Two for the price of one!


We bring you highlights from the last two parkruns.

Busy, busy!! It's hard to believe that our next parkrun is the second last before Christmas. What happened to 2018 and where is the time going....?'s been going so fast that we've decided to bring you a "two for one" special to make catching up easy. Find out all about our annual kilted parkrun run on our brand new "winter route" on Dec 1st. Join us in celebrating fantastic milestones from our 223rd parkrun on Dec 8th.

Ready? Grab a comfy seat and read on....


Dec 1st, parkrun #222

Our new route, the kilted run - and rain, lot's of rain!

In the week leading up to our 222nd parkrun it rained. It really rained!!

The path up from "Gate 1" was fast resembling a scene from Curse of the Swamp Creature; not ideal for an area designated a Site of Special Scientific Significance. Until we can figure out what best to do with that path the Woodland Trust asked if we'd bring forward a move we've been considering to a temporary Winter Route. Much frantic running around ensued to get ready on time - throwing Wes Ball (Run Director for that week) into the thick of things. Wes didn't need more rain or the McParkrun contingent complicating things - he got both!!

Run Round Me
John Manning was our first ever marshal at the distant "Run Round Me" half way point at the far end of the "King Charles Ride" section of the historic Ridgeway

On the other hand the rain kept many away and the numbers left to "test" our new route were manageable. They were down almost 100 on just two weeks previously, and that number might have been higher still had it not been for groups visiting for the kilted parkrun. We were 169 runners, with 20 visitors and NO first time parkrunners (I don't think that has happened before but I will defer to our in-house statistician). We were keen that the new course compare, time-wise, well with the normal route. There were only 11 PBs and even allowing for conditions that feels about right. Interestingly it was also our 1st run without any sub-20min finishers since July!

It may be our Winter Route but that doesn't mean that you escape the mud! We still have one tricky section - and we'll keep an eye on that in the weeks ahead.

On the milestone front - congratulations to visitors Rob and Jayne Dobbs from Harpenden Arrows, they reached 50 runs and earn a red T-shirt. Katie Haines and Steve McKee (also from Harpenden Arrows) both reached the lofty heights of 150.

I mentioned PB's earlier, Simon Cobby was the only person to record a PB at both #221 and #222 although Rachael Macrae recorded her 4PB from her last 4 visits to Tring - both impressive stats.

Of those who have run 5+ times at Tring only 3 managed a PB improvement so well done to Euan Hudghton (2:05), Rachael Macrae (1:38) and Trish Hudghton (1:31)

Well done to Alan Walker with a very impressive 12:39 improvement for his 2nd parkrun!

150 gift
A special shout out for Steve McKee, with the Harpenden Arrows, who ran his 150th parkrun. He brought a gift to give the 150th runner to cross the line, who happened to be Jenny Cooke visiting us as part of a group of 9 from Abingdon. What a great thing to do - brilliant parkrun spirit.

Looking through the stats for the week we see that after 5 weeks we have 23 (including 4 juniors) members of our "Year 5 100%" club left – the club lost 14 members this week

Our single most impressive stat of the week, however, goes to Adam Woodhams who completed our 222nd parkrun with a time of 22:22. I'm in awe! Now if it had been his 222nd parkrun we would have strongly advised buying a lottery ticket!

Just a few of the fantastic and friendly group visiting from Harpenden Arrows. BRILLIANT effort with the kilts and tartan (thank you) and also several notable milestones too.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Richard ALCOCK, Robert ALCOCK, Wes BALL, Howie BECK, Annemarie DE BOOM, Ken DOUGLAS, Ken DOUGLAS, Andy EVANS, Sarah FOSKETT, James FOSKETT, Katie HAINES, Sarah HUZAR, Nika JACKSON-MOORE, John MANNING, James MAPLE, Rhona MCKEE, Patrick MCLOUGHLIN, Isobel MONKS, Richard MURPHY, Chris NICHOLLS, Tom NORTH, Helen PAGE, Thomas PAGE, Maura PATTERSON, Jim PATTERSON, Andrew POWELL, Ciara POWELL, Jon REYNOLDS, Amanda RUSSELL, Jillian RUSSELL, Oliver WEST, and Rachel WRAY

