Tring Park parkrun #239 – Windy!

Very strong winds affected parkrun this week as well as the Ashridge Boundary Trail run where a lot of our regulars were competing. We still had 223 enthusiastic runners in Tring Park on Saturday morning however.

Run 239-2
The Didcot runners trio, 1st 2nd and 4th!

We welcomed 20 first timers to Tring this week with just 1 person running her first parkrun, well done to Caroline Lambert. We hope you enjoyed your first parkrun experience. We also welcomed a trio of from Didcot runners, great running put them into three of the top four fastest finishers. Well done and we hope to see you again to try for a PB.

A huge thank you to this weeks’ volunteers who braved the weather to make the run happen Benjamin BUNN, Chris LEA, Clare MURPHY, Dominic CECERE, Edward CRANE, Isobel MONKS, Jonathan SARTIN, Lucy BUNN, Marcus BIRCH, Michael PEMBERTON, Noah ROGER, Oliver WEST, Phil ROGER, Richard MURPHY, Robert NORRIS, Roberto CECERE, Ron YAXLEY, Sylvia PEMBERTON, Thomas PAGE and Vicky LEA. If you would like to volunteer please go the Volunteer Rosta page on our website select your preferred role and email in to full support and training will be given.

Run 239-1
Well done to Brett Moorcroft on his 50th.

We had 4 milestones this week with Michael Casingena and Billy Martin achieving 10 runs to get their Junior shirts. We also had Ben Shaw and Brett Moorcroft achieving their 50’s and junior Oscar Evans running his 100th parkrun. Congratulations to you all and we look forward to seeing you in your new t-shirts.

Run 239-4
Clare crossing the line in a sub 34 minute PB.

It was a great week for PBs with 20 people beating their previous best times. Congratulations to Michael CAVE, Dominic CECERE, Anna SHARP, Philippa STORR, Martin O'NEILL, Jason TAYLOR, Dominic CURTIS, Tom CURTIS, Rosie BLUNDELL, Amelie BUNN, Ellen WAKE, Mike HOLDROYD, Gill SHARMAN, Finn DONOVAN, Chrissie HERBERT, Luciana WALKER, Clare MURPHY, Jacob LEA, Richard LEA, Rose SHERIDAN, Tiana MOORCROFT, Angela PECK, Rowan CAVE, Deborah CAVE and Pip THOMAS.

Run 239-5
Amelie and the PB bell!

Run 239-3
And Philippa!

First across the line this week for the ladies was Claire Hallissey in 22:16 followed Zoe Chamberlain in an aesthetically pleasing 24:24, with Anna sharp next on 25:19 and a new PB. For the men first timer Michael Suggate was fastest with a time of 19:19 followed by Christopher Moffat, also a first timer in 20:16 and regular Paul Myatt in 20:55.

And now your round of our regular stats

Billy Martin earned his 10 shirt
Brett Moorcroft and Ben Shaw achieved their 50 shirts
Oscar Evans achieved his 100 shirt
3 PBs in 3 weeks for Tom Curtis, 2 in 2 for Pip Thomas, Philippa Storr and Chrissie Herbert
In addition, 3 PBs in last 3 appearances for Anna Sharp
We almost had a baker’s half dozen with this week’s most numerous surname being 5 Bunns
Surnames saw the 800th Evans appearance, the 500th Patterson, 100th Bowen
300th time we have seen a Dominic and the 50th for the names Ruth, Eddie and Jenny
James was the most seen name with 6 and for the females, Lucy, Helen, Rosie and Sarah were tied on 3 each
1st time we have seen the name Thilanee
1st time we have seen Tavistock AC
We have never seen more than 1 runner from Didcot Runners and this week we had 3 in our fastest 4!
Of those who have run 5 times at Tring, biggest PB improvements for Rose Sheridan (3:44), Jacob Lea (2:11), Richard Lea (2:07), Tiana Moorcroft (1:42), Amelie Bunn (1:32) and Angela Peck (1:10)

Run 239-6
And lastly my picture of the week, Amelie and mum Elaine holding up the finish line sign.

Well done to all those that ran this week, for a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to
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If you would like to volunteer please email with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

Thank you and see you on Saturday.

Richard Murphy
Run Director