Tring 228 – New Year’s Day plus the double plus the double plus


Happy New Year everyone

Tring parkrun wishes you all the very best for 2019

If our first parkrun of the year had been a firework it would have been one of those huge starbursts that go "BOOOOM!"

Despite our non-traditional, early start we enjoyed our third largest turnout ever - an amazing 344 people. At least 79 of these were first timers and many had already driven quite a distance to be with us. Impressive dedication.

I enjoyed chatting to a few folks who had driven up from (flat) Marlow, arriving to do the (very hilly) Tring/Wendover double but there were so many people at Wendover (more on that later) that I didn't get the chance to see how they got on.

It was also really lovely to see our current female course record holder Claire HALLISSEY with her beautiful new baby, Brandon, who is just 2 weeks old. They came to say hello and, small though he is, I'm pretty sure I saw Brandon eyeing up the Lime Tree Avenue and thinking - "maybe mum will give me a very fast push down there later in the year!!" :-)

Chris Booth led this weeks pack from start to finish.

Conditions were surprisingly good: it was mild, dry, still, and "Cow Pat Ally" was thankfully not an assault course hazard. This helped an impressive 42 ("the answer to the question......") people record Personal Bests.

Among them was first finisher Chris Booth (back in home territory after university) who posted an impressively symmetrical time of 18:18. I might have been still more impressed if he'd posted a time of 19:19 or, better still, 20:19! And if Steve Oglesby had contrived to be just 2 seconds slower he'd have recorded 20:19 and won this week's prize for the coolest time (if not this year's!!)!

Chris went to to be second finisher at Wendover with an even faster time of 17:41!

On the topic of which 200 people ran BOTH at Tring and Wendover (doing "the double"). Of these, roughly 25 ran between the courses and approx half a dozen biked it (doing "the double plus"). Several started at Wendover or Tring and effectively did a Half Marathon loop. See pic below!!! We also had runners "do a double" with Cassiobury and Houghton Hall.

chris after double
Our very own Chris Millar ran from Wendover to Tring, did Tring parkrun (his 50th there, with a course PB), then ran back to Wendover and did Wendover parkrun (also with a PB).
He is convalescing at home and has asked that people do not send flowers and that the press respects his privacy.


Coming back to Wendover. Wow! If we were a starburst that goes boom, they were an entire fireworks display to eclipse London's. Excluding the recent "parkrun tourist excursion" (which set their previous attendance record) FIVE times more than normal people turned up. An incredible 460 parkrunners stress tested the Forestry Commission's parking system (!!) and very nearly the parkrun system too (our normal timers only go up to 500 and Wendover's highest plastic finish token was 440). We acknowledge and are thankful for the Wendover team's heroic efforts. Safe to say the New Year Day Double (NYDD) has become "a thing"!

I know we say this every week, but our volunteers over "the holidays" were stars. Several gave up the opportunity to "do the double" and stepped up because we were shorthanded. Everyone of them deserves our special thanks. The setup team, the marshals (thanks for the Scottish refrains at the Obelisk, Jim) our Finish Line Team and Tail Walkers and the Post-Event team who had everything packed and cleared in the blink of an eye. Last but not least was Andy Evans our RD - who managed a run at Wendover and processed the results on our temporary computer.

Just some of the 26 volunteers that made our morning happen: Andy EVANS • Tom NORTH • Clive COHEN • Emma BISGROVE • Louise QUINN • Emma SMITH • Anna FRYER • Samuel FRYER • Gary EVANS • Ken DOUGLAS • James MAPLE • Katrina BOND • Stuart PAGE • Annemarie DE BOOM • Louise BROOKES • Greg MITCHELL • Juliet MITCHELL • Chris NICHOLLS • Joseph FRYER • Andrew POWELL • Markus KINCH • Ros EVENSON • Nika JACKSON-MOORE • Neil ADCOCK • Heather PAINTER • Shane CHEUNG


It was a special day to run a milestone parkrun, especially if doing the double. (It does make it tricky figuring out the details from the results page though).

  • Edward MARGETTS and Julie PARRY both had a fantastic start to their year with a 50 milestone at Tring.
  • Tim FOWLER and Nick BALDING also ran their 50th at Tring and went on to their 51st at Wendover.
  • Steve ALLEN and Nigel WIGGINS ran their 49th at Tring and followed up with a 50th at Wendover. What a way to start the year!
  • Rebecca WHITWORTH ran her 100th at Tring and went on to 101 at Wendover as did Paul BOLTON.
  • Helen PAGE marked her 99th at Tring and her 100th at Wendover.

Congratulations to them all.

tring to wendover 2
You can see a "flyby" video of Tring, Wendover and the run between of those on Strava by clicking on the map above.


As usual we have a feast of stats to shed further light on the morning:

  • First timer Glen STILLMAN crossed the line in 36th position and became our 40,000 finisher. In doing so he also became the first (and only) person to have brought the total distance run at Tring parkrun to 200,000km!
  • James REPPER (2nd finisher) - 3PBs in 3 appearances, in 3 different years!
  • Alice WRIGHT (first female finisher) - PB on her first visit here since mid-2017.
  • Andy COLLINGS - first PB since mid 2015 and he went on to another PB at Wendover too!
  • Deirdre HEYDECKER - first PB since mid 2015
  • Hortense SEED, Andy BELL, Gayle WILLINGTON, Fiona TRINDER, Matt ASHMEAD and Sarah ASHMEAD all recorded 2PBs in 2 appearances at Tring.
  • Claire ASHWELL, Ffion WEBSTER and Tracy WEBSTER all recorded 2PBs in 2 straight Tring parkruns.
  • I'm especially happy to say that Moira DOUGLAS recorded her 3rd straight PB with a fantastic time, nordic walking.
  • NOTE: More will be published here later after the stat-o-matic has whirred out its results!


Some even celebrated a birthday too on New Years Day. Many happy returns.

anyones guess
No idea wwhat's going on here. But I liked the pic! :-)


That's it for this week. Back to normality on Saturday the 5th.

And we'll publish our promised "Tring parkrun review of 2018" at the weekend too.

Best wishes for 2019

The Tring parkrun team