As usual we have a handful of banal facts and figures generated by the stat-o-matic:

  • We saw the surnames Russell for the 200th time, Brookman for the 100th and Hudghton for the 50th
  • On the day Mullen was the most seen name with 4
  • 100th time we have seen the names Rob and Alice. And the 4 Robs were the most Robs we have ever seen at 1 event
  • Chris & Richard were the most seen names (with 5 each) and Helen the most seen female (with 4)
  • Minute 29 was the most popular with 18 finishers
  • Abingdon AC smashed their previous club record of 2 visits with a group of 7, making them 5th most seen club in our new year after 5 weeks of our year 5. There were also 7 runners from Harpenden Arrows Running Club and they’re the 3rd most seen in this new year.


Och 1 Och 2
Just two great examples of the effort so many went to for the kilted parkrun. Thank you Kevin and Len. Kevin's efforts earned him a packet of sacred Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Biscuits!!

So that's it for week 222.

Dec 8th, parkrun #223

Normality returns

After ludicrous rain, kilted shenanigans and bedding in a new winter route - Tring parkrun 223 seemed "normal". Good! A chance to catch up with friends, enjoy the park and all that other marvellous parkrun stuff.

Sadly we didn't have a dedicated photographer this week and so Run Director Richard Murphy had to "double hat"....if you fancy giving it a go, just let us know at or say hello to the Run Director on Saturday morning. You don't need fancy kit - often our pics are taken on a phone - and we can edit them and upload them if you need us to also.

This week 195 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 16 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests.

Many thanks to the 21 stars who volunteered this week to make the parkrun happen: Samuel FRYER • Amanda RUSSELL • Richard MURPHY • James MAPLE • Stuart PAGE • Patrick MCLOUGHLIN • Douglas GIBSON • Helen PAGE • Chris NICHOLLS • Oliver WEST • Elaine WEST • Thomas PAGE • Isobel MONKS • Rona GIBSON • Clare MURPHY • Howard LAMBERT • Melanie BROOKMAN • Heather PAINTER • Lucy BRITTAIN • Frances LEFF and Janice LORIMER

Paul became the first person starting at Tring parkrun to reach 200 parkruns. Dedication!

We had a couple of notable milestones this week. First of all Mary Ward reached her 50th parkrun and marked the occasion by being the fastest female finisher on the day. Congratulations.

Paul Myatt became the first parkrunner to have started their parkrunning at Tring and reached the impressive total of 200 parkruns. Great stuff

On the PB front Alan Walker made it 2 PBs in 2 weeks and and James Applebee managed his 3rd PB in his last 3 appearances at Tring. And of those who have run 5+ times at Tring the biggest improvements were Ben Baker (2:26), George Budd (1:38), James Applebee (0:43) and Louise Quinn (0:31). Great work.

And last but not least.....

  • After 6 weeks we still have 20 (including 4 juniors) members of our Year 5 100% club left – the club lost another 3 members this week
  • Saturday was the 50th time we have seen the surname Moorcroft
  • Mullen was the most seen name for the 2nd week in a row
  • 300th time we have seen the name Robert and 50th for Anne
  • Minute 28 was the most popular with 27 finishers – which was a crowded minute for Tring, the most we have ever seen in any minute being 29
  • Last week was our 1st run without any sub-20min finishers since July and it was the same again this week
  • 1st time we have seen Ellesmere Port RC
  • And finally since we started just over 4 years ago 6,596 participants have completed 38,989 parkruns covering a total distance of 194,945 km, including 6,677 new Personal Bests. A total of 555 individuals have volunteered 4,762 times.

See you all again next week,

The Tring team.