Run Report #233 Winter Wonderland

This week, 245 of you braved a very snowy and frozen course. With the temperature below zero, it must surely have been one of our coldest events. But there was no wind, the sun shone, and Tring Park looked absolutely exquisite.


Unsurprisingly, not many chose this particular Saturday for their first ever parkrun, but we did notice that Jack AMBROSE ran his first ‘non junior’ parkrun here, achieving a very respectable result of 26:27 and coming in first in his JM10 age grade. Well done Jack!

Other new runners we welcomed were Helen ROBERTSON, Ellie DOVER and Angela PECK. We hope you enjoyed your first parkrun.

Our first male was Freddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS with stunning result of 18:46, and the first lady was Katie Greenwood, making her first visit to Tring and representing Cardiff Triathletes, with an equally impressive time of 22:38.

And well done to the runners who achieved a Tring Personal Best this week, obviously the conditions suited some more than others:

Jacqueline MOORE
Sophie FINN

Congratulations to Gareth Roberts who chose this event for his 50th parkrun !

We welcomed 23 first-time parkrun visitors to Tring, we hope you enjoyed our hilly course and enjoyed the views.

Many thanks to this week’s volunteers, who enabled our event to take place. We appreciate that it wasn’t the best day to be standing around outside for so long. This includes our superb D of E volunteers for their continued support; your “attention to detail” with timing, issuing of tokens and barcode scanning is second-to-none.

Also, thanks to Jim Maple for choosing a play-list suitable for the occasion, as it always is.

This week’s volunteers were:

Andy EVANS • Emma BISGROVE • Hilary NEEDLEMAN • Anna FRYER • Samuel FRYER • Ken DOUGLAS • James MAPLE • Steve BLADEN • Richard ALCOCK • Robert ALCOCK • Stuart PAGE • Annemarie DE BOOM • Isobel BLADEN • Chris NICHOLLS • Marcus BIRCH • Thomas PAGE • Nika JACKSON-MOORE • Isobel MONKS • Edward CRANE • Neil ADCOCK • Howie BECK • Dominic CECERE • Roberto CECERE

Some of this week's volunteers

Also, particular thanks to Ken Douglas and Andy Evans who walked the course at 7am to see whether it was safe for running. It was a close call, as a number of local parkruns had already cancelled. In the end it was decided that while sheet ice wouldn’t be acceptable, crunchy snow should be OK if due care taken.

Andy and Ken

Finally, a number of you mentioned to us that you really enjoyed the event, and especially the level (ish) route through the trees which is officially known as “King Charles’ Ride”.

Our lead runner on King Charles Ride

This week the stat-o-matic machine has informed us that:

  • Jim Geary finished 43rd on his 43rd parkrun
  • Our 20th February Tring parkrun and unsurprisingly given the conditions, just 8 PBs was the lowest number of PBs at any of those 20 Tring February parkruns
  • Despite the lack of PBs, Freddie Truman-Williams recorded his 4th PB in 4 appearances and Mike Holdroyd his 3rd in his last 3 appearances
  • Trevor Lark and Helen Page became the 44th and 45th runners to run 100 times at Tring and Jamie Lea the 142nd to run 50 times at Tring
  • It's the 200th time we have seen the surname Myatt, 100th time for Lark and 50th for Middleton
  • And the names that like the snow… 1st time we have seen 2 Giles’s, 5 Neils beat their previous record of 3 and the first time we have seen the name Eilis
  • The snow helped Minute 33 to a new attendance record of 26 beating its record of 20
  • Helen Page continues to have our longest sequence – now has run 30 Tring parkruns in a row, the 5th longest ever sequence at Tring
  • Cardiff Triathletes ran with us for the 1st time

See you next Saturday.



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