Tring 227 – Last parkrun of 2018


What will you remember?

271 parkrunners and 21 volunteers will remember our last Tring parkrun of 2018 for many reasons.

  • Rob FIRTH, Sammy HADDOCK, Sarah ANNETTS, Peter KEMP, Rachel HURST, Clifford HURST, and Charles ASHWELL might well remember their very first parkrun.
  • Perhaps one of the 14 "parkrun tourists" visiting Tring for the very first time (and hopefully not the last!) will remember that experience.
  • 31 may well remember recording a brilliant Personal Best time.
  • And Kirsty DANCE, Sarah WADE and Greg LEFF might well be pleased to have bagged the last three milestone runs - each completing their 50th - of the year.

For many, though, it will be that weekend it took a day and a half to get their official results!


We have a dedicated "Tring parkrun computer" (a bit like old Batman films when everything, no matter how obvious, has a label, ours actually has "Tring parkrun computer" printed on it) and it said "No". To be more exact it said "hold on; hold on; errrr Ok now; no sorry maybe not; yes alright; hmmmm; definitely NO!" and wasted a lot of time. So we got another computer and loaded new results processing software. However the software for reading the Timers needed a password and that took time too.

We already knew that the two stopwatches didn't quite match (this happens from time to time, and is why we have 2!) and so sorted that. We were also aware that token numbers didn't match the the number recorded on the stopwatches. There are many reasons for this - missing tokens, tokens sticking and also the dreaded "funnel duckers" and "double crossers". (No, I'm not making this up - Google it - it's one of the biggest causes of results issues and was a huge problem at the recent Bushy Christmas parkrun).

    Funnel Ducker: "Crosses the finish line and doesn't take a finish token". If you cross the finish line you must take a finish token to keep the timings right, all you have do is give it to a person scanning or the Run Director.
    Double Crosser: "This person runs through the finish line more than once, it is usually someone who has run back to encourage another runner to the finish". The timer will have given you another time, and so if you do this you must take a second token and go to the Run Director or the barcode scanners and let them know and we can remove the extra time position.
    Double crossing funnel duckers: "A double crosser who then funnel ducks". Let's not go there!

To finalise the results we resorted to photographs (which, of course, this week were not taken on the finish line and so needed some interpretation) and pieced together other bits of evidence with known finish times to reach a conclusion.

When I say "we" I mean "Andy Evans"

Great job Andy.

Thank you.

Shock - no "stat-o-matic"

A side effect of all the above is that Andy hasn't had time to turn the pedals on his stat-o-matic contraption. So we'll skip that for this run write-up.

Also we've delayed our (mostly complete) "review of the year", which we were going to share with you today, until next week now. A lot went on in 2018 an this will be worth waiting for.

However I'll share one important factoid. Whoever crosses the line 36th on January 1st 2019 will be the 40,000th person to do so at Tring parkrun - a milestone no one can ever repeat!


I guess we should say a few words about the actual parkrun!

It was one of those mornings where if you were in the wind it was chilly but otherwise felt quite mild. It was also reasonably dry underfoot and that combination helped many book a PB result.

A quick scan through the results shows that Claire ASHWELL and Tom MANTLE both managed a PB at the first attempt (i.e. on their second run) and Chris BAKER and Martin DONNELLY both booked a second PB on their 3rd runs. I also spotted that William Knight made it 3 PBs in a row at 3 different years (and, therefore, three different versions of the course!).

A surprisingly mild morning was enjoyed by 271 parkrunners

As usual the morning was made possible be lovely people who spare just a bit of their time, have fun and earn the gratitude and respect of everyone else. Many thanks to Andy COLLINGS who was this week's great RD and all of the other volunteers: Matty SINFIELD, Andy EVANS, Cathy BISHOP, Katie HAINES, Liz DANIEL, Ken DOUGLAS, Janet REEVE, Matthew FOSKETT, Graham HOLLANDS, Martin BISHOP, Andrew POWELL, Oliver WEST, Elaine WEST, Sarah FOSKETT, James FOSKETT, Thomas PAGE, Ciara POWELL, Isobel MONKS, Ben FOSKETT, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Robert NORRIS

tripping over a child tripping over a dog
Please can everyone keep to the left along King Charles Ride - especially children and dogs

I did have several people raise the point of runners not keeping to the left of the path when passing those coming in the opposite direction. We had more than one case where young children and dogs veered into the path of other runners and we're keen to avoid an accident. Your help in this will be much appreciated, and please help us remind those who will not see this message, or hear the RDs briefing.

50-4 50-3
Congratulations to Kirsty, Sarah and Daniel on their brilliant 50th parkruns.

That's it for this week's write up.

Thank you for making 2018 a wonderful year of parkruns at Tring Park.

Hopefully we will see you tomorrow (the 1st) - in any case we wish you all a very happy new year.

The Tring parkrun team