutter recorded the 4thbest ever time for SW20-24
We had 3 people in a row whose name began with "Luc". How Luc - ky was that?
We saw the surnames Maple and Parker for the 200th time
We saw the name Pauline for the 100th time (Pauline Brown becoming the 36th person to run 100 times at Tring) and the name Albert for the 50th time (Albert Foxwell-Moss becoming the 117th person to run 50 times at Tring)
Paul was the most seen name (with 7) and Lucy the most seen female name (with 6)
The names Lucy and Edward both beat their respective attendance records with 6 and 5 runners.
We welcomed the names Piers, Neelam, Ziggy, Sammi, Roxane and Chitra for the 1st time
Minute 26 was the most popular, with 22 finishers
1st time we have seen 10 runners in minute 20
We saw the clubs Havering Tri, Hungerford Hares, Swansea Harriers AC and Langport Runners all for the 1st time - welcome all
Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Adrian Summerson (1:39), Phillip Rance (1:14), Adam Beatty (1:07), Sidney Mead (1:07), Ben Foskett (1:05) and Luciana Walker (1:00)

See you all again on Saturday to do it all again!