Tring parkrun – Week 219 – Joining the ‘Bladen Club’

Tring parkrun – Week 219 – Joining the 'Bladen Club'

You've probably all heard of the 10, 50, 100, 250 and even 500 club. Some of you might have heard of the 'Cowell Club' (100 different parkrun events) or perhaps the 'Freyne Club' (a staggering 250 different parkrun events). Maybe you've heard the term 'parkrun passionista', 'uber-tourist' or 'parkrun pilgrimage' but today we (by which I clearly just mean I) add a new term to the parkrun lexicon: completing a 'Bladen'. The reason for this? Well on Saturday we saw the 500th result for someone with the surname 'Bladen' and I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that most if not all of those have come from Tring regulars (to put it lightly) Steve, Louise and Isobel. I'm not entirely sure that the term will catch on, but it's a great achievement either way so well done Bladens!

The youngest member of "Team Bladen" with grandfather Ron Yaxley who completed his 100th on the same day they reached 500!

Aside from one or two issues with the results (namely a minor hiccough where positions 60-69 were given out before 50-59) all went smoothly this weekend. However, just a reminder that if you go through the finish funnel you must take a finish token, even if you haven't brought your barcode with you - doing anything else will result in death by staring at the results screen in the Akeman all morning for myself and the rest of the team!


Once again, thank you to all of the fantastic volunteers who make the run possible. A special thanks to Alex Capps who stepped in at the last minute, having forgotten his barcode, and scanned all of yours in instead! Likewise thank you to Dennis Raffety who I managed to coerce into being one of our cow marshals this week! Our other 'hi-vis heroes' this week were:

Allison Williment • Andrew Booth • Chris Nicholls • Claire Hallissey • Edward Hopper • Elaine West • Frances Leff • George Fletcher • Helen Page • Howie Beck • Isobel Monks • Katie Haines • Keith Stonestreet • Ken Douglas • Nika Jackson-Moore • Oliver West • Richard Alcock • Robert Alcock • Sarah Watson • Thomas Page

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers, so if you think you could help with any of our roles on a Saturday morning, just drop us an e-mail at

Another double - Sarah earned her purple T-shirt for volunteering 25 times and Barry his red for running 50 times. Congrats to both.

Special mention to Sarah Watson and Keith Stonestreet who each completed their twenty-fifth volunteering stint earning the right to claim a coveted purple t-shirt!

Also achieving significant milestones this week were junior Leo Tabram who completed his tenth; Barry Watson, Samantha Allen, Carole Page and Jamie Lea who made it to 50 and Ron Yaxley who has entered the three-digit club, more commonly known as 100 parkruns! Well done everyone - great achievement!

Conditions underfoot are definitely becoming a little slippier as we had less PBs than recently. A few notable improvements from our regular runners included Edward Margetts who improved by 3s, Daniel Beatty by 18s, Thomas Hanson by 26s, Noah Roger by 36, Trish Hudghton by 41s and Emma Young by a whopping 1minute 25s! Great work everyone

Just two weeks into our new Tring parkrun year we have 104 members of our 'Year 5 100% club', the club you can leave but never rejoin, which sounds a bit more sinister than perhaps intended! And if you like stats like that then get a load of these babies:

  • Saturday marked three PBs in a row for Chris McGinnity whilst Dominic Cecere and Emma Young ticked off their double
  • Minute 28 was our busiest of the afternoon, with twenty of you crossing the finish line in just under fifty seconds
  • James Page recorded the 5,000th Tring parkrun by a member of Tring RC

Name news!

  • Saturday marked the 200th run for the surname 'Mitchell', 100th for 'Turner' and 'Walker' and the 50th appearance of 'Young', 'White' and 'Mills'
  • At the opposite end of the spectrum Saturday was the first time we saw the names 'Leo', 'Liv' or 'Philipp'
  • On the first names front, we had our 200th finish by a 'Stuart' and 100th by a 'Ken', 'Alex' or 'Nicola'
  • 'James' was our most common name, appearing eight times this week, with 'Sarah' topping the leaderboard for the females at just three appearances

Yet again Tring Park was looking glorious, with our pregnant cows softly munching on the hillside.

And finally... After a quick scroll through the results I quite liked the look of Albert Foxwell-Moss' time of 30:03 and so he is duly awarded the prize for having the most aesthetically pleasing time of the week. Nice job.

Well done on a great run everyone – see you on Saturday for another round!


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